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Jan 20

Jan 20

Upcoming PS3 Firmware (v2.60) Update

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

Hi, everyone, we have a system software updates for PS3 coming soon, and I wanted to provide you with a sneak peak at the details.

The PS3 firmware update (v2.60) is designed primarily to enhance the system’s media capabilities. The key feature is a new Photo Gallery application, which delivers a suite of tools for sorting through and displaying your digital photo collection. Digital pictures can be organized in groups according to various criteria, including the camera used to take the photos, the event date and time, colors in the photos, as well as the number, ages, or facial expressions of the people pictured. You can also create slideshows set to music and build photo playlists with an easy-to-use interface. The Photo Gallery application will need to be installed separately from the XMB after you update your PS3’s firmware. To install the Photo Gallery application, go to the Photo section on the XMB, select Photo Gallery and press the X button.

The 2.60 update also includes:

  • Guest access to PlayStation Store – This enables non-PlayStation Network members to browse through the storefront to check out the latest games, demos, videos, etc.
  • DivX 3.11 support – Videos in this format can now be played on PS3.

Here’s a video walk-through of firmware 2.60 that shows off some of what the Photo Gallery can do.

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback.

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FIREFOX_1980 said:

February 9th, 10:22 pm

The photo gallery application is good, but is there a way to access pictures from our Home Media Server. At the moment I can’t view any of my pics from my server. It only shows pics available on PS3 hard drive.

it would be great to have that feature in the next update and then be able to group photos.


John_Davids said:

February 10th, 2:17 am

I dig the new video search mode, very user-friendly. For the next FW Update , can you guys at sony, do an update for the music visual (like the visual on WinAmp).
and add an equalizer like on the PSP, with already set, setting on default like Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Classic, Metal, R&B , Soft and Classical. THAT WOULD BE REALLY NICE.

Rainwarrior said:

February 10th, 2:11 pm

When leaving the XMB to start a game or play a blu-ray/DVD, the HDMI signal is interrupted. Sometimes this will cause the TV to lose the signal and I have to turn it off and on to get it back. Is there any way that this could be prevented? If the output resolution doesn’t change, can’t the hardware be prevented from resetting the HDMI signal unnecessarily? Is there any way this could be helped via firmware?

starwars123456cv said:

February 11th, 5:07 pm

I updated my ps3 with that.

wolftigo said:

February 12th, 8:17 pm

after 2.60 my ps3 has a 50/50 chance to refuse to load my disc and psn games. after the playstation logo i usually get a black screen and requires me to force it off. This does not occur all the time, but a large amount and its getting really annoying. It also went to a black screen when entering a hard drive restore. I have tried to fully format my drive to no avail. I have street fighter and re5 coming so as of right now, im depending on a firmware update to fix this!

makai_x said:

February 13th, 4:40 pm

Hi, How about an upgrade where you can use Optical and HDMI for sound output at the same time. Is there a reason this can’t be done?

Edge17 said:

February 13th, 11:21 pm

Hello there, I know this is not a request thread but hear me out. I recently acquired the Street Fighter IV standard edition stick, and I attempted to play a Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 (a Ps2 game)on my ps3, the result was the Stick was not responding to the game, even when pressing it’s home (PS) button. Could you possibly fix this issue in the next firmware update? I’m sure me, along with MANY other fighting game enthusiasts who have the SFIV Stick and want to keep playing their existing games with the stick on their Ps3, would greatly appreciate it.

Dexter48 said:

February 15th, 3:49 am

Please add subtitles support : SRT file type
and MKV container along with x264 codec support – this should be already the case since the PS3 can read Blu Ray.

ProPain_Jahsh said:

February 15th, 5:49 pm

Ever since I downloaded the new System Update (2.60) for my PS3, my system hasn’t been working correctly while playing PS2 games. Namely SOCOM: Combined Assault.

For some reason all of my USB ports stop working after about 5 to 10 minutes of gameplay. So I can’t use my headset, my keyboard, or the downloaded maps I have on a thumb drive. I can’t even charge my controller…

Also, my system has a hard time reseting or even quiting the PS2 game, often just freezing and I have to manually shut off the system.

None of these problems exist while playing my PS3 games. I konw that Sony isn’t making the backwards compatible PS3’s anymore but it would be nice if the updates still worked for the systems that have that feature.

Hopefully someone can help me out.
Thanks, Josh

sycnation said:

February 16th, 10:37 am

i downloaded the update.
I went to the photo thing and hit triangle.
It gave me a time remaining
then one minute….
then it froze.
i tried deleting it then reinstalling/redownloading… it
now says PLEASE WAIT and nothing.
I left it on 4 OVER and HOUR and it didn’t change.
email me with answer ANYONE please

velpulka said:

February 16th, 8:45 pm

PS dev team,

Nice update guys! Now I can use my PS3 for playing games, watching videos, listening to music, surfing the net and browsing through my photos.

Can you guys try to incoporate the following for your next update for Photo Gallery:

1. When playing the photos in a slideshow, can we have a sort photos RANDOMLY option to add to the current ones(Oldest First, Newest First, Image Name, etc). The random option should display photos randomly in a slideshow from any selected album

2. Option to changes music track in a slideshow

3. Ability to add captions to photos

Thanks guys..

spongepimp1 said:

February 16th, 8:50 pm

cmon sony another worthless firmware update when will you guys start doing some effective and good updates this is garbage not liking it how about a better browser or being able to listen to music while playing games we have 6 engines cmon not happy

Sum1_BetterZenU said:

February 16th, 10:47 pm

It’s time for some real updates. We NEED party chat and cross game chat!!!!!! Here is an idea for you. Beat xbox to the punch. After giving us the chat features, be the first system to make trophies or accomplishments worth something. For instance reaching level 55 gold cross on COD4 earns you a code redeemable for psn points. Give us what we need, then give us what THEY can only wish 4. Time to step it up!

Sum1_BetterZenU said:

February 16th, 10:53 pm

I am hoping for gamer support on my last comment. Lets all incorperate the party chat and cross game chat complaint in every comment until this is resolved.

roamingrican said:

February 16th, 11:16 pm

I know you probably don’t get this one much but I would like to see ps3 and sharp aquos play nice as in hdmi audio output from ps3 actually passing through the aquos’ optical out like my cable box. I mean c’mon 7 processors and you’re gonna let a scientific Atlanta beat you? Really?

xX_Infared_Xx said:

February 17th, 6:20 pm

i need the divx update

virus_2049 said:

February 17th, 10:40 pm

i really like all the new updates, but since day one i have been waiting for a way to create and name my own folders. i have looked around and many others feel the same way. that’s what i want to see on the new update!

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