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Jan 21

Jan 21

Killzone 2 has gone Gold!

Mike Graham's Avatar Posted by

Producer, International Software Development

Hello again, I am very happy to announce that Killzone 2 has gone gold in North America! I couldn’t be more ecstatic with what the fine folks at Guerrilla have accomplished and we cannot wait to get this thing into your hands. Killzone 2 will be available on store shelves in the US on February 27th, 2009.


Go pre-order your copy now and I’ll see you online come February 27th!


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Armstrong said:

January 21st, 6:22 pm


TheGuardianFID said:

January 21st, 6:23 pm

Already pre-ordered, I can’t wait to play this sucker, KILLZOWNED BABY!!! :D

justice said:

January 21st, 6:24 pm

im gettin’ kilzone 2 fo’ sure !
this is going to be a blast dude…
aiyo jeff i miss the ps3 ads on tv.. what happend?

Midgetguy said:

January 21st, 6:24 pm

BEAUTIFUL! I’ve already pre-ordered it! For now though, I can’t wait until February 2nd so I can play the demo! lol

The beta was GREAT and it’s already easily my favorite online FPS! (Resistance 2 comes in 2nd place though!)

On behalf of everyone at Guerrilla; CONGRATULATIONS! I’m very excited to see what the final product is like, but on the same note, I am confident that Killzone 2 will exceed many people’s expectations by leaps and bounds!

tolkienfanatic said:

January 21st, 6:28 pm

Gah! Haven’t pre-ordered yet but it is on my to-do list!

kipper18 said:

January 21st, 6:29 pm

Awesome i preordered this already!


sam_i_jam said:

January 21st, 6:30 pm

I seriously can’t wait to pick this one up on day-one!

dimethyltryper said:

January 21st, 6:30 pm

it’s goin’ double uranium!

Squamden said:

January 21st, 6:30 pm

Killzone 2 is as of now the game I am most looking forward to this year. I agree with all of the previous comments asking for a great marketing campaign. This is a game that has the potential to move lots of consoles, don’t let it go to waste.

skynidas said:

January 21st, 6:33 pm

This is awesome!! Now go advertise it Sony!

WoshJills said:

January 21st, 6:36 pm

Cross game chat please.
WoshJills wants to play Killzone 2 and talk to Bhuebinator while Bhuebinator is playing Little Big Planet.

Violater said:

January 21st, 6:37 pm

Release the game earlier Sony.!!!!

MaDogNik96 said:

January 21st, 6:37 pm

I think there’s a maximum of 64 members in a clan. I also heard you can arrange tournaments with up to 256 clans! If both of those are true, I’m joining one for a tournament.

Congrats GG! Already pre-ordered and am waiting for the demo. Definitely picking up day 1.


January 21st, 6:38 pm

I’m deffinitely gettin this game, but if it could have the option of playin wit mouse and keyboard, that would be tight.

Jon_Mclane said:

January 21st, 6:38 pm

How about some info on the helghast sack boy?

wardog546 said:

January 21st, 6:40 pm

Must..pre…order…Killzone 2..
Killzone 2+ad campaign=happy people and good sales.

len1978 said:

January 21st, 6:40 pm

congrats. guys

KIDamazin said:

January 21st, 6:41 pm

On the 27th of February, we will find out if Helghan really belongs to the Helghast.

ThoasBrand said:

January 21st, 6:48 pm


xenorevlis said:

January 21st, 6:49 pm

Hey, I know there won’t be a Limited or Collector’s edition, but do you think we’ll ever see Helghast or ISA figures / Killzone 2 items for sale?

This could go along with my idea to have a PHYSICAL PRODUCT area for the PlayStation Store. You know, so people could get exclusive goodies like Sackboy plushies.

I’d buy a TON of stuff from my favorite IPs and I think other people would too.

JKC31 said:

January 21st, 6:52 pm

“Go pre-order your copy now and I’ll see you online come February 27th!”

This dude obviously has never bought/played a first party game that has OL gaming. lol

Thrasher20 said:

January 21st, 6:52 pm

Snack_Eeter here,


Hide your wife and kids, the Helghast are coming!

AzMorpheus said:

January 21st, 6:55 pm

Been looking forward to this game…hope it is not all hype!

ViolentP69 said:

January 21st, 6:55 pm

Well done Guerrilla. I hope relations with other developers are strong enough to share what you’ve learned here.

xenorevlis said:

January 21st, 6:56 pm

Well, considering the beta did rather well in comparison to the other online betas (like LBP) I have faith it won’t be TOO bad on first day, especially if people are playing through the campaign.

Now tell me, WHO would buy Killzone 2 collectible figures, artbooks, and similar items from Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, Resistance, and so on?

angelcurio said:

January 21st, 7:00 pm

Lets hope that the marketing for this game ends up being good, since games like little big planet didnt have that huge marketting push.

jBat17 said:

January 21st, 7:02 pm

this will be the best shooter to date
it will KILLZOWNE!

Jenovah said:

January 21st, 7:03 pm

Not sure how strict your media embargo is, but a guy from JV247.com posted that they plan on posting the ending to the game tomorrow, might want to keep an eye on that so it doesn’t get spoiled :)

Here’s the post:


CrimsonFox13 said:

January 21st, 7:05 pm

Already pre-ordered the game. ;)

Also, why wait over a month if it’s already gold?

WHY!? =(

Enigma777 said:

January 21st, 7:06 pm

Pre-ordered yesterday! Beta was AMAZING! Anyone else that’s getting it, feel free to send me a friend invite! I’ll see ya online!!!!

jimmy903 said:

January 21st, 7:07 pm

Nice. Have had it paid in full for over a year now. ONLY ONE MORE MONTH! :)

fe_123 said:

January 21st, 7:08 pm

Great!! can’t wait..
Im getting kz2 next week yay

ArsenalGear said:

January 21st, 7:08 pm


bigredsc said:

January 21st, 7:09 pm

i think im going to go buy killzone 1 so i can be more caught up on the story. i read the time line on their website, i thought it was very interesting.

slipping_halo said:

January 21st, 7:11 pm

yeah going to be a release day game, oh yea….

slipping_halo said:

January 21st, 7:14 pm

haha it let me leave a comment without using my psn name….

oG-ShAdY said:

January 21st, 7:14 pm

@21 FFObsessed

I was disheartened to hear that Killzone 2 wouldn’t get a collector’s edition as well. I was more than willing to shell out $100 for bonus content including: behind the scenes, director’s commentary, making of, concept art (booklet). Basically, everything you saw in the press kit but more. I can understand why Sony didn’t do one, but it would have still been great.

Thank you Guerrilla Games! I’ve been waiting almost 5 years to play the vision you laid forth with the first Killzone. I see echoes of what made Killzone my favorite FPS on PS2 within Killzone 2. I too am going through withdrawals from the Beta. It would have done sales major good if there would have been an open Beta (ending a week or two before release) as there was for Battlefield: Bad Company. That’s what sold me on BF and it sure would have sold a lot of non-believers on Killzone 2.

bigkay22 said:

January 21st, 7:15 pm

lets get it, killzone infamous,

KazeEternal said:

January 21st, 7:17 pm

Sweet good to know. However is there a way that you guys can bring a Co-op Campaign similar to Resistance 2? I would even pay 20 to 30 dollars for such an expansion to what looks to be an incredible game.

Novaoblivion said:

January 21st, 7:18 pm

Awesome I have been looking forward to this game! :D

bigdaddytim said:

January 21st, 7:19 pm

hot damn that is sweet! I cant wait, I love killzone, and I cant wait to see what GG has in store for us

KazeEternal said:

January 21st, 7:23 pm

@134 -oG-ShAdY- Maybe they’ll do something special on the PSN to allow us to download all the things you mentioned with special online bonus’ we can order from them directly down the road. I to personally would love to shell out the cash for that content in a collectors edition.

CrashSpyro said:

January 21st, 7:23 pm

Looking forward to the day the demo goes live along with the game’s release date.

just_sane said:

January 21st, 7:25 pm

Can’t wait. Already got it pre-ordered. Hopefully there’ll be a midnight release at EB

madmaxx350 said:

January 21st, 7:29 pm

I really wish You guys would release it early :D


January 21st, 7:30 pm

Cant wait to play Killzone 2, by the mean time, ill be playing LBP and on February 5th, the Killzone 2 Demo, KZ2 is going to be the best game on PS3.

BigBoss124 said:

January 21st, 7:35 pm

all games 4 the PS3 after 2009 will have trophies

SeanScythe said:

January 21st, 7:38 pm

Sony do not mess this up advertise the HELL out of this game and it will sell.

seph1r0th00 said:

January 21st, 7:39 pm

:O gold already! Release it early GG!! I’ll be your best friend, I promise.

OneShotOswald said:

January 21st, 7:39 pm


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