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Jan 22

Jan 22

Little Delay To LittleBigPlanet Content

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Marketing Manager, SCEA

We know you guys have been looking forward to the next batch of downloadable content which was due to launch this Thursday, January 22. Unfortunately, we’re not going to be able to release what we had planned at this time, so the wait is going to be just a little longer before the new year’s content updates start to arrive. In order to make up for this disappointment, we thought you might like to see all the new content we’ve got lined up to come out between next week and the end of February, so hold on to your hats as there’s quite a bit!

Seasonal Content
To get the new year started in the right way we’ve got matching Sackboy and Sackgirl Chinese New Year outfits which will be available for free next week to help you celebrate the year of the Ox. At the same time you can also dress up as the world famous Groundhog in a bid to predict the length of winter. When February rolls around you’ll have no excuse for forgetting to buy a card as we release a special Valentine’s Day pack containing 12 stickers and some themed costume pieces for your Sackperson. Each of these downloads will be available for a limited time, so grab them while they’re hot!

God of War Costumes and Stickers
If you missed out on the pre-order offers to get hold of Kratos and the God of War content pack here’s another chance to get hold of an all time classic Sackboy costume. Inside the pack you’ll find Medusa and Minotaur costumes and a bunch of themed stickers to help you recreate ancient Greece in your game.

Supersonic Sackboy
In February why not pick up the pace and splash out on the WipEout content pack. Containing the WipEout costume kit and plenty of stickers to add some flavour to your game, this is a very cool pack indeed.

Early 2009 Release Schedule
Please note all these dates may change, but we’ll announce what is coming and when, each week.

Week of 1/26
– Chinese New Year Costumes – available for 10 days only.

LittleBigPlanet - Chinese New Year poster

– God of War mini pack
– Kratos costume
– Groundhog Day costume – available for 1 week only.

LittleBigPlanet Add-On - God of War Level Pack LittleBigPlanet - Groundhog render

– Valentine’s Day mini pack – available for 2 weeks only.

LittleBigPlanet - Valentine's Day render

– Ape Escape Costume
– Toro Costume

LittleBigPlanet - Ape Escape Costume render LittleBigPlanet - Toro Mask

– WipEout Costume Kit
LittleBigPlanet - Wipeout Piranha render

There’s plenty more to come, and we’ll be releasing details of upcoming content and fixes every week.

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Fatal_Bullet said:

January 22nd, 2:44 pm

I knew this was coming. Anything that is promised as a “Big Surprise” is bound to get postponed. I know Sony too well now and can’t trust anything they promise anymore.

Sukianime said:

January 22nd, 2:54 pm

Yay for toro costume~ keep up the good work Mm ^_~

starblinky01 said:

January 22nd, 2:59 pm

wow that ape escape one looks exactly like the real game.

I did have a god of war preorder code, but it was so f***g stupid, I ripped off the cover sticker for it and the code STUCK to the freakn sticker! The actually code was ripped right off the page, so I had no way of using it.. I was kinda pissed.

jqtaxpayer said:

January 22nd, 3:00 pm

So the Ape Escape costume IS coming to the US? Alright! Thanks, guys.

Good work on Chinese New Year, btw. I’d definitely like to see more culturally oriented (traditionally dressed, etc) Sackpeople… they’re interesting and really emphasize the global connectivity aspect of the game.

Buddy175 said:

January 22nd, 3:02 pm

that stinks that its delayed but hey look at the line up of suff for LBP!

sNsKid said:

January 22nd, 3:04 pm

Still more “coming soon” announcements.
I see.

Well, someone find Grace and tell her I want a PS Store update.

LBP is seemingly not little at all.
Lots and lots of updates.

Conrad Max said:

January 22nd, 3:15 pm

The Chinese New Year costumes look really nice. Great details.

ADR143 said:

January 22nd, 3:34 pm

cant w8!

i really want the killzone one hopefully it will come out before the game

gettinmoney662 said:

January 22nd, 3:38 pm

Releasing the GOW pack is complete [DELETED]. The main reason I pre-ordered the game was because I thought I was getting something no one else was going to get. Everyone had an equal opportunity to pre-order the game to get either the Kratos pack or the Nariko pack (or in my case, pre-ordering two copies of the game to get both). If I would have known that you guys were going to release the pre-order bonuses to the general public, I would have waited till LBP went down in price before I would have bought it and saved myself $20-30. I am extremely disappointed in MM. The only thing that softens the blow a little bit is that Nariko is not yet available but since you guys are willing to sell the Kratos pack, it’s only a matter of time before Nariko shows up there.

canotalamas said:

January 22nd, 3:39 pm

I have searched for 2 months of why people buy Xbox 360 even PS3 is much better, i came to the conclusion that it was not the price cause make a ps3 cost $434 dollars and they need to win so they put it $499 thats cheap! What PS3 needs to make is like the Xbox Experience, change the operatory system or that thing. Please Sony Enterteinment we want a new ps3 software update not the 2.60 that is the almost the same, a really new one like the experience different but like that! Its really a good idea. Please think about it.

Syntek said:

January 22nd, 3:45 pm

Can’t wait. What are the prices to these?

Syntek said:

January 22nd, 3:49 pm

Can’t wait. What are the prices to these?

Shrewder said:

January 22nd, 3:56 pm

I would like to thank you, Sony. I now know NOT to pre-order titles any longer. I’m not really angry, but I am irritated. First, Epic claims the Gears map pack code was available with the title purchase, creating an incentive to buy “new” and then they end up releasing it for download. Now I read the LBP pre-order exclusive was really a “timed” exclusive.

I have pre-ordered many game titles and the third party ones were the PS3 version. I shall now cancel all, but one. That one would be the Bionic Commando game with the lunch box. I will now cancel my KZ2 pre-order from Amazon, which also has “exclusive” costumes for HOME.

Being a member of Gamefly, my plan is now to forgo buying brand new titles and just pay, at a much lower price, for the titles I rent. They actually give incentives, purchase discounts, to long standing members.

Espeo said:

January 22nd, 4:06 pm

So does this mean the Heavenly Sword costume will also be re-released?

SNmnIE6 said:

January 22nd, 4:17 pm

Delay, delay. Thats all LBP has come to be. Don’t get me wrong, the game is excellent, but nothing seems to make me actually WANT to play. The server is still not functioning properly and the bug that was introduced with the 1.07 update has yet to have been resolved. Any news on when I will finally be able to have numbers other than 0 under play, create, and share? Mm is just lucky there aren’t many games yet to surface that will have gamers put LBP away to collect dust for awhile. I really hope that time doesnt come however, because this game has the potential to be played for x years down the road…

johnbest said:

January 22nd, 4:18 pm

looks like it will be fun!

Koshuu said:

January 22nd, 4:51 pm

Aw man when I read Supersonic sackboy I actually thought Supersonic as in sonic the hedgehog. lol oh man I was so excited for a second their I was about ready to whip out my wallet for that one!

quiomar01 said:

January 22nd, 4:57 pm

Where are the Heavenly Sword costumes? What about Ratchet and Clank themed costumes?

extremegamer426 said:

January 22nd, 5:04 pm

This is an awesome update, but I would like to see some new content like a Killzone 2 demo… Good Work, Sony!

Wip3ou7 said:

January 22nd, 5:11 pm

It absolutely thrills me that they have official WipEout costumes coming to LBP, but I wish they had done a slightly better job on the costume. I would have perferred a non-cardboard helmet with a team livery jumpsuit. Possibly a toy WipEout ship to carry in your hand or something like that.
This one is cool but definately could have been better. If they come up with some WipEout themed level packs that would be awesome! Imagine if they made a WipEout level creator pack that included MAGNETIC MATERIALS, a new type of Race Gate, WipEout team logo stickers, more futuristic surface stickers and materials, etc. Now that would be awesome.

SPOOKULA209 said:

January 22nd, 5:31 pm

its cool, i get paid then anyway lol.

metsfan754 said:

January 22nd, 5:32 pm

It does not seem to me that pre-order gifts should be made available to those who did not pre-order, and I can say that as someone who did not pre-order.

BaronBrain said:

January 22nd, 6:33 pm

Mark & Media Molecule…

Many MANY thanks for your decision to release the Japanese APE ESCAPE “Piposaru” and MAINICHI ISSHO “Toro” costumes here in North America.

I was delighted when I originally saw these costumes released (initially) as Japanese-only DLC — yet at the same time, I was also extremely jealous, assuming there was little chance they’d EVER be released to other regions.

Thank you for proving me wrong. I appreciate this far more than I could ever say here!

(Now if only SCEA & Game Republic could be convinced to take the same chance with FOLKLORE and release the final Japanese DLC here in North America — i.e., the three “Every Game Magazine Original Rare Folks”, a series of Folks based on personalities from popular Japanese videogame magazines. Mark… any chance you could help on that?)

Nosecoaster said:

January 22nd, 6:56 pm

there’s got to be some way that people (like me!) who didn’t get the Kratos pack at pre-order can get it now…I’ve saved my receipt for months now >_<

georgemacewan said:

January 22nd, 7:05 pm

Awesome updates.

Any chance there will be an upscale patch for people that have 1080i only TVs? I was a little sad after seeing LBP at a relatives house. Really missing out on those beautiful textures.

SnoopYTimes said:

January 22nd, 7:06 pm

Is the Nariko costume also coming?

ArsenalFan1992 said:

January 22nd, 7:15 pm

Ape escape looks good.

bulimicitsgreat said:

January 22nd, 7:42 pm

I am so pleased at how Mm got up so quickly and all the stuff that they are offering right now. I really missed the GodOfWar Costumes, I am so excited of all the stuff. I just got my 20$ PSN card ready to buy all the stuff.


Spades0043 said:

January 22nd, 9:00 pm


qwertyuiopasdfgh said:

January 22nd, 9:56 pm

to SONY: as a consumer, i’m not interested in buying new costumes and stickers if they’re not part of a pack that includes new *levels* developed by MM.
For example, i bought the MGS costume pack but not the SF2 costume pack. I thought this feedback could be useful for you. Thanks for this great game!

alaM0000 said:

January 23rd, 12:26 am

Sweet!!! =)

MiltonZep said:

January 23rd, 3:57 am

Ok, for everyone asking about prices on the upcoming Dlc, visit

GenerationEx said:

January 23rd, 4:50 am

Finally I can get Kratos !! :D

Black_Ryuk said:

January 23rd, 10:05 am

ahh well…at least we got a heads up

Elmo-JO said:

January 23rd, 11:04 am

Looks very promising hopefully these won’t be priced though cause if not then I sadly will miss out on them

VamPito1nOnly said:

January 23rd, 2:43 pm

Help! Please Heart me and my stage. Heart donations will be greatly appreciated! Help me get my one trophy. LBP- continue with your great job on costumes, also create more interactive items like the paint gun.

big-gunns said:

January 23rd, 9:46 pm

I want Helghast! :)

Bryyo said:

January 24th, 12:49 am

I’d like to see Ratchet costume, maybe with Clank on his back.

Carnivius_Prime said:

January 24th, 2:30 am

Fantastic. I was hoping the GoW stuff would become available for those of us not lucky to get to pre-order (I didn’t even have a PS3 yet during that period). Hoping Nariko will be available soon.

I love that Wipeout costume too. The corrugated cardboard look is charming and fits with LBP’s style very well.

Hope to see more cool costumes during the year. I wouldn’t mind the Sephiroth one when it’s available though I really dislike Final Fantasy VII.

BusinessGuy said:

January 24th, 5:19 am

I’m excited about the Lunar New Year celebration! It means the most that Media Molecule is aware of this amazing celebration that means so much to people around the world.

MrCaine said:

January 24th, 8:03 am

Oh no – my PS3 just got the Yellow Light of Death… I hope I dont miss out on these while Sony takes forever to get me another PS3. Stupid $150… Warranty went out three weeks ago… How convenient…

SmokeyPerrito123 said:

January 24th, 10:29 am

awesome ill definetly get it

Betsfrox said:

January 24th, 5:22 pm

hi i know this is out of place but could someone help in lbp i need to play with friends only but i dont have friends that have lbp so could someone help me get the trophy that a have to play with other 3 players that are in my friend list this is my psn id betsfrox if anyone can help me add so we can play thanx

bbrick said:

January 24th, 5:33 pm

I am all for the new costumes as DLC but i am exceptionally PO’d that i can’t seem to keep all my hard work. i would like to know when a patch will be available to give the the ‘Save’ option in my popit or pause menu. i have lost nearly 3 levels worth of work from this little glitch. i love the game but i feel very limited when i lose everything from my original costumes to created objects and levels. i would even forego online multi- create mode if i could just keep the work i have done
thank you


Divine said:

January 24th, 6:18 pm

Hmmm, I’m not really happy that ‘exclusive’ content is now being released to the masses.
What exactly does ‘exclusive’ mean to SONY/MM?

frosty-the-king said:

January 25th, 3:06 am

This batch looks awsome cant wait, but i dont like the monkey costume.

HargisMob said:

January 25th, 7:36 am

LOL @ the ape quest costume! Ima get that one for sure.

HargisMob said:

January 25th, 7:43 am

ape escape*

KPDC1 said:

January 25th, 6:31 pm

wooo god of war dlc! i never got the pre order code so i never got kratos:( but now i can buy it!
hay i would of guessed that there would be killzone dlc for little big planet next month?
i would love a helgast sack boy costume!

IZY2091 said:

January 25th, 11:26 pm

I really hope we get voodoo doll and mummy costumes this hollloween. I wanted to dress my sack boy in a voodoo doll costume since the game came out.

P.S. Thanks for the update i was worried the costumes got canceled.

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