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Jan 23

Jan 23

Free Bruce Springsteen Guitar Hero World Tour Pack Coming Tuesday

Chuck Park's Avatar Posted by Producer, RedOctane/Activision

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since I last posted and I want to pass along some news about another great opportunity for all you Guitar Hero World Tour players.

This coming Tuesday, January 27 (yes, you read that correctly, Tuesday), we’re all VERY proud to welcome Bruce Springsteen to the Guitar Hero World Tour family, as you’ll be able to download the Bruce Springsteen Track Pack for FREE from the PlayStation Store.

The Track Pack has two great songs, the classic anthem “Born to Run” (if you don’t know, go ask Dad about it and watch him reminisce about his younger days as he begins to sing at the top of his lungs) and Bruce’s new single “My Lucky Day”. We’re giving this to you on a Tuesday, as it coincides with the release of Bruce’s new album “Working On A Dream”.

Bruce has been pretty busy lately, as he won a Golden Globe, performed at the Inaugural Celebration, is releasing a new album AND will perform at halftime of the Big Game in Tampa on February 1. So do yourself a favor and add these songs to your ever-growing Guitar Hero World Tour set lists! We hope you enjoy playing these songs as much as we enjoyed delivering them to you.

One last note about the Track Pack. It’s FREE for a limited time only. You have from Tuesday, January 27 – Wednesday, February 4 to download it for free. If you miss out during this time, don’t sweat it, as you can always purchase it for $3.99 from the PlayStation Store starting Thursday, February 5.

Thanks to Bruce Springsteen and Columbia Records for all their help in making this happen!

Baby we were BORN TO RUN!!!

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Brad1337 said:

January 25th, 9:23 am

Lol @ the people giving this a low rating because it’s not Rock Band.

Thanks for the free pack. I don’t have World Tour yet, but I plan on buying just the disc. I only had enough for one at the time so I got Rock Band 2, but I can’t wait to play some Bruce Springsteen when I do :D


January 25th, 1:12 pm

Great, free content is always welcome… especially when it’s of good quality like this :)

JaydaBOSS11203 said:

January 25th, 8:14 pm

when can playstation store have more deoms for psp, also i hope that playstaion store would have a update that include aim for psp

LionSun said:

January 26th, 10:47 am

Hi Chuck,

Thanks for the free stuff, and I do think they are 2 great tracks!

However, having bought GHWT (CD Game + Guitar)I’m still pissed because I could not find a way to submit my details to grab those 5 free tracks!!!

Of course, I did find your promotional website but it kept returning me an error of unknown ID or something. I’ve submitted the requested details several times and BEFORE the offer ended back in December. I’ve also tried to send several e-mails to “contact(at)” (it’s on your website, I didn’t invented it) and it seems you simply have no e-mail account set up! Argh…

I really enjoy my time with your product, but this experience (couldn’t take the 5 song offer that I was entitled to) has really made me a bit angry. Can you please help in some away? Thanks for your time…


January 27th, 12:31 am

Hey everyone!

I am leave in Russia! Why I cannot bay addons for GH WT in Russian store? Game in Russia is on sale officially

theinsane2 said:

January 27th, 11:41 am

For free? For real? Bring it on! Suck on that RB fans! GH rocks all the way and we are getting Metallica in a couple of months… yeah, I see why you all say RB is better… NOT.

f9fan said:

January 27th, 11:35 pm

I was able to download THE BOSS, but only have guitar hero III. Can I still play his songs on it or is it only for World heroes?


January 28th, 12:59 am

to theinsane2
Has no value! They are not present in general. I cannot pay the card in European store, only Russian! To me it is not clear why they do not appear. And Metallica it self I look forward

Capnatura said:

January 29th, 3:39 am

Thanks a lot guys for not replying to my post @54! Really appreciated… :(

DCMA1996 said:

January 29th, 8:57 am

How do you download? I’ve been all over the site and can’t figure it out. I have a PS2.

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