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Jan 23

Jan 23

Resistance 2 Patch 1.40 Details

Bryan Intihar's Avatar Posted by Creative Director, Insomniac Games

If you played Resistance: Fall of Man, you know that Insomniac continually looked for ways to improve the online experience, even several months after the game’s release. We’re taking the same approach with Resistance 2, as patch 1.40 will be available for download on Monday, January 26 (you’ll automatically receive the download prompt the next time you play the game). The patch addresses several areas, including:

Multiplayer Progression

Some people have seen their competitive and/or cooperative characters reset to level 1. For several of those cases, this patch will not only bring back all the XP, stats, and attributes that you’ve lost, but it will also add to your character profile the XP/stats/attributes that you’ve earned since those levels were reset. For example, say you were a level 20 medic and after being reset to level 1, and you earned 5,000 XP. Thanks to the patch, you’ll return a level 20 medic and that 5,000 XP will be added to your profile.

This patch will also correct some medal and trophy issues, including the “Killing Machine” trophy (if you’ve already accumulated 10,000 kills but haven’t received this trophy, it’ll pop up as soon as you download the patch).

Here are some additional patch 1.40 details:


  • “Salute Me” trophy is not awarded until player reaches level 31 (Lieutenant)
  • “Berserker” trophy can be collected during non-ranked games
  • “Survivor” medal can be collected in cooperative games
  • “Sure Shot” ribbon is awarded if player has accuracy of exactly 50%


  • Added clan support for viewing members, sending invites, and setting up clan tags
  • Default clan region is now USA

Match Balancing

  • Unbalanced ranked games are cancelled in staging before the game is started
  • Parties are prevented from matchmaking into free-for-all Deathmatch games


  • Loadouts can be disabled in the “Create Game” screen in competitive games
  • Balanced the chance of dropping large ammo pickups in competitive games
  • Core Control scoreboard displays “Kills”
  • Improved scoreboard formatting


  • Balanced the amount of XP gained by the Medic class in cooperative games
  • Stalker movement enabled in cooperative games
  • Small ammo pickups don’t give LAARK ammo in cooperative games


  • Splash damage on Pulse Cannon can damage the player firing it
  • Rossmore reticule better reflects its accuracy
  • Fire is easier to shake off
  • Players cannot swap weapons in the middle of a melee attack


  • Localized text updates
  • Network message optimizations
  • EULA displays the correct language text for Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish and Danish

Now you may be asking, “But what about adding the option to save the second player’s character progress?” Truth be told, it required a certain PS3 firmware that wasn’t available at the time of Resistance 2’s release. We now have that firmware and are currently working to implement the feature. As soon as it’s ready, we’ll get it out to you.

If you have any questions regarding the patch, please visit and post in the message boards. The Insomniacs will be there to help answer them.

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MobBelieveme said:

January 26th, 8:14 pm

When will there be a patch to fix the network connection problems

aptmac said:

January 26th, 8:24 pm

Thanks for the update we really needed it…Lets get off of R2 for a bit…Are we gonna ever receive an update to have multiple accounts online? Are we gonna b able 2 play our own music to our games?(just like in high velocity bowling)More game demos especially on the exclusives at the store so we wouldn’t be spending $10-15 on a bad title…Ps3 still have a long way to go but without these features, Ps3 would have a hard time succeeding…Please reply.

jxdawg123 said:

January 26th, 9:45 pm

awesome. fixed the glitch were my profile got deleated. got all that stuff back now :P

Black_Arts_Owl said:

January 27th, 12:51 am

Great News,

but there are two things who are not fixed / worked in to the game.
1) The Screen Resolution: Every time I play Resistance 2 with a friend on my TV I´ve got a 4:3 resolution instead of my 16:9. So everytime there are big black stripes left and right of my screen.
2) Where is the Co-Op Campaign with the Single Player Story? It was the best thing on Resistance: Fall of Man. We´ve played the game nearly every weekend. Now we don´t know what we should do. Playing Resistance 2 in Co-Op on one TV is not so funny like Resistance 1 but we can recite nearly every conversation of the game…

dooshee said:

January 27th, 5:43 am

Just patched, the first thing i noticed was the descriptions for medals and ribbons have been removed. Was this intentional? I don’t understand why you would remove them.
Apologies if this has been mentioned.

Squatbird said:

January 27th, 8:40 am

Like a lot of other people, I cannot wait for the patch that will allow me to save Player 2’s progress in offline coop mode. Great job on this game, and keep it up!

ChronoTJM said:

January 27th, 10:19 am

Ahhh last page :D I have a feeling you guys most surely will not see this comment, but I’d love to put feedback on a few things.


2.) I LOVE the competitive, but please god do something about the outbreak of carbines!!! Resistance is awesome because it’s weapons are so diverse! I cringe every time a carbine kills me :/ If you guys can track stats, just look at the carbine kills! They must be preposterous!

3.) It’s a mode more common in your ratchet and clank games, but why don’t you guys have a type of match where your weapons constantly switch at random intervals for a set amount of time :D You have no choice in the matter, it just plops you with something new and tells you to figure it out? I think it would be epic in awesomeness!

Keep up the amazing work you guys! If you release a game, I will buy it!

BattleExile said:

January 27th, 11:35 am

What I would really like to see in a future update is all the ribbons you get each match appearing on the results screen at the end like they used to in the first resistance, they flash up way to fast currently and it misses out some of the enjoyment if you can look back at the end of of the game and see how many ribbons your efforts have given you

sdreaper said:

January 27th, 1:24 pm

I downloaded the patch and noticed that I had not received the survivor medal. I am guessing that this medal is not rewarded retroactively and that I would need to go through 30 death-free runs again right?

Kevlowe said:

January 27th, 6:07 pm

Awww, it’s too bad that the medic is getting screwed, the only time that they really get a lot of points is when they’re playing with a bunch of idiots that get shot a lot. I’ve played with medics before and hardly ever get 2nd place to them, but that’s because I don’t run around like a fool when things are shooting at me. If anything, I have more of a problem with idiot medics that don’t heal often enough. =P


January 28th, 8:51 am

ever since the update my campaign has reset and in co op my maps have reset i am getting pertty pissed off.

NightmoonStalker said:

January 28th, 9:20 am

I would get back into this game if the killer trophy included co-op.

I play world at war all day for the past month and only have 2K kills.

cracks530 said:

January 28th, 9:50 am

Appreciate update 1.4 and all it’s supposed to do but my ps3 won’t download it. I get stuck at 8% then it stops. ANy suggestions would be great. It’s a wireless setup running at like 87% signal strength. Even right next to the computer at 100% signal strength I get the same. HELP

blazin80 said:

January 28th, 8:51 pm

any add-ons that may be bought in the future?
one of the add-ons you should add is 2nd player story mode missions where its like the original story mode but its seperate missions that can be played by a 2nd offline player not like cooperative mode.

and i like the idea to save the 2nd players stats, my friend would like that too.

and please i want add ons as soon as possible please.

Phull13 said:

January 28th, 9:18 pm

Hey, I’ve tried downloading this update forever and it keeps freezing up or stopping at 2%. I can’t play without downloading it, so how do I make it work? :S

fdgffdg said:

January 29th, 5:18 am

In cooperative, what is the difference between small ammo packs and large ones? I see that the LAARK does not get ammo from the small packs. What does that mean?

Timelord said:

January 29th, 8:33 am

Thanks for gimping the medic. I actually play with RL friends and we work together really well… now everyone gets 2-3x more xp than me. I can’t compete with 2 spec-ops and a soldier for kills. The spec-ops just sit there and feed ammo to the soldier so the shield never runs out and they take very little damage and get TONS of xp. Great job balancing…lol. So I guess I have to play with tards to get xp? Why nerf co-op anyway?
I’m disappointed Insomniac caved in to the carebears…this is something I would expect in an MMO with PvP but not in a co-op FPS.

Devis216 said:

January 30th, 2:37 pm

Hi I downloaded the Patch 1.40, but now the R2 do not work at all!! after few seconds from the start it stop to run, just before to show the main pages with all th options?
what could be? anybody else faced the same problem?

KB04 said:

January 30th, 3:20 pm

The patch wont download on ps3 any help?

alex_ansem said:

January 31st, 8:21 pm

Fist of all i have to say i love this game, thank you ig for a well done job, that said i have a cuestion, did you guys changed your mind about fixing the survivor medal?? i´m certain i already went through 30 missions without getting killed and i still don´t have it…

cracks530 said:

January 31st, 10:46 pm


snake4ever said:

February 1st, 5:24 am

great job insomniac’s guys

DJDIYM said:

February 1st, 4:51 pm

Nice Job on the update….. What I would like to see on a future update is this.. When u get to level 60 and level 30 in multiplayer. U should get infected hale hands as a berserk like after u defeat daedalus… It would work the pulse cannon’s alt fire…. Also there’s a black head for spec ops, I for one would like to see ones for soilder and medic.. just my two cents..

Devis216 said:

February 2nd, 2:11 am


is there any chance you will add the weapons damage: kill with one shot/bullet ( I hope this is the engligh desfription). actually I found only, Low Medium and High damage!!
It was really nice to play with the Resistance fall of man, on line, with this feature, it more realistic if you kill or die just with one bullet/shot!

Blitz-tek said:

February 3rd, 7:51 pm

Im glad this patch came out. It would help if every competive game showed you your kills and deaths. I dont think Skirmish shows both.

Neoteppin said:

February 5th, 1:13 pm

you know i always thought this game was better than call of duty cant wait 4 retribution =>

TSTO72 said:

February 16th, 4:14 pm

I currently do not have high speed interent & only play the offline game with a friend. HOW DO I DOWNLOAD THE PATCH MANUALLY?

fightinglee said:

February 17th, 7:32 am

Waiting for a ps3 firmware update to make it so that we can save 2nd player stats in offline mode? Wow, that’s funny. I am trying hard to understand such a dumb excuse for such a stupid decision to not let the 2nd player save stats. What a joke. It’s bad enough that the 2 player story campaign mode was removed, that pissed off enough people. That was the only reason I bought it. Now I try the hugely downgraded offline coop, and my buddy cant save? And your telling me that Insomniac could not implement a 2 player mode where both players stats were saved without some firmware update? what a joke. Of course Insomniac could have used the current firmware and still found a way to have the stats save. The way your doing it might require an update, I don’t know, but lots of other games figured it out. I’m done with imsomniac, they cant even figure out why resistance fall of man was so popular. Bunch of goofs.

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