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Jan 26

Jan 26

Happy Lunar New Year from LittleBigPlanet, Plus a Special Video from Media Molecule!

Mark Valledor's Avatar Posted by Marketing Manager, SCEA

Gong Hei Fat Choi!

Light those firecrackers, collect ‘lai see’, and eat all the ‘niangao’ you can; you will need all the energy you can get for LBP’s latest update.

In case you’ve missed our update last week, in celebration for the Lunar New Year celebration that officially begins today, 1/26, we’ve got matching SackBoy and SackGirl Chinese New Year Costumes for FREE on the PS Store.

But don’t wait — much like the celebration of the Chinese New Year, this seasonal costume is available for 10 days only, and it may never be available again.

LittleBigPlanet art - Chinese New Year

Once you have the Chinese New Year Costumes downloaded, and you’re looking for a creative way to battle and challenge your friends with the Chinese New Year costume, check out the latest video creation presented by Media Molecule for inspiration. We break down the art of Survival Challenges by giving the ultimate creator some insider’s tips, including:

  • Ingredients – Recipe for all materials required to make your own Survival Challenge
  • Moving Entrance – How to accurately place your Start and Finish entrances
  • Crank Up The Difficulty – Proper methods in making your mechanics and contraptions more challenging through time
  • Sequentialness – Learn how magnetic key switches can be used as event sequencers.
  • Don’t Forget The Instructions – Make your levels more fun and accessible by adding instructions to give the player a form of guidance.
  • Community Examples – Survival Challenges created by fans of the LBP Community. See if your creation was selected by Mm as a challenge example!

So bounce, jump, skip and descend your way to create your own LBP Survival Challenge.

Be sure to share them with your fellow LBP Community as this may inspire a future LittleBigChallenge creation.

From all of us at LBP, ‘Niannian youyu’ (a wish for grand and harmonious year)!

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Capt-Fury- said:

January 26th, 4:51 pm

thanks for the update

drew713 said:

January 26th, 4:51 pm

little big planet is great

RGS-14 said:

January 26th, 4:53 pm


xG-ei8ht said:

January 26th, 4:59 pm

Hi, MM.

Can you please make it so when i export a picture of LBP. It’s in FULL HD.

Pics looks horrid when exported.

Unless i’m doing something wrong:)

Also could you please add a rectangle to the shape selection.

Excellent game.

My 4yrld loves it.

smokey_vols said:

January 26th, 5:02 pm

Great tips. I haven’t built a LBP level since earning the platnium trophy, but I really want to get back into it. When I get some free time i’ll be sure and try it out again.

Xulap said:

January 26th, 5:03 pm

So, this means we(North America) will also get these costumes too?!

Netweb said:

January 26th, 5:07 pm

Kratos for next thursday?

I want a Lara Croft sackgirl!

Andrefpvs said:

January 26th, 5:07 pm

Free stuff is welcome stuff mates. Thanks!

userfriendly said:

January 26th, 5:08 pm

Why did you let Sony under advertise this game guys? This game had such great potential and I saw only one ad about ten times. Marketing for this game should have been over the top.

Hopefully you realize that now and give KZ2 a little better treatment.

HuntingYou said:

January 26th, 5:15 pm

More levels please!

CaruthK said:

January 26th, 5:16 pm

Oh that was sweet I want to play this game to. No money to get it. The job market sucks.

maxxy209 said:

January 26th, 5:19 pm

Man I wish I could buy this game I want it so badly D: still need a PS3 though plan to get one tomorrow.

Any good games for PS3 btw.

easyaspie00 said:

January 26th, 5:24 pm

Cool beans! We haven’t gotten a new costume in a while, and this is a pretty cool addition. I like how you guys at MM are giving out costumes based on nearby holidays/events. I’m expecting a cupid SackBoy on the week of Valentine’s Day! :D

lakaiHIGH said:

January 26th, 5:27 pm

i just downloaded the costumes and am about to load up some LBP b4 bed. thanks for the vid guys.


Ftwrthtx said:

January 26th, 5:38 pm

Thanks for the info

Dehshizknight said:

January 26th, 5:39 pm

Heck yes! LittleBigPlanet DLC rules them all.

Spartangy said:

January 26th, 5:40 pm

Great tips MM!!

I might create a survival challenge level now :D

Delriach said:

January 26th, 5:44 pm


Delriach said:

January 26th, 5:48 pm

Hmm, I have a question. You guys have a link to a youtube video about that level Joe Vaux made. In the description it says:

“If you like Joe Vaux’s level, check out the other artist created levels in the Kustom Culture patch coming soon to LittleBigPlanet and help raise funds for the New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund!”

That’s really interesting… are we going to get more details on this soon?

foolio_67 said:

January 26th, 5:51 pm

Downloaded!! :-)

TrendBot said:

January 26th, 5:54 pm

Cool! I just built a survival level using the tips from this video. Thanks!

KUSHman666 said:

January 26th, 5:56 pm

awesome Mm, keep pumping out that awesome DLC. any word on FF7 costume/lvl pack? i would buy that day 1 :D ima big FF fan, i hate seeing that FF13 will be on 360 :( at least we get FFvs13 as exclusive still right?

Thrasher20 said:

January 26th, 5:59 pm

LBP FTW. Thanks for the info guys!

Link01 said:

January 26th, 6:20 pm

is it available now? or Thursday?

Link01 said:

January 26th, 6:20 pm

hey, my name changed to my PSN ID>.. kick butt * lol

Link01 said:

January 26th, 6:21 pm

OH…. and I want to know when the counter will actually count the community lvls we play …. you know the bubbles on our profile thingy

gema11981 said:

January 26th, 6:23 pm

thank you !

jipmg said:

January 26th, 6:24 pm

The lbp Download begins!

kdiep said:

January 26th, 6:29 pm

wow that video was extremely interesting and made me really want to start making levels. Hopefully MM will do one for regular platform levels as well as I’m not really a big fan of those survival challenges.

Also, why do they insist on mandatory tutorials. I understand that we might understand the tools a lot more but at least make it optional and do like a help documentation, where you’ll just search for “switch triggers” if that’s what you want to find more about. It’s so annoying to go through all of those tutorials. I haven’t finished them all but I swear I’ve used like 30 min on them so far. I really want to start making levels but I only have so much time.

mahunoy said:

January 26th, 6:34 pm

Jeff Rubenstein are we going to see Helgan Sackboy custome on the same week KZ2 will come out?

korikos said:

January 26th, 6:36 pm


DropD said:

January 26th, 6:41 pm

nice costumes, great video, thanks.

Enigma777 said:

January 26th, 6:44 pm

wow, i never imagined making cool levels could be so hard… my only level involves a rocket cart going forward till it hits a wall….

GGCAN said:

January 26th, 6:44 pm

Thanks for the update on the costumes Mark.

Zookey said:

January 26th, 6:51 pm

Yeah for free stuff thanks guys!

Midgetguy said:

January 26th, 6:53 pm

COOL! I saw this video before (on other news sites) but I apparently missed the whole sequential time-line type thing…

Anyways, that’s a VERY nifty tutorial video! And… you know what, I might just make “The Ultimate Survival Challenge Carnival of DEATH!”


DARK_JAK_911 said:

January 26th, 6:56 pm

Whatever happened to pre-orders being exclusive to only those who pre-ordered? Bringing all the pre-order content to the public is really a slap in the face for those who pre-ordered.

What’s the point of having a special if it releases to everyone a few months later?

kaoskrayola said:

January 26th, 7:08 pm

Great video and DLC. Are those Parsons levels up for the community to play?

ts23245 said:

January 26th, 7:26 pm

This game is amazing. I always am excited about the next thing that Mm will bring out. I play this more than R2, MGS4, and Valkyria combined. The variety and the great online community keeps me coming back for more.

SFJAGS said:

January 26th, 7:30 pm

I have a problem with my LBP game; I keep getting a message that says that my profile is too large and that I should delete items from my pictures, my levels, my customes, etc. I have deleted all pictures, customs and unhearted all levels and still get the same message while playing. There’s nothing else to delete. HELP, Please????

big-gunns said:

January 26th, 7:43 pm

God! I love it how MM keeps on bringing the good stuff with LBP. Thanks you guys are awesome!! :D

liketoski said:

January 26th, 7:53 pm

You guys rock, but will you do one on making stuff on convater belt with random stuff continuosly coming out to no end?

Swedgen said:

January 26th, 7:57 pm

My progress(aces, prize completion) for the MGS pack still won’t save.

The_Apprentice said:

January 26th, 8:00 pm

I’ve noticed you guys have been bending the Thursday Update rule and releasing content on various days. Mostly due to an event like Christmas, Chinese New Year etc.

But I like it…
I’d love to see content updates spread out throughout the week. Much better than anticipating a Thursday update.!

MiltonZep said:

January 26th, 8:08 pm

DARK_JAK shut up quit your cryin already! There are being released and you can’t do anything about it! hmph!

coastermaniac said:

January 26th, 8:14 pm

nice. thanks for the idea.

MarzMasta said:

January 26th, 8:20 pm

omg!! im so upset why did my playstation have to die this week!! uguys wont be seeingme on LBP for a while

ThAGriZZ45 said:

January 26th, 8:21 pm

I love the bouncy little yo-yo ball. Haha I guess the update was worth it for that toy. lol

ADR143 said:

January 26th, 8:27 pm

thnx MM! u rock!

jazzyrider said:

January 26th, 8:31 pm

Gong Hei Fat Choi! and thanks for the new costumes…Keep ’em coming!

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