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Jan 28

Jan 28

Savage Moon Coming to PSN Tomorrow!

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Producer, Fluffy Logic

SavageMoon - And and Tomas from FluffyLogic

Hello readers! This is Ana (the producer) and Tomas (the designer) from FluffyLogic. We’re a digital media development studio based in Bristol, UK. The home of trip-hop, Isambard Kingdom Brunel and John Cabot who set sail and discovered America in 1497 (Though I don’t think the Native Americans had reported it lost…) bubum…

For the last few months we’ve been hard at work on our take on the Tower Defense genre. Although here in the UK we spell it ‘defence’ ;-). If you’ve not played any tower defence games, you’re missing out. They are a great off-shoot of real-time strategy games where the player can only build static defences and the enemy is the one on the move. Our art director, Stuart, introduced us to a few of the games on the net and needless to say, work around the office dropped to zero as we got hooked. At the time we had been given a couple of PS3 development kits by Sony to play around with and we thought, “Wow, we’d love to do our own take on this.” We threw around a few ideas then went up to see Sony and surprisingly enough, it turned out that they had been thinking exactly the same thing. Thus Savage Moon, our first game for the PS3, was born. It is due for release on the PlayStation Network store this week for $9.99…we’re very excited.

Savage Moon logo

First off we wanted to give the game a bit of a story. All the tower defence games we’d played on the net were pretty abstract, but we wanted to give the player a sense of purpose and threat. I am a fan of Harry Harrison’s Death World books and have always been fascinated by the idea of a whole eco-system turned against you…so we thought this would be a good way to go. Tomas and I decided to make this the basic premise of the game — humans have landed on an asteroid to mine valuable minerals from it, however as they burrow into the ground, the sentient rock produces its own auto-immune response, much in the same way that the human body produces white-blood cells in response to an infection. Except here, the response is in the form of massive chitinous armoured bugs! (Or Insectocytes as we call them).

In terms of the style of the game – given that we had decided on massive insects – it almost went without saying…we were hugely inspired by ‘Starship Troopers‘ which has been a firm film favourite for years. I especially like the different types of bugs that appeared and this inspired us in the range of different creatures that appear in our game. In keeping with the xeno-biological theme, the Insectocytes evolve throughout the game, with each wave becoming tougher, and the creatures mutating into new forms to meet the human threat.

In response to this, the player needs to research and deploy new forms of technology to meet the escalation of bug toughness. The strategy of the game is a mix of open and directed levels — in some levels the player can place towers to herd the Insectocytes into their cross-fire. In other levels the landscape defines the battlefield and the player must use their abilities to respond to this. The challenge, like your enemies, evolves. The Insectocytes will always protect the place they spawn by seeking out and destroying your mining base. If your mining base takes too much damage, it’s game over. The Insectocytes are strong but not too smart; you need to match your strategy/puzzle-solving skills against their armour (but you also have some serious fire-power on your side!)

So what types of creature will you face? We’re not going to give them all away but some crawl, some run, some bite and some shoot. Here’s a taster:

Savage Moon art1

Above is a ‘soldier’ Insectocyte. They are pretty fast, tough and have powerful mandibles with which to deliver bone-crushing bites. These form the backbone of the sentient asteroid’s defences. They come in a variety of sizes and colours but they all have just one aim — to remove the infection that is humanity…

So what do you get to use? As the commander of the defences, you have the ability to call in orbital drop-pods, each of which lands a fully functional military tower. Towers come in two types; attack towers (that impact the enemy) and support towers (that help the attack towers). Key to success in the game is the use of the right tower at the right time and in the right places to stop the waves of Insectocytes. Here’s an example:

SavageMoon art2

This is a machine-gun tower. As you upgrade this tower, it goes through five levels of offensive power you can deploy. The idea is that as your enemy evolves, you can upgrade your towers to match. Different towers upgrade in different ways – some get an increase in damage, other an increase in the range they can reach, and sometimes upgrades give you a bit of both. As the commander, you will get a feel for the best way to use upgrading pretty fast.

We hope this whets your appetite for some strategy-action on your PS3. As we said, the game is out tomorrow as a direct download via the PSN store for $9.99.

The music and sound in the game is one area we would particularly like to mention. For this we hired a local electronic music producer we knew and had worked with before. He is well known in the breakcore scene and plays under the name Parasite. He gave the game audio the sense of menace we felt it needed.

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Jim777 said:

January 29th, 4:05 am

looks good i plan to get it

Herbyg said:

January 29th, 4:12 am

Pretty cool. Thanks

AdversaryofGod said:

January 29th, 4:23 am

I’m buying this game.
I really liked Starship Troopers.
The first and third one are very good hehehe.
I wish mankind could fight insects so we would unit and stop fighting each other.

enewtabie said:

January 29th, 4:28 am

It’s a PSN game and only a few hundred MBs.Why would there be a disc copy? Keep the downloadable stuff coming!

Sly-Ripper said:

January 29th, 5:16 am

Lol, PS3 dev unit to the right of the first pic. :P

BigBoss712 said:

January 29th, 5:38 am

That looks nice, I like tower defense games.

CASHviLLe_615 said:

January 29th, 5:45 am

SWEET i think im going to buy it!! looks fun!!

geckoman1408 said:

January 29th, 5:47 am

This is a must-buy for me :D

fan1310 said:

January 29th, 5:53 am

A demo would be great!

    Ana Kronschnabl's Avatar

    Daimion Pinnock said:

    January 29th, 10:21 am

    Please keep an eye out for a future announcement regarding a demo.

HorizonShadow said:

January 29th, 6:08 am

Liking the KZ2 countdown =]

one question!! well..2..or 3 depending on how many pop up while i’m writing

1. Re-playability??

2. DLC? i was thinking an “endless mode” =3

Kane22_ said:

January 29th, 6:16 am

i’m looking forward to SM the gameplay looks awsome it kinda sucks it doesn’t have custom soundtracks but o well i’m still gonna have fun playing this game:)

reson8er said:

January 29th, 8:17 am

I’ve heard this game can be VERY challenging. Is there a difficulty select option?

MidnightBlues said:

January 29th, 8:26 am

Why are the littlebigplanet servers down!?!?! damnit!

anyway savage moon sounds rad.

WoshJills said:

January 29th, 8:52 am


But where’s Left4Dead?

Sony just made a deal with valve to put SOE games like Everquest onto Steam, why not Left4Dead for the PS3?


Esteluk said:

January 29th, 10:00 am

A PSN game developed in Bristol? Sold on that alone: Bristol lacks game developers! (Microprose were based there, I believe; and SN systems are there now).


January 29th, 11:34 am

looks good, hopefully will be available soon, kind of burnt on pjm, esp. since i played it pre-trophies, but, oh well…

evoPiru said:

January 29th, 12:07 pm

Great, I hope its awesome. I’ll buy it for sure. On the other hand, any news about RagDollKongFuu realease date?

Krypton1te_ said:

January 29th, 12:27 pm

I love PSN.

BlackSheepBoy said:

January 29th, 12:34 pm

This game looks pretty sweet. Might have to purchase it today.

io7 said:

January 29th, 1:06 pm

Who is that woman on the picture up there and why is she wearing a Twareg necklace???

KidCommando said:

January 29th, 1:11 pm

looking great Fluffy Logic! and nice post Ana.

Another purchase coming your way tonight after work.

keep the new content rollin PSN.

*off topic – please market the hell out of Killzone 2 Sony!

HanSolo said:

January 29th, 2:07 pm

im buying it as soon as its out, is there a chance that maybe later on they will make a level editor? so we can share our maps?

mafecto said:

January 29th, 2:13 pm

been waiting for this game…can’t wait!

Sehlat said:

January 29th, 2:48 pm

Will this game support 1080 output for 480/1080 only TVs?

Details @


ADR143 said:

January 29th, 3:07 pm


FFCrystal13 said:

January 29th, 4:59 pm

10$ for this game is certainly an amazing price for this game. It will be my very first full downloaded game :D

Terranz22 said:

January 29th, 6:03 pm

Just bought the game a while ago, it is downloading now. Very excited for it.

Cioden said:

January 29th, 8:05 pm

Just bought the game and played it for a bit. I think it’s pretty awesome. I love that you guys gave it a bit of a back story and kinda built a universe for it. Fleshing out the world it’s set in with the addition of the library. It’s always nice to see developers pay attention to such little details.

big-gunns said:

January 29th, 8:32 pm

This game looks fun.

StalkingSilence said:

January 30th, 6:33 am

Going to wait for the demo, been burned too many times on PSN. But I will most likely be getting the game!

Dru1989 said:

January 30th, 8:10 pm


The control interface on this game is absolutely horrible!

And I had such high hopes for this game :(

cobragt78 said:

January 31st, 1:41 pm

Huge question! Will there be “DLC” for this game? I played it, and its wonderful, but it can use a couple of add-ons and tweaks, like changing of controls, and weather perhaps… just perhaps…

Strafe212 said:

January 31st, 4:23 pm

I purchased this today. Great game for only $10! Lots of fun. Thanks.


January 31st, 6:29 pm

Bought it, LOVED it! I have exacly 40 PSN games today and Savage Moon is definitely on the TOP 3!

I love tower defence games, but PixelJunk Monsters is so bad that it made me give up on the genre, I tought I would never play a tower defence again from the trauma…

Savage Moon saved my life!

atreyu_- said:

February 4th, 5:13 pm

CUSTOM MUSIC? Tell me yes and id love to buy it.If not shame on you.

alldway said:

February 14th, 6:08 pm

How on earth do you release a tower defense game that isn’t multiplayer. It’s like soup with no spoon. Great looking game but without multiplayer, it’s going to be like bungy jumping with no witnesses.

JimInPT said:

February 24th, 1:06 pm

Having lots of fun with Savage Moon, but how do we track our own progress? If we’re not on the leaderboards, I can’t see any way to see how I’m progressing.

How many waves have I survived? How many credits? What’s my best Vengeance scores for each level?

Where’s our stats? Thanks.

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