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Jan 30

Jan 30

Help Us Help You: Take the PlayStation.Blog Survey

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by Sr. Social Media Manager

Hey there, PlayStation.Blog reader! You may have noticed the addition of Chris Morell to our staff in December. If not, I encourage you to head over to his Flower interview and giggle at the freeze-frame there. It’s OK, I’ll wait.

There, wasn’t that worth it?

Besides making faces for the camera, Chris has enabled us, your PlayStation Social Media Team, to think a bit more expansively. We want to do more with our existing Facebook and Twitter accounts. We want to produce more video (and audio?) content for the Blog. Basically, to do more of the stuff that you like, and to do the things you already like, only better.

But what, exactly, *do* you like? That leads us the the first ever PlayStation.Blog Readers Survey. We’ve crafted together a fairly short web survey to ask you about your experience with the Blog, and a tiny bit more about your larger interactions with PlayStation. Don’t worry, there are no uncomfortable questions like “How much money do you make in a year?” or “How did you do on your SATs?” or “Really that’s it? Don’t you think you should’ve studied more?” Rather, the questions will be used directly to craft new content and, perhaps, new applications that you will love from Day 1.

PlayStation.Blog Reader Survey

Please click here to start the survey. You’ll be redirected to another site, but you will *not* be asked *any* personal information (not even an email address), and you will not be spammed, harassed, or made fun of in any way for having too few Trophies. And if you don’t want to answer the questions that don’t have an asterisk next to them (about half), you don’t even have to.

Thanks in advance, and I hope you have a great weekend!

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SpeedRacer1955 said:

January 30th, 4:00 pm

Now I’m going to act like the Gamers I see on the PSN Forums….. I want something for taking this survey and if i don’t get it I will go elsewhere…… LMAO

I should get at least twenty trophies for this…HA HA HA HA HA

Capt-Fury- said:

January 30th, 4:01 pm

done! that was quick

Trey630 said:

January 30th, 4:02 pm

Took the Survey. Thanks for listening

Lilb792 said:

January 30th, 4:02 pm


Moosehole said:

January 30th, 4:02 pm

Always happy to let you know what I want to see on the blog. Thanks.

MaximMicheal said:

January 30th, 4:06 pm

Good Survey

I would love to know when is the PSN Cards are coming to retailers in Canada and as well when video store is coming to Canada as well?


January 30th, 4:06 pm


Sneeches said:

January 30th, 4:08 pm

took the survey, now lets hope you guys actually do something with it.

redshoepaul said:

January 30th, 4:09 pm

Done. I filled out more than enough information as possible! Thanks guys!

Dragonzblaze said:

January 30th, 4:11 pm

awesome more updates n features rock resident evil 5 n killzone 2 demos next week cant wait ps3 rocks

angelcoma said:

January 30th, 4:13 pm

One thing that would be awesome would be a ‘Currently in Japan’ news. There are games released in Japan and tradeshows that your blog ignores. Right now the big sells of ‘White Knight Chronicles’ and the upcoming block buster ‘Yakuza 3’, both of wich get no mention here.

Would be interesting to see what is going on with Playstation and Sony brand outside of America. Maybe you can even get interviews with some of the developers etc.

MegadethAndy said:

January 30th, 4:21 pm

I should have read some of the comments before doing the survey. So many good ideas.
We need more surveys!

Fusion_ID said:

January 30th, 4:22 pm

Done and done. Filled out

NightHawk17 said:

January 30th, 4:25 pm

Jeff will you guys really read or notice our answers on the survey?

Also when are we gonna get new Avatars?

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    January 31st, 9:49 am

    We\’ve already gotten thousands of responses (seriously), so we\’ll do our best. The easier-to-digest results will be the numbers, though.

Zookey said:

January 30th, 4:30 pm

One big improvement I can think of:

I know I harrased you about this already LOL

Get a program going like Japan’s PlayStation C.A.M.P. that enables indie devs such as myself to create games on PSP or PS3 or create tech demos to pitch to you guys–that’d be awesome.

/off of soapbox

ok heading over right now to fill out survey—you know, you guys should let us get like a free PSN trophy for filling out surveys and being top posters on the PS blog and other community stuff like that hehe :-)

Thwip said:

January 30th, 4:33 pm

I was happy to participate…thanx for asking!

blindrocket said:

January 30th, 4:34 pm

Surveys are awesome, and I took this one.

Next we need a survey on “what new PS3 features do you want to see in the next firmware?” That would be great. :)

Tebeau23 said:

January 30th, 4:36 pm

Nice, thanks for showing a way that you do lisen to the community

Mario-san said:

January 30th, 4:36 pm


longmeat said:

January 30th, 4:37 pm

Not blog related, but please make trophies viewable from the web……

Ocelot420 said:

January 30th, 4:38 pm

that wasn’t to bad, i just want to sign in, :( oh well iam banned i got to face it. and deal with it, just playing games like the old days now…

Xulap said:

January 30th, 4:40 pm


I really wanted that trophy… :(

Fersis said:

January 30th, 4:40 pm


NewYork214 said:

January 30th, 4:40 pm

so we gonna get to see some results from this survey or is it only for your eyes only. but get with the podcast. you guys could have a really cool one if your not being watched over by sony to much. if you and playstationlifestyle.net both make a podcast this year id be one happy person

sNsKid said:

January 30th, 4:40 pm

I am definitely taking this survey!!

MindGamr said:

January 30th, 4:40 pm

This is great! I feel like my opinion can actually make a difference.

dehumanizer_666 said:

January 30th, 4:41 pm

Finished. Where’s my Survey trophy….

TheHater2 said:

January 30th, 4:41 pm

I am finish. So do we get a cookie? :)

Neil said:

January 30th, 4:51 pm

Just finished writing mine. I made sure to stress the audio podcast. Make it so!

ClinToN said:

January 30th, 4:58 pm

I hope you fellow Canadians requested Canadian related info. :P

Thanks for the survey. How exactly do you guys sift through all of the potentially good suggestions or the really lame ones? :D

Pathard said:

January 30th, 5:04 pm

Yes, I took it. I feel accomplished for the evening. Wait, no. No I don’t. I need to lock and load, and watch the bombs explode.

Nomik2 said:

January 30th, 5:04 pm

Would rather have you guys do a survey of what features we would like most on the PS3 and then spend time on the most requested ones.

metalmanniac said:

January 30th, 5:08 pm

nice servay.

Djryuzaki said:

January 30th, 5:08 pm

took the survey, hope you guys listen up lol

somethingatt said:

January 30th, 5:15 pm

Survey done.

Do surveys like this for PS3 (and often)…As that’s where you need the more help I think Sony.

thefjk said:

January 30th, 5:18 pm


May I suggest one thing. CUSTOM IMAGES, for the user icons… really that’s important to define individuality!

lcmnick said:

January 30th, 5:30 pm

I put more 1st party video content, but after reading another comment, there should definitely be more 3rd party video content as well.

I stand by what I said in the survey…a PS podcast would be good, just as long as it ain’t as bad as the one IGN churns out…

rukusa said:

January 30th, 5:31 pm

Done & Done… hope you find it usefull and draw some conclusions from it ;p.

STMaraj said:

January 30th, 5:34 pm

I did it! Now if only Sony would do this for future PS3 updates!!!!!

Sakimori_X said:

January 30th, 5:35 pm

Survey is in.
I can haz platinum trophy now? :)

GoldenGotGame said:

January 30th, 5:41 pm

Filled out the survey. I couldn’t think of any more features I would like to see, but you guys have some great ideas, like mixedkidbx’s active chat suggestion. Pretty cool.

almighty-slayer said:

January 30th, 5:43 pm

Filled out the questionnaire for you lovely people.

I hope that it’s useful and this place gets some new functionality. it really is an awesome Blog already though.

keep up the good work Jeff and everyone else

acerazer1 said:

January 30th, 5:48 pm

Can’t wait for my survey trophy!

Hutif said:

January 30th, 5:53 pm

Love to know I’ve been heard

ross_k said:

January 30th, 5:56 pm

What about a survey off things we would like to see in the next updates and on PSN, also any cane of new avatars

BajunidUS said:

January 30th, 5:57 pm


bleachrulez said:

January 30th, 6:00 pm

Do you have a cell phone with a camera ?

how is that related to PSBlog

icecoldgangstaa said:

January 30th, 6:01 pm

One of the questions that asked about trophies reminded me of something. Will we soon or anytime at all get rewarded for our trophy levels?

Crono_Breaker said:

January 30th, 6:03 pm

I just take the survey, its fine see this kind of thing on the blog, just hope sony heard us.

Thrasher20 said:

January 30th, 6:12 pm

I love PSB forever. I will gladly help to help us ;)

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