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Feb 02

Feb 02

Resident Evil 5 demo live on PSN today

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Hey everyone, I’m Shawn Baxter (Snow) from Capcom-Unity. Our amazing Resident Evil 5 Demo goes live today on PSN, so I thought I’d tease you a bit with some of the cool things to expect, whether you’re an old fan or new to the series. One of the first things I noticed is how good the game looks. It’s hard to get by the beauty RE5 has to offer. Better still, you get to play through two beautiful stages in the demo. Aside from the sweet graphics, there’s plenty more that the demo has to offer.


For those new to the series, the controls can seem a bit different than you may expect. The RE brand has always forced you to take your time, stop while shooting, and conserve your ammo. It really helps add a sense of tension a normal shooter can’t offer. But to help those who are new to the world of RE, we have new control types that ease things up a bit. My favorite is Type A, which is probably best if you’re a fan of the previous games, especially RE4. Next on my list is Type D, which I find myself loving more and more. Type D is best if you’re new to the game, and it offers something the others don’t… Strafing! May seem like a simple thing, but in a game as tense as RE5, it can really help in those situations where you have little time to react.

Alright, so I’m sure you’ll love the graphics and controls, but there’s something even better that the Resident Evil 5 demo has to offer: Co-op. Best part is, you can play co-op online over the PSN, or even split-screen for some couch co-op. Now, of course you can play single player, but nothing beats actually playing through with someone who can plan and strategize with you. For an RE game, the fact that I can play with a buddy adds a whole new level of fun. Nothing like getting into a swarm of Majini, and having your partner shoot a few in the face so you can uppercut or flip-kick one of them!

sheva0073-00000 for_gd0041_2-00000

Once you’ve played through the demo, you may want to try taking on the Executioner (huge axe-guy) with a buddy. The first time you play through the demo, run! He is extremely tough. But once you get comfortable with the game and controls, try and bring him down. I’ve tried, and he is extremely hard, but it is indeed possible to kill him, so don’t give up.

Oh, and a quick tip I’ve found is to aim for the heads on the Majini so they stagger back. Chest shots work, but one shot to the head means only one bullet expended, then push Square to pull off one of the crazy powerful melee attacks. If you get them to fall on the ground, run up to him and stomp ’em with your boot or stab with the knife if you’re playing as Sheva!

February 2nd is just around the corner, so add me to your friends list, and I’ll catch you online for some co-op Majini butt-kickin’! PSN ID: Snow_Infernus

See you online!

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DrBingogh said:

February 2nd, 10:25 am

Sweet I’ll check it out after work.

Thrasher20 said:

February 2nd, 10:28 am

I played the Xbox 360 demo already, but I know this one will be way better. Resident Evil is and always will be the best on PlayStation

Red_7 said:

February 2nd, 10:29 am

Resident Evil 5 Run-and-Gun Controls Confirmed :)

alxdlx said:

February 2nd, 10:30 am


LoLskilled87 said:

February 2nd, 10:30 am

@ 32

RE is not an action game? It’s survival horror, which is basically a little of everything.

Run, shoot, puzzles, creepy game structure, build up your guns like in RE4. It’s not just an action game -_- Your opinion fails.

Letters2Kay said:

February 2nd, 10:30 am

Funny, most of these haters seem to detest everything but the co-op functionality, and that’s the one and only thing I’m not looking forward to. RE should really be a solitary experience, though Zero was amazing and the occasional escort mission doesn’t hurt. We’ll see if this works out, but I’d rather have an option to play alone. Also, everyone complaining needs to keep in mind that the RE4 demo showed us about 10 minutes of a game that took over 20 hours to complete. I have a feeling, nay, I’m sure there’s going to be A LOT more to this game than you see in this short sample…

KARAMO said:

February 2nd, 10:32 am

this demo is good, i just wonder if the co-op is region locked, cuz it would be nice to play with people over seas

bdavid81 said:

February 2nd, 10:33 am

Back when I played the Japanese 360 demo, I died once on the axe guy. On the next attempt, I easily took him down. As for the chainsaw guy, he died on my first try, though he clipped me once, and I needed the AI to help me.

Calendaros said:

February 2nd, 10:34 am

So we should be happy about getting a demo 2 months late, of an inferior version which requires a 5 Gb installation?

Screw you Capcom.

Stoffinator said:

February 2nd, 10:36 am


No, Capcom now calls Re a action game, not survival horror. Even though it plays as nether of them now. Just a pretty game with bad controls, kind of like Lair. :-p

Katsimoto said:

February 2nd, 10:38 am

%20 and Going, My wish is when I buy the Game and Beat it, I see the Mercenaries Menu under Extras.

RE4 was the best, just to tell, I beat it more than 50 times…

dehumanizer_666 said:

February 2nd, 10:39 am

awesome! gonna start downloading!

Spurvugle said:

February 2nd, 10:40 am

Looks great, but not as great as Killzone=P
But thanks for not maiking us wait til Thursday=)

XSE_Greystone said:

February 2nd, 10:43 am


Chase167 said:

February 2nd, 10:49 am


almighty-slayer said:

February 2nd, 10:49 am

Co-op invitign sucks. Me and my friend were trying for hours to get a game going together, but could we get it to actually work? Could we balls.

Aside from that the demo is good. Hard though. And the controls are crap.

trustter said:

February 2nd, 10:51 am

Hi Shawn,
What is the reason the PS3 version needs to install 5GB? I did not hear anything like this with the Xbox360 games.

What happen with people who owns a 20GB console have Devil May Cry, Lost Planet and Resident Evil 5? Buy another hardrive?

Someguyyyyyy said:

February 2nd, 10:56 am

I’ll enjoy playing the retail version but I do agree that the controls are very dated and need a good overhaul. I also agree that all the delayed releases to the PSN are a slap in the face to all the faithful and loyal PS fans, especially when it comes to the RE ip. Coop looks very interesting to me. Should be a lot of fun.

Delriach said:

February 2nd, 10:57 am

What did you do with John!?

Anyway, control type D works really well with this game. I like it quite a lot.

    Shawn Baxter's Avatar

    Shawn Baxter said:

    February 2nd, 4:06 pm

    Ah… We found he was leaking too much info. So I had the Capcom Ninjas take of him.

    jk I <3 John D Money

GGCAN said:

February 2nd, 11:03 am

Thanks Shawn.

Haven’t played this one before, but will definatly be downloading the trial.

Ca5torTr0y said:

February 2nd, 11:03 am

those that call the controls clunky don’t really understand the idea of a game, and the idea that not all games are the same. at the same time, did any of you complainers even make it through RE4? one of the best games ever, and the controls in the hands of someone with an understanding of the system is anything but clunky. with a good handle on even the default RE4 controls, there’s a flow of movement and an ease of precision. and besides, like i said, it’s a game. developers can do whatever they deem necessary to take the experience the way they want. just because the controls take some adjustment doesn’t mean they’re bad. between me and one of my friends, we’ve probably beaten RE4 over 20 times total between GC and PS2. you get sucked in, and suddenly the controls fit perfectly. one of the best games ever, and from what i’ve seen, this one should be pretty damn good on its own.

ThanatosDMC said:

February 2nd, 11:07 am

SWEET!!! THANK YOU!!! I’ve been waiting for this game since it was announced. I’m buying two copies. One for me and the other for my girl.

Cant wait to see her get chainsawed then get all pissy!!!

daham said:

February 2nd, 11:08 am

Cannot wait to play game is going to be sweeet!

Ramage said:

February 2nd, 11:09 am


I have been reading the comments as they come in since the post went up and by now it should be clear that there is a strong negative sentiment not only to this game but to Capcom in general. I really hope this will be noted and addressed in the near future as many playstation fans feel (and rightly so) cheated by Capcom in this new generation of consoles and games. You have failed to deliver on your promises (ie trophies for numerous games including Bionic Commando) for older games and you continue to treat us differently (and in a worse manner) than our 360 gaming bretherin (supposed frame rates and horrendously huge installs). I think it would be wise for Capcom to address and/or comment on these issues soon before you start losing customers to poor business practices/decisions. I cannot speak for others but you are losing my trust (and money) quickly.

Tried to make that sound somewhat civil…hopefully I succeeded.


February 2nd, 11:11 am


Stoffinator said:

February 2nd, 11:13 am


Actually I didn’t for the same problem. And Re4 is only one of the greatest to some people. Most just say it is because others do. No doubt many find it the best, but the controls were outdated on that as well and they are only worse in 5. I understand the reason why there is no running and gunning its to build tension. But its annoying and really feels broken, at least let us step backwards with some kind of movement other wise we are just turrets that are able to pick up and move.

And yes, Re5 is bad, but so far only in its controls. Story is probably the same pace as the others in the series, which is good and bad.

shadow123456 said:

February 2nd, 11:14 am

COOL! ima go download it now

PSN: shadow123456

WFMMK said:

February 2nd, 11:16 am

Played the Demo, its not RE anymore but its still a good game.

gaara_uchiha90 said:

February 2nd, 11:19 am

Well guys, my thing is this… first off, this game is like a polished port (minus the story/characters) of RE4. Don’t get me wrong; im not saying that it’s bad, because it was the exact opposite (if it’s not broken, why fix; right?). The Problem with it is that “gameplay wise”, there’s nothing really different which is a major turn off. Some people just don’t like story and just want to play the game for whatever; if that makes any sense. It’s cause of that reason why I wont buy it. The controls are okay but the way they designed the “shooting” aspect is bogus. Why on gods green earth would they demand that you stop to shot. That just slows the action aspect of the game down. I want to be on the go like Dead Space. Hopefully one day this game can shine like its former self and reaccumulate all its glory.

Schnacky said:

February 2nd, 11:20 am

feels like a broken version of Silent Hill

jimmy903 said:

February 2nd, 11:26 am

Awesome, I have been really looking forward to the online co-op for this one.

almighty-slayer said:

February 2nd, 11:30 am

@124 I beat RE4 at least 20 times. But RE5 controls are totally awful. Especially as i’m stood getting slaughtered whilst trying to change my bloody weapon.

Happy_Spud said:

February 2nd, 11:34 am

Call me crazy, but it plays like RE4 with better graphics. meh times 5.

Faux_Smoke said:

February 2nd, 11:36 am

Yeah… not being able to move the character while firing your weapon is super awesome! YAY!

Happy_Spud said:

February 2nd, 11:39 am

By the way, people should stop complaining about how Capcom isn’t loyal to PS. They haven’t been loyal in years! Remember how RE 0 and 1 (remake) were exclusive to Nintendo? How about RE 4 coming out for GC first? Many Gamecubes were bought because of Capcom (including mine).

jBat17 said:

February 2nd, 11:42 am

loved this game last year
back then it was called Army of Two..
add the 5GB intall, then i’m passing on this one..

Trieloth said:

February 2nd, 11:59 am

Played this on my threesixty already a week ago and I was disapointed. You guys really really need to fix the controls. I was gonna buy this (4my PS3) but Iam going wait with this one.

RenorMirshann said:

February 2nd, 12:00 pm

Sweet! I’ll play this on friday, when I’ll be back home. This, and the Killzone 2 demo, of course.

I still love RE4 and I’m pretty sure that I’ll buy 5 almost instantly, but hear me, Capcom – do something with those installs, and do it fast… It can be real issue, especially for people with 20 and 40 GB PS3’s.

Also, I’m waiting patiently for the announcement of DMC5. With. No. F. Installation. ;)

(My first comment, yay)

EmperorKorea said:

February 2nd, 12:04 pm

If the 360 version turn out to be superior, I’ll assassinate every Capcom employee.

Mr_Slabface said:

February 2nd, 12:05 pm

Is no-one else even thinking how samey this game is to RE4? Good graphics, but so far with the demo I might as well be playing the last installment

SyphonFilter- said:

February 2nd, 12:06 pm

Hey Shawn Baxter,i appreciate that Capcom still cares about their fans and did not change the controls from previous resident evil games. Please never change the controls for the series in terms of walking while shooting. I think that is not needed for RE and will drastically mess up the RE formula. I am glad the controls remained similar to past RE games. I prefer the old school style game play and hope this brings that feeling back because RE4 felt too different from past RE games. Also ammo conservation is back! I hated that i had plenty of ammo n RE4. Keep it up,sincerely a long time RE fan.

thearcticsea said:

February 2nd, 12:07 pm

So how does one go about actually playing with friends? I see no invite prompt, and I really don’t feel like playing with random idiots when my friends list is full of people playing the game.

KwietStorm said:

February 2nd, 12:09 pm

I played it last night, and actually, the graphics are not as good as I thought they were supposed to be. I really don’t like how this series has turned into an action shooter, instead of what it used to be. Even though I’m a Resident Evil veteran, the controls feel more stiff than ever, probably because of the fluidity of so many other games on the market. It makes it hard to go back to the tank controls. I’m sorry, I got duped with Devil May Cry 4, and I may just have to sit this one out.

jipmg said:

February 2nd, 12:23 pm


I am truley dissapointed at what you have given us ps3 owners, there is no excuse AT ALL for a 5gb install, I was going to buy RE5, now im not, thanks for porting it over and making it 5gb, which is LIKELY more than 60% of the game installed on the HDD.

Honestly, Im truley dissapointed.

Crazy_Jackal said:

February 2nd, 12:23 pm

They have to fix the A.I, and the control for me are easy, but needs alittle fixing.

Crazy_Jackal said:

February 2nd, 12:26 pm

thearcticsea go to your friends list, and when you know when your going to write to someone, its shows, then you hit send.

bob52 said:

February 2nd, 12:33 pm

ye for co-op online,here i come.yay capcom

jwspiker said:

February 2nd, 12:34 pm

to those who are trying to invite friends, you must setup a friends only hosted game, then click on the PS button to bring up the XMB, and then send the invite that way, you’ll notice an ‘invite friend’ option when you press triangle on your friends’s icon.

starBlinky01 said:

February 2nd, 12:35 pm

k Ill add you. But yeah 5GB to install?! boooo! ah well, I LOVED RE4. Cant wait to play the demo for this.. every one seems to complain about the controls, duno why since its the same as RE4…

anyways, cant wait to play, actually I think I may download it in like 10 minutes or so. Just got on the comp so I will check it out in a bit.

Thanks for the monday update!!

PAYBACK-joker said:

February 2nd, 12:38 pm

Yeah, I’m just wondering, like many of my fellow PS3 users, why if Sony has this great relationship with Capcom are we getting the demo almost 10 days after xbox users?

The demo is beautiful by the way, and I enjoyed playing it, I’m just a little perturbed by “us” getting the shaft on exclusive releases and such.

I understand it has to do with money being thrown around by Microsoft, but come on, give us something, other than a Mirror’s Edge exclusive.

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