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Feb 05

Feb 05

LittleBigPlanet Valentines Pack Update

Mark Valledor's Avatar Posted by Marketing Manager, SCEA

In a world of public apologies, consider this my big fat sack-sized “I’m Sorry!”.

As some of you noted on your comments, the LBP Valentines pack is actually priced at $2.99 despite my post where it was stated as free. I welcome everyone now at this point to send me a “SACKBOY SLAP” via comments. I deserve it.

LittleBigPlanet - Sackboy Expressions Valentines Post

Don’t worry, we have tons of Free LBP DLC coming down the line so look for those announcements soon.

(hopefully I won’t have to put my foot inside my mouth again.)

– Mark

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xaos said:

February 5th, 1:59 pm

Eric, Mark, you guys are going all “I am Spartacus!” on us :P

    Mark Valledor's Avatar

    Mark Valledor said:

    February 5th, 2:22 pm

    BHBAHAHAH!!!! I am Spartacus!

SpyDudeFX said:

February 5th, 1:59 pm

Eric, if I see you on the streets, I’m asking for that crown or something lol

$2.99 is a great price for what we’re getting, I think people seem to forget the designers do this for a living and need to be compensated. Here $2.99 is a side order of fries at Burger King, so the value is there for me. I’m not a real big fan of V-Day stuff but will still buy this pack.

Also mistakes happen guys, I don’t see how MM or Sony owes anyne anything over it. I did post twice about the $2.99 pricing and even the original blog entry cited the price as $2.99. What can we do? Buy it or pass, the choice is yours.

xino said:

February 5th, 2:02 pm

Mark (Hopefully this finds you),

I found out what the problem was. I had the PS3 Eye camera plugged in. I didn’t think that was the problem. I unplugged it anyway and now I can play LBP. Sorry for the confusion but it does seem like a weird bug. Any thoughts?

TheGuardianFID said:

February 5th, 2:03 pm

OK, after all of the pain and suffering you’ve put me through, I’ll buy it on one condition, If you Sackboy slap Jeff for me lol JK!!! :P :D

    Mark Valledor's Avatar

    Mark Valledor said:

    February 5th, 2:22 pm

    I would but he\’s too darn tall!

    Mark Valledor's Avatar

    Mark Valledor said:

    February 5th, 2:23 pm

    I would, but he\’s too darn tall!

SmokeAdellic said:

February 5th, 2:04 pm

Why does my ps3 restart itself everytime i quit a game of LBP?

WackyWeedCreed said:

February 5th, 2:04 pm


Sllllaaaap! =P

TheHater2 said:

February 5th, 2:06 pm

I also have experience the red screen several times this week. You have to turn off your ps3 and turn it back on. Sometimes it work and other times it don’t. Just keep trying and it will work after several time.

HerbertFortoon said:

February 5th, 2:08 pm

If it were free I would DL it, but I don’t intend to keep dropping change for things that do not significantly change gameplay. Costume oacks from here on out will have to be somwthing I really want, in order to justify any expense at all.

For instance, I like God of War and all, but to split the content up into two different fees. Bad form.

I’m not hating on LBP though. The MGS4 gun/level pack was great, but to split it from the costumes, Boo! So I just did not pick up the costumes.

One more time though, LBP is great!!!

brianR said:

February 5th, 2:09 pm

i am still in alike all the sackboy dlc, but i will smack you still just cause

Deadpool_425 said:

February 5th, 2:15 pm

When I’m in LBP and I switch my controllers, say from 2 to 1, I will not be allowed to control my sack boy and have to restart. Anyone else experienced this?

motorhead85021 said:

February 5th, 2:22 pm

Mistakes happen people. It’s $3.00, get over it.

jipmg said:

February 5th, 2:25 pm

Everybody makes mistakes

redrazor48 said:

February 5th, 2:25 pm

I have two things to say here. First off, I got LBP the day after it was released. I watched the dates. I cried when it got delayed. I cried some more when it got delayed a little more.Then, I finnaly got it, but, I didn’t have PSN.I didn’t care. I now understand that I didn’t care because I didn’t know. I finnaly got PSN on christmas day. I got every costume and update there was for LBP. I knew there was something missing, though. I went online on LittleBigWorkshop the day before I got PSN, I scoured the blogs for ALL the costumes. Then when I go on, about 20 of the costumes I wanted are missing,Then I learn that they were timed. So I never got those costumes. I’m not md, because, really, that’s my own fault. I was wondering, though, if maybe, just maybe, you could put them up for a week.

The second thing, do I still get a first week shirt even though I didn’t have PSN?

(I have the Kratos,Medusa,Minotaur promotional code for preorder, if that helps)

ross_k said:

February 5th, 2:26 pm

Whats the chances off a patch that can let us use our own sackboy as our PSN avatar? like in the “Save Data Utility” area the LBP save shows what our sackboy is wearing and this would be a cool thing to have as an avatar, and can you please let us use our home avatar as our PSN avatar!!

FoolKiller79 said:

February 5th, 2:28 pm

Have we seen any screenshots of what the objects and materials look like? With the Christmas pack we saw images of Sackboy Santa and had description of the materials.

Players are assigned to specific controller ports. If you switch ports you quit controlling your Sackboy because he is assigned to the previous port number.

BigRon3400 said:

February 5th, 2:30 pm

Please stop screwing us with these prices. This content is probably not worth 0.99 and you know it.

Snamaro said:

February 5th, 2:33 pm

=( too false to be true

TheGuardianFID said:

February 5th, 2:34 pm

[quote]Mark Valledor replied on February 5, 2009 at 2:22 pm

I would but he’s too darn tall![/quote]


redrazor48 said:

February 5th, 2:37 pm



Jetup said:

February 5th, 2:37 pm

Its only $2.99. At least your not paying an arm & a leg.

redrazor48 said:

February 5th, 2:38 pm

Snamaro, whoops

speed_Thruster said:

February 5th, 2:43 pm

Wow, well I guess this is part of the reason why LittleBigPlanet FAILED (Sales wise), because the servers are crap and you guys are still scamming us for money! Unbelievable.

jqtaxpayer said:

February 5th, 2:44 pm

While it’s disappointing to see this holiday pack not follow the path of the previous ones and be provided gratis, I will offer my forgiveness just for you using the hilarious turn of phrase, “sack-sized”.

PirateThom said:

February 5th, 2:46 pm

[/Sackboy Slap]

(but with love)

Seems an honest mistake, I doubt we’ll hold it against you… for long. :P

redrazor48 said:

February 5th, 2:46 pm

They said that? When?

redrazor48 said:

February 5th, 2:47 pm


NeonReaver said:

February 5th, 2:49 pm

Come on guys. Throw us a bone here and give us some other free content besides a costume here and there(which by the way adds nothing new or good to the gameplay).

TwinDad said:

February 5th, 2:53 pm

It’s not bait and switch. Learn by looking it up people! It’s false advertising :)

Thank you for at least owning up to it.

terry6v said:

February 5th, 2:53 pm

You know most business in the real world that mistakenly advertise an incorrect price usually have to honor that price at their own expense. Hard work or not, the chain is only as good as the weakest link. Too much of this kind of garbage has been going on since I’ve gotten the PS3. I don’t think I will get this pack or the God of War pack now either.
P.S. as for the hard work just to make a sackboy and some blocks, I remember some good ole’ boys making whole new games out of old ones for PC’s and it was FREE. I can’t imagine every guy that could skin a new weapon for counterstrike asking people to pay a dollar for it.

redrazor48 said:

February 5th, 2:59 pm

Very well said Terry

Letters2Kay said:

February 5th, 3:05 pm

And you corrected me for saying the Xmas pack was $6 when I was making a point about how nice it was that this one was free…

Nice. :S

anfel0pe said:

February 5th, 3:06 pm

so are they out yet? i don’t see them in the lbstore

Zookey said:

February 5th, 3:10 pm

Aww….bad mark…no cookie.

Ric_Flair said:

February 5th, 3:11 pm

Weak sauce!!!! You probably wear lots of sweater vests, I bet.

Thrasher20 said:

February 5th, 3:13 pm

Awww…. It’s okay. I don’t mind supporting you guys. You guys rule!

xXCrazyFishXx said:

February 5th, 3:20 pm


Voozi said:

February 5th, 3:22 pm

Hey Mark, you can make it up to me by sending me a PSN friend request =P

balaenidae said:

February 5th, 3:24 pm

Everybody makes mistakes this isn’t an place for formal press releases its a friendly way for the community and developers to have a forum, share ideas and some fun

These aren’t the tactics of a developer who puts extra stuff on the disk and is asking for £2.99 to unlock it. This is extra effort some of which must come at a price and while I am not especially interested in the costumes, any more stickers and items I can get my hands on is great.

In a game where the only legitimate complaints were the play share create score not being active, and on-line create unavailable the rest is all responding to the community’s wants.

I say Thanks to Media Molecule for reinvigorating a genre, ushering in games 2.0, sticking with your product long after release, giving us updates that provide increased functionality and for giving away so much DLC for free.

And to be honest, its selling to a lot of people for £2.99 so it must be the right price.

I just hope that with a game this good they are able to find something new to put in a sequel that they haven’t already been providing us with.

Eric, Mark don’t sweat it these things happen.

Have a great Valentines Day everyone!

almighty-slayer said:

February 5th, 3:24 pm

Slap? Psh.



MakasuUS said:

February 5th, 3:26 pm

Any news on the youtube-style list which is the requirement on finding good levels? The planet-thingy just doesnt work… PLEASE consider using the list you showcased well before the game was even out… being able to sort a list on most played/most hearted etc etc would mean a huge deal… anyway, love the single player… but online is broken since i cant find the good levels :/

balaenidae said:

February 5th, 3:26 pm

Oh and where can I get one of those Sackboy “how do you feel today” charts?

crazypeng1 said:

February 5th, 3:28 pm

How i’m so extremly torn on what to say. when i saw that europe had to pay a price, i was expected it, but when i read the blog, it said free, and i was confused, and excited. the fact that you guys even apologize with an entire post and tell us to say bad things to you (i won’t) makes you an awesome studio for being responsible for your actions. but what would be even better is if you had some form as a tangible apology, maybe an apology pack of stickers, extra info, letting us finally import our own freaking stickers! or even commenting on the fact that some of your info (that hasn’t been proven correct yet….) leaked exposing things like arcade packs. to sum it all up in a sentence….

I WANT SOMETHING! (obviously it needs to be free)

Real Gambler said:

February 5th, 3:32 pm

Takes a man to admit he made a mistake…

Still: Sackboy Slap!!!!

Question: Is there a program to get a broken disk replaced, even for a small cost??? My nephew came over, pulled my LBP disk from the case, and sure enough, cracked it near the center… Not working anymore… Having Sackboy withdrawal symptoms now. And any extra money I have is locked on Killzone : )

Andrefpvs said:

February 5th, 3:32 pm

I am still in a mental argument with myself wondering if this is worse than the 1.99 costumes or not.

Consider the above statement my “sackboy slap”…

sam_i_jam said:

February 5th, 3:33 pm

No “punches in the face” necessary!

Human error. It happens. :)

ForgetfuI said:

February 5th, 3:41 pm

If my grocery store mislabels something, or there’s a scanner error, the customer benefits. You said free, it should be free. Boo no free level kits.

Midgetguy said:

February 5th, 3:48 pm


I’m sorry… I actually don’t think you really deserved that to be honest! I mean, after all of the free LBP goodies we’ve already recieved, I can’t blame you for messing up one measely time…

But still… slapping people in LBP is fun…


Midgetguy said:

February 5th, 3:50 pm

Oh and, that “How are you feeling today” thing…

When can we start seeing those in stores? lol I would love to have a nifty little magnet for sackboy emotions on my fridge!

Mark, could I PRETTY PLEASE have a sackboy emotions magnet?

*obnoxiously cute sackboy “begging” face*

Midgetguy said:

February 5th, 3:50 pm

It really isn’t the same without the magnet…

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