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Feb 05

Feb 05

Pre-order Killzone 2 at GameStop, Play the Demo Now!

TJ Consunji's Avatar Posted by Product Marketing Manager

Hello All…

It’s TJ from the Marketing Team, back again for another update on Killzone 2.

A ton of Killzone 2 reviews have posted & the game is already receiving critical acclaim, including 5 Editor’s Choice awards from various media.

IGN Editors' Choice PTOM Editors' Choice GamePro Editors' Choice

GameSpy Editors' Choice GameZone Editors' Choice

If you just can’t wait until Killzone 2 launches on February 27th, starting right now, the single-player demo will be available to all of you who pre-ordered Killzone 2 from GameStop. Those that pre-ordered in-store should be able to use the voucher card, while those that pre-ordered through should receive your redeemable code later today.

We’ve got 22 days until Killzone 2 deploys exclusively on the PS3.

More info to come soon on how to get one of these…

Killzone 2 Helghast Rifle Replica

(No, it’s not a render… it’s a replica.)

Stay tuned.

– TJ

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BigPoppaB said:

February 5th, 1:37 pm

I hate Gamespot/EB games in general so i just downloaded it from the EU store… like everybody else likely lol

Dehshizknight said:

February 5th, 1:42 pm

Man, I can’t believe I waited this long for the pre-order… I was in the beta and I already know I’m getting this game but I wanted the incentive, but that was out of the option for me.

Oh well, Gamestop preorder it is!

SeanScythe said:

February 5th, 1:43 pm

The Demo should have been a bit longer, I know it’s a demo but look at demo like Bad Company or Burnout. They both had online and made people love the games even more. I think we should have got at least one multiplayer and SP level.

my_zero_sum said:

February 5th, 1:44 pm

why hasn’t somebody made these weapons in reality, just so damn good looking

the demo kicks ass, feel sorry for the us not getting the demo today, ironic, it’s Europe that usually gets left out in the cold

my_zero_sum said:

February 5th, 1:46 pm

also add me on psn


FoolKiller79 said:

February 5th, 1:47 pm

I can’t wait to get home and download this….from the EU store.

Preorder bonuses are great and all, as they encourage us to purchase games new, thus giving the developers money from the purchase.

So, the question has to be asked: Why Gamestop? They are the epitome of used game sales, which give developers nothing. They are also a tumor in the world of gaming that needs to get cut out.

Locally there is a game store that has consoles set up all over, behind the counter. If you are curious about a game they will pop it in and let you play it. They even have old school coin-ops in the store. This is a store that obviously understands gamers.

But giving preorder bonuses of any kind (fancy swag or oddly placed demo) to some monolithic, over-reaching chain that has no clue what gamers really want anymore, like Gamestop, only hurts these guys. They don’t answer to shareholders, so they can afford to focus on making it enjoyable for gamers.

The rule for preorder bonuses should be that everyone who preorders gets it, no matter the store. I understand regional issues can cause problems, but showing favoritism to the worst thing to happen to gaming is not cool.

DarkSide666 said:

February 5th, 1:51 pm

I’ve went though 3 codes from GAME STOP an NONE of them are working rrrAAAAAAAA!!!!!

TailsTheCat said:

February 5th, 1:54 pm

Unfortunately for Sony, this demo feels like it runs at 19fps, through quicksand.

Also, Infinity Ward set a standard for how controls should be for FPS games on PS3…too bad Killzone2 feels terrible.

There is way too much acceleration in the controls.

Good Luck. Ill be passing on this one.

Gameplay > Graphics

DarkSide666 said:

February 5th, 1:55 pm

I live in Houston Tx (US)
And my preoder is still NOT WORKING

BigPoppaB said:

February 5th, 1:55 pm

@ 156 … very well written

why would Sony/Guerrilla support a company that literally takes money out of their pockets. They have more used than new games, and purposely place them in a more prominent position.

either way, most people (eve the ones who preordered) just got it from EU store anyways

DarkSide666 said:

February 5th, 1:56 pm

Can someone Help Me!!!!!

WackyWeedCreed said:

February 5th, 2:00 pm

NIce Replica! I’m at 51% for my KZ2 demo! XD

DaxMontana said:

February 5th, 2:05 pm


Don’t confuse FPS with the speed of the game. The framerate is pretty rock-solid in the demo…and certainly never dips even close to 19 FPS.

Having said that, the movement and control response is quit sluggish compared to more twitch-based controls like COD4 — but that’s clearly intentional. They’re trying to add a bit of realism and “weight”. I just hope we can customize the controls, otherwise it’ll be awhile before I get comfortable.

FoolKiller79 said:

February 5th, 2:07 pm


I don’t get why Gamestop is so favored. 1) They hurt developer’s profits. 2) They suck as a store.

I used to love EB Games and Funcoland, then Gamestop bought them. They are poorly organized (it’s called the alphabet) and their employees don’t know what they are talking about. I actually had an employee try to tell me that Gran Turismo 5: Prologue would be updated into the full GT5.

Actually, I would gladly support any preorder bonuses done through any retailer but Gamestop.

I have done a total of two preorders this gen, Prologue and LBP. Both have been through Best Buy.

TailsTheCat said:

February 5th, 2:12 pm


I do not confuse ‘game speed’ with fps. It is clear this game is well under 30fps.

TailsTheCat said:

February 5th, 2:13 pm



I do not confuse ‘game speed’ with fps. It is clear this game is well under 30fps.

KileyJ said:

February 5th, 2:13 pm

I wish i had a gamestop close to where I live. I have to buy most of my games at walmart :(

TailsTheCat said:

February 5th, 2:14 pm


Good. Gamestop is a terrible company and they single handedly ruined the gaming market.

YoshiWanKanobi said:

February 5th, 2:15 pm

Sadly I have no code, and I think demo’s in pre orders is one of the stupidest ideas ever. Especially when I have it pre ordered at Amazon instead.

DaxMontana said:

February 5th, 2:16 pm


Sure buddy.

Guess you’re the only one noticing.

Deadpool_425 said:

February 5th, 2:18 pm

Why does the flamethrower in KZ2 look like pee? It’s like, you’ll do a lot of damage with this weapon, but you won’t look cool doing it.

bob52 said:

February 5th, 2:19 pm

how come our friends across the pond get this demo for free and we have to preorder

TailsTheCat said:

February 5th, 2:19 pm


Raise your standards.

Im not your friend.

DaxMontana said:

February 5th, 2:21 pm


No, you’re not my friend. You’re a troll. The game runs at a rock steady 30fps.

Nice try though. Clown

TailsTheCat said:

February 5th, 2:22 pm

I state facts.

Raise your standards.

TailsTheCat said:

February 5th, 2:22 pm

Besides, 30fps is unacceptable in 2009.

Gameplay > Graphics

DaxMontana said:

February 5th, 2:23 pm

Yah, raise MY standards. Cuz there’s been SO many better looking games with smoother graphics.

Sure pal.

Go back to your XBOX (or is it still getting serviced?)

bob52 said:

February 5th, 2:27 pm

relax ppl

Thrasher20 said:

February 5th, 2:32 pm

ZOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! So…. AWESOME!


sNsKid said:

February 5th, 2:46 pm

Played the demo and loved everything about it except the fact that it’s TOO short. That wasn’t a demo it was a tease!! haha
The games plays great and is fun to play. The A.I. is smart and tries to take the player out with different tactics. I had fun playing.

ZildjianKX said:

February 5th, 2:48 pm

I’m sorry, but this is really lame. I thought the point of a demo is for people to try a game to see if they like it and then buy it, not for people to try it if they’re already buying it.

With that said, I’ll just download it from the UK store. I hate retailer specific promo codes (and I hate GameStop).

KatanaKing said:

February 5th, 2:53 pm

i want this….great game by the way……..KILLZONE 2 rocks

uznas said:

February 5th, 2:59 pm

how to get it?

Zookey said:

February 5th, 3:11 pm

LOL I made a Euro account just to download the demo (have a thing against GameStop)—-really good guys—but, please, in the future try to stray away from using a demo as an exclusive-to-one-store pre-order bonus—-but again great demo playing it again!

Gray333 said:

February 5th, 3:21 pm

Amazing demo guys. Congratulations, can not wait to see what this plays like on line. LBP, Killzone, we finally have a console to be proud of.

lebron_accel said:

February 5th, 3:25 pm

somebody help me how to make an eu account i want it so bad but my adresess dont work
where can i find an adress in eu?

Gray333 said:

February 5th, 3:27 pm


Dude just go online and google something like restaurant London and get a postcode for it. You will need an email you have not used before too.

jqtaxpayer said:

February 5th, 3:30 pm

So only people who pre-ordered the game get the demo? Meaning the only people who get to try it out are the people who are buying it anyway? That’s sort of backwards logic… hopefully a person like me who’s never played Killzone before will have a demo at some point to educate them on a possible purchase… ?

Gray333 said:

February 5th, 3:32 pm


If you have an eu account you can download from the eu store, no code required.

aschx said:

February 5th, 3:38 pm

The demo is hella tight guys… I also wanna find out how to get my hands on a replica of that gun, ALSO… put in the word for a HELGHAST TROOPER MODEL, I wanna buy one!

todwurst said:

February 5th, 3:42 pm

Firstly, can’t wait to play the demo. Downloading it right now. Woohoo. Now let’s see if it lives up to the video from a couple of years ago :P
Okay, it’s still quite likely to kick ass even if it’s not pixel-for-pixel like the video.

/rant begins
Anyway, re: marketing.
Whose bright idea is it to make demos exclusive items for fans of games? Don’t you want to actually sell the game to people that aren’t familiar with the franchises? It doesn’t make sense to limit the availability of the demos to the people who you already know are going to buy it.
And to make deals with companies whose bottom line is to resell used games for 2 dollars less than retail, and undercut YOUR bottom line?
If you can afford to do that, why not give the games away for free? :P
/rant over.

lakaiHIGH said:

February 5th, 3:47 pm

i want this game sooo bad. im gonna go try the demo now. oh and that replica looks soooo sick. thanks


jipmg said:

February 5th, 3:48 pm

Im dissapointed with the demo =s

graphics arent as good as I expected..

unit138 said:

February 5th, 3:55 pm


Please! I want one!

Morphine16 said:

February 5th, 4:06 pm

I hope that replica gun can be purchased, not part of a random giveaway for which I always come up short

KillerAJD said:

February 5th, 4:06 pm

I.need.that.replica! Would go PERFECT with my costume!

PerezBros said:

February 5th, 4:11 pm

You guys should use use the end of this killzone commercial for an ad. It will be great marketing if you ask me.

OneShotOswald said:

February 5th, 4:12 pm

i would like that replica please

El_Matador1957 said:

February 5th, 4:12 pm

Best game ever

jqtaxpayer said:

February 5th, 4:13 pm

Thanks to those passing along the info about the demo being on the EU store. Never made an EU account, so I had no idea. Maybe if the demo’s any good, Guerilla will get my money after all.

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