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Feb 09

Feb 09

Flower Out On PSN This Week, Go Behind The Scenes Now

Kellee Santiago's Avatar Posted by

President and co-founder of thatgamecompany

Hello PlayStation blogees! We here at thatgamecompany are so stoked that this week “Flower” will be out of our hands and into yours. A lot of people ask us what it’s been like to work with Sony, so you may have heard us answer this before – working with Sony is a treat. They truly support their developers and their games from start to finish.

I wanted to mention this as a way to introduce to you this developer diary, where SCEA’s Eric Koch and I talk about the ideas behind Flower, and show you how the gameplay works. We hope you enjoy it!

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Thwip said:

February 9th, 2:07 pm

Like when I tried “Linger In Shadows” – some games you just have to buy to say you tried the experience…this is one of those games for me.

XxBigP123xX said:

February 9th, 2:07 pm

Watched this earlier on Youtube. Can’t wait for Flower.

loklok10 said:

February 9th, 2:10 pm

i think i will give a try

SpyDudeFX said:

February 9th, 2:12 pm

Game looks so immersive and innovative, I can’t wait to experience it. Looks amazing and another great PSN Exclusive.

Zezzler said:

February 9th, 2:13 pm

I think a demo might convice me. well?

gold5225 said:

February 9th, 2:17 pm

I want to buy this too any word on the file size although it doesnt really matter to me as i have a 320 GB hardrive.

bandoors_ksa said:

February 9th, 2:18 pm

this game look interesting ill give it a try

walnoj said:

February 9th, 2:22 pm

I’ll be picking this up on Thursday. I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time. Keep up the great work!

JesteR17011 said:

February 9th, 2:24 pm

Hm what the point of the game? You cant die and no missions? Seems a little pointless to play if theres no challenge.

BrianC6234 said:

February 9th, 2:26 pm

“Hm what the point of the game? You cant die and no missions? Seems a little pointless to play if theres no challenge”

There’s plenty to do in the game. You explore. Don’t put down what you don’t understand.

ye11ow-pharmacy said:

February 9th, 2:32 pm

That was the best PSBlog video ever. I had no idea what this game was about, now I’m looking forward to trying it out.

Blkant said:

February 9th, 2:32 pm

This week? But I want it now :( I loved flow and I know Ill love flower. I cant thank you guys enough for making something besides these adrenalin pushers. They really have changed how many of us, including me, perceive games as a whole as well as what they are capable of.

Thank you again :)

jbullfrog23 said:

February 9th, 2:34 pm

Definitely getting this one – it’s great to see such a very original idea make it this far.

DonnyG said:

February 9th, 2:38 pm

I really want it to be Thursday.

Audioboxer said:

February 9th, 2:38 pm

Day 1 purchase. Good work Sony and thatgamecompany :)

Just make sure SCEE know they’re putting it up Thursday ;)

badboodah77 said:

February 9th, 2:38 pm


The point is that it’s not like any other game out there. Watch the dev diary video and listen to what they’re saying. They are trying to bring different kinds of experiences to users, something more than shooters and hack-em-ups.

Dinomyte_ said:

February 9th, 2:39 pm

Now this type of video content is something I want to see more of from the Playstation Blog, although in my opinion it wouldn’t hurt if less time in the video was spent on trying to sell the game and instead you could explain more about the development process and such. Good job! :)

AmericanNinja1 said:

February 9th, 2:41 pm

will buy! :)

KUSHman666 said:

February 9th, 2:42 pm

day1 buy for sure

Ftwrthtx said:

February 9th, 2:43 pm

I’m on the fence with this “game”. Like Linger, it’s more art than game.

Darkos87 said:

February 9th, 2:44 pm

As someone who bought flow and enjoyed it for what it was, I’m going to try flower as soon as I get some money. Great to see sony supporting new games like that, while still having the socom and wipeout for the hardcore gamers.

Moosehole said:

February 9th, 2:44 pm

I’ll be picking this up. Master Splinter is somewhere in this area. You have my support.

AKGermany said:

February 9th, 2:44 pm

Do you know if Flower will release in Europe this week, too?

    Kellee Santiago's Avatar

    Kellee Santiago said:

    February 10th, 4:05 pm

    Yes! It will be available worldwide, Feb 12!

Capt-Fury- said:

February 9th, 2:45 pm

great video.

hyedrummer83 said:

February 9th, 2:46 pm

ZOMG she has pink hair! Game looks very nice and colorful much like your hair! No but seriously I’m glad it’s coming to the PSN and I hope it’s successful for you. I don’t think you’ll ever find games of this capacity on the XBLA.

PharmBoY044 said:

February 9th, 2:46 pm

Great game, looks sooo relaxing. I can’t wait to play this game with my niece and nephew.

TerryVSL said:

February 9th, 2:47 pm

Buying it the minute it hits the Store.

Hope something incredibly stressful happens to me between now and Thursday evening so I can enjoy winding down and relaxing with this amazing game.

norm01 said:

February 9th, 2:49 pm

Looks like a great game. The Sixaxis controls look fun to use too.

Jimb0 said:

February 9th, 2:50 pm

Massive spoilers in that video by the way.

Flower is an “A” game though. It’s so refreshing and great.

RosenK87 said:

February 9th, 2:54 pm

Flow and Flower? Funny how those two names relate to each other.

And it’s great that the game is finally going out. Been waiting it since it was announced, the concept of “zen gaming” is surprisingly amusing.
Love the backgrounds, colors, music and overall ambient. It’s like a breath of fresh air from all of those sepia-toned gritty games. :)

skynidas said:

February 9th, 2:56 pm

OMG, this game looks awesome, I know that you guys are just getting flower out to the PlayStation Store, but I was wondering if u have any other projects?

    Kellee Santiago's Avatar

    Kellee Santiago said:

    February 10th, 4:07 pm

    We\’re just beginning the transition into our third game with Sony Santa Monica now. For those that remember, before flOw we signed a three-game deal with them, and Flower was our second game!

SwampThing71 said:

February 9th, 2:57 pm

sold I can’t wait!

Ice_Pick said:

February 9th, 3:00 pm

I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about flower, and it looks amazing. I can’t wait to give it a try on Thursday.

TheGuardianFID said:

February 9th, 3:06 pm

I’ve been looking forward to this one, it looks beautiful, SOLD!!! :D

Zhi13 said:

February 9th, 3:06 pm

Cool cant wait for this game
any info on the file size???

Saint-Vegas said:

February 9th, 3:08 pm

Okay, so I always planned to buy this because it looks great… But now I need to know:

Does Kellee Santiago come with the game? She’s crazy cute.

TrapZero said:

February 9th, 3:13 pm

Looks pretty good. Might download this

Neil said:

February 9th, 3:13 pm

I will buy it twice!!!!

lando786 said:

February 9th, 3:14 pm

I’m so buying this one. Looks like it will be good for when i get home exhausted from college and just spend 10 or 20 minutes relaxing with this game.

CrimsonFox13 said:

February 9th, 3:16 pm

Nice! Looking forward to this game. Some people don’t understand the concept of this game, but I think they’re just the people who only like killing or hurting virtual people.

I hope more innovative games come out like this. Sony seems to be leading the “indie” (I think that’s correct) game genre, and I really support that.

    Kellee Santiago's Avatar

    Kellee Santiago said:

    February 10th, 4:09 pm

    Thanks to everyone who supports the indie genre – the more support, the more games that will be made!

crustySox said:

February 9th, 3:20 pm

def will buy…is it in 1080p??

    Kellee Santiago's Avatar

    Kellee Santiago said:

    February 10th, 4:08 pm

    you bet! and 5.1 surround sound… enjoy!

VixDiesel said:

February 9th, 3:21 pm

can’t wait, been waiting for this one sicne it was first announced.

Oshiee said:

February 9th, 3:21 pm

I got Linger in the Shadows and honestly didn’t enjoy it. But I think I’ll still buy this game even though it’s seems to be along the same vein.

I just want to say Kudos to Sony for bringing these new games to the public. It’s great to see them experimenting w/ new things even if not all of them work out. Home, Flower, LBP, Heavy Rain. I’m glad there’s finally other stuff available other than first person shooters and GTA.

Jim777 said:

February 9th, 3:23 pm

This game looks very fun and new, i look forward to playing and thanks for putting the time in effort into putting this unique game together

VenomXv said:

February 9th, 3:33 pm

I’m looking forward to playing this game. I really enjoyed Linger in Shadows. I hope Sony keeps putting up more games like these. It’s always good to play or experience something different.

Schitthammer said:

February 9th, 3:34 pm

I’ve been waiting for this game since it was announced! Can’t wait for Thursday to come… :)

CrazyDomo said:

February 9th, 3:38 pm

First I must say Kellee Santiago inspires me! Her ideas are amazing her views as well. I loved the video its really gave great insight. I appreciate it greatly.

I will be getting Flower and loving every minute of it!

Thanks ThatGameCompany!

Sakimori_X said:

February 9th, 3:48 pm

@9: The same could be said about lying down on a grassy field and staring up at the sky on a lazy afternoon, yet I think most people would classify that as an enjoyable experience.

shadow763 said:

February 9th, 3:49 pm

Buying this Thursday….

LockyGeisha said:

February 9th, 3:49 pm

Flower, yes, lovely, and waiting for fat princess too

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