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Feb 09

Feb 09

Flower Out On PSN This Week, Go Behind The Scenes Now

Kellee Santiago's Avatar Posted by President and co-founder of thatgamecompany

Hello PlayStation blogees! We here at thatgamecompany are so stoked that this week “Flower” will be out of our hands and into yours. A lot of people ask us what it’s been like to work with Sony, so you may have heard us answer this before – working with Sony is a treat. They truly support their developers and their games from start to finish.

I wanted to mention this as a way to introduce to you this developer diary, where SCEA’s Eric Koch and I talk about the ideas behind Flower, and show you how the gameplay works. We hope you enjoy it!

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pegglefrank said:

February 16th, 1:36 am

1250 char max – PART I
I will just –

without even PLAYING this yet – although downloaded by now ?

This effort is a seed.

I hope that this product is sufficient metaphor for your company image.

I can’t tell you -what a breath of fresh air – it is – to tap into the best technologies we have through 3/4-d modeling – and to see – FINALLY – an effort through this program to – well – I leave this unclose for now, you have crossed a few boundaries here – my wife will be able to play with your simplification of the control- higher level to me – 10 yrs of macro assembly ? is always better- simpler OFTEN means higher level – on the 17th rewrite of code -but heh…

pegglefrank said:

February 16th, 1:36 am

1250 char max – part II

I hope you celebrate what you’ve reached here.

It’s almost – hard to say there NEEDS to be an intent – you EVEN draw on that raw philosophical underlying principle in life that it’s always an open question as to what to make of things.

I could have worded that better – Thankyou for bringing this offering forward.

Let all hope that we are not left with only a world that is as beautiful to include this program – /game ? really ?is it a game ? in the Ludwig Wittginsteinien sense ?

It’s a discovery – which is what life is -this game has the pulse on humanity.

Now for the multi-player version – jk

pegglefrank said:

February 16th, 1:37 am

1250 char max PART III

Life IS integration – this is the gem Darwin bestowed upon us, forget the intelligent design argument – LIFE is integrated – THAT is the absolute wonder of Darwin – that through genetics we are ALL bound together.

your program is HIGHLY Darwininan I’d say – and oh – I have to stop saying it but

Thank you – all who brought this forward. Including Sony for realizing this new niche of $10 approx per d/l per game – through the network makes it all work. I found most provocative the founder of the company or co-founder – pointing out that ‘money’ had it got involved for a stand alone – physical medium release ? would possibly have not made the opportunity possible through fiscal economics – and yet ?

pegglefrank said:

February 16th, 1:37 am

1250 char max – part IV of V

here it is – I welcome more to come

myself – heh – I want to take the Casio digital guitar that just came out – $199 ? and map that to the Ps3 – why not walk away from a guitar hero experience really knowing how to play ! Frank Zappa would be with me ! Oh well- I plant THAT seed -I can’t afford the edge- or the 10k SDK kit for the cell/ps3 – so, maybe someone reading this will say- wow – REAL digital guitar ? $199 ? that’s comparable to the phony ones that leave the kids with carpel tunnel.

So much time, so many ideas, so many wonderful creative minds – hats off creators of this project.

pegglefrank said:

February 16th, 1:38 am

1250 char max – part V of V

Since 1985 i’ve wanted JUST a game to explore – tree’s mountains – just explore – this game touches to that intent.

I’ll stop now ! and return to my own software dev ! heh

It’s NOT about money though, you are onto a paradigm shift in potential experience- and PS3 with it’s hothouse – cell and graphics – ? can deliver – WISH it wasn’t 1 GB limited though – Sony really blew it on that on.

Perhaps the Ps4 will have 2GB – jk I can hear it now “1 GB oughta be enough ram for anybody !” Gates 640k line. heh

HATS OFF and thanks – you are CLEARLY a BRIGHT revelation of what humanity can be.

pegglefrank said:

February 16th, 1:43 am



that would be the new Yamaha digital guitar that’s only $199 – making possible a new Ps3 experience- I tried to write – sony says – don’t give us your ideas for liability – well- hey – humanity is one – capitalism requires that unity first before any profit. The Yamaha is a REAL instrument – that would blow the phony guitar hero instruments out there AWAY – leaving people with a REAL skill they walk away with.

that kind of thing is up your alley I bet

take it and ‘fly’ with it !

I LOVED the part that the ‘bug’ observed ? lead the direction – so reflective of life’s processes.

pegglefrank said:

February 16th, 2:11 am

Would it not be so in life ?

that a bug ?

could bring us to be able to say this !

I think I might have to apply to this company – and offer to work for free ! heh

someone has something right.

I don’t play FPshooters – I personally question how healthy it IS for teenagers – in a troubled economy – to idealize war play – then ? hey hey hey – recruiter calls you up when little billy hits level 100 and masters the weapons interface – ! ? ? ?

I JUST can’t say – enough – how relieved I feel that FINALLY – we’re on a track that can potentially shape humanity for the better.

pegglefrank said:

February 16th, 2:13 am

Come on lil billy – let’s get that head blown off for real protecting western energy resources that should never have been privatized because no one owns the earth – if you think about it.

OR ?


I’ll take THIS anyday

I should go start the game now !

this game is so advanced, I kid you not, just knowing it’s there, I don’t even HAVE to play it yet and STILL I’m able to reward so much from the simple meditation that it exists – I can’t imagine how this will grow -it’s going to be wonderful.

It is a seed – Flower

pegglefrank said:

February 16th, 2:15 am

Boy oh boy -could I bring some insights to this company – I have models that use irrational number theory for means of deriving, never ending, always different – BUT ALWAYS objective and replicable – environments –

That never ending decimal sequence from the square of any prime- it never ends -never repeats – just using those values- opens up doors to never ending worlds –

God I want to write so much about this – 1250 char limit.

It’s my new favorite passion since finding it today ! Flower and the people who brought it forward.

pegglefrank said:

February 17th, 8:00 am

Played this yesterday –

Indeed a new paradigm I think in – not so much gaming – being.

New territory here – hope to see more.

Can’t imagine Flower over oceans.

This program is a breakthrough in ergonomics – where EA found the SIMS with a new female demographic -Flower reaches a 1 year old with sixaxis in hand to a 100 year old.

marrae said:

February 17th, 9:03 am

What a terrific game! Love it!

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