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Feb 11

Feb 11

Close out the Winter with PSN’s Spring Fever

Grace Chen's Avatar Posted by Sr. Director, PlayStation Store

Spring Fever Flower

Even though the Punxsutawney Groundhog predicted six more weeks of winter, PlayStation Network has already caught Spring Fever. To help spread our excitement, we’re launching “PSN Spring Fever” on PlayStation Store to celebrate the exceptional PlayStation Network games and exclusive content on tap to launch in the next few months. And unlike the “official” Groundhog prediction, Spring for us starts tomorrow with the launch of Flower from thatgamecompany.

In addition to current PSN exclusive hits like PixelJunk Eden, PAIN and flOw, you can look forward to several other highly anticipated games such as Flower, Noby Noby Boy, Burn Zombie Burn and The Punisher: No Mercy to name a few. And with these exclusive blockbusters launching on a weekly basis, we’ll offer the best downloadable games lineup around. A few of the titles include:

  • Flower
  • Noby Noby Boy
  • No Gravity
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Burn Zombie Burn
  • Ragdoll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic
  • The Punisher: No Mercy
  • In addition to these titles, PlayStation Network will also be launching Bomberman Ultra, Flock, Comet Crash, Watchmen and many more during this timeframe.
  • Plus the existing blockbuster, exclusive titles already on PlayStation Network such as Crash Commando, Savage Moon, Echochrome, Pixel Junk Eden, PAIN, Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty and more!

PlayStation Store is launching a dedicated “PSN Spring Fever” section featuring games, trailers, and themes available for download with the launch of Flower. And the PlayStation Blog will have weekly posts of developer diaries to show a behind-the-scenes look at some of these great titles.

Check out the dedicated “PSN Spring Fever” section on the PlayStation Store or catch additional PlayStation updates in an upcoming bi-weekly edition of PULSE.

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Erniejpan said:

February 12th, 12:45 am

Fat Princess?

neorudemovement said:

February 12th, 2:48 am

there really are a bunch of great titles in the PSN store. i love to thursdays :)

i am really looking forward to so many of these upcoming titles. so many day 1 purchases.

where’s fat princess

HeavenlyScrewed said:

February 12th, 7:05 am

where’s dark mist i’ve been on a rampage because i want it in the us store plz!!!!!!

Maluraq said:

February 12th, 8:26 am

I’m hoping for some sales on the older releases. I already own a ton of the PSN games and the few I haven’t purchased I would probably buy at 25% off. Bundles would be nice too.

My only real disappointment so far has been Jeopardy which was really boring and terrible. My wife and I both love the show, but the category and question repetition was awful. More importantly, the categories always had the same items in them so if you saw a category you’d done before, you know all the questions already.


O_R_I_00 said:

February 17th, 4:56 pm

Only thing that looks good is Punisher…but even then I’m not liking it’s unreal tournament gameplay. Nobi nobi looks horrible from what I’ve seen in pics. The only other game that was mildly interesting was burn zombie burn. But when I checked the vid it looked to kiddy-like.

O_R_I_00 said:

February 17th, 4:59 pm

@ Maluraq:

Jeopardy? I could’ve told you that the game would be boring. Same for the show….but if you want a challenge then actually go on the show. Obviously the game only has so many questions…it’s a game!

GTAChuck said:

March 8th, 11:59 am

So great to see they have PS1 classics coming up huh.
Oh wait, this is the real world.

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