Free Magic Ball, Cuboid & Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom PS3 Themes

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Hey, everyone – Michael Robinson here, Director of Communications for Creat Studios. We wanted to give you all a heads-up that we here at Creat, along with our partner in crime, TikGames, have been hard at work on some outrageously good Add-On content for Magic Ball, Cuboid, and Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom. Booster Packs will be available soon and will include tons of new levels, additional themes, level editors, more trophies, and lots of other exciting gaming goodness! So be on the lookout for those Booster Packs, and producers from Creat and Tik will be coming atcha soon with more juicy details with some action-packed blog posts here.

But in the meantime, as a token of our appreciation for the tremendous response we have received from our recent releases on PSN, and since we are in such a giving mood, I’m happy to announce the release of FREE Themes for your PS3 available tomorrow on the PlayStation Store! So, instead of starring mindlessly into some wacky swirling color mass on your XMB, why not be the envy of all your family and friends by downloading a FREE Theme from one of your favorite Creat/Tik PSN games? How can you go wrong? Check out some screenshots for the Themes below, and remember, friends don’t let friends have boring XMBs!

Magic Ball Theme 1 Magic Ball Theme 2

Cuboid Theme

Mahjong Tales Theme1 Mahjong Tales Theme2

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  • Magic Ball is the best of the three. Just be careful when talking about the power-ups or you might offend someone.

  • Wow, that Cuboid one is actually pretty awesome. Can’t wait for more Cuboid levels!

  • Just wanted to say you are quickly approaching Q-Games as the best developers of PSN goodness. Keep them coming!

  • Cuboid is one of the best games on the PSN Store. Its a fact.
    My dad loves it too.

  • Release them in EU?

    • Yup! The themes will be available for free download tomorrow in the US, and a week later (on the 19th) in the EU.

  • I love Mahjong Tales and am excited about a booster pack! This is great news, consider it bought.

    The free theme looks great, this is the first game I’ve bought that you guys made and I must say I’m enjoying it. Great work!

  • Just wanted to say, “Hey Michael” from someone else at PSLS!
    btw, sev, going out and “grabbing Kelly’s roast beef” sounds a little suspect. I mean, is Kelly okay with this?

    Will use the Cuboid theme and looking forward to the booster packs!

    • Kelly likes when people grab her roast beef, conveniently sold at her restaurant on the north shore, as well as the Jordan\’s Furtniture location in Natick — neither of which are close to me in Canton :-(

  • “Michael Robinson replied on February 11, 2009 at 7:54 am

    (Blushing, like a 12 year old girl meeting one of the Jonas Brothers)”

    Jonas Brothers??? Hmmm *thinking about a complete different type of hunks* lol

    Gosh, making a guy blush, sure made my day haha.

    I also should say that I think its really awesome that you respond so quickly on posts around here, kuddos to you ;-)

  • Cuboid booster pack ?
    Im sold. :D

  • Wow, I am impressed by the number of replies you’re giving! Keep it up!

  • The cuboid theme looks great. I also like the first screen of the Magic Ball theme. The second one looks too busy IMO.

  • Sounds great, I love all three of these games, still need 100% on mahjong though, seems like I’ve been playing infinity for, well, infinity!

  • It would be super awesome if Magic Ball would support custom soundtracks. Just sayin’. :D

    • Would you think I was super awesome if I told you that you might be very happy about the Magic Ball Booster Pack (coming soon) and all it has to offer? (hint-hint)

  • That Cuboid theme looks sweet! :D

  • @Michael, naaaaah more like Sean Connery *ROTFL*.

    I didn’t notice your post 46, but er… I’d like to say that you’re around 60% of your replies, so you better write some more if you wish to avoid any shock waves, *lol*.

    ” JordanBlack68 | February 11th, 2009 at 8:19 am

    Release them in EU?

    Yup! The themes will be available for free download tomorrow in the US, and a week later (on the 19th) in the EU.”

    Not sure, but I think he meant the packs. Don’t electroshock me if I’m wrong *lol*

  • “Would you think I was super awesome if I told you that you might be very happy about the Magic Ball Booster Pack (coming soon) and all it has to offer? (hint-hint)”

    Ooooh, indeed I would! *does the happy dance*

  • Love magic ball–my whole family does hehe keep up the good work–personally, I’d love it if you guys did more than just 1 booster pack for it–it is way too addicting!

  • If the add-on for Magic Ball adds custom soundtrax, will the add-on for Cuboid do the same? If not, will there be a patch for Cuboid that adds custom soundtrax in the future?

    • The patches for all games, coming soon, will of course be free, and via those patches is where the custom music support will be coming :-)

  • What’s up with Cuboids relation to Bloxorz? Not that I’m concerned or anything like that, just curious.

    • Regarding your question about the relation between Cuboid and Bloxorz — Cuboid was developed under an exclusive license by TikGames, for all platforms. It should be noted, however, that a lot of new content was created specifically for the PSN version including a Level Editor, all-new levels, new art, and new audio. Hope that clears things up!

  • The Cuboid theme is hot!


  • Is there anyway to increase the size of the font in mahjong? I don’t have the best quality tv and it’s very hard to see sometimes, same goes for the tiles.

    • I checked with our executive producer and unfortunately there is no way to increase the font size. Sorry about that! :-(

    • BTW, in the patch we are soon to release, we have altered the color on the harder to read texts (e.g., level stats) to make it less painfull to read for low-end TV users. Hope that helps!

  • Good job mr. Robinson! You made me wanna check out these games, alot of developer should learn from you ;) Your up there with the capcom dude who gave out prizes forever! :D

    • Wow! That might be the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me! I mean, I\’m not even giving anything away, other than the commplimentary themes, available tomorrow on the PSN, and you\’re still showing me that kind of love? Thank you, kindly.

  • Thankx guys..

    Although Cuboid didn’t got good “reviews” from a lot of ppl at this Blog I thing is a really good game and I can’t wait for the new add on with levels to come out.

    • Cuboid has been receiving pretty universal critical acclaim, actually. In fact, as I stated before, IGN gave it a 9 out of 10, and said, \”It (Cuboid) really is a fantastic puzzler, and something I think belongs on every PS3. Yep, every one.\”

      But just in case you don\’t believe me:

  • I’m currently eyeing cuboid and mahjong as the next title to d/l off the network. both sound and look awesome. just wish i had more money :(


  • I rather enjoy my TR: Underworld theme. Of course my dog thought Lara was another dog for some reason and growled at the tv.

  • Hey Michael, I was talking about the entry that “Olga Sokolova” posted in the blog a while ago, a lot of “GEEKS” reply to her after seeing the video, that the game did’t look good and started to ask the very typical questions..”does it have trophies?”

  • Well, I got Magic Ball, but not Cuboid or Mah Jong. I’m not a Mahjong fan in generl and without a demo Cuboid was a touch pricey at $9.99 for something that I knew nothing about. You will have to excuse me if I don’t trust professional reviewers. I’m not saying they are unprofessional or anything, I just don’t always agree, so I ignore them.

    I did get Magic Ball because I immediately recognized the Breakout gameplay style. All I’m missing is an Atari paddle.

  • Wow, nice job on the replying.

  • I’m looking forward to some new content. Cuboid is one of the best PSN titles to date.

    And what I wouldn’t do for a Kelly’s right now. Never should have left Boston for Charleston.

  • its a good look but we need a new layout of the xmb we cant let xbox look better than us

  • All your smart-alec replies are really rubbing me the wrong way…oh wait…nope…it’s the mole-hair sweater I’m wearing that’s causing the discomfort.

    Great to finally hear from a dev…even if it’s just coerced mindless banter.

  • My pleasure.

  • I bought Cuboid cause I just really like your team :D You’re doing great job with bringing those fresh titles. Keep them coming. By the way – Cuboid’s great :)

    • Thanks so much for your support! And as I said above, stay tuned for news about our future releases in 2009. Okay, here\’s a hint: we\’re moving a bit out of our \’casual games\’ comfort zone and will be bringing the PSN universe some pretty exciting stuff!

  • Awesome job to who ever made the themes, they look awesome.

  • This is great to see a company take the time to give thanks and freebies to loyal fans. i think this should happen quite a bit more. my personal favorite is the mahjong tales.

  • 84 -> That’s sound very interesting ;) I’m waiting then, because I’d love to see more “harcore” games ;) !

  • Just got 100% in Cuboid with trophies :-D Now only to get all the puzzles on gold and lightning :-)

  • Cuboid was my favorite. For one, I like puzzle games and two, I like the visual style. Definitely downloading that Cuboid theme. And yes anxiously awaiting the expansion. My brain still hurts from the first levels.

  • @ Micheal Robinson

    Is it possible you guys could add in-game music for Magic ball, by the way excellent job on it guys extremely fun!!!

    • Custom music support is on its way for Magic Ball and Cuboid (Mahjong Tales already has it) via patches we will be releasing shortly!

  • Definitely getting new levels for Magic Ball, my g/f loves it.

  • Any chance on remote play functionality for either of these games?

  • i will buy each and every future game you guys make, you guys are right next to Q-Games as my favorite psn devs….

  • Love Magicball. One of the best games I have downloaded so far. Thanks for the themes. I will be sure to download them all. Can’t wait till the booster packs come out.

  • I appreciate that you’re actually replying to questions, but the one you seem to be avoiding is the “demo” possibilities for your games. I simply can’t afford to take chances with games that may be too hard for me (Especially cuboid… I played the online flash versions of the game many months ago, and it seemed pretty hard in later levels).

    I just have to have a demo guys, there is no way around it (Until Sony begins giving refunds to unhappy buyers on PSN).

    Please respond to this. The demo would only have to be one level for each game… no biggie.

    • Hey, for the record, I avoid lots of questions! Seriously, for casual games like the ones we currently have out there, we feel that the trailers (aka videos) are extremely accurate representations of what you will get for gameplay. We just don\’t feel that demos are necessary for casual games like these. Our future releases of non-casual games will almost certainly have demos. I know it\’s not what you want to hear, but that\’s our position at this point. Thanks for your comment!

  • would love to see future games unlock home content like say a t-shirt that says TikGames or a statue of cuboid to put in my home space….i would definitely rock a TikGames or Creat Studios t-shirt :)..

    • Stay tuned for a future announcement regarding Home. And I can assure you, Creat t-shirts could be a strong possibility! :-)

  • Hmm active commenter :D might have to grab cuboid after all – besides you don’t say no to a tiny man, wielding a tiny sword riding a huge horse!

  • Is there any way to fix the online multiplayer in Mahjong? It’s almost unplayable right now, and I’d like to be able to play it. Also, keep up the good work, and bundles would be a great idea.

    • Sorry for the problems you are experiencing, but help is on the way, via a patch we will be releasing within the next few weeks, so hang in there!

  • man i would love some cuboid add-ons! Any chance a level editor will be included in the mix?

  • i have magic ball. what it really needs is a feature to have your own music. this title may have the worst soundtrack of 2009!

    • Now, I actually enjoy the Magic Ball music; however, once we release the upcoming patch, you should be able to rock to anything you want when playing the game going forward.

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