Free Magic Ball, Cuboid & Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom PS3 Themes

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Hey, everyone – Michael Robinson here, Director of Communications for Creat Studios. We wanted to give you all a heads-up that we here at Creat, along with our partner in crime, TikGames, have been hard at work on some outrageously good Add-On content for Magic Ball, Cuboid, and Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom. Booster Packs will be available soon and will include tons of new levels, additional themes, level editors, more trophies, and lots of other exciting gaming goodness! So be on the lookout for those Booster Packs, and producers from Creat and Tik will be coming atcha soon with more juicy details with some action-packed blog posts here.

But in the meantime, as a token of our appreciation for the tremendous response we have received from our recent releases on PSN, and since we are in such a giving mood, I’m happy to announce the release of FREE Themes for your PS3 available tomorrow on the PlayStation Store! So, instead of starring mindlessly into some wacky swirling color mass on your XMB, why not be the envy of all your family and friends by downloading a FREE Theme from one of your favorite Creat/Tik PSN games? How can you go wrong? Check out some screenshots for the Themes below, and remember, friends don’t let friends have boring XMBs!

Magic Ball Theme 1 Magic Ball Theme 2

Cuboid Theme

Mahjong Tales Theme1 Mahjong Tales Theme2

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  • No problem, I’m not going anywhere. I hope. I just wanted to know if it was being addressed at all. Keep up the good work!

  • The Cuboid backround looks sweet

  • I bought magic ball just a week before my PS3 BRICKED on me… good old yellow light of death! It was a ton of fun, but since SONY is trying to PROFIT off their FAULTY HARDWARE instead of treat their customers with respect I won’t be buying games at all for a long time.

  • wow Mr. Robinson you broke the record for the thread with the most replies. Can I have a reply too :)
    I have both cuboid and magic ball and I’m loving them. I’ll also be getting the booster packs
    thank you for the hard work

  • Michael Robinson,

    Will we be seeing XMB Profile Avatars from the games you are releasing on the PSN? If not, can we get some created? I would love to have some Magic Ball Avatars!

    • First of all, congratulations on having the coolest name on here, SpookyJuice. To answer your question, we are looking into the avatars possibility, so stay tuned, and thanks for your comment and support!

  • Hi, you probably won’t read this being burried 3 pages in, but if you do I absolutely LOVE Magic Ball. I’m an older gamer, and BreakOut type games have been something I’ve been a fan of for a long time. I’ve played them all, even the suped up PC versions. You guys got them all beat, hands down. I’ve never played a brick breaker that’s been so satisfying. I wish more people were playing it online though, cuz I LOVE it, but can rarely find a game.

    I’m thrilled to hear there is an add-on coming, because it’s already been too long. The 2 episodes really only wet my palette. Please get it out ASAP, and get MORE out ASAP. My suggestion for a theme that I perswonally want in the games is a “Space/Aliens” Theme. But please, Space first, and PLEASE add in in-game music. I want to listen to Howard Stern and Coast 2 Coast AM while I play Magic Ball for hours on end. It’s a must for this game.

    Also, glad to hear you guys are a fairly “local” company. I’m from Rhode Island. That gives me more reason to support you. Whatever you put out for MB, I’ll buy. Promise :D

    • 3 pages in, and I\’m still responding, baby! Thanks for the kind words and suggestion for the theme. I think you will like the new theme coming out with the Booster Pack, so stay tuned for that! And since you\’re from just down 95 in RI, if you bring me up some Bob & Timmy\’s pizza from Providence, I\’ll autograph your PS3 for you ;-)

  • Woops, after editing out my other suggestions, I didn’t edit out the “Space first” comment. Since it just looks so bad and makes no sense I want to clear that up.

  • Thanks for bringing these games to the PlayStation Network. My fiance absolutely loves Magic Ball, and I’m a big fan of Cuboid. I think it’s great that you are offering these themes for free and can’t wait for the add-ons. Great support from a great developer! Thanks again!

  • Thanks Michael.

    Loved both these games and the Themes look great !

  • Sorry all 3 games….duh.

  • nice themes!

    we should def get 3d or themes that has animation in it! it would be awesome!

  • Hey what the????? You stole my real name. I don’t think there is enough room for 2 Michael Robinsons around here.

  • Love the mahjong themes; they look so serene. Must make them mine xD

  • I have Cuboid and Mahjong, and me and my gf enjoy them both! and If there was free boosters for any of these game i.e more stories for mahjong, we would be super happy!

  • Wow. Excellent feedback and replies to this post! Keep it up Michael! If you ever need help on your team to respond to more posts, I will be glad to help :-D

    Also, I can’t wait to check out the themes! And sadly, Cuboid is on my list of games I have yet to pick up (massive backlog)…guess what might end up in my PSN Cart with your themes, and Flower?

  • I love Magic Ball, I can’t wait for the packs and updates, thank you guys for your hard work, keep it up Michael!!! :D

  • This has got to be the article with the most red replies, awesome!

    I’ve played the 3 games at a friends house and I was very happy with 2 of them, kinda disappointed in Mahjong though.

    I’m a European PlayStation 3 owner and I am part of a large group that CANNOT buy games from the Store because Sony doesn’t have pre-paid cards here.

    I’m hoping that you will still read this mister Micheal, Will a Disc based version with ALL your downloadable games be a option in the future or is it to expensive or not providable enough to do that?

    • Offering our games on a disc could be a possibility down the line and has been discussed, but at this point, unfortunately, we don\’t have anything official to announce. Thanks for your comment!

  • Michael, I mentioned this to Olga a couple weeks back just after Magic Ball appeared . . . Creat/Tik might be the team we need to bring to the PSN something many of us have been waiting for, for a long time – PINBALL!

    Take advantage of the 16:9 aspect ratio, HiDef video/audio, motion sensing for nudging/tilt, Dualshock for ball-impact feedback etc. and you’ve really got something.

    Needs to have very accurate physics and look “real” but doesn’t have to be a real-machine theme. In fact, it probably shouldn’t, in order to avoid licensing expenses and limitations of real pinball machines (mostly the vertical aspect ratio). It’d be great to incorporate tunnels/ramps leading to other playfields, mini-playfields – all the stuff that makes pinball fun.

    As an owner of 4 real pinball machines, I know I’m all set to buy most any pin game that comes along – especially if they’re well done for the PS3 platform.


  • Wow 60 replies, thats a new record lol. Great themes btw.

  • Ah… Thanks for the reply :)

  • Got 100% on Cuboid!

    Please fix the leaderboards though, and patch that pause glitch that is getting people those fake times on the boards.

  • OMG thanks :)
    Well I guess it won’t be released on the Australian store, boo hoo :(

    • All three of our PSN games should be available now in Australia, so if you cannot find them, please let me know!

  • The Magic Ball theme looks lovely. Great lil game too. It ended a bit soon I felt but I’ve been replaying the levels trying to get them darn trophies. Looking forward to more episode packs.

  • thanks for the quick reply michael!

    when my girlfriend and i finished the levels and we made it to the “to be continued” area we wish we could have bought the expansion that day.

    guess its a day one purchase for us.

  • Yes serenity! I just found out that the store update of Europe lacks the themes. Boohoo.

  • @Milerb, Michael said next week in EU store ;) Or just download from the US store if you have an US account.

  • Cuboid is one of the best games on PSN but it was short so I’m looking forward to this. Will probably pick up Magic Ball too. Thanks!

  • Are you going to fix the Cuboid pause-game leaderboard-times glitch?

  • 65 comments!! I always respect the devs that respond but I think you just blew everyone else away!! I think I owe it to myself to pick up one of your titles, any chance you’ll have a bundle for all 3?

  • @Onna.

    HI from a fellow dutchie lol. Yeah I’ll use my US account. Seeing as I lived pretty much around the world the last year I have quite the accounts xD

  • LOL, can’t play Mahjong one bit but I like the Mahjong Tales theme. The Cuboid one looks cool, too.

  • Cuboid does look sweet. Totally getting this when i get my system out of pawn.

  • Guys,

    Good, Great, Its nice theme, and sony also doing well. regarding the games its really looking good. and I found some easy games and friendly play station here.

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