Flower Available Today!

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We are delighted to remind you that Flower will be available TODAY on PSN for $9.99. No matter what type of gamer you are, we think you’ll find something in Flower that you enjoy. Our friends at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe put together this great trailer — it features the song “Catch The Wind” — to celebrate the game’s launch today. Both the trailer and the developer diary video will be available on the store today as well.

Sit back, relax and enjoy!

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6 Author Replies

  • Absolutely amazing looking game/experience! :D Eagerly awaiting the update of the PSN Store today!

  • the will be a demo?

  • I will buy it tonight

  • … it looks amazing, I’m just not sure if I should buy it… I have $13.00 left on my account and I want the LBP Killzone 2 pack…. and I don’t know what else is coming out any time soon :(…I want the Punisher game…… oh oh and if any K2 map packs come out on release *who knows how long that will take*……. ARGGG… I really need a release date list :(

  • EndOfDreams

    Ive been looking for a PSN title to zone out with.

  • I’m playing the game right now, (already available in the EU store), it has such an amazing experience, absolutely a must have! Finally a game that takes fully advantage of the tilt function of the controller. I hope more of these kind of indie, original games will be released on the PSN. I love those the best :)

  • Schitthammer

    Buying this tonight, looks great!

  • what time does it come out (east coast)?

    • Jeff Rubenstein
      Jeff Rubenstein

      Roughly 5pm. Look for the post from Grace to go live on the blog, as per usual.

  • Will the soundtrack, by any chance, be released on PSN? I hope so…

  • BTW… what song is that playing in the background plz?

    • Jeff Rubenstein
      Jeff Rubenstein

      The song is \’Catch the Wind\’ by Donovan. Check the link in the post above.

  • Looks awesome, guys…this will definitely get a lot of downloads

  • @post 10 / Link01, read the blog post…

  • Absolutely amazing.

    Beautiful graphics, very good motion control gameplay, unique design…


    Seriously, you’re doing your PS3 and HDTV a disservice by not having it. The sheer number of grass blades combined with the petals… it’s just, wow.

    • Randall Lowe
      Randall Lowe

      \”Seriously, you’re doing your PS3 and HDTV a disservice by not having [Flower].\”

      Hm, I think I should make that my forum sig. :)

      Thanks for the glowing review!

  • @post 12……….. thanks… now I feel stupid… didn’t catch that part XD……..I posted right after watching the video

  • Wow, that’s great and all but can anyone please tell me when we’re going to get cross game chat, and any updates on that podcast?

  • @post 12/Onna76_NL……….. thanks… now I feel stupid… didn’t catch that part XD……..I posted right after watching the video

  • ……. @post 15…….. we’d all like to know when the big 3.0 updates coming *hopefully with in game chatting*…. but……. you can complain all you want, you’ll probably just annoy the readers of the blog though, so just stick to the topic on here….. Sony’s already heard our calls and complaints, they know what we want, if they’re doing anything it’s in progress, there’s not anything we can do to change what’s going on

  • erico316ecw

    this is something refreshing i will pick this up keep up the good work i hope to see another guys release this year by you guys

  • erico316ecw


  • Damn, it’s already on the EU store. WANT NAO!!

  • Can’t wait for Store update!

  • I love the new ThatGameCompany website btw!
    Pretty wicked!

  • I love That Game Company.

  • so no demo eh….

    To beat this game to 100% completion, including all of the trophies… how long do you predict it will take the average gamer?

  • AtomicNutshot

    I’m buying this today.

    @17 – I was kinda hoping someone would complain about multiple album editing.
    That NEVER gets old!

  • Beautiful.

  • Completed my first play through (EU PSN) not long ago (though there’s lots more to do, only got 2 out of 14 trophies).

    I found the experience mindblowing.

    Surprised how much variety you guys managed to cramp into what’s basically just steering with the sixaxis. Game wasn’t bloated in any way. A must have folks. Art, graphics, audio and overall concept and design is at the very top here.

  • Downloading….. NOW! but my sixaxis is screwed up, but i got another controller so its all good!

  • I think it’s funny, that people sometimes compare this game with Prince of Persia. I think a better and more precise comparison would be with Õkami.

    Looks great, though! Can’t wait to play it now ^^

  • I got it, paid for it, it’s mine, havent playd it, but i will ASP my girl is off the TV. Thanks Sony for another great idea of games. :)

  • @24….

    We could save FeaturePreacher the trouble and do it for him/her?

  • this is what ive been waiting for! ever since flOw ive been addicted to that game company and am truly thankful for all the hard work you guys have put into Flower. you guys have got another masterpiece in your hands. can’t wait to see/hear what is on the horizon. anything you guys put out i’ll buy.


  • DarkCollaring

    I will love That Game Company when I play this tonite.

    I will hate That Game Company when the experience is over.

    Any DLC plans ? Anytime soon ?

    PS: keep up innovating and the amazing games.

  • can’t wait! its not live yet. :-(

  • this game seems to be pretty cool but i would like to try a demo before actually taking the plunge.anyways, nice going there sony i am already enjoying pixel junk monsters,bejewled 2 and superstardust hd…keep the good job sony

  • Can someone explain to me exactly what type of game flower is?

    • Randall Lowe
      Randall Lowe

      Check out the Developer Diary link in the post – it should answer your questions.

  • +1 sale here.

  • jbullfrog23

    Looking forward to playing this tonight.

  • Ah, the trailer won’t really be necessary- I’ll see plenty of the game while I’m playing it. :)

  • VincentVendetta

    I’ll sure get the game and I’ll sure get the trailer.

  • Yay!! I’m so happy! I hope the update is up soon, and doesn’t wait until 7pm or later like the last two, or I will go crazy!!
    Where is Kellee? I thought she (and Janice the muppet) would be posting this update.
    Oh well, tell her hi for us.

    • Kellee Santiago
      Kellee Santiago

      Hey! Sorry, I was busy wrapping gifts for the team this morning in honor for the launch, so I had Randall post this ;-) But Randall is teh awesome! So it\’s aaaall good.

  • Just amazing. Those colors are just breathtaking. Thank You for this art :)

  • I can’t wait. To say the least.

  • buying day one ;)

  • My $9.99 is yours FlOwer.

  • Matt2005USAF

    Why is this $10 on US PSN but only 6.29 in Euros which is about $8????????? Is it our crap economy?

  • Please update the store asap! I really want to play this as early as possible. How about right now?

  • this will come in handy to release some stress….(took 2 final test today)

  • I am so excited to get this game. I love artsy stuff like this.

  • Count me in as one of the Day1 buyers

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