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Feb 13

Feb 13

Noby Noby Boy is…

Keita Takahashi's Avatar Posted by

Namco Bandai Games

It may sound strange that I, creator of this game, have had a hard time trying to describe the type of game Noby Noby Boy (releasing on PSN this Thursday, February 19) is. Since the beginning of its development, I still haven’t been able to give a clear answer when asked, but allow me to try again…

Basically players can control and stretch Boy, the main character of the game. As players stretch Boy, the lengths to which he grows are uploaded to a persistent character known as Girl, who grows at the same rate as the combined length of all the players in the world. Girl starts at Earth and expands around the solar system. When Girl reaches a new milestone in the solar system, new areas are unlocked as playable stages for everyone around the world.

Well, that’s the best that I can do to explain the game, but I know people will still go, “Hmm…”

How come it’s hard to explain, you ask? It’s because I wanted to make a game that cannot be expressed by words in the first place. By making an undefined and ambitious game, I want the player’s reaction to be something like, “I don’t know why, but it’s somehow interesting. I can’t stop playing.” In that way, I would feel I have succeeded at creating what I wanted, that is, creating something that’s not easily describable. Anyway, it’s been a fun experience working on Noby Noby Boy.

One big question most people have asked is, “Why did you want to make such a game?” Seriously, I don’t know. When I figure it out, I’ll share it on this blog. In the meantime, please take a moment to watch this video.

As I mentioned earlier, this game is indescribable, and some people may say, “This isn’t a game!” But, what is a game? Should there be a definition for a game? That’s the way I feel.

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Ghost_Shrimp said:

February 13th, 10:53 pm

Holy crap this is a bizarre game. It pretty much sounds too good to be true, I mean what were the odds that somebody would actually make a game like this?

Day one buy for me.

serendipiddy said:

February 13th, 11:22 pm

i had a dream about this the other night.. it was an awesome dream..
can’t wait for this game!! the ‘toy’ genre is a great genre, make your own fun and watch crazy things happen, and listen to their crazy sounds.. sounds like fun!! :D :D

Solid-Snake-Eyes said:

February 13th, 11:43 pm

I like that PSN offers such strange games, but I have to say that this game in particular does not appeal to me at all.

neorudemovement said:

February 14th, 12:02 am

im slightly confused but i dont care, he made katamari. he gets my support day one, no actually within the 15 minutes its put up.

neorudemovement said:

February 14th, 12:02 am

also. the price i have seen is $4.99

neorudemovement said:

February 14th, 12:07 am


flower is an amazing game but lets be honest, if it wasnt for katamari flower probably would not have been made.

arki24885 said:

February 14th, 12:13 am

What the hell?
I think that it isn’t a game.

Lyuse said:

February 14th, 12:55 am

I wish I could buy this. (no PSN cards in europe) :(

evildude683 said:

February 14th, 1:04 am

Damn, It has the graphics of an xbox game

NativeCain said:

February 14th, 1:07 am

*:in my head:* What in the hell?!

Frostquake said:

February 14th, 1:27 am

With space now limited on my bursting hard drive, I have to be very picky about what I download…I will definitely pass on this! Innovative…maybe, enjoyable…not in the least! With R5 taking up almost 5 gigs, and almost every PS3 game out there now taking up 5 gigs..except for Killzone…Thank The Gods…these little quirky experimentation’s can fill up someone Else’s hard drive!

SteelyJoe said:

February 14th, 3:28 am

Definition of game

Really, as long as it’s amusing it’s a game but this looks like a novelty, the fun will be gone after about 10minutes :P

MakasuUS said:

February 14th, 4:14 am

Happy happy joy joy! Wonderful!

Rogerjak said:

February 14th, 5:43 am

Freaking me out…..so strange…I need a demo

Midgetguy said:

February 14th, 5:57 am

To answer people questions:

I believe it will be $5 (US)

and YES there are trophies!


I really want this game, I honestly think it looks cool… :)

SeanScythe said:

February 14th, 6:08 am

Maybe a Demo for people on the fence?

saintaqua said:

February 14th, 6:22 am

I want this game so much! Thank you for bringing it to Play Station!!! I love the first two Katamari games, and even the PSP one, but I was disappointed NamcoBandai did not give PS3 a katamari game!!
Noby Noby looks so fun!!

JpaQ said:

February 14th, 6:42 am

It looks soo weird… but i was somehow entranced and felt i was on the edge of being addicted by just watching it.

I unfocused my eyes and felt i was very close to something amazing, but also felt satisfied in my current condition that i didnt need to move on anymore.

Then the clip ended.
And i asked myself, “WTF WAS THAT”

MrCaine said:

February 14th, 7:12 am

Holy Acid Trip…

FFObsessed said:

February 14th, 7:50 am

I’m so intrigued I will purchase it.

I think it’s safe to say you’ve achieved your vision Mr Takahashi.


^^ that’s Boy.

Onna76_NL said:

February 14th, 8:16 am

Sugoii! Realy looking forward to this game ;) I like games that are original and strange…

Tondog said:

February 14th, 8:36 am

Thank you so much Mr. Takahashi! Thank you for pushing the envelope of gaming and challenging people to think differently about the medium. I am so excited to get Noby Noby Boy. And for only $5?! Incredible.

This is why I love PSN so much, these really unique games you can’t get anywhere else. Games like flOw (it’s on PC, yes I know), Flower, Linger In Shadows, Everyday Shooter (yeah, it’s on PC too), etc.

For all of you who aren’t sure what the game is, I bet if you pick it up and actually try it, you’ll understand what it is.


February 14th, 9:40 am

i just hope that video isn’t an actual representation of the game will be, a general gist maybe, but if it’s that wack, i may just pass…

somethingatt said:

February 14th, 10:02 am

Well Flower was indescribable and that turned out superb so I shall definitely give this a go!

void_heart said:

February 14th, 10:05 am

I love the Katamar Damacy… I hope you make a PS3 sequel…

But I don;t really understand this game…

BZKlint said:

February 14th, 11:10 am

naldree said:

February 14th, 11:53 am

Wow, I guess you should be high to understand this…

PlasmaGlory said:

February 14th, 1:10 pm

I’m pretty skeptical about this game, but my faith in Takahashi is forcing me to buy it anyway.

Coolwater said:

February 14th, 3:02 pm

This is what happens when the Katamari creator trips on acid.

My only question is this: IS IT FUN??

By my estimation, the answer is no. I’d suggest releasing a demo.

Saint-Vegas said:

February 14th, 3:14 pm

Are you so sure? Plenty of hands-on from other gaming sites say its addicting.

Probably not the conventional “send them all to hell” type fun but being indescribable and being amusing (ie, fun) can fit in the same box for me.

Seems to me like this game will be whatever I want it to be. Be it a game, a joke, or just something really cute anime nerd chicks will want to play while I make them seduction cookies.

saintaqua said:

February 14th, 3:34 pm

I am afraid this game will steal my free time. I loved Katamari so much.

righello said:

February 14th, 4:30 pm

mr. Takahashi,

I just want to say(maybe on behalf of many that have yet to read this post), THANK YOU!

This is one of the few moments [after the invention of games in general] that I can honestly appreciate that it will be an honor to play! You seem to be one of the very few directors [in general] whose temperament + spirit really shows in their work; a special coordination + feeling that makes everything really worth trying!

(Forgive me for saying, but I compare this special ‘touch’ to Van Gogh, Picasso, or of what little I know of Sen no Rikyū!)

Your work has been truly 1st rate + sincerely unique; indescibable! [now, i’m rambling..]

If there’s any indication of what games should be ‘about’ at present, you’ve set it now; This will definitely be a ‘DAY 1’ purchase!

+ with that, I/many look forward to more from you (at your discretion)! Take care, Keita-san!
Sincerely wish you a most wonderful 2009 + future.

DNAgent said:

February 14th, 4:33 pm

Noby Noby Boy is a tech demo that will cost $10. It seems you hear more about Katamari Damacy when people talk about Noby Noby Boy and it seems that way since Noby Noby Boy is just trying to ride off the hype of Katamari Damacy. In the gameplay videos all you see is Noby Noby Boy spinning around something or humping a rainbow.

righello said:

February 14th, 4:36 pm

also, how could I forget Sony / PSN for releasing so many great things, –this included! THANK YOU

keep up the great work. (so far, you are by far unmatched)

banok said:

February 14th, 6:10 pm

very weird looking game, hope it comes with a demo

AshtonFX said:

February 14th, 6:39 pm

what the hell am i looking at? o_0


good_old_boy said:

February 14th, 9:13 pm

what id like to know is what is the point of the game

crustySox said:

February 14th, 10:06 pm

we’re all dumber for now having watched that. I cant even complete a sentenc

WackyWeedCreed said:

February 15th, 5:47 am


Wow i really can’t stop laughing at this, i’ve watched it about 4 times!

WackyWeedCreed said:

February 15th, 5:50 am

Its only $4.99, people. Stop saying $10

I could use a good laugh after chillaxing with flower!
Day one buy for me. I like the way the creator of Katamari thinks.

Wip3ou7pure said:

February 15th, 8:05 am

Why the hell did he let Katamari go to XBOX, and ignore the PS3? WTF? And this “game” makes no sense at all to me.

Skarred said:

February 15th, 10:10 am

I’m sorry but this game looks horrible… When is Ragdoll Kung Fu coming out?

inveigle said:

February 15th, 2:11 pm

What the hell did I just watch? LOL

jsm142008 said:

February 15th, 6:34 pm

haha i didn’t know it was from the creator of katamari haha..well that explains why I dont get it…but I understand where he is coming from….its like art…..some art you just can’t explain

Capsule_Toy said:

February 16th, 11:33 am

This looks absolutely fantastic, and crazy and as always with Keita Takahashi games, completely unique and brilliant.

I for one, am DEFINATELY getting this on release.

Keep making great unique games Takahashi-san! Never conform to the rest of the world!

Capsule_Toy said:

February 16th, 11:36 am

Oh, also keep making each game a PS3 exclusive.

We love you for that <3

IceCold said:

February 16th, 12:50 pm

utterly confused…

Confused_Dude said:

February 19th, 3:43 am

That, is one, of the, strangest things, i’ve ever seen.
tempted, but meh, probs will givev it a miss…

AbigBoot said:

February 19th, 4:54 am

I have been looking forward to this game (although I prefer to think of it as an electronic toy) for quite awhile. Watching videos of this game, I have been mesmerized by the silly things that happen in the background as Boy does such silly things. I am currently sitting here waiting for it to pop up on the US store so I can begin what I am sure will be many laughs if the videos are any indication.

Olaus said:

February 20th, 7:25 pm

A whole world contributing to achieve world wide goals. That’s way cool. This game is strangely compelling. I’ve only moved as far as the japan style stage (about 3 moves) and I’ve contributed about 10000 miles. I’ll be giving Noby Noby Boy some quality time for the next few months.

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