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Feb 16

Feb 16

This Week in Killzone 2 (and more demo codes)

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I hope those of you in the US are enjoying your President’s Day Holiday, (assuming you get the day off). When we get back into the office tomorrow, we’ll be amping up our Killzone 2 coverage, featuring a look inside the new, live chats with developer Guerrilla Games, and even a contest or two.

From reading the comments, we gathered that some of you weren’t able to track down a Helghast soldier in Home yesterday to request a Killzone 2 demo code. Fortunately, I was able to get ahold of a few (hundred) more to distribute via our PlayStation Twitter account.

If you’re already following our account, all you’ve got to do is send us an “@reply” and ask. We’ll direct message you the code when we get into the office tomorrow (Tuesday, Pacific time).

If you’re new to Twitter, or haven’t yet joined, I suppose we owe you a bit of an explanation. To get our attention, just type “@sonyplaystation” into a Tweet and ask for the demo (see pic below as an example).

PlayStation.Blog Twitter Account

You’ll also need to be following us, or we can’t send you a direct message with the demo code. This part’s easy – just click on “Follow” underneath our logo in the upper right corner of the page.

PlayStation.Blog Twitter Account

Enjoy the rest of the long weekend, and we’ll see you tomorrow!

UPDATE: Thanks for all the KZ tweets, we’ve definitely gotten all that we can handle. Just about to start sending out codes. . .

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Anubis80 said:

February 17th, 1:11 pm

Agreed DaxMontana. Cuz if you want your sales to go through the roof dont you want more than just a few people to play the demo or the whole world? The more the better.

KazeEternal said:

February 17th, 1:11 pm


My statement still stands. I have the Demo and it is no beta. I ended up going through the EU you PS Store to get mine because the GameStop near me was out of demo codes which again were not beta related.

Also this post on here is also NOT for beta it is for the same codes that were being handed out on HOME and at GS.

Last I checked the beta is over and the game was pretty much finished before November. No need for a last minute beta when they have 3+ months of clean up time and the game has already past sony’s certification.

aleezada said:

February 17th, 1:14 pm

multiplayer would have been nice in the demo though. all that space (1.7 GB) for only two missions in one level?

Mattro16 said:

February 17th, 1:20 pm

hope theres still more i lterally sent you guys a message like 15 minutes ago! lol…how long should it usually take to reply if there are codes left?

Anubis80 said:

February 17th, 1:29 pm

@ Mattro16

“UPDATE: Thanks for all the KZ tweets, we’ve definitely gotten all that we can handle. Just about to start sending out codes. . ”

That was posted hours ago so I dont think you will be getting the code. Sorry.

Gdoggs said:

February 17th, 1:40 pm

I gave up on getting code, there is no reason it has to be this hard. I’m not jumping through hoops to get a demo, when XBL gives you demo for every game, this is just plain BS. I hate the way things are done at Sony. I made a Twitter account, I tried to follow PS blog, but then it wants me to make a Flicker account? This whole Sony setup is halfassed. hell by the time I get a demo the game will be out nice job Sony as usual. Hell I hear the demo is not even that good like playing molasses, SONY this is not the way to get people to buy more software OK?


February 17th, 1:45 pm

Ever since the merging of PSN ids on this blog it seems to be filled with whining babies…just an observation.

Gdoggs said:

February 17th, 1:45 pm

PS if you want to give a demo out just do it, stop with the stupid jump through hoop games, we don’t like it.

Gdoggs said:

February 17th, 1:47 pm

@KSPRAYDAD, you whining about whiners offers nothing to any conversation. Thanks for your brillant observations though.

Ramses_13 said:

February 17th, 2:19 pm

Met a Helghast soldier already and got a code, very awesome demo, totally worth waiting for.


February 17th, 2:22 pm


The ‘conversation’ as it were would be just a list of the offenders…shall I?

Seriously, read this thread…SONY is offering some early access to North American PS3 owners and we get 100 out of 150 commenters whining about it. For instance, you yourself saying ‘we don’t like it’…really? Who elected you the representative voice for all PS3 owners?

If YOU want a job in SCEA marketing go get one…otherwise chill and stop acting like you are ‘the’ voice of reason around here.

On topic.

Thank you SONY for another oppourtunity at getting early demo codes without purchase…for those intent on getting the game I’m sure they have opened an EU PSN id already but for the others the tease of getting a demo earlier than one day before is great and I’m sure more teases are in the works.

riZe- said:

February 17th, 2:28 pm

Just let it go, most of us just think it’s ridiculous that we have to fight our way to a code for a demo that everybody should have access to. And NO I’m not making ANOTHER account, I have enough as it is.

DeadReckoning89 said:

February 17th, 2:46 pm

WEEE!! thank you so much! i just got my code :D can’t wait to play!!!!

Flanders said:

February 17th, 3:20 pm

With marketing moves like this one, it’s not hard to see how Sony ended up in last place this generation.

DARK_JAK_911 said:

February 17th, 3:25 pm

Looks like the codes are still being sent out. I just got mine a half hour ago. :D

riZe- said:

February 17th, 3:26 pm

Generation’s not over bud.

tirminyl said:

February 17th, 3:39 pm

This game just needs to be released already. Some stores are just sitting on copies. What’s the point?

And where is the marketing?

XxKrAzYcLaRkxX said:

February 17th, 3:58 pm

somebody please help me get a code i realy want one please anybody

sephiroth_4 said:

February 17th, 4:04 pm

Yeah, I’m not falling for this again. LBP codes drove me to almost hating the game! Good times for ps3!

a11for1 said:

February 17th, 4:33 pm

ADVERTISE! Please great people of Sony! I have been following your consoles since you started! And can recall heavy advertising. I remember when everyone knew what Playstation was. Now relatives ask me if my PS3 is a XBOX. Never mind that….let the world know about Killzone 2 being ONLY on ps3. Its almost launch and i haven’t seen advertisement. Its driving me nuts that a great game is coming out and i get asked what killzone is! Actually one of my friends i met on HOME didn’t even know what killzone was. Well i hope this changes.

CrystalX3D said:

February 17th, 4:34 pm

It’s actually not that bad of a deal since everyone can still play the demo when the game comes out. That way people wanting to make an educated decision on the game before buying will get a chance to do so. The reason people are so upset is because of this disparity between the various regions. If all the other regions didn’t offer their demo until the day before launch, then nobody would be upset. Instead, people in the U.S. feel like we’re being suckered into buying through Gamestop because they’re the one retailer who payed for “special” rights to preorder goodies. While I’m not against preorder goodies, demos should never be used as incentives to preorder because you’re basically advertising to people who are already committed to buying the game. Unless of course you think the demo is horrible and might actually turn people away from the game, then I guess it makes sense to only give it to the ppl who preorder.

BlueX said:

February 17th, 5:22 pm

On Sunday I spent the time installing Home on my PS3, spent hours looking for the soldiers to find out that the room they were in was not a room that can be accessed from the Central Plaza but in the Gamers lounge. After spending some time figuring it out, when I finally got into that room, the soldiers were gone. So I followed the comments and they decided to give it away with Twitter, I sign up last night and still waiting for the code.

JPMCH said:

February 17th, 6:07 pm


JPMCH said:

February 17th, 6:09 pm

HEHEHEHE, Thank you Jeff, I have received the code!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,

PhDFatty said:

February 17th, 6:22 pm

I also did the Twitter thing and still don’t have a code. It’ll be awsome to get a code but if not than that’s ok cause I pre-order the game on Feb. 6 and it’ll be a surprise when I boot up the game on Feb. 27 so no spoilers.
add me if you want.

PSN: PhDFatty

PhDFatty said:

February 17th, 8:02 pm

WOOT Thanks jeff for the Killzone 2 code gonna go ahead and start the download and wait til probably later this week to try it out. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

AceOfSpades725 said:

February 17th, 8:10 pm

just got my code! thanks Jeff! and pretty nifty idea using twitter! its pretty cool trying to work to get the code. stressful but cool lol

inveigle said:

February 17th, 8:11 pm

Thanks for the code, guys! Downloading now. :)

MrBeatdown said:

February 17th, 8:40 pm

Ah, no code. The Killzone demo continues to elude me. With my luck my internet will stop working, my TV will die, or my house will burn down efore I download the demo..

PIMCO said:

February 17th, 8:42 pm

Well it looks like all the codes have been sent out per the Twitt they just posted… ugh I didn’t get one

saxplaya07 said:

February 17th, 8:59 pm

LOL i just got from work, i got a code…. i’ll post back and tell my review …..cant beleive i was one of the lucky 500 to get this …..cant wait until the download finishes

riZe- said:

February 17th, 9:05 pm

Thanks for the code Jeff. To everyone that didn’t get one, keep trying. I’ve tried like 5 times to get a code. And don’t worry, only 8 more days until you can download it for yourself.

saxplaya07 said:

February 17th, 10:41 pm

ok, so i played the demo……graphics were great everything was great except for one thing LOL, being a cod4 player(good one at that)the controls just werent to my liking, dunno if i can configure(probably can) im sure u can though, but controller layout change to cod4 then i’ll be good to go, not much of a campaigner, im just really into multiplayer… but i still think im getting this the first day it comes out, well i am LOL, l8errrr,

xploren said:

February 17th, 11:30 pm

You have to admit, though, this is a demo and not a beta. And it’s already available in another country for everyone. So it’s a bit of a bad move to tease us with codes in this situation.

thedude185 said:

February 18th, 4:05 am

This demo was amazing, I can’t wait for the full game

kyosuke9999 said:

February 18th, 4:52 am

Make it hard for me to test the game and I’m more likely to buy it! No, really! Just like if I went to buy a car and they said “in order to test drive it you need to either create a EU identity or set up a twitter account and wait for our code”, I would totally do that.

Actually no, I wouldn’t buy the car.

jstev said:

February 18th, 6:51 am

Thanx for the CODE you guys RULE!!!! THNX JEFF & SONY TEAM LOL

VivaGardner said:

February 18th, 7:22 am


PoisenOak said:

February 18th, 7:36 am

You guys rock thanks for the code!!!

safil said:

February 18th, 8:42 am

no code?

saxplaya07 said:

February 18th, 8:54 am

if you havent gotten a code via twitter by now, you probably wont get one, im ready to try the multiplyaer, only a few more days though, so i guess we’ll have to see how that goes…..

Lieutenant_Bran said:

February 18th, 2:42 pm


Got one, don’t need it.

kaichi said:

February 18th, 3:33 pm

If anyone has any extra codes, can you send me one. thanks

linuxInside said:

February 19th, 12:13 pm

How to get the Demo (w/o any code):

Create a new user in XMB. Create a new PSN account for this user but select UK as country.
Complete creating account. Sign into Store and viola! – the demo is available for download like usual.

oneals2focus said:

February 20th, 7:55 am

I can’t wait to play KZ2!

aleezada said:

February 21st, 9:29 am

does this demo have multiplayer? if not whats the point of just giving out codes.

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