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Feb 19

Feb 19

Helghast in HD – Killzone 2 Ads Hit TV

Scott Steinberg's Avatar Posted by VP of Product Marketing

Thank you all for your support and confidence in Killzone 2. Its debut starts a relentless flood of AAA exclusives on the PlayStation 3 – a line up that I consider to be our strongest yet. And I am confident this game will inspire many of you who’ve been waiting for the right time to buy a PS3. It is a true testament to what “Only on PlayStation” means.

We’re excited the promise of Killzone 2 has been realized and has exceeded expectations due to the tireless efforts and dedication of Guerrilla Games. I can’t thank the development team enough for remaining true to the vision and producing one of the most impressive games in recent memory – on any platform. The pre-order numbers only reinforce your great enthusiasm for the game and we’re pleased the game reviews show the same.

A group of us flew out to meet with the development team in late 2008 for a product meeting – we had an idea for a fresh way to promote the game. It was to bring the incredible detail in Killzone 2 to life by showcasing the game’s technology – only made possible by the power of the PS3.

The idea for the commercial centered on telling the story of war on Helghan – up close and very personal and to use the game’s engine to show it. No voodoo, no heavy metal soundtrack: just the true representation of the in-game graphics. The team at Guerrilla embraced the concept and we were on a production rollercoaster ride that produced a piece that will be broadcasted across several networks starting tomorrow. You’ll get the chance to see it here for the first time:

We’ll also have the digital version available on the PlayStation Network later today.

At the risk of stating the obvious – the Killzone 2 engine is phenomenally powerful. To offer you some insight into the technology behind this game, we will release a playable version of this in-engine ad vignette on the PlayStation Network coming in March. You’ll be able to control the camera and hear director commentary on how the production was completed using only the game’s technology. The project codename is “Killzone in 4-D” – hope you can check it out.

Thanks again for keeping the faith – it means a lot to the team here at PlayStation. Enjoy playing Killzone 2 on February 27th !!

[UPDATE: you can now stream the Killzone 2 ad in HD over at G4, or download it from the PlayStation Store!]

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usjvc said:

February 19th, 1:05 pm


(Thanks to the inability to edit posts, i have to post again simply due to a typing error…Sigh)

ketzler said:

February 19th, 1:06 pm

About time! haha great ad! That’s how you do it.

Cobra1 said:

February 19th, 1:07 pm

Which networks should we tune in to be able to catch this on television?

katsuo7171 said:

February 19th, 1:07 pm

SWEET. We just need a few more games tp mak everybody on other consoles crapping their pants. Or did they already do that :D

Hpedni said:

February 19th, 1:08 pm

“War perfected.”= perfect tagline for killzone.

dominicanyo said:

February 19th, 1:08 pm

does anyone noe which networks this will be broadcast on?


Jeigh said:

February 19th, 1:09 pm

Whoa! That’s all in-game? Send your boots to me by UPS and I’ll lick them clean! I look forward to messing with that commercial, even though I’ll already have been playing the game itself for awhile.

    Scott Steinberg's Avatar

    Scott Steinberg said:

    February 19th, 5:06 pm

    I\’ll keep my boots. But yes, that\’s all in-game.

Elsa said:

February 19th, 1:10 pm

Nice ad! I wish more games would simply concentrate on showing ingame graphics… this is what SELLS a game!

norm01 said:

February 19th, 1:10 pm

Surprised no one’s said it yet.. so here it goes: “HEADSHOT!!!”

unit138 said:

February 19th, 1:11 pm

That is so freakin sweet!

Crotin said:

February 19th, 1:11 pm

Nice ad, now put it on every channel, even Telemundo and the Weather Channel

Dave18901 said:

February 19th, 1:12 pm

awesome, cant wait for 2009’s great line up. keep em coming sony along with the good work

lcmnick said:

February 19th, 1:13 pm


Love it…great tag!!

Mobius_124 said:

February 19th, 1:13 pm

ad looks good. will there be more ads for this game?

ilkhani said:

February 19th, 1:13 pm

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ATTENTION SCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guys, can you please either confirm or deny this rumor that just recently surfaced:


It is mentioning firmware 2.70 that will include a tons of enhancements.
And great job with the ad, now spam the networks with it.

lilbuddy said:

February 19th, 1:14 pm

I’ve preordered only three games in my life. LBP, Resistance 2, and Killzone 2…see a pattern. Great ad.

DLB said:

February 19th, 1:14 pm

I like

womfalcs3 said:

February 19th, 1:15 pm

Looks really good. Got me excited, even though I’ve already been hyped.

Jessewb said:

February 19th, 1:16 pm

Doesn’t the part where it says WAR. PERFECTED. remind u in anyways of the fist Halo “combat perfected”, hehe, COOL..lol

SMoKeY_RuN said:

February 19th, 1:18 pm

How much is it going to run on TV and how much do you plan on marketing this game in the US?

Zhi13 said:

February 19th, 1:18 pm

Just Awesome! Downloading it today jeje

EliteF50 said:

February 19th, 1:19 pm

Awesome ad, Sony! Thank god you didn’t pull a Resistance 2 with this advertising campaign.

Hopefully KZ2 sells a lot of copies!


Spartancloud said:

February 19th, 1:19 pm

Great ad I’ve been waiting for something like this. I can’t wait to see it in HD later tonight.

Lirion said:

February 19th, 1:20 pm

Awsome ad!

M_sevi said:

February 19th, 1:23 pm

Nice, we need more of this !!!

JoeDuke4 said:

February 19th, 1:25 pm

Thats freakin amazing. That can’t be done in real time can it? HOLY CRAP.
mind blown.

remanutd5 said:

February 19th, 1:26 pm

Awesome ad , this is how you do it sony, not weird ads. and WAR. PERFECTED i like it

Darkos87 said:

February 19th, 1:27 pm

please say there’s going to be this feature for SCEE PSN… PLEASE SAY SO.

Dragonzblaze said:

February 19th, 1:27 pm

legendary game indeed feb 27th there will b helghan chaos

DonnyG said:

February 19th, 1:27 pm

that was awesome

CrimsonFox13 said:

February 19th, 1:28 pm

It’s pretty, I think it’s pretty cool. Might have been better with a better soundtrack. And

I wonder how it would have turned out if you used one of Scolar Visari’s speeches? Did you try or consider that?

Neil said:

February 19th, 1:28 pm

The commercial will be available as an in-game asset for users to interact with? Now that is a brilliant idea. i’d like to see this used for more games like God of War 3, Gran Turismo, Uncharted 2, etc.

SPARDA said:

February 19th, 1:29 pm

Scott, I forgot to ask…what network should I tell my friends to look out for to view this Killzone 2 TV ad?

A few years ago, some of them had their “Combat Evolved” , and I’m telling them it’s time to experience “War. Perfected.” if you know what I mean….LOL

Mosh_Pit said:

February 19th, 1:29 pm

I can’t wait!!!!!

xenorevlis said:

February 19th, 1:30 pm

Cool, now how about some GAMEPLAY for the ad? You know, from the first-person perspective? Or perhaps an ad that PARTIALLY explains whats going on?

Guerrilla has had trailers that did this for many months. Hopefully we see some sort of incarnation of those.

BigRon3400 said:

February 19th, 1:32 pm

Very nice commercial!

Elite_Pyro said:

February 19th, 1:33 pm

Wow, in my opinion that’s a perfect ad,but then again my opinion is probably very biased :D

Scrucifix said:

February 19th, 1:33 pm

More like… Killzone 2, Fps Perfected……..

mahunoy said:

February 19th, 1:35 pm

Its about freaking time. First thing i’m going to DL on PSN Store tonight.

Lieutenant_Bran said:

February 19th, 1:35 pm

It’s quite lame if you ask me.. Shows nothing of the actual game and little to no music at all.

I don’t think consumers who are drawn into products through commercials are even going to think about getting this.

Even though it looks amazing 99% of video game commercials are either life action or CGI.

This doesn’t hold any water when compared to the Halo 3 commercial.

mikemustillo said:

February 19th, 1:36 pm

Awesome commercial, can’t wait for the 27th !!!

Incubuster said:

February 19th, 1:36 pm

Awesome! Can’t wait for next week Friday! :D

Netweb said:

February 19th, 1:37 pm


Armstrong said:

February 19th, 1:38 pm

That is too cool!

redringofpwned said:

February 19th, 1:41 pm

Love the ad! 2009 is going to be a great year for the PS3 in terms of games coming out. Keep them coming! :)

MajorZero77 said:

February 19th, 1:41 pm

Awesome ad, gets me pumped up for KZ2

drew713 said:

February 19th, 1:43 pm

thats an awesome ad. good work

Jamaicangmah said:

February 19th, 1:44 pm

Oh that’s beautiful an truly captures the game. Well based on the demo an the video’s i’ve seen anyway.

What ever you guys do please make one with one of Helgast’s leader (Vacari’s I think his name is.) speeches dubbed over it. That guys is a real motivator.

Great job GG and Sony’s Marketing. Now flood the airways with it.

VinTheDean said:

February 19th, 1:46 pm

I hope there are more than just this one.

I want the Killing Balet to play at least once on televised televsion. It should have played during the superbowl.

I hope that this is a sign that Sony is going to start marketing their games. Maybe they should hire the Xbox Marketing director.

Skater_Ricky said:

February 19th, 1:47 pm

Going to Pay off my Killzone 2 this Firday for Next Friday :D

I cant wait for the In-game Engine 4D game thingy to test out the Games Engine :D

Hope to see everyone on the END OF MY GUN ;)

Thanks SONY and Guerrilla Games your the Best!

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