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Feb 24

Feb 24

Destination PlayStation News: LittleBigPlanet, MotorStorm, Assassin’s Creed, more coming to PSP

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Big news coming out of the Phoenix area, where SCEA’s annual Destination PlayStation conference is taking place. I’ve copied the entire press release for you below, but here are some of the highlights:

  • New PSP bundles coming in 2009, including an Assassin’s Creed PSP Entertainment Pack and a Hannah Montana PSP Entertainment Pack, which includes a new Lilac PSP.
  • Some of your favorite games are going portable for the first time, with exclusive PSP editions: MotorStorm Arctic Edge (also coming to PS2), LittleBigPlanet, and the Petz series.
  • The Warhawk Command Center launches in PlayStation Home this week.

There’s more, so read the rest straight from the press release. Look for more details to come later in the week.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., February 24, 2009 – At its annual retail and publisher conference Destination PlayStation®, Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) announced its unprecedented line up for PSP®(PlayStation®Portable), including a new hardware offering that extends the PSP market to young female gamers, the debut of blockbuster franchises MotorStorm® and LittleBigPlanet™ on the platform, and major software support from Disney Interactive, Electronic Arts, MTV Games, Square Enix, Ubisoft, and other publishing partners.

“With a year of record sales ushering us into the new year, we continue to raise the bar on providing consumers the deepest and broadest entertainment content for every member of the family to enjoy,” said Jack Tretton, president and CEO, SCEA. “With new content being added every day to the PlayStation Network combined with an unmatched line up of exclusive titles on PSP, and the roll out of truly groundbreaking games such as Killzone® 2 for PS3, we remain confident in our approach and strategy for another record year of growth and momentum.”

SCEA also previewed its deepest and broadest content line up for the PS3 system, including groundbreaking exclusives such as Killzone® 2, inFamous, MLB®’09: The Show™, MAG, UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves and God of War® III to hit throughout the fiscal year. Promising to be a blockbuster hit, Killzone 2’s immersive and sensory gameplay sets the stage for PlayStation’s continued momentum on the PS3 this year, accompanied by truly innovative and genre-defying content such as MAG, the industry’s first online shooter to allow up to 256 players, combined with artistic and niche games like Flower™ and Ragdoll Kung Fu™: Fists of Plastic on PlayStation®Network.

With a rapidly growing install base, the PSP platform is riding a wave of momentum that will be paired with a new hardware offering and its best software line up to date, demonstrating significant support from SCEA’s publishing partners. Two new limited-edition PSP Entertainment Packs will be available in 2009, bundling everything consumers need to jump onto the PSP platform, from the hardware to games, videos, and other content – all for $199.99 (MSRP).

• Hannah Montana PSP Entertainment Pack – As part of a new focus on expanding the PSP market to female gamers, SCEA will launch this new bundle in July. The pack includes the introduction of the “Lilac” PSP system, Disney Interactive’s Hannah Montana PSP game (an exclusive dancing and rhythm action game for gamers to design the show and go on tour as the teen icon), a selection episodes from the Hannah Montana TV series on UMD, a 2GB Memory Stick PRO Duo, and stickers to customize the PSP.
• Assassin’s Creed™ PSP Entertainment Pack – Ubisoft will debut an exclusive installment of the popular Assassin’s Creed franchise on PSP later this year. To commemorate this highly anticipated title, SCEA will launch a new bundle that includes the game, a “Piano Black” PSP, and other content that will be announced later.

SCEA’s push toward teen and “tween” girl gamers will also be supported by Ubisoft’s Petz® software line, which will make its debut on PSP with new, unique titles later this year. The Petz series allows young players to create and care for cute, furry pets chosen from many different breeds of dogs, cats, horses, hamsters, dolphins, tigers and bunnies.

Publisher support for the PSP system will continue throughout the year with Rock Band Unplugged™, launching exclusively on PSP. MTV Games and Harmonix announced separately that gamers will be able to take Rock Band Unplugged on the road with the first ever portable version of the popular music and gaming experience. Rock Band Unplugged will take center stage as it leverages the PSP system’s Wi-Fi capabilities and becomes the first PSP game to include a fully-featured in-game store for downloadable content in the North American and Europeans markets.

The third party support for PSP will continue throughout the year with a stellar line up of titles from EA SPORTS. Madden NFL 10 will enable NFL fans to build their own formations and plays from scratch on the PSP. Then, through connectivity with the PS3, the plays can be downloaded and perfected on the console. In addition, Madden NFL 10 will deliver a faster and more “PSP-friendly” gameplay experience to adapt to the PSP owner’s lifestyle. And for the golf fans out there, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 10 will allow gamers to experience the drama of major golf tournaments with revamped gameplay modes for on and offline play. Look for more EA SPORTS titles to be announced for the PSP this year.

Rounding out the unprecedented publisher support, Square Enix’s DISSIDIA™ FINAL FANTASY, which has sold 850,000 units since launching before the holidays in Japan, will make its way to North America this summer.

From a first party perspective, SCEA will bring its biggest franchises from the PS3 to the PSP this year, starting with MotorStorm® Arctic Edge and LittleBigPlanet™ in Fall 2009. These titles will be built from the ground up for PSP, offering users a unique portable experience based on the critically acclaimed franchises. Following are details for each game:

• LittleBigPlanet – Developed in conjunction with MediaMolecule, the critically acclaimed game LittleBigPlanet makes its way to the PSP, offering new SackBoy™ adventures with the same play, create, share experience for gamers on-the-go, in addition to brand new levels and environments specifically created for the platform.

• MotorStorm Arctic Edge – Developed by the award-winning Bigbig Studios, the team behind the best-selling Pursuit Force™ series, MotorStorm Arctic Edge sees the music, the festival and the brutal off-road racing arrive in the breathtaking yet lethal and unpredictable setting of Alaska. The game is also expected to hit the PlayStation 2 platform in Fall of 2009.

As the connective tissue of the PlayStation experience across the PS3 and PSP systems, SCEA announced continued PlayStation Network content from new movie releases through the video delivery service and new game spaces for PlayStation®Home. Launching this week, the new “Warhawk™ Command Center” space makes its way into PlayStation Home offering Warhawk fans a new place to socialize and strategize featuring the sand table. PlayStation Home is the ultimate social community gathering gamers via a rich, 3D high-definition environment and will continue to expand overtime.

About Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.
Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. continues to redefine the entertainment lifestyle with its PlayStation® and PS one® game console, the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) handheld entertainment system, the ground-breaking PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) computer entertainment system and its online and network services the PlayStation®Network and PlayStation®Store.

Recognized as the undisputed industry leader, Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. markets the PlayStation family of products and develops, publishes, markets, and distributes software for the PS one, PlayStation 2, PSP and PS3 for the North American market. Based in Foster City, Calif. Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc. serves as headquarters for all North American operations and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

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dbowlin17 said:

February 24th, 5:49 pm

this looks awesome. cant wait to hear more about MAG

MatheAdi said:

February 24th, 5:55 pm

LBP for PSP= ♥

Motorstorm .. this better be good graphics, and not a sucky physics engine like Flatout: Head ON

Keysersoze10033 said:

February 24th, 5:56 pm

Great news, thanks!

HBKM said:

February 24th, 6:02 pm

SWEET! i can not wait, LBP PSP i will be playing! Assassins creed i will be playing!!! cant wait finally some quality games coming out in quantities for the PSP… and finally ROCK BAND! sweet life!

mixedkidbx said:

February 24th, 6:04 pm

cool. cant wait to see the warhawk room

Erdie said:

February 24th, 6:19 pm

Ha! You silly folks weren’t lying when you teased good things to come for the PSP in ’09! I thought it was typical marketing talk. Thank you!

Calendaros said:

February 24th, 6:35 pm

No new IPs? Well, if that’s all for the PSP, then it’s pretty much dead.

TwiztedR3DHead said:

February 24th, 6:59 pm

this is pimp 4 real hot as hell!!

LordChocoSlime said:

February 24th, 7:29 pm

I was hoping that a PSP version of LittleBigPlanet would be released someday and now it looks like my wish has been granted. This definitely gives me something to look forward to later this year especially since I can’t play the original LittleBigPlanet (I don’t own a PS3 and I’m not sure if I’ll buy one this year). It’s great seeing such a big title announced for the PSP (which I hope Sony would focus more attention on this year).

MalcolmHB said:

February 24th, 7:32 pm

This really is the year of the PS3, things are looking great

fgump2112 said:

February 24th, 7:35 pm

great googly moogly! this is good news!! Looking forward to 2009 for PSP!!

twoblack4america said:

February 24th, 7:38 pm

The PSP is back!!

gold5225 said:

February 24th, 7:39 pm

Hmm i didn’t read all that is their anything new for the PS3 in their that we haven’t heard of before?

insanecrane1 said:

February 24th, 7:53 pm

yes this is totally awesome. definitely the year for sony and psp can start to having great games.

VenomXv said:

February 24th, 8:43 pm

Nice, this will attract a lot new costumers.

VenomXv said:

February 24th, 8:45 pm

WHoa, littlebigplanet for PSP? day one!

Gumbydunzeeto said:

February 24th, 8:53 pm

Will the PSP version of LBP be censored as much as the PS3 version?

Liquid-PSN said:

February 24th, 8:58 pm

When we get PSP 4000 with sliding screen? also where is the LBP Portable Trailer?

Liquid-PSN said:

February 24th, 9:00 pm

Im pretty sure everyone is going to download this game illegaly Sony u need to include somekind of bonus so the people buy this inmediatly maybe in LBP portable u guys could include a sackboy plushie or an special add on for the PS3 Version? and the MotorStorm one an special add on for the PS3 version or a car maybe? LOL

easyaspie00 said:

February 24th, 9:01 pm

w00t! Awesome news! More a reason to get me my PSP! :D

Connoisseur said:

February 24th, 9:05 pm

Now that is good news~! Please keep up the progress on the PSP. We need some killer apps to stay afloat, or even ahead of the competition.

Connoisseur said:

February 24th, 9:05 pm

Ohh right How about Trophy support? seriously when are we going to have some more Cross system compatibility.

ClinToN said:

February 24th, 10:17 pm

Cool news. Small request: Get Killzone: Liberation up as a PSP download please.:)

CrystalX3D said:

February 24th, 10:34 pm

Finally the PSP gets some decent new games! I’m surprised they think they can actually fit LittleBigPlanet on the psp. If anyone can pull it off it’s MediaMolecule. LittleLittlePlanet? If they actually get the Create and Share parts working as well as the ps3 version, I’ll be blown away.
Though Hannah Montana and Petz don’t appeal to me at all, I’m glad that they’re coming to the psp. It’s good to see sony finally giving nintendo some competition for the younger handheld audience.

EvoAnubis said:

February 24th, 10:47 pm

Oops! I forgot to comment!

this is great news. Can’t wait to hear more!


February 25th, 3:30 am

Finally! I am so glad to see some newer great games coming to the PSP! I just hope these games live up to the quality that we all want to see. I can hardly wait!

Caemgen said:

February 25th, 3:32 am

Awesome! I’m very curious about Little Big Planet and how it will translate to PSP. Can’t wait.

Nice work guys! Looks like my PSP will be dust-free again.

Onna76_NL said:

February 25th, 4:57 am

*sob* RPG’s *sob*. Never thought I’d actually hate Japan, for dumping the PS fans that hard. Though a very hard ass kicking line up you got there :-D

Onna76_NL said:

February 25th, 5:00 am

Oh yeah and my PSP never got dusted, with 45+ games I haven’t got much to complain ;)

Returners said:

February 25th, 6:39 am

Hope that the Lost Planet 2 announcement doesn’t mean that its exclusive for the other console only. Come on Sony, you can do better!

Onna76_NL said:

February 25th, 6:58 am

By the way, what’s in store this week? Then I mean “literally” in store, like PSN games :-) No PS3 game releases for me for a while, except perhaps Demon’s Souls from Asia, so I’m really looking forward to the PSN releases :-)

Cjdamon042 said:

February 25th, 7:07 am

I really need to get myself a PSP…

Good jobs guys! :)

jazzyrider said:

February 25th, 7:33 am

Any chance we can see a trophy feature on the PSP? Obviously the PS3 has this– wouldn’t it be nice to have this on the portable too…it would really help sell more PSPs!

kolobear said:

February 25th, 8:32 am

Great news. Only problem is that Sony is still relying on games or IP’s for games that already exist on other systems.

Sure each game is taylored to work on the PSP with the PSP’s unique features, but the problem is that it’s still a version of a game I can get somewhere else.

I want something BIG and NEW that will bring me back to my PSP. Sure, these games kind of do the trick, but a lot of us supporters want to see something unique to the PSP that you can’t get anywhere else.

One more thing: When are PSP games going to really start taking advantage of infrastucture wi-fi? Will Reisistance: Retribution contain true online matches over the internet? Will there ever be a PSP MMO? Rock Band DLC is a good step, but it’s only about getting more content, not about connecting with other gamers around the world.

beester30 said:

February 25th, 9:14 am

FF Dissidia, isn’t that new and more of what you are looking for? I know I really want to play that game and also Resistance. Too many good games and like you said, if only there was true online matches, nothing would beat that!

Gunwing said:

February 25th, 11:16 am

Well R:R has online and stats as well as integration with Resistance.net as well! So cheer up! It’s as close to the real thing as you can get!

Please Sony announce WarHawk Portable, and give these third party developers some spot lights on the PS Blog! Sega on Phantasy Star Portable, Square on FF DISSIA, and please for the love of god spotlight your PSP developers more! EA Sports needs some spot lights for more info on their new EA SPORTS games Exclusive to the PSP!

“TAKE THAT NINTENDO! 6 new games and none of them for you!”

MarcoDarko said:

February 25th, 12:10 pm

23 acmilanboy | February 24th, 2009 at 8:59 am



LOL I’m scrolling down seeing all this praise and I see the above comment.

Anyways, can’t wait for these games to come out! But first I can’t wait to buy a PSP!

Onna76_NL said:

February 25th, 12:12 pm

“TAKE THAT NINTENDO! 6 new games and none of them for you!”

That’s seriously pathetic. I’m a DS owner myself and most PlayStation fans I know have one. I have to be straight honest, DS has a whole lot more software to offer than the PSP does, especially when it comes to RPG games.

Onna76_NL said:

February 25th, 12:15 pm

And yah, I’m a Mario adventure and Zelda whore, shoot me right here, I don’t give a rats. I bet a lot of employees at SCEA like other platforms as well, it are the fans that are being such a bunch of stubborn fanboys. Companies throw mud in each other eyes but in the end they’re the biggest buddies.

bxnytony said:

February 25th, 12:58 pm

release dates. release dates. release dates. none of this incredible news means anything without release dates. especially since this support is 2 yerars behind schedule. sony is well known for announcing gaming plans way too early and building hype while the actual product is months or even years off(home, crisis core just to name a few.) they usually end up delaying major projects on top of this. as a true psp lover i’m gonna take this announcement with a grain of salt until i get concrete details including solid to the day release dates as opposed to “soon” or “this year”. sony has done nothing but disappoint with the psp for the past year (excluding god of war). hopefully they have finally learned to support their top selling product as the psp is still outselling the ps3 worldwide and could probably use a price break of its own. 169.99 for what two years already. get competitive sony. the psp is the backdoor the ps3 needs to takeover the market. wake up and realize this.

Lanmanna said:

February 25th, 2:40 pm

Cool that Sony is actually supporting the PSP. It will take more than LBP, MotorStorm, and a Hannah Montana(LOL) PSP for me to put the PSP on the top of my favorite system list.

Sony, maybe, just maybe you might be able to make the PSP 2 one of my favorite systems of all time.

animepanda said:

February 25th, 3:03 pm

are they gonna change the PSP soon? for example, will they be releasing a new series? for example after getting the 2000, the 3000 was about to come out, and iunno if i should check the assassin’s bundle or wait out in hopes of a Dissidia one. and with the idea for hannah montana and Petz for tween girls, i believe a good Crisis Core type platformer with a girl protagonist may work as well. and how about them colors for the PSP, any new ones? or are we just settling with Lilac? ^____^

Gunwing said:

February 25th, 3:11 pm

Um………. Whats with all the negative comments? I’m not a fanboy and if you guys were on the forums I have said many times that the DS may have more games but almost none of them are any good and yes it has RPGs, but the PSP has like 64 RPGs with 4 more just released this year, and 3 more in the pipe. I’m sorry that the PSP lacks the kiddy games you love, but the PSP is not for children it’s for Teens to Adults, if you like the DS thats Fine, I’m just holding out hope that a new hand held will control the market for a while and not just 2 months runing while The DSi (nothing much new in that one at all in terms of power) retreads all the old franchises yet again under Nintendo’s banner.

At least when Sony ports something over they make it look good, and give it new features and settings that set it apart from it’s console counter parts. The DS keeps going backwards in time 24/7 we move forward. And don’t get me started on how only a few DS games ever make full use of it’s N64 32bit color graphics, and how even fewer still use the speakers to their fullest potential.

BTW: I speak from experience as I owned a DS Lite for about 2 years and had 12 games that all got boring after a while.

zodan269 said:

February 25th, 3:13 pm

wow this is alot coming to psp my hands will get the cramps bad now. Placing a order for icey hot now lol

Lanmanna said:

February 25th, 3:27 pm

Lemme guess, I bet you LOVED the PS2. Guess what? It had the worst tech in the system than the Xbox or the Gamecube, but it had better games. It is the same for the DS.

I love how you contradict yourself and say that the DS is for “kiddies” and the PSP is for “teens and adults”. Trying to make the PSP sound upscale. Did you read how they are making a Hannah Montana PSP and Petz games? That is definitely some mature stuff right there. >_>

Gunwing said:

February 25th, 3:46 pm

No I hated the PS2 because I bought it at launch and had to take it back to the store I bought it from 3 times before he gave me one that was not due to come out for another year because he was pissed off that Sony was holding back the retailers from letting them sell the newer and fixed 300000 line of PS2s. (2 years before we got PS2 Slim)

On top of that the games were not that fun, and the lack of rumble out the door was even worse. I loved my N64 to death great games and even better graphics, as well as good reliable hardware, I liked my Xbox too, and I love my Xbox360 Elite console with it’s 120GB HDD and black finish.

I liked my PS3 that I had for a year. (ditched it because Sony removed and stopped supporting PS2 BC)

I liked my Nintendo Wii a quite a lot and it got me back into shape in terms of my arms. I also loved my little DS Lite. But I was sick of the 2 year old geared games on it. Mario can only keep you happy for so long till you want something more.

I did not mean to offend but Nintendo has dominated the hand held market for over 13 years it’s time for another company to lead. (I had a Gameboy color, and a Atari Lynx for years BTW still got my GameBoy, and my Lynx but cant sell them)

dsluckay said:

February 25th, 3:52 pm

That sweet!
More PSP games coming out!

moatartareque said:

February 25th, 4:28 pm

im so gonna get Hannah Montana pack :D

Lanmanna said:

February 25th, 5:05 pm

Sorry to assume stuff. xD Seriously though, Nintendo has been the number 1 in handhelds for a few reasons-
1.Battery life
2.Great games
3.Mass appeal-No other handhelds makers have made their systems so easy for anyone to get into. The games for Nintendo handhelds range from casual(Tetris, Brain Age), kiddy(Mario, Pokemon, Petz, Hannah Montana, and other licensed crud), and your hardcore(Mario, Pokemon, Castlevania, The World Ends with You, Trauma Center, etc).

Sony is trying to get a piece of the kiddy/entry-level market by marketing a Hannah Montana bundle and Petz games. Why else would they make such a big deal of it at their conference? Sorry, but games like LittleBigPlanet, Ape Escape, Locoroco, and Patapon are just as much games for such a gamer as yourself as it is kids. They are meant to be played by hardcore and everyone alike. Sounds kinda like a series of games about a plumber?

I just don’t be see the PSP as a part of my “Favorite Game Systems of All Time”. My favorite systems have been the SNES, N64, PS1, PS2, Dreamcast, and you guessed it, DS.

ZombLee said:

February 26th, 12:17 am

i can’t believe all these games were announced so suddenly. i’ve wanted these games for soo long.

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