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Feb 27

Feb 27

SingStore Update: Britney, MGMT, Vanilla Ice

Aaron Orsak's Avatar Posted by US Producer

Good news for all you Britney Spears fans! A Britney Spears song pack has been added to the North American SingStore featuring five chart-topping hits from her ten-year career. Currently available for $6.99, the song pack includes the following tracks:

Britney Spears - coming to SingStar

  • (You Drive Me) Crazy
  • Born To Make You Happy
  • I Love Rock n’ Roll
  • Oops! I Did It Again
  • Stronger

In addition to the Britney Spears song pack, 18 new songs have been added to the SingStore. Here’s a highlight of songs that went live in the recent update:

  • MGMT – ‘Youth’
  • Vanilla Ice – ‘Ice Ice Baby’
  • Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder – ‘Ebony & Ivory’
  • Dizzee Rascal feat. Calvin Harris – ‘Dance Wiv Me’

We’ve got a lot in the pipeline for the SingStar franchise in the months ahead. Please stay tuned for new releases and updates in the coming weeks.

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saintaqua said:

February 28th, 12:07 pm

When will this game get trophies? I love playing Singstar, but when you compare it to Rockband it gets hard to choose it over a game with trophies to unlock.
SingStar could also benefit from some new modes.
I say stop making new SingStar discs and focus on dl content and adding dl modes for the game it’s self.

Everyone who owns a PS3 should get access to the game without having to buy anything but the microphones and song dl’s.

Zad said:

February 28th, 2:46 pm

When is country music going to be added to the store? It would be nice to be able to download some, since so many people are having problems with SingStar Country. On some systems it locks up or the sound track skips.

SeanScythe said:

March 1st, 12:19 pm

When are we going to stop getting all of these oldies and get some newer artist? Shinedown, Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamins, and plenty of others. I’m sick of these 1964 and older songs. I was born in the 80’s and even I don’t want most of the songs you keep shelling out. I mean come on Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder? Who do you think plays this game my Parents? No I do and I’m in my 20’s get with the times and less brintey spears, she has enough songs I want more rock music.

lanocty said:

March 1st, 9:57 pm

This is awesome! Finally some great songs in the Singstore.

Also thank you for posting this on the blog… you guys need to post singstar updates more regularly.

FoolKiller79 said:

March 2nd, 10:07 am

Please, post singtar updates on the blog like this all the time.

Also, Singstar DLC available through the PlayStation Store would be awesome so that those of us with slower Internet connections (1mb here) can background download without sitting in the game. when I buy a lot of stuff from the PS Store and know it will take a long time to download I can just set it all to background download and turn on Folding@Home while I sleep.

With SingStar if I make a large purchase I have to leave SingStar up. Your choice of how to run the SingStore is preventing me from running Folding as much as I could. Some child could die from cancer because my system had the key work unit to find the cure, but it was one day too late because I had to leave SingStar running while it downloaded my songs.

OK, so that is a bit over board, but it is annoying.

gocalbears said:

March 3rd, 5:21 pm

Haha. I love how people keep posting comments and questions directed towards this Aaron Orsak character, as if he responds. You’d think, that with the dozen or so pathetic songs that we get every two weeks, the man would have some free time on his hands to actually respond to the fans/consumers who actually keep him employed. Nope, sorry. Just gonna keep releasing the same lame songs every two weeks, with a bone or two every now and then to keep the masses somewhat satiated. How’s about answering our questions as to why the NA Singstore doesn’t have it’s own releases (independent of the Europeans) to cater to the US musical tastes, or why the PS2 songs don’t get released (you already have the rights to them!)? Oh. There I go again. Thinking that anybody even reads this or even cares. Thanks again, Aaron, for nothing.

Eneref said:

March 5th, 5:25 am

When Singstar came out, I bought maybe $100 worth of singstar songs from the singstore. Then my PS3 burned out and needed replacing (melted the hard drive to the machine).

Now, with SS’s lovely non-functional DRM, not only can I not use those songs anymore, I can’t even BUY them anymore. This means the Singstar library is close to empty for me, since the lovely Singstar people release practically NOTHING in the US for updates.

I wish I’d never even heard of this worthless game. I paid them money; they pocketed it; and now I have software I can barely even use. If I could, I’d issue a chargeback for every single purchase.

freedomfighter50 said:

March 14th, 9:57 pm

Need Any of these added to the Store:

Bryan Adams – Have you ever really loved a woman.
No Doubt – Don’t Speak.
4 Non Blondes – What’s Up.
Oasis – Wonderwall
The Fray – You Found Me
Ben King – Stand By Me
I’ve got tons more….

Oh yeah and….
Aerosmith – Greatest Hits(About 20 that I can think of right now)

freedomfighter50 said:

March 16th, 6:07 pm

While I’m at it, here is a few more that I would love see added to the singstore. These songs are the type of songs we sing in N.America.

George Michael – Faith
Elton John – Tiny Dancer
Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Beatles – Hey Jude
Tonic – If You Could Only See The Way She Loves Me.

Glimmmerman said:

March 20th, 8:47 am

Is singstar going to release soem classic oldies or mowtown. Surely these must be cheaper to get the rights to and loads of young people love singing cheesy classics. you’ve already dumped a few in some of the previous collections. Has to be more popular than doign a singstar based on one artist?

Glimmmerman said:

March 20th, 8:57 am

When will singstar up its game and allow singing to be conducted with other players online. Especially given Microsoft LIPS and Guitar Hero 4 “World Tour” allow gamers to sing with opponents online. In terms of privacy and exploitation its no different than posting a video of your singing on singstore for everyone to see. if singers missuse this feature they can be reported. This would be a huge innovation and would encourage PS2 fans to buy a PS3 and its singstar games.

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