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Mar 02

Mar 02

Viewing your PlayStation Trophies on

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by

SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

Back in November we introduced the ability to sign in to using your PlayStation Network login credentials. Currently you can see your online ID, your avatar, and view your friend list. You also have the ability to get your Portable ID for use on forums and social networking sites.


If you haven’t already signed in to using your PSN ID, you’re definitely going to want to tomorrow (sign in here). When we introduced PlayStation Trophies last year we promised we would be extending the feature to the web. We are near ready to release our first phase which will allow you to view your PlayStation Trophies on with all of the details you can see on your PS3. Later this year, we’ll enhance these features giving you the ability to compare and sort trophies in new ways.

Here’s what you’ll see when we go live tomorrow:

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PHANTASMN707 said:

March 2nd, 12:29 pm

In the future, will we have trophy info on the Portable ID? That’s what a lot of us have been asking for.

kenhitokiri said:

March 2nd, 12:30 pm

Great Idea guys!

KiD_rus said:

March 2nd, 12:30 pm

Oh, nice, waiting for auto updating gamercards =P

Mario-san said:

March 2nd, 12:30 pm

Perhaps, we need a NEW and useful gamercard….


March 2nd, 12:32 pm

Wow Awesome! I hope there is enough room on the WWW to hold my all of my trophies! LoL! Thanks for the cool feature! You know what I and I am sure many others would like to see, and that is the ability to communicate with your PSN friends in more ways that just the PS3, such as being away, and not using remote play do it on my PSP, or perhaps a Sony Ericson Phone App, and also the Web would be the best place to start.. A PSN messenger. Or just it implemented in !!! Cool thanks

DjLess said:

March 2nd, 12:32 pm

Advancement is good. I’m looking forward to this, Thanks :)

RGS-14 said:

March 2nd, 12:32 pm

The Trophy Card that we have now are plain and ugly.It would be nice if we can customize it to match out style.

Taquito_Mito said:

March 2nd, 12:33 pm


Fusion_ID said:

March 2nd, 12:33 pm

This is a very cool expansion thats coming. Like others have stated, it would be cool to be able to send/check messages too!

digplans said:

March 2nd, 12:33 pm

Sounds pretty dope. Wow Jeff, 300+ trophies? Man I only gots 100.

I’m trying to think of what else the PSN needs… More Home support is key, I mean KZ2 and R2 should have spaces and game launching. Should be a requisite for first party game devs to implement. Well, I suppose Home is becoming more and more robust with each coming week. Hopefully within a year it will be the kind of service we all hoped it would be. It’s coming along nicely though.

Cross-game options should be implemented in the near future. Video service in Canada would be nice, considering it was made available in the US such a long time ago.

Keep the exclusives coming, God of War 3 and Uncharted 2 are making me salivate (especially if they exhibit the same kind of production quality as KZ2).

Anyway, trophy implementation on the web is a nice feature. I dig that Sony is continually updating (although a firmware update is overdue!). Rant over… back to studying…

ADMAN111 said:

March 2nd, 12:33 pm

How long until we can send messages on the PC to the PSN’s of our friends? This was mentioned at last years E3 and I would like to know if it is coming.


March 2nd, 12:34 pm

Yes, Like Jasoncps said, an Instant Message type of system! Cool

BigPoppaB said:

March 2nd, 12:34 pm

although I dont see much of a need for this (i can do this on PS3, where id wanna see it the most)… Im glad that Sony is continuing to listen to fans.

Hey Jeff, you have some pull in the industry.. can you get Konami to at least comment on the possibility of future trophy support for MGS4. Even if its “no we will not”.. just to settle it. There are LOTS of people who are dying for one.

    Eric Lempel's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    March 2nd, 1:26 pm

    I\’d like to see that happen as well. If it ever does, I\’d invite Konami here to tell you.

Arsenal55 said:

March 2nd, 12:34 pm

Woohoo! Looks great!

BlackMorph said:

March 2nd, 12:35 pm

It would be nice to be able to win trophies, but until the bug that doesn’t allow you to win any more trophies if you change your password is fixed, then it’s really not a fun page to look at.

Capt-Fury- said:

March 2nd, 12:35 pm

Since the video dosent make it very clear.

Do we have the abilty to see our friends trophies from the website?

JamesL007 said:

March 2nd, 12:36 pm

Does this mean we will see API later on this year for sites that offer trophy tracking like and I am interested to know if there will be a API for this or if it is only gonna be on


SyphonFilter- said:

March 2nd, 12:36 pm

Yea i agree with these guys,the portable id needs to display your trophies and maybe change the color of the backround to something more enticing.

Awsomonium said:

March 2nd, 12:37 pm

Excelent. but what i dont get is y theres not all that much functionality 4 the website, i mean u can sign in, tomorrow u can c trophies. u can c ur friends online and wat there doing. but u cant send or view messages or anything. you’d think this being the internet you could do more than on the PS3 not less…

TheZed88 said:

March 2nd, 12:37 pm

Related idea/request: How about some kind of consequence for your trophie level. Raising your level could offer new unlocks, access to pages, new icons….something (I’m sure others would have better ideas then those). Just anything to make that level more then just a number.

Can’t wait to check out the new feature tomorow guys. Thanks.

spatsnaz said:

March 2nd, 12:38 pm

Agreeing with many of the comments here on the game card being a bit bland and empty. This is great addition however, can’t wait to give it a try.

Tigerriot said:

March 2nd, 12:38 pm

I hope we see a firmware update tomorrow as well. Maybe enhancements to the current trophy/friends list on the PS3.

LokeSTL said:

March 2nd, 12:38 pm

Very nice! So now you guys will be resolving the lack of PS2 BC on the PS3…..right?

gold5225 said:

March 2nd, 12:38 pm

sweet pretty cool that it’s coming tomorrow.

EternalMovement said:

March 2nd, 12:39 pm

Great news, a step in the right direction.

The portable id as it is near useless in its current form.

Imo it needs to display at least the last 5 collected trophies, current game being played and for the favourite games there should be a full list to pick from otherwise the favourite game part of it is pointless.

Also some forums do not allow signatures as large as the current portable id so there should be smaller versions of it to choose from, like your close competitor offers.

JordanBlack68 said:

March 2nd, 12:39 pm

Video must be kinda old, Jeff has 370 trophies and the video has 336 trophies or jeff cheated and got 40 more trophies like that :P

    Eric Lempel's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    March 2nd, 1:27 pm

    Ha yeah, the video was shot about 2 weeks ago. I played Flower, Noby Noby Boy, and a lot of Burnout Paradise in the interim.

SyphonFilter- said:

March 2nd, 12:40 pm

PS3 firmware suggestions: make it so that it auto syncs in the back because syncing gets annoying. Also the xmb should load a bit more faster too when ingame.

PasteyMF said:

March 2nd, 12:40 pm

Here’s hoping we can click on our friends in the friend’s list and see their trophies, not just our own!

Ftwrthtx said:

March 2nd, 12:41 pm


Thanks Eric!

Reinheart said:

March 2nd, 12:41 pm

Mmmm now need to add this info to the PSN-ID and would be A+++ (and future to compare trophies via clicking the PSN-ID of the person you’re checking would be cool too.)

Would this work on Japanese games with trophies? I play most of my games in Japanese (my first language)

Onna76_NL said:

March 2nd, 12:41 pm

Thanks Jeff ;)

Ramage said:

March 2nd, 12:42 pm


awesomesauce extreme!

One question:
Will we be able to compare trophies with friends like in the XMB?

Also, (i know this makes it not one question…whatever lol) Will I be waiting for a trophy sync here as well or is it more streamlined?

StalkingSilence said:

March 2nd, 12:42 pm

Wow, this will fit in nicely with the re-launch of PlayStation LifeStyle tomorrow. ;)

jayemsee said:

March 2nd, 12:43 pm

any plans for opening a PSN (API)?

Darnell0216 said:

March 2nd, 12:43 pm

Re: Jeff Rubenstein replied on March 2, 2009 at 12:28 pm
Definitely a strong possibility

This is great news. It would be nice to have first party support for trophy displays instead of using third parties. Maybe even custom backgrounds cropped from trophy-enabled games. The solid black gets old after a while :).

Bonaef said:

March 2nd, 12:43 pm

Great Thing ,,, And Yes we are Hungry For More of this cool Things . like an huge upgread to the PSN .

lowhonor said:

March 2nd, 12:43 pm

yeah as mentioned above, our portable id’s are pretty lame and entirely not worth using compared to sites that provide their own tags with more customization and features. definitely something you guys should look into rectifying.

DrBingogh said:

March 2nd, 12:44 pm

Cool, thanks!

Rude_Sparthan said:

March 2nd, 12:44 pm

ok thank you that’s great.. but a little priority to XMB? we’re playing KZ2…. you know what we need…. ;o) thank’s for a private chat

KillerBread said:

March 2nd, 12:45 pm

great news and can we put it in a sig like some websites do that would be amazing and what levle you are should be next to your name so people on your friends list can see what levle you are and it should also be on the forums and the blog

Cesarcsrf said:

March 2nd, 12:48 pm

great but kind useless if i can’t use them on the portable id…

GameDreamer said:

March 2nd, 12:49 pm

Awesome stuff! Can’t wait.

Thanks for really going above and beyond to please your fans and users :-)

whoelse said:

March 2nd, 12:49 pm

Yay, I’m full of heart! :)

decimalator said:

March 2nd, 12:51 pm

Nice! Looking forward to it

funkpower said:

March 2nd, 12:52 pm

Brilliant, just Brilliant! Thanks and continue in this direction! Onwards and upwards! Things like this will blast the oposition!

Bruno911 said:

March 2nd, 12:52 pm

this is going to be so cool

snobrder218 said:

March 2nd, 12:53 pm

So will this eventually work like the Gamercards on 360 and it’s fellow sites? I’d like people to see my trophies, but all the sites that currently have this I have to manually do it all, which is annoying and tedious when I have SO many now. Thanks for this though as now my nonPS3 friends can see how much of a loser I am :). 4 Platinums and counting!

Axecution said:

March 2nd, 12:53 pm

I must say, 2009 has definitely had an amazing friggen start.
This is pretty cool i must say – but it was unvieled at a weird time. Shoulda shown us on Thursday, cause now… im gonna just play Killzone 2 when it goes live. lol. I’m doing that right now.
This was a useless comment. Whatever though, thanks guys!

peevmyster said:

March 2nd, 12:54 pm

Awesome, way to keep improving the site.

un-discovered said:

March 2nd, 12:54 pm

Wow i really did not expect this. That’s so cool!

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