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Mar 03

Mar 03

The Most Realistic Baseball Game Ever Hits Store Shelves Today

Troy Mack's Avatar Posted by Product Manager, MLB 10 The Show

If you’re a baseball fan, you don’t want to miss Opening Day on PlayStation. From Road To The Show to Franchise Mode to Online Leagues, there is something for everyone in MLB 09 The Show. Regardless of which PlayStation is your platform of choice, the MLB franchise dubbed “best sports game of the year” for the last two seasons hits PS3, PS2 and PSP today in the bid for a three-peat. So get yourself some peanuts and Cracker Jack and take yourself out to the ballgame.

But if tutorials, trailers and a downloadable demo didn’t clinch it for you, here is a peek at what reviewers are saying:

Welcome to the show – now PLAY BALL!

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buggs1a said:

March 3rd, 8:52 pm

where are the hall of famer players? in 08 the show they were in the rewards screen but not there in 09 the show. where are they?

Keysersoze10033 said:

March 3rd, 8:54 pm

Hey Troy,
will these themes you mentioned be free or premium? I hope you say free. Any NY Yankees themes coming out?

Anyway, great game, I bought it earlier :).

    Troy Mack's Avatar

    Troy Mack said:

    March 3rd, 10:34 pm

    Free. NYY yep – along with every other MLB team. Keep checking back to see which teams are posted week to week.

viprdude said:

March 3rd, 8:56 pm

Damn there are some serious trolls in this blog comment posts.

I have bought 07 and 08 MLB The Show and you can guarantee I will buy 09 The Show asap! Thank you for an incredible game that is the best baseball sim ever created. PSEye support would be pointless, the graphics in the faces alone probably surpass what possible resolution the PSEye is capable of.

The game is awesome and whoever has comments saying the graphics are bad needs a new TV or eyes, ASAP.

HAHAHA @ #19 getting owned by Mack.

Where is my Phillies World Series Theme at????????

    Troy Mack's Avatar

    Troy Mack said:

    March 3rd, 10:34 pm

    Phillies theme… coming…

acerazer1 said:

March 3rd, 9:32 pm

Yeah 19, no offense but when NHL09 is “picked”, it’s usually picked by the same people who pick Madden over MLB08. I mean, c’mon, they’ve obviously never even played MLB08, Madden hasn’t changed since 1998.

JhonRauly said:

March 3rd, 9:34 pm

Hi…i come here to get news about ps3 games like most of the time but i have never left a comment before and the reason im posting one rigt now is to know why cant i play my Own MUSIC while playin MLB the show 09….i dont wanna listen to my music on the menu…i want to be able to listen to it playing the game cuz i use my ps3 for my stereo system. now can u guys fix this plz??…thankz


March 3rd, 9:35 pm

these trophies are pretty ludicrous. 50 game winning streak?? come on now.

famousmortimer said:

March 3rd, 10:40 pm

Thanks for posting here Troy, it’s nice to get some insight from someone in the industry.

First I’ll butter you up with kudos. IMO, MLB 08 was the best single player sports game I’ve ever played. It was absolutely amazing. The 6+ hours I spent with 09 today was even better. A baseball game takes a good 30-40 games played to really get a feel for how good it is (and for the crap to start popping out), but I can safely say that this game is atleast on par with last year’s effort, and seems to be much better than it in many areas.

But. And it’s a big BUT! Online play is pretty much unplayable. It was last year and so far today it has been this year. Well, let me take that back, I played one game today that was lag free… and it was amazing. But the other 3 I played were lag city. And among my friends who got the game I seem to be the only one that had even 1 lag free experience.

Is this opening day jitters or did you guys just not work on the net code? Don’t get me wrong, even if this game didn’t have online play i would have still bought it this morning and I would (and will) enjoy it all summer. But solid online play seems to be the one thing holding this back from being perfect.

JoE5005 said:

March 3rd, 11:12 pm

Will definitely be picking this game up within the next week or so. Thanks for this awesome game. Go Rangers!

Hitman3315 said:

March 4th, 12:05 am

Played the game for 4+ hours tonight, and I’m extremely impressed. The realism of the player models and individualized stances/windups/motions, the smooth gameplay with deep animations, and the various season modes are all incredible.

My only gripe… some of the uniforms are inaccurate. The Dodgers numbers are way too thick, the BP jerseys on several teams are incorrect, and I’ve spotted a few other errors that aren’t completely true to the ’09 uniforms. For a gaming franchise that prides itself on realism, this is unacceptable.

Other than that… well worth the $60.

TheHater2 said:

March 4th, 12:15 am

Why can’t you guys put this much care into your Basketball game? Sony basketball game is the worst out of the three. As for this game, there is not comparison to other baseball games. This series is king.

tad_banyon said:

March 4th, 3:17 am

This game is practically unplayable.
For example, under the New menu->Front End->Draft Enhancements… 4th line down… “We’ve added in the Rule 5 draft that takes place is Decemeber…”
How can I play a game that doesn’t even spell December correctly?
If they can’t get that right, how can I trust that A-Rod’s steroid use will be factored in?
Alright I admit it, I love this game, even if you guys can’t spell for @#$%

kofilaate74 said:

March 4th, 3:31 am

Love the game guys! However, I’ve seen a couple of glitches that I wanted to address, to make sure they were common.

The very first game I played was O’s vs Nats, and the pitching coach for the O’s came out with his jacket which was completely orange, then it kept flickering back and forth to the black Orioles jacket. I saw something similar in the demo where the Phillies’ pitching coach was black, but he had white hands (creepy!)

Second, the intro to Minute Maid Park, you know the fly by through the left field wall? Well the wall was invisible, as opposed to last year when it appeared like you were looking over the field from the left field porch. This year it seems like we’re floating around.

Third, Josh Hamilton hit a homerun in Minute Maid Park so hard that it went through the upper left field wall. What happened to the collision detection for Minute Maid, it was in last year’s game?

Yeah I know, those complaints are minor and petty in the grand scheme of things, but again, I wanted to make sure that nothing was wrong with my disc. If these anomalies are universal I can deal with it.

Again, great game, can’t wait to play more tonight!

SwiftnShady said:

March 4th, 4:01 am

Every year this game gets me. I’m not even much of a baseball fan. But bring on the sun tan lotion, the mini skirts, and the smell of hot dogs in the air…and something about baseball and this game just call out to me. Oh, and i guess the bad ass graphics dont hurt. Consider me at the plate, ready to get me some. ;)

tad_banyon said:

March 4th, 4:29 am

I wish I could figure out how to throw the ball to first base as a pitcher in RTTS. I assumed pushing the O button would work, but the pitcher spins around and hurls it to 3rd. And if I try to outsmart it and press the square instead (3rd base), he throws it to 2nd. Very frustrating

NEfanman said:

March 4th, 4:30 am

Picked up a copy yesterday. Gameplay is a A++++++ as usual. On-Line play is horrific at this point with the lag. Lets hope this gets fixed quickly.

Sounds of the game was ok, added a couple of chants. Was dissapointed that the ping bar online does not show until you actually accept a game (team selection screen). Don’t see where on-line headset chat is an option…don’t think it is. Also I thought this was going to be full 1080….still optimized at 720?? Ugh!!!

Minor issues, great looking game that gives you a lot more animations, cut scenes and variation of hits vs. the demo. I know because I absolutely exhausted the demo, a ton more on the full version.

    Troy Mack's Avatar

    Troy Mack said:

    March 4th, 8:26 am

    Check L3 for chat. You can absolutely play the game in 1080p (many on the threads have been saying they love it) but the default optimization is 720p.

rodperezto said:

March 4th, 5:26 am

This looks truly amazing. I am waiting for my copy as I live in Europe and imported it. I have 2 questions; hopefully they’ll get answered:
1. Is it really true that, being a batter, you’ll be able to recognize the pitch depending on the arm angle?? If so, are there any batting drills to help you with this?
2. Do you know why it isn’t possible to import this game (As stated before I live in Europe) from the most established online stores? At least the ones you offer as options in your website can only be shipped to the US. I’ve seen other games which do allow it (including that other game from the competition, but who’d want to import that, eh?).
Anyway, yeah it’d be nice to get an answer.
MLB 08 made me play baseball games again (Started off with the MLB Baseball from Intellivision). Awesome job! I can’t wait to play this. I feel like a little kid all over again.

Someguyyyyyy said:

March 4th, 6:33 am

Once I get tired of kicking Helghast butt, I will be picking this puppy for sure. Game looks great guys! Keep the new features coming every year!

TheBigBadWolf76 said:

March 4th, 7:09 am

Why can’t I log in and upload a picture on I go into the home page and it will not let me do anything.

Please help……….


March 4th, 7:15 am

Does it have TROPHIES?

    Troy Mack's Avatar

    Troy Mack said:

    March 4th, 8:27 am

    Absolutely. Build you can start building your trophy case today.

DaxMontana said:

March 4th, 7:31 am

This may sound like a dumb question, but can two people play this game against each other on the same PS3? (Local multi-player)?

    Troy Mack's Avatar

    Troy Mack said:

    March 4th, 8:34 am

    There are no dumb questions… You can play single player or head to head offline. And when you do match up against a buddy – it\’s the best time to incorporate your own recordable cheers and jeers. What better way to taunt the guy sitting in the same room than your voice coming from the in-game crowd.

TheGameV30 said:

March 4th, 8:33 am

any update on the rosters update working? i know i read you guys are working on it. jw. thanks!

TheBigBadWolf76 said:

March 4th, 8:52 am

Thanks for the reply…

So where do I go to upload my picture?


March 4th, 8:54 am

I Haven’t played a BB game in a long time, might have to give this one a shot. What do you think “Mack Daddy” to you is the best feature of the game? The part YOU enjoy the most in the game or a component of it and can never get sick of?

Why don’t you spell check your answers? It looks unprofessional.

Also to Jeff, whom I know is always reading the Blog;
Can we have a way to reply to your replies of our comments. I comment, you reply, then I reply to that.
I think it would work out because sometimes the answers to questions are too short or cryptic.

Spyda8012 said:

March 4th, 8:58 am

This may be a dumb question. When is online going to be fixed or are you just going to ignore it like last year. Offline is great but you seriously need to fix online play

RUDYDC said:

March 4th, 9:07 am

When is a NEW ROSTER going to be released because there are a lot of guys who are signed not on teams yet!!

Come on Guys! I cant start my Franchise yet!! And, no I am not making all the moves

Making us wait 2 weeks to set up a league sucks too!

Frenchy17 said:

March 4th, 9:22 am

Something has got to be done about the online lag, it is almost unplayable at times!

DropD said:

March 4th, 9:27 am

“the most realistic” baseball game is the game itself, just sayin. gg btw

BigPoppaB said:

March 4th, 9:32 am

This game looks amazing, but unfortunately the gameplay hasnt changed from last year. At the end of the day, all the bells and whistles added cant change the fact that the game just isnt all that fun to play.

Map the batting controls to right stick next year so it feels more intuitive and I’ll buy it.

DonnyG said:

March 4th, 9:50 am

I’m not a huge fan of sports games but the demo was cool. After hearing your interview on the PS Nation podcast and seeing all of the hard work that went into this game I might actually pick this up just to show some support. Great job.

Gomez81 said:

March 4th, 10:32 am

Hey Troy. Just wanted to follow up with my post and your response #39. I do have an HD Tv. The show looks great in 1080P and runs smooth. The replays once saved to the hdd look bad. Like I said only 640X resolution. I do not know whats wrong. Any suggestions???

Other than that, I love the game. Played non-stop yesterday. Once concern is updating the rosters deletes edited players. any plans to somehow patch this or take it as is? no worry’s though because this better get sports game of the year and decade!!!

TheGameV30 said:

March 4th, 11:37 am

just wanted to say that i love this game A LOT. my ooooonly concern that i have is that you guys still have Papelbon pitching out of the wind-up and not out of the stretch. i know he was originally projected to be a starter but he should REALLY be pitching from the stretch all the time since all he does is close now. just my 2 cents. thanks

G-Bugle said:

March 4th, 1:50 pm

Troy (or anybody else),
Can you please tell us why Anti-Aliasing was disabled for online play? The extra jagged lines are quite distracting, and help to kill the immersion.

WILSONtm said:

March 4th, 2:16 pm

Please tell me when I can expect to take my 20kb connection and have a quality gaming experience on your servers?
I just want the truth, details and technical definitions so i am removed of feeling responsible for the titles shortcomings again like i did in 08 and 07…this is getting old.

greeneyesjay said:

March 4th, 2:16 pm

Why doesnt the roster work offline? Is there something wrong with the Update?

Gummy201 said:

March 4th, 2:34 pm

Great game! Disappointed in the baserunning in rtts. Why fix something that wasn’t broken?

Brooklyn625 said:

March 4th, 3:36 pm

I have a question Sony. Will you release a perfectly updated roster on Opening Day?

skybox1953 said:

March 4th, 5:47 pm

Im new to the PS3 system. I just got MLB09. Question? can I get access to roster updates and use them in franchise mode or can I only use them while playing online.

tripleplayed said:

March 4th, 6:17 pm

Do we have to wait till opening day to see players like Kenshin Kawakami (New ATL Braves pitcher, Played in Japan) on the rosters?

c00lk1dd said:

March 4th, 6:50 pm

this has been already asked i think but does this game have online roster updates like the 2k games straight from the server daily?

buggs1a said:

March 4th, 8:10 pm

where are the hall of fame players?

ejah said:

March 4th, 9:11 pm

This is a great game SCEA…custom walkup and HR music, 40 man rosters, practice mode for fielding and hitting…AWESOME!

Thanks again, b/c this game is so good I am going to buy a copy for someone who cant afford. I know a few young kids who saved and saved to buy ps3 but only have 1 game for it. I know one kid whose ps3 is at his uncle’s house and he can only play when he visits there on the weekend. Dang, I may have to buy 2 or 3 more copies…LOL.

I need to spread the love.

But u guys at SCEA gotta do me a favor…please spread the love back by adding DLC for old time stadiums and greatest World Series teams.

Also, any we get HR derby and tourney modes next year?

Thanks again!

ejah said:

March 4th, 9:11 pm

oops..I meant practice mode for running and hitting :)

rickbmrtg said:

March 5th, 12:25 am

I am so disappointed with the graphics of this game.08 was so much better. Also, even in the easy mode with all sliders turned in my favor I can not hit well when I was in ’08. Additionally, often foul balls get lost in the background. Finally, even though I have the bluetooth connected, the Sounds of the Game does not detect a microphone attached. GRRRR I’ll have to play 08 now! Comeon…I cant be the only one that sees these issues!

ThreeLeggedFreak said:

March 5th, 2:00 am

Hello Troy, 2 questions

1) Why does the NBA The Inside sucks and MLB The Show rocks? Don’t you guys develop both franchises?

2) Any Home support? Either with clothes or a Home Space with HR Derby mini game? Actually that would be awesome, make it happen please :D

bk1369 said:

March 5th, 5:09 am

Very good game once again! Just a couple of questions/concerns. I was wondering if any one else had the issue of pinch hitting for the pitcher and then the pinch hitter being forced to face a batter on the mound before you could bring in your reliever. Has happened to me twice so far. Also, attention to teams not on the east or west coast is again lagging. How is George Brett not listed in the Hall of Fame on this game (psp) for the second year in a row? Just like in 2008 when you turned on the game……2007 season of milestones……but I played hundreds of hours and never once saw Craig Biggio recognized for his 3000th hit. But A-Roid was on there many, many times for his 500th HR. Other than those minor issues, awesome game… we come to expect from SCEA. Keep up the good work guys!

TK-855 said:

March 5th, 5:21 am

It’s MLB: The Show, which says a lot. The new shaders/lighting are fantastic. Batting practice is a welcome addition (though some kind of overall stats would be nice to pitches thrown/hits/fouls), and I like the new baserunning system since it requires that you pay attention to the pitcher.

I’m not sure what to make of the dugout cutscene after a game. At AA/AAA levels, it’s context-free and hard to tell whether the manager is praising you or ripping you a new one.

TK-855 said:

March 5th, 5:30 am


However, I’ve noticed a few quirks/glitches that surprise me:

– Graphic tearing on a fly ball to left. Not sure if this is a 720 v. 1080 issue.

– Guess Pitch/Scoreboard display vanishes intermittently when camera returns to Catcher view at bat.

– Baserunner HUD popped up when there were no runners on base, and thus the camera image at the center was a blank backdrop.

– Cutscene of RTTS player standing around while a bat goes through warm-up swings by itself.

– Giants AA batting coach appears to be same size as player (5’10”) going into batting practice, then is 6’7″+ and much larger coming out of batting practice. (This isn’t happening with the Rockies AAA coach.)

– When chasing fly ball that bounces off wall, camera view changes to player’s face – you can’t be sure you have the ball unless you try to throw it.

– First Name audio seems awkward; Matt Vasgersian ends up saying first name, like, “Troy,” and then there’s a pause, as if Matt is thinking about it, then, “Troy Hodges.” Haven’t tried choosing a nickname to see how that flies.

rickbmrtg said:

March 5th, 6:44 am

The players seem boxier than in ’08. Do the sliders work?I put it on ROOKIE and ramped up the hitting features and I still can’t hit as well as MLB 08.

BossGoss said:

March 5th, 6:49 am

having problems with the load on the game it freezes in the load screen and never get to the main screen also having trouble getting on line

BossGoss said:

March 5th, 6:57 am

how do you adjust the game to play in 1080 and keeps jumping to 720????

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