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Mar 03

Mar 03

The Most Realistic Baseball Game Ever Hits Store Shelves Today

Troy Mack's Avatar Posted by Product Manager, MLB 10 The Show

If you’re a baseball fan, you don’t want to miss Opening Day on PlayStation. From Road To The Show to Franchise Mode to Online Leagues, there is something for everyone in MLB 09 The Show. Regardless of which PlayStation is your platform of choice, the MLB franchise dubbed “best sports game of the year” for the last two seasons hits PS3, PS2 and PSP today in the bid for a three-peat. So get yourself some peanuts and Cracker Jack and take yourself out to the ballgame.

But if tutorials, trailers and a downloadable demo didn’t clinch it for you, here is a peek at what reviewers are saying:

Welcome to the show – now PLAY BALL!

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fightindiamond said:

March 5th, 7:29 am

During franchise I am having a problem with promotions I can’t find where to schedule them can i get some help here.

ALWAYS14U said:

March 5th, 7:49 am

I bought this game and everything looks great but I have one problem. I tried adding chants but the game is not reading my mics. I have a rockband mic and a konami mic and it gives me no mics detected. I tried restarting it with and without the mics connected but nothing. Am I doing something wrong?

MightyMisterJ said:

March 5th, 8:06 am

This game is AWESOME! I’ve been playing it non-stop since launch, as well as dabbled (a lot lol) with the Sounds of The Show Music Editor feature (WICKED addition guys!).

But I have made some observations that I’m hoping can either be patched or implemented in the future.

Firstly, I’ve noticed that during dugout shots of my team, there’ll be duplicates of players that are also on the field! So for example, I’ll get a key strike out with Brandon League and then sure enough during the dugout shot, which will show Cito pumping his fist, who’s sitting right next to Mr. Gaston? Brandon League lol! I don’t know if this can be patched or what, but it’s kinda spooktacular lol!

Also, and this is probably nitpicking lol, but since you guys are going for reality in your ball games (and for that I’m EXTREMELY thankful!) how about implementing actual first and third base coaches from all the major league teams? It’d be SICK to see Larry Bowa waving in Manny in this game lol! Maybe this can’t be done for some legal reason, but if not, it’d be cool to see lol!

But nitpicking aside, thanks for rewarding my patience (I waited four seasons for a decent baseball game!) with this AMAZING game!

Ronald172 said:

March 5th, 10:38 am

I dont understand why does the playstation 2 and psp version has homerun derby and playstation 3 version doesnt, which playstation 3 is better than both, so it should have more stuff. I think you guys should add homerun derby in the mlb10 the show.

jinxy_13 said:

March 5th, 12:02 pm

I love this game so far. I created my own pitcher. Does anyone know how to change the camera views when pitching? The only view is view from the outfield and I tried going through the game options and there is only a change or batter view.

dhotrodb said:

March 5th, 2:00 pm

I had one question. I have never downloaded ne thing for the game b4 so i was wondering if ne one can help me with that or show me where i can find out. I have the Internet part on the back of my PS2. Let me know, thanks.

Baseballplayer50 said:

March 5th, 2:19 pm

i am so excited! WOOHOO! I am going to get it later today. WHOOOOOO!!!! I am so excited.

Baseballplayer50 said:

March 5th, 2:21 pm

YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea.

TheStud52484 said:

March 5th, 8:40 pm

This is for Troy.
Accouple issues you may not be aware of…I juss got done play 15 hours straight since I requested off for games release and I found some issues.
1) In rtts as a backup 3rd base for the twins I had 5 goals completing 2 of the 5 I needed some skill increases so I trained and completed those as well so I had 4 of the 5 my last goal was 8 bases in total after the game i went back and now the goals went skyward ( same set of goals) to 22 total bases and the training I did earliar was now not good enough I thought I was seeing things i reloaded rtts from the game before and im back to having 4 completed after i train this is like my 1st set of goals in road to the show and it glitched up…? i wasnt seeing things it was still my 1st set of goals when it said I needed 22
2) I have the rockband 2 mic and it never reads it for cheers jeers? and 3rd are we going to see a classic stadium pack for say kingdome tiger stadium and municipal? please respond T-Mack

TheStud52484 said:

March 5th, 8:43 pm

1 more thing troy for trophies Im online when achievement occurs and I got the walkoff hit one but do I have to be connected to sportsconnect or juss have pss3 online or not at all? thanks

buggs1a said:

March 5th, 9:43 pm

Where are the hall of fame players ?

NotoriousC21 said:

March 5th, 10:19 pm

I would like to play my friend in a 2 player season offline. Is there a flex schedule for offline 2 player season? I would like to play more than one game ahead of his schedule, without his game getting simulated. Otherwise, I would have to play a game, then he would play, the me, then him, etc. till we played each other in game 11. Not really user friendly, a flex option online but not offline why? Any suggestions?

sugar_pop said:

March 5th, 10:40 pm

Picked up the game Tuesday….freagin awesome game! One question: The box states the game supports 1080P full hi-def but I am only getting it in 720P…I have 1080P Plasma hooked up via HDMI and all the settings are correct on the PS3 and my TV. What gives?

Also, how do you load a personal music collection to use for the game? With USB thumb drive? I already have an external HD loaded up with tunes hooked up the the PS3. Could I not use this to load tunes into the game? Thanks and great work!

Shepherdfox15 said:

March 5th, 11:40 pm

Is it just me or is this years game twice as hard a last years, I mean I was hof last year with 15 game winning streaks and I have it on all star this year and am like 500!!

KBto_e1even said:

March 5th, 11:57 pm

hi guys i just played the mlb 2k9 demo and damn it looks like 7 year olds made it campared whit mlb the show, your game looks great guys congrats.

ps.go sd padres

dhotrodb said:

March 6th, 12:50 am

I have a couple of questions that i hope someone could answer for me. One, I havent come across the training games during road to the show… i have a ps2 is it on that game or wut?? Two, the sounds of the game… where is that and how do you use it?? PLEEEEASE get back to me about this. Thank you

TK-855 said:

March 6th, 4:49 am


For the bug file – a CPU player named ‘Russell Whitesell’ on the graphics was announced by both Matt V. & the stadium announcer as ‘Calvin Vaughn’.

bness12 said:

March 6th, 8:15 am

Has anyone that plays with Texas had Elvis Andrus on your roster. Even on the updates I don’t see his name? Is there a way to directly contact the producers for feedback? I new to PSN..


NotoriousC21 said:

March 6th, 10:49 am

2 player season offline, is there a flex schedule, otherwise a 2 player season is pointless. Having to play one game per person at a time, is not user friendly. Any suggestions?

philliespwn345 said:

March 6th, 9:31 pm

I absolutely love this game, but there is one minor problem that would be awesome to have fixed and that is that Ryan Howard should point his bat when you press x before the pitcher starts his windup. Great game besides that.

philliespwn345 said:

March 6th, 10:56 pm

can you do batting practice in rtts?

JasonT2300 said:

March 7th, 10:20 am

I wanndered is sony ps3 can put Tekken 3 full game and Mortal Kombat Trilogy Full on PS store of playstation 3 for sell because i would love to buy it and alot more people would too!

buggs1a said:

March 7th, 2:57 pm

WHERE ARE THE HALL OF FAME PLAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baseballplayer50 said:

March 7th, 5:41 pm

thank you for the game i got mlb 09 the show, and my dad actually thought there was a yankee, redsox game going on. So if anyone doesn’t think it is the most realistic game ever, well, they’re wrong it is the best game of the year.

No, my dad isn’t old and he doesn’t wear glasses for those of you who don’t believe me.

Londonstani said:

March 7th, 6:57 pm

“Why can’t we have a basketball game looking like this?”

We do, it’s just that NBA 09 from SCE isn’t nearly as good of a game.

Dquez said:

March 7th, 8:54 pm

PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION: Will The World Baseball Classic 2009 Rosters be availabe for download in the playstation store For Mlb 09 the Show?


dhotrodb said:

March 7th, 8:58 pm

It is hard to get answers on here, i have asked a few and i dk wuts up, man the newest rosters have abreu on the angels but manny is still a free agent!!! Im just screwing aroung on road to the show but if i get too far along i might not want to stop haha.

philliespwn345 said:

March 7th, 10:30 pm

the hall of fame players are free agents for roster management

sdfresh said:

March 8th, 9:05 am

Please Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee fix Torii Hunters batting stance. It was perfect last year. I don’t think he changed it this year, but its different for 09. Hunter has one of the most recognizeable stances in the MLB. Please put it in the next update…..Thanks

toddl1031 said:

March 8th, 9:42 am

Does any one know how to fire a manager or coach, I can find a reference anywhere…..
Other than that great game so far…..

WILSONtm said:

March 8th, 1:27 pm

In fairness to the process I for one would like to be briefed in the following timeline regarding online issues:

1. when have you isolated the problem exactly in the code.

2. what the possible solution or solutions could be.

3. how will the solution fundamentally effect the rest of the game.

4. writing the code (ps3 code is very difficult to write…but you are Sony!)

5. test and evaluate (something you have never asked us to be a part of…testing in the studio is relevant because you work there but the problem lies elsewhere…remember that)

6. retest (there isn’t one person who bought the game who wouldn’t bend over backwards to help)

7. get approval (part of your time line is part of mine I bought said game to perform on said system therefore if your not delivering at least the common courtesy applies here).

8. implement. (again, you tell me the above and what time line its going to take, your development team doesn’t take as much flak and we don’t have to sit around and pray the pipe is cooperating for 45 minutes)

9. review (meaning we have followed the above and we now give you the patch to fix the following errors).

WILSONtm said:

March 8th, 1:40 pm

For people who have the desire to play games online with friends this is a buyer beware situation…I wish I had learned in 07, and 08, that giving Sony my money on day number one is a giant mistake. If I had to do it again and this points me to next season (and sadly the real one hasn’t begun) I will forgo purchasing this game until I read or am told that the online play is not an issue.
the lighting for example means nothing to me if i cant get online and enjoy a game…its rendered useless.

This isnt my first post about it…it probably wont be the last…but you are not even taking these questions, rather than thanking people who tell you the game is great…we know this…this is why we bought it…but it is broken.

My responsibility truly lies in having a good connection (fios 20kps up/down) a clean disk and a properly working system…after that the issues lie with Sony.

fong802 said:

March 8th, 7:35 pm

I played 08 until the 09 version came out, GREAT GAME!

Hitman3315 said:

March 8th, 9:44 pm

Just downloaded a few of the MLB 09 themes for the teams, and the Orioles theme is using an outdated logo. With their new ’09 uniforms, they also did a few revisions to their primary logo and their hat logo. The logo on the theme is not being used anymore.

kenkraly2004 said:

March 9th, 1:26 pm

I notice a patch update for MLB 09 The Show today? What’s that about and what is in it just bug fixes?

WILSONtm said:

March 9th, 1:44 pm

ok… Troy I’ve left you out of this but now Ill call to you directly.

I purchased the game on the day of release so we are nearing a week. I have had 2 games online that I would deem sufficient…on a scale of one to ten i’d give them a 6 1/2.

I have to hear things through the wise-cracker-line seeing you and your minions couldnt be bothered to tell us what that download was all about.

I hear it asssited in lag, checkswings some AI stuff and fixed the ticker.

i see the ticker works now (big deal…i get my news elsewhere)

as for the rest of the rumors i couldn’t tell you because I cant get by the first inning without a complete freeze on the other end….this had not happened before…dare i say today is worse?

Care to explain?

Seems to me you just put the roster update outside the game to give the appearance that something is actually being done…and I hear that that hasn’t worked either…im not even bothering to check…which is not good seeing we have had the game 6 days!

I am being ignored now which is frustrating as well… I have been a part of the gamers advisory panel, i have not used profanity, yet as i stated in other posts you seem busy taking slaps on the back…we wait.

UNIT-352 said:

March 10th, 10:30 am

Why do the fans not always reach up for home run balls…this is annoying, can we get a patch? Also next year add in fans catching the ball in the crowd, and cut scenes of the fans holding the ball up. O and one more thing, the homerun camera that just shows the batter the entire time is awfull…I love the cinematic camera watching the ball in flight…Besides these small gripes…BEST SPORTS GAME EVER

philliespwn345 said:

March 10th, 12:31 pm

it would be really awesome if there was some kind of road to the show but you could do it with a player that already existed. you would be able to fastfoward to his atbats in the game

nasaoua said:

March 10th, 12:50 pm

hey congrats to sony, the game is awesome! i picked it up last week and it is so addictive… I have a little problem though. my ps3 is finding a software update (1.01) of 16MB but it can’t download it completely because it keeps signing me out of the playstation network automatically. What can i do? Thanks

Fatghettoelvis said:

March 11th, 8:25 am

Yes I agree with everything said above about the game being fantastic but what is with the online mode? When I enter into a game it says the connection is great but when its time to play it jumps and skips like crazy. Trying to time a pitch is impossible. Anything going to be done about this?

And why does an account have to be 14 days old to set up a league…I’d like to play in a league now.

sailplanes said:

March 12th, 4:35 am


As the Project Manager on the game staff, could you escalate the RTTS 09 crashing issue to the staff, please?

This issue is being reported by multiple users (including myself) on the forums.

This crashing issue prevents your customers from continuing their RTTS career.

It generally happens in the second or third year around the September 15th timeframe.

When “Sim To Next Appearance” is chosen, nothing will allow the game to get past this point – it merely crashes back to the XMB screen.

This is very disappointing to me as a customer. 60 dollars is a lot of money to spend on a product that won’t work.

I know that the team has worked hard and I sincerely appreciate the product that has been created, but this issue is rendering your product completely unplayable, which is unacceptable.

I would appreciate direct communication regarding this issue, please.

Kind regards,

Joedy Drulia
Shenandoah Valley, VA

Homerun0222 said:

March 12th, 1:10 pm

Okay love the game, but i noticed when i got it there was no training modes in RTTS or anywhere. I thought that it was going to be in the ps2 game or only in the ps3 game. It did leave me a little put off. I was looking forward to a little practice. Well if you could please let me know if there a training mode and i missed it or if there isnt one at all.

Pyrite013 said:

March 12th, 8:45 pm

Please, please, please…a dev or customer rep needs to check out the forums regarding the baserunning controls. There are several threads focusing on this one issue in an otherwise near perfect game.

nmycon said:

March 15th, 9:18 pm

hey, just got MLB 09 today (March 15), i had 08 for PS3 and PSP last season, but it was MLB 07 for the PSP that really won me over back on 2007

anyways, 09 has improved so much more than ordinary sports games do in one year

my only complaint is that your custom playlist only allows 240 (i think?) songs, I am a realism NUT and would like to have custom music for all players and home run songs for all team (for HR, just one per team), even with the songs packed into groups of 3 (720 songs) that is not enough for all players

is there any way for the playlist size to be expanded via a patch or something

anyways THANKS A LOT to SCEA for this fantastic game!

jpbdbacks said:

March 18th, 12:11 pm

This game looks great. Can’t wait to pick it up. Question, since the WBC is getting alot more attention here in the states. Are yall thinking about adding a WBC (World Baseball Classic) section on the game? Just a thought for games to come.


dmusicmon24 said:

March 19th, 10:16 am

I absolutely love the game!
I am not sure if this is the place to ask for help but here goes. I’m playing RTTS as a pitcher and in my first season in the Majors 2011, the game crashes on September 16th, a day I’m scheduled to start. After I click on sim-to-next appearence or sim-to-date past that date, the PS3 resets itself. Any advice? Do I need to start a new RTTS, or is there a work-around? Thanks!

Dquez said:

March 20th, 3:53 pm


SoccerDee said:

March 23rd, 11:30 am

this game is sickkk!! so real.. im going to order some real trophies for it from crown awards lol

russ725 said:

March 23rd, 4:45 pm

I absolutely love this game, especially as a baseball player and fan myself! I had a couple of questions for the producers however….Why is it that I cannot play it in the 1080 format on my television? and is the RTTS for the PSP system transferable to the PS3 system? Thanks and I look forward to many more MLB the shows!

superdaveseal said:

March 26th, 11:54 am

If anyone at Playstation is reading this, there’s something I hope to see in future editions of The Show… First, pitchers warming up in the bullpen during gameplay… Second, more lines on commentary. If you’re playing through a season, there’s only so many times you can hear the same comments. They get old after the all star break. Also, during 1 player season mode, let the player assign free agents to the rest of the teams to make the rosters more accurate. Thanks and keep up the good work.

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