Sack it to Me – The “We’re Biting Our Tongue” Edition

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Admittedly, this week’s update is a bit on the light side – mainly because we have some great stuff that we have to wait until next week’s post. But instead of not posting anything, we thought it would be best to at least update you on a few things…

MediaMolecule Podcast
As a new feature to the site, Media Molecule has just posted the first of many podcasts. It’s a new endeavor, so they’re looking for feedback – so if you have any, comment away!

LittleBigPlanet - Media Molecule starts podcasting

Another Clever Commercial from the UK
You’ve seen the hilarious commercials from our UK offices. They’ve just finalized one more and it’s a ‘stinker’…literally (check for yourself).

We were originally planning to announce today, but in an effort to make this an exclusive and simultaneous challenge for multiple countries, we have to “dot a few more i’s” and “cross a few more t’s” before we make an official announcement. Hold tight.

In need of some new clothes? Love SackBoy? If the answer is yes to both, head to your nearest Kohl’s or Hot Topic, where you’ll find the latest trend in SackBoy fashion. Our partners @ IVGear have several designs of official merchandise in the works and this is just the first of them.

LittleBigPlanet LBP tshirt

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4 Author Replies

  • Awesome Possum.

  • Looking forward to “some great stuff” in next week’s Sack it to Me – have a good weekend!

  • seph1r0th00

    Mark you TEASE!!!
    Gotta wait a whole week for “some great stuff” :(

    My inner sackboy is crying right now…

  • getting that lbp t-shirt for sure

  • Omg. LBP t-shirts would b sick.

  • Yea that shirt looks awesome are they out now?

  • ok tshirt is awesome but how about you make them playable? just uplad them to the littlegibuniverse for all to play and whats the deal on those helghast sackboys can we have one that looks like garza or sev from killzone 2?

    PS. love the “fun shall overcome”commercial

  • well, picked the metal gear shirts up…. hell im grabbing this

  • Idea: I liked how was accessible through Killzone 2’s main menu. How about integrating a browser into the LBP game menu (or Pod?) itself to let us download the podcasts to listen to on our PS3’s.

  • Does this mean we are definetly getting content next thursday? Its been 2 very long weeks and I haven’t had anything to spend my money on!

  • Don’t bite too hard or you mite nip a bit off O_O

    So is this update game changing/expanding or is it just some really good costumes???

  • Amazing shirt!

  • Sharingan_itachi

    Are the shirts in all sizes?Better have triple x

  • now that is awsome, and lol @ the helghasn avatars

  • These levels we see in the commercials why not put them in the LittleBigStore as a free download?

  • WTF? ok…

  • I will definitely be stopping by my local Hot Topic now.

  • gooch-getta

    hey marketing director, why not acutally do some marketing? Socom?

  • I just subscribed to the podcast and am gonna listen to it on my way home from work. Hopefully the Queen’s English accent isn’t too strong ;)

  • Woo hoo–headin’ over to Hot Topic as soon as I get some cash!

  • Wow I want that shirt.
    What sizes are they in?

  • Definitely some great news!

  • OMG I need that shirt!!!

  • Stoffinator

    Can you get those shirts in more known stores like Wal Mart? We don’t have those stores up here.

    • Mark Valledor
      Mark Valledor

      Sorry, just those stores for now…but hopefully we\’ll get on the WM buyers radar.

  • EPIC must have shirt

  • jajaja really funny commercial is it available to play online??

  • The shirt looks awesme and the commercial is about ASS1 lol

  • Shirt available in Canada?

  • subscribed to the new podcast, looking forward to more of it

  • MeanMrMustard

    podcast are cool, video podcast are better.
    but please make it downloadable and playable on the PSP.

  • JadenPrinceton

    Yay! I can’t wait, I’m so hitting HT as soon as possible :D

    Sackboy <3

  • Nice to hear about podcasts. Would also be cool if they were accessible via the PlayStation Store or from within the LBP GUI.

    Is YouTube recording coming soon?

  • Hey Mark:
    I love the T-Shirt, it is available in Canada?

  • @ Mark Valledor.

    When are we going to get more info on the Helghasts and ISA Sackboy customs?

  • I’ll be super disapointed if the shirt wasnt avalible outside the united states and UK (I dont no why it wouldnt be avalible in UK), I’m going to check anyways but I’d like a word from you before I go out and see for myself…

    By the way, that was some funny commercial

    • Mark Valledor
      Mark Valledor

      Not sure on the UK side. I\’ve seen some shirts come out of Europe, but don\’t know specifics.

  • It’s settled…








    T-SHIRT!!!!!!!!!! :)

    :P I think I’m in love… again…

  • that video is gross.

  • Is that level on LittleBigPlanet online level?

  • Sweet, I’d love to have some LBP swag… T’s or otherwise.

    Whoot @ Media Molecule and Sony for SackBoy fashion.

  • @37: Grossly awesome :P

  • The video was gross. The shirt looks awesome. I may very well be sporting that in the near future.

  • Podcast = Awesome

    LBP Shirts = Bad @$$

  • @28:

    probably not. don’t think those stores are in canada. you’ll have to order online and hope they ship. i don’t see why they wouldn’t.

  • Handsome_Devil

    Nice T-Shirt, I LOVE IT. now please bring in more of LittleBigPlanet Stuff.

    Like Paper weight, Calendar,,,,,ets

    oh and Mark, since the T-Shirt is already in the Wild, could you please tell us where can we find it?

    I want to get me and my little brother and sis. some of them :D

  • Handsome_Devil


    I mean where can I find it in Europ, cuz I live in Holland :D

  • Shirts look great, I’ll have to pick them up.

    Question, and yes I know I ask a few of them, the Update to 1.10 this week changed the icon for the Contest Winning Costumes by adding the Monkey King Sackboy. Does this mean that at some point this will be available or is this a taunt for those of us who are hungry for all things LBP?

    Aside from that, thanks for the update. I can’t wait to see what the challenge will be.

  • that’s awesome, why can’t we have those commercials here??? So not far..hilarious…and where is that world????I wanna get farted on…lol just not sharted ….

  • KillerBread

    can we please play those levles what are shown as adverts i would pay to play them

  • A..a…a LittleBigTeeShirt? ZOMG *head ‘splodes*

    Kohl’s also has some PlayStation pajama bottoms. I’m going there tomorrow if they have both of those items in stock.

  • PullusPardusUS

    you know lately , Band t-shirts and Video game t-shirts been meeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhh…
    but this one is like the best! and im serious. imma buy it

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