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Mar 09

Mar 09

Red Alert 3 PS3 – Demo, DLC, and Details

David Seeholzer's Avatar Posted by Senior Development Director,Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition

Hello again everyone! For those of us who haven’t met yet, I’m David Seeholzer, the Senior Development Director on Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition for the PLAYSTATION 3. We hope to go gold soon, and everyone here at EA Los Angeles is very excited about getting, what we feel, is the best console RTS into your hands.

In case you are new or missed my last blog post here, Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition promises to be the premier RTS on PS3 with full co-op campaign with VoIP support, 3 unique world powers vying for global domination, and over 60 minutes of classic C&C cinematics in full HD. To really make this the Ultimate Edition, we added a ton of bonus content, some of which is entirely exclusive to the PS3 version, including developer strategy videos, the full soundtrack, 5 new skirmish maps, Behind the Scenes, Bloopers & Outtakes, and my favorite, The Women of RA3 featurette!

Since we last spoke some really cool things have come down the pipe. For starters our PlayStation Store destination went live and we have ton of awesome content hosted on it. There’s a Red Alert 3 theme featuring the Soviet Commando, (and my personal favorite) Natasha, high res concept art from each faction, and our official trailer. We have plans for more exciting content for the PlayStation Store so check back often. Most importantly we have been hard at work on a demo, and it should be available for download in a couple of weeks. We sincerely hope that all of you download the demo and try out the Ultimate Edition of Red Alert 3; we know you will not be disappointed.

Red Alert 3 Ultimate Edition PS3 Red Alert 3 Ultimate Edition PS3

We also have plans to release live DLC post ship through the PS Store as well. We strongly believe in product support especially after ship, and we have a team here dedicated to releasing new maps, missions, units, and other content for the PLAYSTATION 3. The team is hard at work on the first of what we hope will be many DLC packages for RA3: Ultimate Edition. This map pack, which should be available very close to our launch later this month, will feature 3 new skirmish maps for both offline and online play. The team here is dedicated to bringing you quality content on a regular cadence, so make sure to keep your eyes and ears open for future updates.

Red Alert 3 Ultimate Edition PS3 Red Alert 3 Ultimate Edition PS3

In the meantime once RA3: Ultimate Edition ships, various members of the EA Los Angeles family will be seeking worthy commanders to challenge us over the PlayStation Network. So make sure you are online and looking for opponents, you never know when you might be challenged by me and my Tengu rush!

We have also had an awesome 4 page preview in one of the more recent issues of PlayStation: The Official Magazine. If you haven’t checked it out yet, see why they are calling it “one of the most important releases on the platform this year.”

Thanks for tuning in again, we are all excited to hear what you think of Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition and we take all your comments very seriously, so say what’s on your mind!

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chubigans said:

March 9th, 2:49 pm

I’m definitely buying. Sounds awesome. Thanks for supporting the PS3 with all this stuff!

laivindil said:

March 9th, 2:53 pm

If there is some DLC and good news about DLC in a month or so after release I’ll buy it. I don’t ever really like console RTS games. But with DLC and the demo Ill check it out for sure.

KUSHman666 said:

March 9th, 2:53 pm

yes thx for supporting us ps users ;-) ima check out the demo and i just might pick this up on release day.

tirminyl said:

March 9th, 2:57 pm

Can’t wait to try this out!

gamestopper09 said:

March 9th, 2:58 pm

A must buy game for me. Thanks for the exclusives!

Zezzler said:

March 9th, 2:58 pm

YAY for a BETTER PS3 version! i hope you set an example for other devs to make ps3 versions of games better.

I bet the delay will be worth it by a MILLION. Cant wait for demo! keep up the awesome RTS AWESOMENESS!

    David Seeholzer's Avatar

    David Seeholzer said:

    March 13th, 11:11 am

    Thanks for your enthusiasm! We\’re very proud of the PS3 version and we do think you will love it.

Calendaros said:

March 9th, 2:59 pm

ultimate edition = mouse and keyboard support. This is no ultimate edition.

Jedah said:

March 9th, 2:59 pm

Same here Laivindil, I’m not a huge fan of console RTS, but I’ll definetly keep my eye out on this one, and I will try the demo.

bball230 said:

March 9th, 3:00 pm

btw^^^ sorry to distract from the post.. the game looks GREAT

lakaiHIGH said:

March 9th, 3:01 pm

i havent played Command & Conquer on consoles since the first PS1 with Red Alert 2. god those were good times! cannot wait for this to drop cuz i have sorely missed C&C. do you think you guys will ever release a PSP version?


StonTemplePilot said:

March 9th, 3:01 pm

ohhh i cant wait PS3 gettin good guy!! Go SONY!

Neil said:

March 9th, 3:01 pm

I’m not a big RTS fan but I will definitely give the demo a whirl.

I.A.C.W. said:

March 9th, 3:01 pm

Cannot wait. Love the series, getting KB&M just for this game.

jipmg said:

March 9th, 3:02 pm

my fiends say if the game supported keyboard and mouse, they would buy it

tirminyl said:

March 9th, 3:03 pm

Also, why no support for KB&M?

Zezzler said:

March 9th, 3:03 pm

By the way i may want to challenge some devs sometime. do you have a PSN ID? if so what is it?

Jim777 said:

March 9th, 3:04 pm

looks really cool, cant wait for the demo and the girls ;)

Ice_Pick said:

March 9th, 3:05 pm

Will there be mouse and keyboard support? RTS games really don’t work well with a standard controller.

    David Seeholzer's Avatar

    David Seeholzer said:

    March 13th, 11:37 am

    Traditional RTS games on PC are definitely designed around the kbd/mouse interface, but we think RTS can work on console if we embrace the interface and work hard on the evolution of the gameplay. We think think we are making huge progress with this and hope you agree.

Fantatier said:

March 9th, 3:06 pm

Its already pre ordered, now please make it all the sweeter and announce optional Mouse+Keyboard support!!!
CnC rocks ever since its humble beginnings under Westwood

Blown2Bits said:

March 9th, 3:07 pm

Cool! I’ve been waiting for this game it looks like a ton of fun! Thanks guys!

INTVGene said:

March 9th, 3:10 pm

Day one buy! Please keep supporting the PS3, guys.

blindrocket said:

March 9th, 3:27 pm

Those screenshots look very nice.
I remember playing the original Red Alert on the original Playstation. :)
Thanks for making a good product on the PS3, not a quick and easy buck.

Ramses_13 said:

March 9th, 3:32 pm

Never played Red Alert or the Command and Conquer series, to be honest I wasn’t even going to give this game a second look, but then I saw the trailer . The trailer was awesome and got me interested in the story and gameplay, which looks great, I’ve never played a RTS on a console. Anyway I’m definitely going to buy this game, wish I could get a Kelly Hu and Jenny McCarthy autographed edition. lol

    David Seeholzer's Avatar

    David Seeholzer said:

    March 13th, 11:38 am

    Then you will probably enjoy the \”Women of RA3\” feature in the Extras. :)

lelik said:

March 9th, 3:34 pm

yo do a post about router config/port forwarding for the best psn experience.

mixedkidbx said:

March 9th, 3:44 pm

i’ll try the demo out.

Darkos87 said:

March 9th, 3:44 pm

still a bit wary of RTS on consoles, will try the demo for sure, was just playing Red Alert 2 again. timeless fun

cnn93 said:

March 9th, 3:50 pm




Carnivius_Prime said:

March 9th, 3:58 pm

I loathe real time strategy games immensely (and turn based too) but I think the graphics on this look very nice.

I have a fondness for the soundtrack to the very first Command & Conquer.

    David Seeholzer's Avatar

    David Seeholzer said:

    March 13th, 11:41 am

    Red Alert 3 has a pretty spectacular soundtrack, and fortunately for you we have included the entire soundtrack as an Extras. I am a long-time fan of movie soundtracks and I find the quality of composition and performance of this one to be on par with those of major films.

Blkant said:

March 9th, 4:04 pm

Red Alert 1 & 2 were among the first games I ever played (along side with Doom and Quake). Because of that its always had a special place for me, but at first when I heard of the delay and rumors of it not coming out on PS3 I was quite angered. However this extra content is surely intriguing and has generally made me excited. But I must ask before I could really call this a purchase, I know there are expansions coming out for the PC and Mac, but is this planned for the PS3 version? Especially, is it planned as an expansion over the PSN? Over all I must say supporting the expansion over the PSN is CRUCIAL! This game as a starter, while it may have more content, is behind on its release, not to mention the PS3 version is, even though its older, more expensive than the PC/Mac version, because of these reasons I believe that when the expansion rolls out, it should for us as well. We can upgrade our HDD’s after all, size is not an issue, support however, is a must.

CinderShadow said:

March 9th, 4:05 pm

It’s really good to learn that a demo will be coming, so that I can give this a try. It’s very likely that I’ll get the full PS3 game, since with this version, you can just put the disc in, and you know you’re going to have a great experience.

oGGe45 said:

March 9th, 4:05 pm

Looks very nice. Will pick it up for sure.
One question though, will it support mouse and keyboard?


DroppinBombs said:

March 9th, 4:07 pm

i dont feel that i’m feeling these feelings about these feelings you feel for this game.

lcmnick said:

March 9th, 4:08 pm

This looks really great.

I’m with INTVGene…keep supporting the PS3…it is the 10 year system after all…

tojeka said:

March 9th, 4:11 pm

I will only buy it if it supports Mouse & Keyboard! RTS are unplayable in a professional way without it! And i hope the DLC will be free or in reasonable priced packs, because i wont buy it if i have to buy tons of DLC after i already payed for an expensive game.

Enforcer_X said:

March 9th, 4:12 pm

I have it for PC and I am TOTALLY getting this for PS3!
Thanks EA!

Ftwrthtx said:

March 9th, 4:13 pm

I’m looking forward to the demo. thanks

AmericanNinja1 said:

March 9th, 4:15 pm

@27 no it does not.

acmilanboy said:

March 9th, 4:16 pm

Could you guys give in-game music support?

AmericanNinja1 said:

March 9th, 4:16 pm

David Seeholzer will you guys be supporting Playstation HOME in anyway?

    David Seeholzer's Avatar

    David Seeholzer said:

    March 13th, 11:44 am

    We are not supporting PlayStation Home at the moment.

acmilanboy said:

March 9th, 4:16 pm

And sorry Jeff for being rude… u know how bad monday mornings are, start of a whole week of work!!

i_like_toast said:

March 9th, 4:19 pm

</3 planned dlc


March 9th, 4:23 pm

We want mouse and keyboard support!! Please EA, patch this in!

StupidityTries said:

March 9th, 4:33 pm

Is the co-op local split-screen?

marionoaks said:

March 9th, 4:34 pm

I’m am looking forward to this great game, I love your pc games, and the PS3 games graphics should blow them away!, I cant wait to play the demo, and eventually the full game!

TheHater2 said:

March 9th, 4:35 pm

You call that the Ultimate version? LAME
Why aren’t you guys taking full advantage of the PS3 for? Where is the mouse and keyboard support? Where is the youtube support? I guessing this also don’t support in-game music.

ChainClutch said:

March 9th, 4:36 pm

Im assuming the demo is not out yet cause i didnt see it with last thursday store update.. cant wait to try it out

Mobius_124 said:

March 9th, 4:44 pm

I would like to see this game get Mouse and Keyboard support, but I would understand why you guys dont.

CrimsonFox13 said:

March 9th, 4:46 pm

Hm… What do you guys think of Stormrise? Coming from Creative Assembly, that RTS will be tough to beat.

Asshandler said:

March 9th, 4:52 pm

Is the co-op online?

Thrasher20 said:

March 9th, 5:03 pm

OoO yayuh! I can’t wait! I love Command & Conquer Red Alert series. Mann… CNC women are always sexy ;)

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