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Mar 10

Mar 10

Metal Gear Online – SCENE Expansion Pre-Order Begins

Brandon Laurino's Avatar Posted by Executive Producer, Dust 514

Hello all – Starting later today, you will be able to pre-order the Metal Gear Online SCENE Expansion pack! You can purchase SCENE separately for $9.99, a bundle with the second MGO Expansion pack, MEME, for $14.99, or get all three Expansion packs, GENE, MEME, and, SCENE for just $17.99 through Metal Gear Online’s in-game shop and Konami’s shop. If you buy a bundle pack that includes MEME and/or GENE, they will be available immediately, and SCENE will become available on the release date, March 17, 2009. All can be purchased using the PlayStation Network Wallet and PayPal, in addition to the previous payment methods.

Metal Gear Online SCENE Expansion Screenshot Boxman

All players who pre-order SCENE will receive the special “cardboard man” head gear for free, so don’t wait to jump on these great deals!

Only one week left until SCENE is released, but there’s even more cool stuff yet to be revealed, so stay tuned!

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spideyal said:

March 11th, 1:12 am

I’m definitely considering that bundle pack.
But I need to get back into MGO first. I really haven’t played it in a couple months.

I cant say for sure if its because no trophies, but I like little rewards online. Like Challenges in CoD, or Medals/Ribbons in Killzone 2 and Ribbons in Resistance. Same with building experience to rank up. There really isn’t anything like the games I’ve listed in MGO. So I think that’s the only thing holding me back.

I was in the beta and enjoyed it A LOT! Was one of my favorite online games. Like, #1 favorite. But now with all these other games in my site, its hard to play MGO anymore.

But I’ll definitely consider getting back into my favorite franchise again.

Also, don’t mind the Konami-IDs, had to use an alternate ID for Killzone 1, Monster Hunter and various PC games, so I’m fine with it.

Yaro2318 said:

March 11th, 1:31 am

You’re kidding right? is there really no paypal option?? I checked and I indeed could find one :(….. But I do remember seeing a message about a week ago that I could buy meme & gene here in the mgo store with paypal :S..

It would really suck if they didn’t have paypal in Europe…

Shadow_Dancer said:

March 11th, 2:16 am


Well I know it isn’t available to those of us in Australia, though the Paypal option (which seems to be suspended at the moment) only comes up if you choose U.S as your country so I’m assuming it isn’t available to everyone else.

Lirion said:

March 11th, 2:29 am

I’m glad you guys support MGO so much, I just wish you would listen to everyone and get rid of the Konami ID and use the PSN.

I can guarantee that you would get more players on MGO and probably sell more of the expansions as well if you started to use PSN and the PS Store like the other devs do.

FoxGirl said:

March 11th, 4:07 am

well, this is it, i’m going to have to pass. No pre-order through psn wallet, no purchase from me. it’s a shame though. oh well, back to kz2.

TheWeltner said:

March 11th, 4:29 am

All of these people STILL whining about the Konami ID.

They CAN. NOT. SWITCH IT. They would have to remake the entire game in order to do it! That is such a ridiculous request, it boggles my mind how people can’t realize that the system is ingrained into the code of the game. To change it would require a redesign of the entire game. Just stop whining and sign up in the 5 minutes it takes if you want to play it.


lonewolf1994 said:

March 11th, 4:42 am

to bad i cant buy this D:

my country isnt available :(

if you add malta then hell al buy all of em in a heart beat

PedroHGama said:

March 11th, 7:02 am

-An annouced PSN Wallet use that no one see
-An annouced Paypal that simple dont works
-A Trophie agreement that is simple ignored
-An PSN Store that ALL delvelopers are forced to use. All BUT Konami PHARAO KINGS

A TOTAL disrespect to PS3 users wishes… not talking about that they dont give a “single” to Sony interests

Isn’t time (I think that the time passed already) for Sony to put an end on this arrogant behavior of Konami with SONY users?

So, what Sony is affraid for? What is Konami compared to PS3? THEY AND THEIR ARROGANT BEHAVIOR ARE NOT MORE THAN NOTHING!

Sony is simple showing that they are weak and for what? To have it’s exclusivity on MGS4??? LET THEY PUT IT ON XBOX and let they try to act this way with Microsoft

But what Konami is doing with SONY and their USERS is simple a BIG SHAME and we cannot simple accept those way of behavior

MGS4 is a GREAT game, BUT SONY AND PS3 IS MUCH BIGGER THAN THAT, and all Sony is doing is puting their head down and accepting ALL Konami’s arrogant acts with not a single word

Have you ever heard about RECALL? So, be HUMBLE, do something honest and DO A RECALL, Killing Konami and game ID’s and accepting the fact that Sony PS3 users USE PSN afterall

Sephiroth said:

March 11th, 7:09 am

No trophies = NO BUY, sorry guys, but even for MG Online, trophies are a must, at least for me (and some other who think alike), that’s why I haven’t bought any single of your packs, instead of making them you should have started by adding trophies to the game

Modster79 said:

March 11th, 7:40 am

stop insisting on Trophies people he said a while back they’re looking into it…jeez…

anyway on topic looks awesome, may just pre-order it for the hat xD

nice job supporting MGO guys, appreciate it

Andrefpvs said:

March 11th, 7:52 am

I know Brandon said he’d get back to us as soon as he had any more information on the status of our requests, but I can’t wait to know more, even if the details are tiny…

So please, spill some beans Mr. B- :)

mywhitenoise said:

March 11th, 9:00 am

dont add trophies to the online portion of the game. I hate investing time into online games, especially when they dont use the PSN system.

If you do add trophies, make it so that only the single player trophies add up to a Platinum, and the online trophies can be seperate.

BigPoppaB said:

March 11th, 9:00 am

I wont buy unless you either implement trophies or ditch the Konami ID… preferably trophies

DaxMontana said:

March 11th, 9:25 am

There should be a NEW BLOG RULE:

If you can’t be bothered to answer even a single question (or post even a single comment) then don’t bother posting a BLOG entry.

SeLwOoD-X said:

March 11th, 11:02 am

Just give us some info on the trophies Konami, let us know if they are coming or not please.

nikedog said:

March 11th, 4:39 pm

I’m gonna preorder this, but i have 2 MGO characters, will they both receive a cardboard hat?

Please let there be trophies, it would be so awesome!

gbpman630 said:

March 12th, 11:29 am

If Konami were smart, they would add trophies. That’s all there is to it. They obviously love money, since they keep adding this pointless, overpriced DLC. Do they not understand that sales of MGS4 would go up if they added trophies. They should have been there from the beginning. I seriously don’t get it, Konami.

Enthu-Hiryu said:

March 13th, 3:58 pm

Konami, I hope you read this. I WILL NOT BUY SCENE UNTIL YOU ELIMINATE KONAMI ID. The Konami ID burdens players and causes lag. Just put it on PSN and use our OSN IDs. Then I would buy all the expansions and play regularly, as MGO is good.

I have witnessed people try to play MGO and then give up during the KOnami ID proccess. This is not uncommon either. Get it together and patch this game up! Thank you.

stoksy08 said:

March 13th, 9:04 pm


stoksy08 said:

March 13th, 9:05 pm


ssj20naruto said:

March 14th, 8:09 pm

why i cant not play metar gear 4 online on my ps3 can you e mail me and teel me the resons why i cant not play online thank you.

cpmpanda said:

March 15th, 5:08 pm

Ok guys and gals.
The thing about dual ID’s / Log-Ins.

Allow us to NOT share expansions and other dlc with one another, leaving more profit for Konami to give us more goodies and fix problems in the future.

It allows us to create multiple characters without using our PSN account names. I hate that in alot of games, where it uses your psn name automatically. 98% of games I have played and seen.

That MIGHT also mean Konami will need to sign stuff over to playstation. No one gets that, there is something with playstation and psn and whatnot that other games link to and we can’t create custom names unless we create a new psn.

So, that allows us ALSO extra security. One for playing the game, and another for purchasing things. So until you except that, play or not.
Cause here is the thing, MGO is the best damn online game out there and NO ONE seems to see that. Why? No idea but I am writing an article about it and a big fat review.

Have fun guys and I hope to see you on MGO, I am in the NA servers, I go by, Panda as my Metal Gear Online handle and ill hopefully be trying to own you with raiden and vamp haha. Or getting owned by you.

JC_Rotor said:

March 16th, 10:19 am

I would like to let you all in on a little secret….

1) the majority of the fanbase for this game doesnt give a crap about stupid trophies. The people who play MGO long after the initial “new game” crowd has died down are the ones Konami cares about. Not you fools who play a game just to get the trophies and then move on to the next.
2) The konami ID system is there to protect the players just as much as the company. It allows Konami to keep cheaters and the like out, which they are now doing. It also keeps all the player records safe on konamis servers as well as personal information. And you can save your login info on your ps3 anyway and not have to remember it, it logs in for me everytime i boot up MGO.

So stop whining, WE dont care, Konami doesnt care.

If you choose to miss out on the greatest gaming experience ive ever had, thats your fault, we are sorry that you are terrible at the multiplayer and never got into it cause you started with a sloth rank. goodbye.

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