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Mar 10

Mar 10

NBC Universal Premieres on PSN Today

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Hi Everyone –

We are very excited to announce that as of today, PlayStation Network will offer movies and television programs from NBC Universal. Universal Pictures has a huge lineup of new releases, including MILK and ROLE MODELS, and other favorites like THE 40-YEAR OLD VIRGIN and THE BIG LEBOWSKI. Today’s announcement makes PlayStation Network the premiere platform for downloading your favorite content from all the major movie studios.

You’ve been asking for it, and now we have it….. NBC’s THE OFFICE, HEROES and 30 ROCK as well as Sci Fi’s BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and EUREKA are also available starting today. New episodes will be added the day after they air, in both HD and SD.

Keep checking out all of the great new movies and shows because we are continuously adding more movies, series and episodes. Enjoy!

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walnoj said:

March 10th, 10:53 am

Are you guys planning on ever adding closed-captioning or subtitles to the downloads from PSN or should I just give up hope now? It’s ridiculous that if I go to Hulu a ton of shows and movies have subtitles/closed-captioning and I pay nothing to watch them.

    Grace Chen's Avatar

    Grace Chen said:

    March 10th, 11:11 am

    While we currently don\’t offer this, we are always looking at ways to further enhance the service. Thanks for your comments.

DoctorJJ said:

March 10th, 10:56 am

Us Canadians are still getting the shaft. Phooey. I got a question for all you American videophiles though. Are the movies available on the PSN in full 1080P HD?

EvoAnubis said:

March 10th, 10:56 am

Ah. Avatars are back now. So, what happened before?

mixedkidbx said:

March 10th, 10:58 am

this is a nice adition

jipmg said:

March 10th, 10:58 am

I guess this is cool,

NARDE15 said:

March 10th, 10:59 am

would be nice to have a subscription for the movie store.

mattyInkWell said:

March 10th, 11:00 am

[voiceover] Way out west there was this fella I wanna tell ya about. Goes by the name of Jeff Lebowski. At least that was the handle his loving parents gave him, but he never had much use for it himself. See, this Lebowski, he called himself “The Dude”. Now, “Dude” – there’s a name no man would self-apply where I come from… I love this movie

Pinhead_x said:

March 10th, 11:05 am

“so when will europe finaly get this lovely flavour of PSN goodness?”

Most likely NEVER.
too much copyright bullcrap and power hungry network executives involved.

NoobianGod said:

March 10th, 11:05 am

The Office and Heroes will make excellent editions to be offered! If only it could be worked out to where purchased (not rented) items could be re-downloaded after deletion then I would actually use this feature. I’ll keep watch because I really would love to support this, but feel as advanced as it is the delete and re-add once purchased feature SHOULD BE THERE.

adolson said:

March 10th, 11:06 am

HEY SONY, I have MONEY here for you. DO YOU WANT IT? You’ll have to come across that Canadian border… And bring your video service with you.

Ackers11 said:

March 10th, 11:06 am

When will the UK get a video store????


March 10th, 11:08 am

When can Canadians expect the video store?

jqtaxpayer said:

March 10th, 11:09 am

I’d rather hear news of a release date for “The Big Lebowski” on Blu-Ray — come on, Universal, the format wars ended years ago now.

glody said:

March 10th, 11:11 am

This is amazing!

Now your next step is to talk to Netflix.com about having them stream some of their movie collection goodness.





March 10th, 11:11 am

DRM issues (tie to PSN not machine) fixed yet?

zombiefriend said:

March 10th, 11:13 am

heroes season 3? ;D

jazzyrider said:

March 10th, 11:13 am

Will we be able to transfer these to our PSP? Or will the PSP have its own video store because of the file sizes?

cleanme2 said:

March 10th, 11:15 am

Can we get an Official response about the Canadian market? It really irks me that we’re always left in the dark.

Zookey said:

March 10th, 11:16 am



also, as obligatory with all PSN posts:


THanks though–keep it up! Congrats on the new partnership!

Carl-G said:

March 10th, 11:18 am

Where is the Euro PSN Movie store??????

PhoenixP3K said:

March 10th, 11:19 am

Too bad NBC doesn’t get what the WORLD WIDE Web is.

♫ America F**K Yeah ♪


coastermaniac said:

March 10th, 11:21 am


lightweaponx said:

March 10th, 11:21 am



March 10th, 11:21 am

BTW…I hear that Amazon’s VOD service works through PlayON.

drish88 said:

March 10th, 11:21 am

The additional movies, awesome. But if I want to watch some TV shows on the PS3, i’ll just use the browser to go to hulu until it’s free on PSN.


March 10th, 11:22 am

Does anyone know when the movie download service is coming to Ireland & Uk??

nYcFrEeWiLL82 said:

March 10th, 11:23 am


Sakimori_X said:

March 10th, 11:28 am

Schweet! More video content is always welcome.

Drummin7Jeff said:

March 10th, 11:29 am

Will we ever get a “season” pack?… like a special price for downloading an entire season? And I agree with 50 (islandfellow2) It would be sweet to have some sort of subscription method. I’d pay for it if it was 15 bucks a month (or less). I have only downloaded 2 robot chicken episodes and I probably won’t buy any more movies from the PSN unless it has one of those things.

Enforcer_X said:

March 10th, 11:29 am

NO 1080P

JKC31 said:

March 10th, 11:30 am

I love how PS adds features months and years later. “Pay now and maybe someday will do something.”

InfinityDevil said:

March 10th, 11:30 am

Dear Sony,

I would pay a one-time $20 for a native Netflix streaming client that lives on the XMB, not the DLNA-streaming PlayOn one that can’t fast forward or rewind through shows.

See that? Real money. Not this I-want-everything-free whiny whiny stuff. Reaaaal moneeey *dangle*dangle*dangle* come’n get it!

MegadethAndy said:

March 10th, 11:32 am

I’d also like to see some updates on MAG and Gran Turismo 5.

xaos said:

March 10th, 11:35 am

Actually, speaking of feature requests, having the ability to back up stuff purchased off the store would be great, since we can’t re-download. I’ve even installed a 500 GB drive in my PS3 but still am bumping up against the capacity limits of my storage :(

DarkCollaring said:

March 10th, 11:36 am

I wish I could spend money on the service, but I live in Canada, so… Arr Matey ! ;)

sam_i_jam said:

March 10th, 11:37 am

Battlestar is on PSN in HD!


Gr00v3r06 said:

March 10th, 11:39 am

Good deal adding more content on the video store. I would love Netflix but I only hope you could pull that off. Netflix member since 2003. I think you guys might want to look ahead off all this and come up with a great idea to aggregate all the video on the net. I recommend looking at what some 3rd party app programers are doing.

LoLskilled87 said:

March 10th, 11:39 am

Why is it, in the “What’s New” section of the video store, there is the unnecessary spacing…? Looks very un-professional.


March 10th, 11:40 am


Netflix signed exclusivity deal for game consoles with MS.

Blockbuster is looking for a game console to hook up with though…

misi06 said:

March 10th, 11:41 am

Nice, but do you know when the video store will come to Europe?

islandfellow2 said:

March 10th, 11:43 am

I second the motion!!!!
Dear Sony,
I would pay a one-time $20 for a native Netflix streaming client that lives on the XMB, not the DLNA-streaming PlayOn one that can’t fast forward or rewind through shows.
See that? Real money. Not this I-want-everything-free whiny whiny stuff. Reaaaal moneeey *dangle*dangle*dangle* come’n get it!

Deathdrifter said:

March 10th, 11:43 am

WHEN IS THIS SERVICE COMING to CANADA!! damn it’s been a year since US got the video store why cant canadian psnv iew and buy videos!!!

willacuz said:

March 10th, 11:43 am

When will PSN’s videos be offered in HD audio? Live has this. All Audio for movies is just stereo. :\

Fusion_ID said:

March 10th, 11:44 am

yay for Heroes and Battlestar Galactica!

sNsKid said:

March 10th, 11:45 am

I watched Role Models last week. lol

Tezasaurus said:

March 10th, 11:46 am

Nice, that is some great content- very cool that you’ll be adding it the day after episodes air, as well.

Now if only the prices and DRM were reasonable…

czakhary said:

March 10th, 11:47 am

The more content the better. Nice to hear.

Raider197 said:

March 10th, 11:47 am

Can you give us an idea of when the UK can expect to get the movie store? Sounds great


March 10th, 11:48 am

Hi Jeff, How are you today? Good I hope. Can you find out something for me? Can you find out when the PSN CARDS are coming to a Blockbuster near me, in CANADA? I am getting kind of sick of having to by vanila mastercards all the time. They get the price of a WH booster pack every time I buy em, that money could be going to Sony. Please tell me they are going to roll out soon.

Also when IS the video store going to come here? I mean we get all the same television stations and all the movies come to our theaters so WHY NOT THE STORE for us? I really don’t understand why we are being left out. Could you write a nice comprehensive answer in here and not a one liner.
Thanks your fan as always,


March 10th, 11:49 am

When will the PSN video store come out in europe.

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