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Mar 10

Mar 10

X-Men Origins: Wolverine First Gameplay Trailer & Live Chat Tomorrow at Noon Pacific

Dan Vondrak's Avatar Posted by Project Lead - X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Raven Software

Hello PlayStation.Blog readers! My name is Dan Vondrak and I’m the Project Lead on X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Though tomorrow is a BIG day – we get to chat here in the Blog’s fourth live chat – today is an even bigger one: I’m stoked to announce that the FIRST gameplay trailer for Wolverine has been released, and viewable below!

Check out the Wolverine game you heard about at New York Comic-Con – the most brutal, most bad-ass portrayal of everyone’s favorite X-Man. Skydiving into his foes, taking impossible risks, using regeneration and feral sense in the way only Wolvey can…the entire team at Raven has focused on one thing above all: true-to-character authenticity. Whether or not you’re a comic fan, that translates into epic gameplay.

Alright dudes – hope you enjoyed the game’s trailer “Uncaged”. I’ll be around tomorrow at noon where you can ask me about the game, what you saw in the trailer, and even more importantly, what you didn’t. Trust me when I say this trailer is just a taste of what’s to come. ;)


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zombie9 said:

March 10th, 12:01 pm

Sound’s cool

SnoopDoug said:

March 10th, 12:02 pm

game looks amazing

Jer-Bear said:

March 10th, 12:06 pm

No yellow costume? lol

Fantatier said:

March 10th, 12:07 pm

I still remember the Good Old Days in the official Raven Soft Forums, with MRJ and the likes…
To bad you shut those down for no good apparent reason…

NARDE15 said:

March 10th, 12:08 pm

wow my head almost exploded!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fantatier said:

March 10th, 12:09 pm

PS. Check out our alternative @


ross_k said:

March 10th, 12:13 pm

wow that looks amazing, theirs alot of Marvel and DC games coming out and I will be buying this aswell as Batman Arkham Asylum and DC online, cheers Dan

Ftwrthtx said:

March 10th, 12:17 pm

I’ll be sure to tune in. Thanks

Letters2Kay said:

March 10th, 12:20 pm

Looks good. It’s about time someone translated the raw brutality of a character like Wolvie into a game. As long as the violence stays brutal and true to the character, I’m in.

Now, if give can me a faithful video game version of Faust: Love of The Damned, I’ll buy every damn copy I see…

Slipping_halo said:

March 10th, 12:21 pm

Is raven the team that did quake 4?

Letters2Kay said:

March 10th, 12:28 pm

Oh… wated to add- if I hear that any live action footage is used anywhere in the game, I’ll be skipping it. HUGE pet peeve. I really hope your team isn’t that lazy.

    Dan Vondrak's Avatar

    Dan Vondrak said:

    March 10th, 1:29 pm

    Ha ha. There is no live footage in the game. But we do have some amazing Blur FMVs that look almost like live footage. That adamantium tank scene is just one piece Blur did for us — the guys are amazing.

Letters2Kay said:

March 10th, 12:30 pm

err… “wanted” not “wated” :s

sNsKid said:

March 10th, 12:33 pm

I love how one has to really pay attention to time zones.

PST 12pm
CST 2pm
EST 3om

EvoAnubis said:

March 10th, 12:35 pm

Sounds good to me. I’ll be there.

gold5225 said:

March 10th, 12:36 pm

Looks really sweet way to go Raven thanks guys. You guys made X-Men legends too right? cause if so then i have high hopes for this game.
Please deliver I love marvel stuff.

    Dan Vondrak's Avatar

    Dan Vondrak said:

    March 10th, 1:35 pm

    Yep we made X-Men Legends. Actually the same team that did X-Men Legends 1 & 2, and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance was responsible for making Wolverine.

    We are huge Wolverine fans, so we jumped at the opportunity.

jipmg said:

March 10th, 12:37 pm

looks real cool

xaos said:

March 10th, 12:38 pm

Looks really fun, and I’ve been VERY pleased with Raven’s previous forays into the Marvel Universe (disappointed you guys aren’t on Ultimate Alliance 2, but hopefully you’ve laid enough groundwork for a solid sequel to be picked up by the new folks). Can’t wait to get my hands on this game and see what other characters show up :)

Sla-Mori said:

March 10th, 12:40 pm

Lets hope for a GOOD wolverine game this time. Since the other wolverine games are average at best.

StalkingSilence said:

March 10th, 12:44 pm

Cool! Another live chat, this is a unique use for the PS blog. Thanks!

bengiepr234 said:

March 10th, 12:45 pm

This one is gonna be a great game. Great graphics, Amaizing game. Have High hopes for it.

Mobius_124 said:

March 10th, 12:49 pm

the art style looks a bit familiar… is it using the COD engine

    Dan Vondrak's Avatar

    Dan Vondrak said:

    March 10th, 1:41 pm

    Nope — Unreal 3

    Great engine. We had to add a whole combat node system on top of it to change it from a shooter to a melee action game, but with our previous experience we mde the conversion quickly — turned out great.

ryanc08 said:

March 10th, 12:49 pm

I enjoyed the trailer, but one thing is holding me back from really getting excited about this game, its an x-men game and they have a terrible track record, like batman games, or superman games. I try to stay away from comic games, but maybe this game will change my mind

Neil said:

March 10th, 12:54 pm

Why is the guy from Australia starring in his own game?

AguilarX said:

March 10th, 12:56 pm

trailer looks awesome hopefully this will live up to be one of the good xmen games out there. prototype who? more like inFamous and wolverine is a must buy for me now.

lakaiHIGH said:

March 10th, 1:05 pm

whoa didn’t see this coming! sounds sweet. can’t wait for the movie. looks tight. i hope the game fares well, if so you have my money.


acerazer1 said:

March 10th, 1:09 pm

Wow, that trailer looks really solid, never really was into X-Men, but maybe I could get into this.

hife said:

March 10th, 1:10 pm

I guess right!… Well, on my second try at least.

hife said:

March 10th, 1:12 pm

oops, guessed*

Thrasher20 said:

March 10th, 1:15 pm

Maaaaaaaan it is unfortunate for me always because that is when I have class. Damn you anthropology! LOL It’s okay I’ll just read the archive FTW!

SeanScythe said:

March 10th, 1:27 pm

My only question is will there be a demo?

nokedimyo said:

March 10th, 1:28 pm

Did he reflect a rocket back at a car?

nuness1988 said:

March 10th, 1:33 pm

Looks cool. I hope it’s M rated though because the best Wolverine stories have always been the most violent. My favorite is Enemy of the State by Mark Millar.

Dehshizknight said:

March 10th, 1:39 pm

Shoot, I won’t get home till like 3:30 CST so I’m gonna be late by an hour and a half…

bushisprez said:

March 10th, 1:39 pm

hope it’ll be an enjoyable liscensed game being a movie tie in and all. Will deadpool or gambit appear in the game?

acmilanboy said:

March 10th, 1:41 pm


Dan Vondrak's Avatar

Dan Vondrak said:

March 10th, 1:44 pm

I can’t wait to talk about the game — it’s been so long and we can’t wait to show we’re doing something special with our beloved Wolverine!

I’ll answer the rest of your questions at the chat tomorrow.

Thanks guys.

TheHater2 said:

March 10th, 1:51 pm

Wait you guys using the Unreal 3 engine? This game already fail on the PS3 if that the case. Games using the unreal engine fail on the PS3.

As for you guys. I would like to thank you for give me such as amazing experience with X-MEN Legend 1+2. Those are my two favorite superhero games of all times. Marvel Ultimate Alliance wasn’t even on par with those two games.

fernandolins said:

March 10th, 1:51 pm

EPIC. I so want this game :)

SlashZaku said:

March 10th, 2:04 pm

Game looks great. Gameplay also looks pretty fun (can’t say the same for the last Wolverine game, Wolverine’s Revenge) so Kudos for topping that area. As for another user’s post pertaining to the Unreal Engine 3, my heart kind of sank too at hearing that (although the game does look great) knowing that a large portion of UE3 titles run sluggish on the PS3. I’m sure we’re past that point though or atleast I would hope…

xaos said:

March 10th, 2:11 pm

I guess it should be taken as a huge com;iment to Blur that a previous poster thought it was FMV ;)

zombiefriend said:

March 10th, 2:19 pm

honestly, this looks like it could get quckly boring and repetitive, but idk :/

on a side note, some DLC for the comic yellow outfit would be sweet

Xulap said:

March 10th, 2:38 pm

Damn, that was a great trailer right there.
I’m praying here that the game turns out as great as this trailer.. Or better!

wolverine81 said:

March 10th, 2:42 pm

Kickass vid! Can’t wait. My name says it all!

wolverine81 said:

March 10th, 2:42 pm

Need to get some wolverine PSN avatars as well. *Hint Hint*

Poopypirate said:

March 10th, 2:43 pm

god damn that was a wonderful trailer, but can the game match it….hmmm

BigPoppaB said:

March 10th, 2:47 pm

A movie based video game that looks good? Say it aint so

isolatebody said:

March 10th, 2:57 pm

I can’t wait for the movie and from what I’ve seen from the game, I really want to slash some stuff.

VladDracul1431 said:

March 10th, 3:31 pm

I live in Madison.
Can I stop by the office for the live chat?

VladDracul1431 said:

March 10th, 3:34 pm

I am also volunteering to be a Tester for anything you need on the PS3. I can stop by any time and pick up Alpha or Beta builds ;)

dehumanizer_666 said:

March 10th, 3:35 pm

not bad, can we expect a demo for this game late april?

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