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Mar 11

Mar 11

PSN Gets a Double Dose of BUZZ!

Jenny Barbour's Avatar Posted by Associate Producer

We have a double dose of great new BUZZ! action coming your way tomorrow!

First up, we have the National Geographic: Prehistoric Quiz Pack for BUZZ! Quiz TV. Whether you’re a paleontologist, a Jurassic Park junkie or you just love dinosaurs, this is the quiz pack for you. Featuring over 500 new questions, the National Geographic: Prehistoric Quiz Pack will test your knowledge of everything from the formation of the Earth to the fossils of its early inhabitants. Do you have the prehistoric prowess to answer questions like these?

BuzzQuizTV Prehistoric Thumb

*2 LBS
*500 LBS
*1 TON
*5 LBS


* 500,000



Also hitting PSN tomorrow is BUZZ! Jr.: Jungle Party. A bundle of five fun and fast-paced mini-games, BUZZ! Jr.: Jungle Party is perfect for young gamers (or gamers who are young at heart).

Use your BUZZ! Buzzer peripherals to compete against your friends and family in these hilarious jungle-themed mini-games. This PSN download lets you get your jungle party started for a steal at only $4.99!

That’s all for now, but keep checking in on the PlayStation Blog for breaking BUZZ! news.

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Ftwrthtx said:

March 11th, 7:08 am

Thanks for the info. Will this be available for both the PSP and the PS3 versions?

    Jenny Barbour's Avatar

    Jenny Barbour said:

    March 11th, 11:55 am

    The National Geographic: Prehistoric Quiz Pack for BUZZ! Quiz TV and the PSN download of BUZZ! Jr.: Jungle Party will both be just for the PS3. (And congrats on being first in the comments section!)

GHenrik said:

March 11th, 7:09 am

So jungle party is a standalone game? Can buzz be a PSN title too? I got 500GB and I’m not afraid to use it!

    Jenny Barbour's Avatar

    Jenny Barbour said:

    March 11th, 11:58 am

    BUZZ! Jr.: Jungle Party for the PS3 is a standalone PSN download, but you will need your BUZZ! Buzzers in order to play the game.

GHenrik said:

March 11th, 7:10 am

And yes I have the ps2 buzz items. We need edit button!

Pound_lb003 said:

March 11th, 7:23 am

So true, I will buy it as a PSN standalone game if that happens!!

I really don’t want to have peripherals clogging up my living room, so please release this game, on PSN.

Also, can’t wait to see what Relentless are working on next.

Jetup said:

March 11th, 7:35 am

Still waiting for the psp one to come on the ps store.

DaxMontana said:

March 11th, 7:42 am

BUZZ desperately needs DLC incorporating some new game modes:


1. pictures that slowly reveal themselves, and you have to guess the person, place, movie, etc.

2. clips from movies/tv shows, and you have to guess the movie title, actor, etc.

3. A list of events, and you have to place them in chronological order.

A great source for inspiration is the “SHOUT ABOUT” DVD series (“Shout About Movies”), (“Shout about TV”), etc.

As is, BUZZ is simply too repetitive, and gets boring too quickly.

Bildo818 said:

March 11th, 7:49 am

I LOVE the PSP version. But I am not willing to buy those controller/buzzers. I have no room to store them.

However, if you’d offer Buzz on PSN using the PS3 controller, I’d be all over it and the DLC. I am a solo Buzz player (unless there is online) I am not sure.

typikal82 said:

March 11th, 7:55 am

oh man I love dinosaurs!

StalkingSilence said:

March 11th, 7:59 am

The dinosaur pack seems a bit too specific for my tastes – but I will be picking up the Buzz! Jr game. Hope it offers something unique. Everyone likes the controllers and this should be fun!

ToRllQue said:

March 11th, 8:15 am

Prehistoric pack? Sold!

PullusPardusUS said:

March 11th, 8:45 am

BUZZ! Jr.: Jungle Party ? , the same one on ps2 but on ps3?.

    Jenny Barbour's Avatar

    Jenny Barbour said:

    March 11th, 11:59 am

    The PSN download of BUZZ! Jr.: Jungle Party takes the five best mini-games from the PS2 version and lets you play them on your PS3.

LugeZ said:

March 11th, 8:48 am

Yeah, I am waiting for BUZZ PSP to come out on the PSN store. I want the game and I have played the demo and love it but it one of those games I want downloaded on my PSP. It would also be great of the PSP version also had downloadable content. Would be nice…

mywhitenoise said:

March 11th, 8:52 am

too expensive, as always. These packs should be $3 at the most.

gmk218 said:

March 11th, 8:54 am

very kool does buzz jr work on the ps3 ver cause i have buzz for the ps3 and my whole family loves this game just wondering ty for keeping the content comming. :)

    Jenny Barbour's Avatar

    Jenny Barbour said:

    March 11th, 12:06 pm

    Actually, you don’t even need to have BUZZ! Quiz TV to play the PSN download of BUZZ! Jr.: Jungle Party on your PS3. Just download it to your PS3, break out your BUZZ! Buzzers and you will be good to go!

Advil_Yum said:

March 11th, 9:04 am

We love Buzz at our house, but if there was one complaint we all have is, the very LIMITED use of that big juicy red button! It’s just screaming to be slapped to BUZZ in, but sadly you use it only once, maybe, in a game. Everyone new to the game sees it and want to BUZZ in first to answer the question, but most game modes use the crappy colour buttons instead. There should be more “Jeopardy” style game modes where you need to actually BUZZ in, like the name suggests.

EvoAnubis said:

March 11th, 9:16 am

No Watchmen quiz pack? You guys should get on that.

StMerc said:

March 11th, 9:31 am

This is now the party game of choice over rockband at my house. 8 player games are a blast to play. Keep the quizzes coming. I’d like to see more modes/characters as well.

Thrasher20 said:

March 11th, 9:40 am

You know what would be awesome? A “video games” subject add-on! Though I’m not sure if Buzz Quiz already has one! ;)

    Jenny Barbour's Avatar

    Jenny Barbour said:

    March 11th, 12:08 pm

    We do have a Videogames Quiz Pack for BUZZ! Quiz TV currently available via PSN. And it is awesome!

DaxMontana said:

March 11th, 9:40 am

#15 Advil_Yum

I agree completely. The BUZZ button is really under-used.

I also really wish they’d have some kind of slow-reveal questions. The game would show one clue (or bit of a picture), then another clue a few seconds later, then another…until someone yells out the right answer. Of course, the PS3 wouldn’t know who answered the question (as they wouldn’t be multiple choice)…but following the round, BUZZ could quickly review the questions and just ask for the person who answered each question correctly to push their big red button (to receive their points).

It works awesome in those SHOUT ABOUT dvd’s. And it’s a blast as it really adds time-pressure to the questions.

Novalux said:

March 11th, 9:59 am

@DaxMontana – “BUZZ desperately needs DLC incorporating some new game modes”

I totally agree. I just get the same 5 or however many game modes when I play my girlfriend. That’s getting old. There are a couple more when playing more people, but still, we need variety. There desperately needs to be a free update with more game modes. If we got that, then I would buy the question packs.
Hell, I haven’t even run across one game mode where you actually have to _buzz in_ first and then answer (giving other people a chance to answer if you get it wrong).

Jeigh said:

March 11th, 10:02 am

I really feel that this entire pack should come with an asterisk. Mid-level archaological and paleontological theories like these cannot be either confirmed or denied. There is no way we could actually prove if the first answer was 500 lbs, or 1 ton or whatever. Furthermore, due to the decay rate of organic material, many of the smaller creature of the period probably didn’t even end up in archaelogical record. The fine print behind the asterisk should be: ‘according to records gathered as of 2008.’


March 11th, 10:04 am

1. Can we some custom soundtrack support????

2. Can we get some new game modes?

3. Can we get a customizer option?

4. Can I get some answers to my questions?

Pucci2099 said:

March 11th, 10:20 am

Dinosaurs! no brainer! sold!

Thwip said:

March 11th, 10:41 am

My most expensive game to date; I have purchased EVERY add-on.

Please ensure that my purchased DLC is compatible with any future iterations of the game.

mafecto said:

March 11th, 11:06 am


Anthropology major?

MercuryPDX said:

March 11th, 11:55 am

Are the “Extra” wireless PS3 controllers available yet? Here’s a thought: bundle 4 more controllers with some of these DLC quizzes in a “box” and you got yourself a deal.

cell989 said:

March 11th, 12:48 pm

I play Buzz every weekend with my family, and its always good times, but seriously you guys have to create more game modes for “play with friends mode”. Its always the same routine:
point fest, followed by bomb fuse, fastest fingers, pie contest, and high stakes, and finally my least favorite, COUNTDOWN(literally). I wish you guys could implement more game modes, we already have 1000’s of questions available, we just need more creative game modes to enjoy with the family.

My last gripe with the game is that it does not support different languages, only English, yet if you go to Spain’s PSN store there are packs that come in Spanish language. Here in America there are a lot of Spanish speaking contestants waiting for a chance to experience BUZZ.

More Game modes, support for other languages. That is all.

ThreeLeggedFreak said:

March 11th, 1:20 pm

Could you please work on adding Voice Chat for Buzz? It’s ridiculous that it doesn’t have it and I would be sure to buy 2 copies (one for my girlfriend and one for my parents) so we could play online.

JKC31 said:

March 11th, 2:04 pm

How come we can not see how many games we have played offline for trophy hunting?

The game is tracking them but I am not allowed to see them. Why?

mikedo2007 said:

March 11th, 2:08 pm

@ 18,

Well we already have a videogame quiz add on. But I would really love a anime/manga quiz add on. I’m a big fan of those and I would love if they make one. I would answer a lot of those.

fourfour44 said:

March 11th, 2:16 pm

@ 18

there is a videogame add-on pack. Unfortunately a vast majority of the questions seem to relate to games based on crappy movies about talking CG animals and not very many questions about actual games.

aranguren said:

March 11th, 2:34 pm

Hello Jenny, I have a request… is there a possibility of a spanish pack? I am the only person in my family that speaks english, so I purchased BUZZ and can’t play with them for obvious reasons, I thought that like other games it would have a language option, I even looked at the possibility of buying the version from Spain, but is a real hassle, so can I suggest a spanish language pack for buzz???

thank you

wallhugger said:

March 11th, 3:11 pm

wasn’t it the stegosaurus that had the smallest brain relative to it’s size? either that or the T-Rex I think XD.

skynidas said:

March 11th, 3:43 pm

Buzz! Jungle Party have separate trophieS?

CheesyMonkey said:

March 11th, 9:44 pm

I would greatly appreciate an update that you can buy that would include different modes to play, because all our friends are getting tired of they way it plays. This game is the best party game, and I have bought a few of the download packs (worth the money), but it gets old after just a few rounds. More lines of dialogue for the host to say would be nice too.
Thanks for the continued support – even if its paid.

gmk218 said:

March 12th, 7:35 am

wow thanks for resonding to my ? thats very kool ty vm

D34DL1N3R said:

March 12th, 1:40 pm

It really is great to see the packs keep coming! Thanks so much for the continued support. Keep it up!

One other change that I think we all would like is to make it so we can only see OUR OWN selections in the multiple choice questions…and not everyone elses.

phpdad said:

March 12th, 8:52 pm

How difficult are the mini games on Buzz Jr.? Could my 3 year old play them?

ZimonG said:

March 17th, 4:55 am

Hi Jenny.
I have a problem with the “Quiz of the year 2008” add-on I’ve purchased from PlayStation Store. I live in Denmark, and bought my Buzz Quiz TV special edition here (BCES00304). I prefer playing games in english, so my PlayStation 3 is set to english, and Buzz plays in english accordingly. Also, the add-ons that came with the game (safari & videogame quizzes) work fine in english. However, when I downloaded the add-on, it didn’t work. I can see it asa blank box, in the buzz menue, under downloaded quizzes. Is this because of a language problem? How can I make my purchased add-on playable?

railslave said:

March 17th, 7:29 am

Please add more characters and change up the game mode a little!

CheesyMonkey said:

March 27th, 8:49 am

The buzz jr. party game is absolutely horrible. I bought it for my kids to play and they are having a terrible time. Just shows you should always wait for reviews.
I am just mad I funded such utter garbage.

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