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Mar 12

Mar 12

The Red Baron Returns – on PSN today

Scott Gordon's Avatar Posted by Sierra Online

Red Baron Arcade banner art

Hi all,

I’m pleased to introduce Red Baron Arcade coming out today exclusively on the PlayStation Store. Some of you really old-school gamers will remember the original Red Baron series released by Sierra back in the 90s. The first game in the series was even named the #4 Best PC Game of all Time by Computer Gaming World.

We’ve brought the classic series back and updated to a more arcade-shooter format for the PLAYSTATION 3. Take to the skies and battle infamous enemy aces in fast paced, arcade-style, dog-fighting action. There’s 20 classic WWI aircraft for you to customize and control as you battle swarms of enemy planes and bomb strategic to become the ace in Red Baron’s infamous squadron. Once you’re done with the various single-player campaign, you can go battle up to 7 other players online in Deathmatch, Team-Deathmatch and Capture the Flag.

A free demo will be up today on the store for you to check out. I hope you all enjoy it and see you in the skies!

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FilliamHMuffman said:

March 12th, 7:49 am

Red Baron Arcade was supposed to be released last fall, but it got caught up in the same mess as other games like Ghostbusters and 50 Cent when Activision-Blizzard canned a bunch of games. So it was probably certified before January, which means trophy support is unlikely.

While no trophies would be a disappointment, I’m happy it’s still coming out at all.

SwampThing71 said:

March 12th, 8:03 am

Cool I was looking forward to this game. Glad to see it didn’t get canceled. Are we just getting a demo today or is the game coming out.

sweepyx said:

March 12th, 8:15 am

will it have trophies?

psyXcho said:

March 12th, 8:21 am

If they don’t mention the price it’s needless to say they are ashamed of it and it’s too expensive, I’m guessing an attempt at $15. $10 will be a stretch for this title

psyXcho said:

March 12th, 8:22 am

oh and STFU about trophies already… They are mandatory now so guess if it has trophies…

DonnyG said:

March 12th, 8:32 am

Cool. I’ll be sure to try the demo.

Craazy said:

March 12th, 8:32 am


kolobear said:

March 12th, 8:36 am

Wow! Taking lessons from WiiWare and not doing any Marketing for the game, huh? This game came out of nowhere.

I’ll try to check out the demo if I can get myself to stop playing Resistance 2 long enough. I’ll at least download it :)

Adamalicious said:

March 12th, 8:47 am

Everybody – I’m pretty sure that the requirement for trophies applies to games that start development in 2009 as opposed to being released in 2009 or later. Otherwise a developer whose game slipped from December 2008 to January 2009 would be precluded from releasing it – which would be ridiculous.

Re: OP
Kudos on having a day one demo available – this should be the standard for all PSN games.You don’t really need to do much to market it other than release a demo on a dry Thursday and let us decide if we like it or not.

I do agree though that posting on the PSB with no mention of price or trophies isn’t going to earn you any extra points. We’ll know the price soon enough so that’s no big deal, but I find it hard to imagine that anyone making a PSN game wouldn’t be aware of how crucial the inclusion of trophies is. I don’t expect any of this to stop anyone here from downloading the demo later though, but I think people may hold off on purchases if they still aren’t sure about trophies.

RandallC said:

March 12th, 8:49 am

Wow, awesome. I remember playing Red Baron on my pentium 75MHz way back in the day. Fantastic game, hope it’s just as good on the PS3!

DryvBy said:

March 12th, 8:56 am

if this is $10, ill buy it. its gonna be hard to pick between this, peggle (my fav pc game) or flock whenever that is

zeke2040 said:

March 12th, 8:57 am

this is pretty cool.. i’m an old school gamer, so this is right up my alley..lol

Maguss said:

March 12th, 8:59 am

I’m pretty sure the price will be $10 as it’s with most PSN games, but I want to know if it has trophies!! Or if it will!! Also is there online voice chat?!? Regardless I’m still excited for this game!!

Ankh-Morpork said:

March 12th, 8:59 am

Thanks for the demo!

Groovy341 said:

March 12th, 8:59 am

Ouch! Really old school gamers would know about a 90’s game? What am I then ancient? Antique? I remember the original Pong console.

Debille said:

March 12th, 9:02 am

Will buy .

lakaiHIGH said:

March 12th, 9:15 am

Does this Red Baron game have any kind of relation to Red Baron pizza? perhaps i tie-in/cross promotion for this? i’d love to buy this game and get a free pizza! that would be soooo sick. and now im hungry.


Midgetguy said:

March 12th, 9:16 am

COOL! It’s nice to hear that there will be a demo… I know a lot of people like trying out their games before they buy. It seems like this is a cool new addition to PSN’s awesome game library!

Once I get more money under my account, I’ll be sure to take a look at this one! For now though, I’m sure the demo will keep me busy. :)

SpiritThief said:

March 12th, 9:43 am

Come on Jeff, dig up that info.

Come back with a “yes” or on it….

GGCAN said:

March 12th, 9:44 am

@65 Groovy341…you’re not alone in remembering the original Pong game.

Vash_Nightmare said:

March 12th, 9:46 am

Thank you for giving us a demo :D

FoolKiller79 said:

March 12th, 9:47 am

I thought this was dead. So, does this mean that Sierra still has some of their old identity left?

Thanks for the demo. Like the Sierra of old, you know how to treat us gamers.

@Everyone asking about trophies: Why does it matter? If the game is fun and you like it what do trophies have to do with it? You only buy games now if they increase e-ego? I mean, is Metal Gear Solid 4 suddenly less awesome after trophies came out?

You all need some cheese to go with that whine.

FoolKiller79 said:

March 12th, 9:53 am

And what is with the Red Baron pizza comments? Are you all trying to be funny or is your knowledge of history really that bad?

Bildo818 said:

March 12th, 9:59 am

@72…If I have a choice between 2 games: 1 with trophies, 1 without trophies (and I equally want both) I will ALWAYS pick the one with trophies. Not that they make a game more fun, but it adds replay value for me. GTA4 for example. Loved it, but played through it once. And it was enough for me. HOWEVER, once trophies were enabled, I immediately went back to it. And actually played some online. However, I am kind of ticked that there are not trophies at launch though. I retract my previous post on this topic. Not sure why they aren’t here. Looks like Sony should retract their comment about all games having trophies on launch. I will buy, when this is patched.

FoolKiller79 said:

March 12th, 10:07 am

I understand the replay value when weighing two games, but the constant “no trophies, no buy” sounds like it has nothing to do with another game.

If you try a demo, really enjoy it, and have no other games you are looking to buy, but don’t buy it because of no trophies, all you did was deprive yourself of entertainment.

psyXcho said:

March 12th, 10:17 am

well I stand corrected about the trophies and apologize. Thought they were mandatory…

Uxi said:

March 12th, 10:25 am

I am glad this came out! I still have the trailer on my PS3 from long long ago and feared it was cancelled. I definitely hope trophy support is added, though. Might give it a couple days to think it over, but doubt I’ll resist it too long in any case, though it’s back in priority unless it gets trophy support. I don’t care about voice support, though, nearly as much.

Bildo818 said:

March 12th, 10:42 am

“If you try a demo, really enjoy it, and have no other games you are looking to buy, but don’t buy it because of no trophies, all you did was deprive yourself of entertainment.”

I thoughts exactly…demos make or break it for me. Glad you added “no other games you are looking to buy” comment. ;-)

However, if there is no demo for me to try, it has to be a game I really want to buy for me to get it. However, if the game in question has trophies, I may be more inclined to purchase it. :-)

coppi6976 said:

March 12th, 10:52 am

NO Trophies ):

AGQ0105 said:

March 12th, 11:06 am

yea… Jeff, whatever happened to PS3 games in 2009 requiring trophies???? It doesn’t make sense.

AGQ0105 said:

March 12th, 11:06 am

nvm… just read above oops

sNsKid said:

March 12th, 11:35 am

No trophies for a game I know nothing about. Sounds like a pass for me.

Fusion_ID said:

March 12th, 11:44 am

Both sides are semi right on this. Having Trophies in games is indeed mandatory from 2009+. However, you will notice that some games still dont. The reason behind this is, the mandatory is true if the game was approved by SCEA in 2009. So if this game passed Sony in 2008, they dont need to have Trophies and you will notice, some games are still trickling out with out Trophies and thats because they were tested/approved by SCEA a while a go.

DryvBy said:

March 12th, 11:46 am

Release the trophies, I’ll release my cash. :D

Either way, I love Sierra. One of my favorite companies thanks to their Incredible Machine, Half-Life, and King’s Quest!

davivman said:

March 12th, 11:56 am

Please don’t abandon the rest of that old Sierra IP! Red Baron was a fun game back in the day, and I’m glad to see a new version released on on the PSN. How about re-releasing some King’s Quest Games. Or even better, dig Roberta Williams out of retirement and let’s have some new ones. You would make my decade.

smokey_vols said:

March 12th, 11:57 am

No trophys? There are suppose to be mandatory in 2009, what gives?

Mobius_124 said:

March 12th, 12:03 pm

WTF? no Voice Chat? No Trohpies? what were you guys doing since making this game? smoking crack? sorry, but Im not buying. its ridiculous that there are a few games right now that are being shipped with out these features, especially voice chat, a feature that is standard since 2006. maybe you guys should of delayed this game and added these features.

borntowheel said:

March 12th, 12:23 pm

Glad to hear there’s a demo – every PSN should be required to have one. I’ll check this out.

NipGrip said:

March 12th, 12:34 pm

No trophies, no buy. Support the PS3 to it’s fullest of your capabilities, developers. Anything less doesn’t get my cash.

un4gvn94538 said:

March 12th, 1:00 pm

i remeber fondly playing a red baron game (or similar) on the snes and having a lot of fun. thats why i was disappointed when this was cancelled. im happy its back but still disappointed due to the fact i have to send my 60gig in for service. :(

Onna76_NL said:

March 12th, 1:05 pm

@Unstablefear, yeah, that’s why this game doesn’t have any *duh*.

Unfortunate don’t see much reason right now to buy the game, got my teeth sinked into Demon’s Souls right now, plus Fallout 3. Will of course check out the demo. I do hope for a trophy patch in the future, it expends the game experience for sure. If people say it doesn’t, they lie.

CrimsonFox13 said:

March 12th, 1:08 pm

Wow! That took A LONG TIME! I’ve been waiting for this for A LONG TIME! I can’t believe it got here after A LONG TIME! Haha. Seriously, thanks for releasing this!

Biskoito said:

March 12th, 1:14 pm

No trophies? What about the mandatory 2009 [DELETED]? ANSWEAR THIS IF YOU CAN PLEASE!

Thrasher20 said:

March 12th, 1:43 pm

Looks good!

tankostar said:

March 12th, 1:53 pm

Cool ill get it soon, As long as it gets trophies

jazzyrider said:

March 12th, 2:09 pm

Wow – this game brings back some memories! Can’t wait to try it out? Any enhancements like multiplayer and trophies?

redbar0n787 said:

March 12th, 2:09 pm

i dont want this :)

jazzyrider said:

March 12th, 2:12 pm

So after reading earlier comments & few replies– no trophies!?! what gives? I thought EVERY game released from January 2009 was REQUIRED to have trophies including PSN games, not just disc games.

You guys need to seriously hold back or update the game quickly as many of us here are disappointed to hear such news.

Axecution said:

March 12th, 2:18 pm

You guys know this game was in development forever ago, right? The publisher closed down or something and the game was never released. At least im pretty sure that’s what happened.
This would be why there’s no trophies. Jesus, it’s like any game without trophies is a condemnation to the PS3 that must be terminated immediately before it kills you somehow…

maxpontiac said:

March 12th, 2:45 pm

This news comes to me as bitter/sweet. I was really looking forward to this game a few months ago because I needed my flight shooter fix. Hawx has since filled that void.

Unfortunately, I will be passing up on this title due to the lack of Trophy support. Should Red Baron recieve the support that it SHOULD have NOW. With all that said, if this game gets a patch, I’ll buy it, but not before it comes out.

Here we are 3 and half months in to 2009, and there are still games without Trophies.

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