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Mar 12

Mar 12

The Red Baron Returns – on PSN today

Scott Gordon's Avatar Posted by Sierra Online

Red Baron Arcade banner art

Hi all,

I’m pleased to introduce Red Baron Arcade coming out today exclusively on the PlayStation Store. Some of you really old-school gamers will remember the original Red Baron series released by Sierra back in the 90s. The first game in the series was even named the #4 Best PC Game of all Time by Computer Gaming World.

We’ve brought the classic series back and updated to a more arcade-shooter format for the PLAYSTATION 3. Take to the skies and battle infamous enemy aces in fast paced, arcade-style, dog-fighting action. There’s 20 classic WWI aircraft for you to customize and control as you battle swarms of enemy planes and bomb strategic to become the ace in Red Baron’s infamous squadron. Once you’re done with the various single-player campaign, you can go battle up to 7 other players online in Deathmatch, Team-Deathmatch and Capture the Flag.

A free demo will be up today on the store for you to check out. I hope you all enjoy it and see you in the skies!

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Gumbydunzeeto said:

March 12th, 2:50 pm

And you guys were doing so well with Loco Roco and Patapon 2.

What happened to the UMD releases?


videogameguy said:

March 12th, 2:58 pm

No trophies or voice chat at launch? That’s unbelievable! You should have delayed it more to add this stuff. It was delayed six months and you couldn’t use that time to add these simple things that every game should have! No trophies=no buy!

Watchmann said:

March 12th, 3:04 pm

My wallet won’t be available at launch, either.

blindrocket said:

March 12th, 3:27 pm

Online multiplayer with NO voice chat?

This is 2009, you know.

Add in the fact it won’t have Trophies makes me second guess purchasing this.

odd69 said:

March 12th, 3:41 pm

i will try out the demo for sure. i’d buy it regardless if i liked it. trophies really dont mean crap to me. remember back in the day when there was a game and you know,you played it because it was fun?

Gadbury said:

March 12th, 4:05 pm

Wow, what’s with all the trophy nuts? Since when does a lack of collectables mean a game isn’t worth purchasing?

ScribeTheTaru said:

March 12th, 4:21 pm

@Gadbury Since 2009 and it was told that there would not be a PS3 release of any kind with out trophies included. Let me put it this way, try playing the hell out of a game such as GTA IV or Fallout 3 and beat them 100%, then a week later a trophy patch come out and it isn’t retroactive. You’d have to do it all again, and with some of the games, its just not worth it to do it twice.

I own almost every PSN title, but I’ve learned my lesson. If you don’t got trophies, you don’t get money.

mixenitup said:

March 12th, 4:31 pm

get out much? the trophy craze has been going for some time now. Im the same way, where i wont get till trophies drop. Trophies add another layer to a game that many of us have become acustomed too and some of us ( myself included) down right addicted to collecting them. Each game has their trophies but then at the macro view you see all your gane’s trophies.
Before this it was ingame medals. While in game medals are nice thats just it they are in game. You cant pause your game and then go look at your trophy list to get the craving to play another game. I myself am an oldshool gasmer as Ive been gaming for 20 years now and even I want to pass for lack of trophies. I think that is part of it for me though as growing up in early gaming we were trained to collect every gold coin or random collectable i the game. And now we’ve got one more thing to collect that even stays with you when you not playing the game.
But anyway Sorry I ramble and write a book but I can see I’m not alone in my thoughts.

Daphy2008 said:

March 12th, 4:59 pm

Can’t wait to play the game. Don’t really care about the trophie issue. I guest gaming has change for some people.

Hellblazer said:

March 12th, 5:01 pm

Demo sucks, sorry guys. Im not expecting top tier producion values on PSN but seriously what the hell is up with the sub PS2 visuals, and crappy framerate? Really?

Suprised to see this anywhere near PSN tbh.

juanpipe said:

March 12th, 5:07 pm

I guess it’s not anymore Sierra Online, hope you don’t change it, it helps keeping memories of you guys.

mixenitup said:

March 12th, 6:37 pm

ok just checked the demo after checking out the new burnout boost addon and I did enjoy red barron as it did apeal to my nastalgic sense but not enough to warrant the purchase sans trophies. But for those out there that could give a “rat’s donkey” about trophies and need a good $10 game, you should pick this up.

Justtinho said:

March 13th, 3:46 am

So what size will the full game be?

mixenitup said:

March 13th, 4:16 am

Im sure its close to the demo size which was roughly 100 mb from what i remember. so probably anywhere from 150 – 300 mb. Full game might even be just a 100kb unlock of the demo.

Gadbury said:

March 13th, 5:04 am

@ ScribeTheTaru,

I know exactly what you’re saying. I completed Uncharted 100% (took bloody ages!) and then they released the non-retroactive trophy patch. Yes, it is annoying but no way am I doing all that again.

I understand that Sony agreed all games released / developed (?) in 2009 would have trophies, but I cannot understand that a lack of them is a deal-breaker.

I’m an old gamer though, where I had to wait 5 minutes to load a game from casette, which could be completed in 20 minutes. I guess I see gaming itself as the fun part, not collecting trophies.

Sneeches said:

March 13th, 6:29 am

No trophies – EPIC FAIL SONY!!!!!!!!!

ruffneckc said:

March 13th, 10:42 am

Trophies are must in every game that is released on PSN and Blu-ray. I was really considering buying this but won’t do so until Trophies are released and by that time, I might be on to the next game.

growking said:

March 13th, 11:47 am

what happened to mandatory trophies what the heck is goin on with you guys

ScribeTheTaru said:

March 13th, 10:09 pm

@Gadbury actually after trying the demo for this game, I’ve decided it isn’t worth the money even if it had trophies. It really looks like a bad game.

PumpkinAcer said:

March 16th, 1:22 am

Is this title available?? as I don’t see it on the PlayStation Store. Or is it on available in certain regions??.

mixenitup said:

March 16th, 2:04 am

the web based store seems to be behind or theres a delay before it gets fully updated as I don’t see many of the new releases in certain sections. But the easiest way to find this game on your ps3 is to go in the store and go to the sping fling section or whatever its called.

Hohlraum said:

March 16th, 6:22 am

Lol, this game is so awful its ridiculous. I guess you get what you pay for, but wow.

richUK said:

March 27th, 8:50 am

any news on this appearing in the EU/UK PS Stores??

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