Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 1 Details and Nazi Zombie Trailer

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Hey Call of Duty: WaW Nazi Zombie fans, the wait is over! We’re releasing the first map pack for PSN today, March 19, and it includes a new Nazi Zombie Co-op level (Verrückt) that’s got tons of new enhancements: Perks-a-Cola soda machines, electroshock defense systems and even more vicious zombies – all set in a creepy insane asylum which is based off of the multiplayer map, MP Asylum.

But it doesn’t end with the zombies. We’ve also got 3 new multiplayer maps for you to raise hell in: Nightfire, Knee Deep and Station. “Nightfire” is all about fighting in a dark urban war-torn Berlin. While you dart in and out of shelled buildings, you’ve got the fires raging throughout the city as your only source of light.

Call of Duty World at War MapPack 1-3

“Knee Deep” is a Japanese-run command center in the middle of what used to be a quiet Peleliu village. On your way to taking over the command post, you’ll be wading through jungle streams and fighting your way through fortified Japanese bunkers. This map works well for larger team games and objective matches.

Call of Duty World at War MapPack 1-2

Finally, “Station” offers a lot of variety, from close-range choke points to sweet hidden spots just waiting to be a home for that devastating sniper. It’s a bombed-out underground train station, so you’ll find yourself running through destroyed subway cars, hidden passageways, loading platforms and second-story overlooks.

Call of Duty World at War MapPack 1-1

We really hope you enjoy these new maps and welcome your questions and suggestions as we continue to work hard to make more great downloadable content for you in the future.

To kick off the launch of Map Pack 1, we’re offering up a full week of double XP, starting today at 10am (PT) and ending Wednesday, March 25 at 10am (PT). Some of the team will also be playing online specifically from 1-5pm (PT) on Sunday, March 22, although you’ll also be able to catch us throughout the weekend, so be sure to add our PSN IDs:


See you online!

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  • Or for $10 get Ratchet and Clank Quest for is on sale today!

  • What is the cost of the pack?

  • BTW…doesn’t ‘details’ usually include ‘price’?

  • SWEET! :D

  • DeforMAKulizer

    Looks cool! Thanks Treyarch! =D

  • nYcFrEeWiLL82

    this game looks great plays great but the wepons SUCK!..and the theme is so so tired of ww2 fps games..all cod games are the same to all about kz2 or r2..and soon..punisher!

  • another game that i still gotta get… im still trying to finish up Resident Evil 5 and lets not forget Killzone2! too many games, too little time (and mullah). great content though guys! you have my props.


  • Alexandra-93

    Nice, how much is it less than 9.99 I hope because for 3 maps it wouldn’t be worth that much

  • Thanks for the info

  • kz2

  • kill zone..and i think its free…just downloaded 1.4…we shall see

  • AmericanNinja1

    its $9.99 for 4 maps. 1 zombie co-op map and 3 multiplayer maps. I will be buying! :)

  • I hope it’s free. I really love this COD

  • StalkingSilence

    I think I still need to get this game…

  • jaquemehoff

    At what time is this Map Pack supposed to be released?

  • Ratchet and Clank is on sale…cool…I’m gonna go out and get er. thx KSPRAYDAD

  • is the map pack out yet and if so were do i find it so i can download it

  • Sweet. I get to miss out on the double XP while my PS3 is getting fixed. Any other great announcements to make me feel bad?

  • @16…later today…but the AD is up in HOME already.

  • Cool… Those maps look great…

  • ya its free

  • whiteboychris

    its not in the playstation store yet

  • My guess is 10 dollars here in USA of A.

  • What time does this map pack come out though I am ready to buy it, I just want to know when will it come out today.

  • Does anyone know if this will be available in the UK aswell and when ??

  • iroman60607

    Gah im ready for the maps when oh when will they come out!!!!!!

  • Ya how much is it, and when today dose it come out i looked once and it was not there.

  • Ok guys it’s 1130 and still no maps….What’s up

    • Chris Morell
      Chris Morell

      The PS Store typically updates around 2 or 3pm PT. Be patient. It\’s coming very soon, we promise.

  • The maps will be in the store…the store updates late afternoon early evening.

    Though we should all know this it might have been, along with the price, something that could have been pointed out in the blog post.

  • ya can someone please tell me if i am missing something. I did the update and can see the map pack when logged into game but says to go to playstation store. But when logging into playstation store is see no map pack? Took the day off just soo i could get a jump on it and nothing. HELP!!

  • thephoenix14

    I can’t find the map pack 1 for CODWW at the Playstation Store….can someone help?? Thanks

  • Are you guys shell-headed or what? You actually think they’re putting it up this second?

    It will be on the store when the store updates later today. Just like every other Thursday…. Geez.

  • @23
    Dont you mean the US of A?

    I will be buying this map pack as well today, even though i prefer CoD4 because you dont get timed out nearly half as much on the servers….

  • yosoylindo445

    look good but everyone still asking if going to be free like me but i tought is not going to, and by the way JD_2020 i add you………

  • iamlegend1794

    I’m downloading an update as we speak/type. Dont know what it is though… I’ve already downloaded the Nazi Zombie unlock one that came out last week.

  • DienastyKid113

    How much do you think the map pack is going to cost? Are you guys thinking the usual $10

  • Where do u find the map pack on psn?

  • The_Punisher111

    i dont mean to be a hater or anything but
    cmon there still making games about WWII? That was 67 years ago.
    Theres over 150 WWII games and rarely Modern games.
    Theres about 50-90 Modern games out there.
    Cmon …. game creators need to move past WWII and start making Modern. And besides doesnt anyone what year it is? Its the year Modern Age.

  • new to this. so when does the store usually update? What time? i am mountain standard time.

  • SolidusDave

    Can we get a PSN-Release of the whole Nazi-Zombie Mode? It is really fun with buddies.
    I’m not interested in anything else from CoD(s) ^^

  • I wonder if they’ll ever match the 28 zombie levels you have on the PC version…..

  • This would have to be free for me to get it or the zombie map would have to be sold separately, because the MP has to many glitches and bugs for me to enjoy it.

    Either that or fix the game.

  • ZookTDribit

    cant wait to get the map pack! i think the time it will be up is 10am(pt) seeing as that is when the 1 week long double xp is starting, not sure though.

  • ZookTDribit

    p.s. feel free to friend me, i am always up for some zombie killing fun.

  • KillerBread

    how much will it be?

  • sniperwolframos

    does this mean it comes out and 10am pst

  • love zombie, feel free to add me. Always online;)

  • I don’t care if it cost $20 I’m getting it.

  • stickyfinger613

    Is the map pak out as of now?? if so where do I go to get it???

  • Price?

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