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Mar 26

Mar 26

God of War Developer Interview #4 – Lead Programmer Vassily Filippov Answers Your Questions

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by Sr. Social Media Manager

We know you’ve got questions about God of War III – the developers have answers. All during this year’s GDC, we’ve been introducing you to the game’s devs, as they explain their contribution to the GoWIII, and what’s going to make the game great. Today, things take a turn for the technical, as Lead Programmer Vassily Filippov talks about how much bigger God of War III is than its predecessors, the power of PS3’s SPUs, and how PS3 Kratos couldn’t even fit on a PS2.

Tomorrow we wrap up our God of War III developer series with the most exciting interview yet – the game’s Combat Director. You won’t want to miss this one!

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bob52 said:

March 26th, 11:21 am


Reynx said:

March 26th, 11:21 am

Great inteview. They need to cave and just show us some gameplay already! :D

bob52 said:

March 26th, 11:22 am

These god of war videos are really good .They give an inside view on the world of developing.Me likey

Neil said:

March 26th, 11:22 am

Quite lovey indeed.

TheHater2 said:

March 26th, 11:23 am

Man I just saw the GDC video that was leak on youtube.com and I cannot any longer for this game.

QCVic said:

March 26th, 11:23 am

These interviews are getting me more hyped up for GoW III. I can’t wait to see the interview for Friday.

Ftwrthtx said:

March 26th, 11:25 am

Thanks Jeff. Great Job!

jBat17 said:

March 26th, 11:26 am

but march 2010 is so far away…

norm01 said:

March 26th, 11:34 am

Is it just me, or does the God of War 3 development team interviewed so far all exude a sort of… “badass-ness”? They all seem like they’d kick your arse if you said something like “GOW series sucks” or something. Glad to know these guys are making this game. :P

remanutd5 said:

March 26th, 11:34 am

great job jeff , i wont miss tomorrow’s interview lol

The_Assassin03 said:

March 26th, 11:38 am

These are some really good and insightful interviews! I can’t wait to see tomorrow’s interview!

LukaX23 said:

March 26th, 11:39 am

Aww. :( Lol, poor guy struggling with the interview. He needs english lessons! :P Still a good interview, great job Jeff!

MariusElijah said:

March 26th, 11:48 am

@ 2

watch the youtube video

LukaX23 said:

March 26th, 11:50 am


It’s Viddler :)

Lieutenant_Bran said:

March 26th, 11:50 am

The guy being interviewed isn’t much of a talker.

Scodo_Thope said:

March 26th, 11:52 am

This game looks EPIC!

Keep feeding us more!

Homer-BY said:

March 26th, 11:55 am

Vassily Fillipov-awesome russian developer working under GOW3 xD

paulmc said:

March 26th, 12:04 pm

Kotaku reported the leaked GOW3 footage. Ive just watched it and well it looks like GOW2. Not really a bad thing i might ad, its hard to tell from the footage what it really looks like in HD

Saiks said:

March 26th, 12:16 pm

Where is 2.70?

KUSHman666 said:

March 26th, 12:21 pm

ALL HAIL Vassily Fillipov!!!!!!! :-D


March 26th, 12:25 pm

@14 – That’s not what he’s talking about.

Enforcer_X said:

March 26th, 12:26 pm

This is God Of War OVERLOAD I LOVE IT!
Thank you Jeff!

nYcFrEeWiLL82 said:

March 26th, 12:27 pm

12/10..is gonna be the best month EVER! especially if u LOVE god of war games! and also because of the lineup before that month..lol this is DEFENITLY THE YEAR OF PS3!ITS TIME TO THINK OUTSIDE THE “box”!!!..:p

dj128 said:

March 26th, 12:37 pm

Thanks Jeff. Hey Jeff what is you online ID on PSN. I want to add you to my friend list.

PACMAN_07 said:

March 26th, 12:37 pm

not to be rude but that guy sound like mr.bean

Pound_lb003 said:

March 26th, 12:37 pm

I cannot wait.

When will we see official gameplay, or will we have to wait to E3?

What about Uncharted 2?

amilimos said:

March 26th, 12:44 pm

cant wait …
cant wait …
cant wait …

How many times did i say that?

one more lol


heatseeker said:

March 26th, 12:45 pm

HEY JEFF! in your last post on interview 3 you said “Every GoW game has had new weapons besides the Blades of Chaos, and God of War III will be no different. FIND OUT MORE ON FRIDAY!”
does that mean we can expect a new trailer or gameplay? or an interview?

ZeroPm said:

March 26th, 12:47 pm

God of War’s is so epic I tried to use a thesaurus to find a better word but I could not!

I love the pull out shot when you realize oh wait you are on a Giant Titan!

Can not wait for this game, think Im going to play God of War 1 and 2 again.

lcmnick said:

March 26th, 12:51 pm

Vassily looks like a guy who knows completely what he’s talking about.

Drackir said:

March 26th, 1:05 pm

So just to be clear, does Kratos not fit on a PS2 DISC or in the PS2 MEMORY. Cause I’m pretty sure someone said he didn’t fit on a PS2 disk which is like 9GB…so if Kratos alone takes up more than 9GB of data on a 50GB blu-ray, where are they going to put the rest of the stuff? :P

WindedHero said:

March 26th, 1:15 pm


Lifewish said:

March 26th, 1:17 pm

another great video, thanks again.

Homer-BY said:

March 26th, 1:33 pm

Russian accent) Awesome

MazzingerZ said:

March 26th, 1:37 pm

Great interview, the guy knows what he’s talking about

bk7894 said:

March 26th, 1:49 pm

spideyal said:

March 26th, 1:49 pm

Wooo this guy is too awesome.
Accent is too good for life!
Been lovin these blogs so much I had to comment! haha

KidCommando said:

March 26th, 2:04 pm

@ 32

It’s like a year away from release and a Sony game, of course it will have trophies.

The leaked gameplay footage looked bad ass, even if it was a crappy vid. With how much time is left in development the final project will be nothing short of spectacular.

Looking forward to the final interview!

Great job on all the interviews lately PS Blog and Jeff! Keep that NEW info rollin’.

offwhiteazn said:

March 26th, 2:34 pm

haha Filippov’s cool
im itchin to see what this guy jeff saw that day…

Thrasher20 said:

March 26th, 2:57 pm

Another awesome interview Jeff, thanks for the info.

jazzyrider said:

March 26th, 3:02 pm

That’s great to hear they’re rendering Kratos in more detail using the power of the PS3! Hopefully the gameplay and scenes combined with everything else makes for an awesome fun and detailed graphic game.

ADR143 said:

March 26th, 3:07 pm

man enough with interview!

new trailer or gameplay plzz

MistaTricksta said:

March 26th, 3:11 pm

this interview sort of sucked. he didnt say anything we didnt already know.

smokey_vols said:

March 26th, 3:11 pm

If the combat designer pumps you up for the game, then this guy must put you to sleep lol.

lebron_accel said:

March 26th, 3:37 pm

check this out guys gameplay footage of GOW3 from GDC hurry b4 Sony take it away!

chriscowboyd said:

March 26th, 3:54 pm

Wasn’t there supposed to be some announcement from Tecmo this week? Where’s that post on the blog? I know it’s about Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. I just wanted to make sure that they were only going to limit that purple haze blood substitution to Japan only while giving western audiences the blood that Ninja Gaiden 2 had.

Armstrong said:

March 26th, 4:08 pm

Vassily is kinda like the protagonist from Enemy at the Gates, only instead of sniping German invaders he… codes.

Make game. Powerful. Shadows opposite of clear Vodka. Titan gameplay like Russian nesting doll. Yes?

BigPoppaB said:

March 26th, 4:23 pm

Im sorry,,, but this game is being hyped to be the be all and end all of gaming… but from the leaked gameplay video its kind of underwhelming.

Final game will be amazing, but just ease up a bit with the hype lol

kartz0 said:

March 26th, 4:24 pm

will the centaur be ride able

lakaiHIGH said:

March 26th, 5:24 pm

god this game is going to be sooo sick! thanks for yet another awesome interview jeff. ill be sad with the last one tomorrow but i hope that come closer to the release date of GoW3 we get more interviews from them.


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