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Mar 31

Mar 31

PlayStation 2 Will Be Available for Under $100

John Koller's Avatar Posted by Vice President, PlayStation Brand Marketing, SIEA

Hi everyone, the last time you heard from me, I talked about the huge milestone that PlayStation 2 achieved – reaching 50 million units sold in North America. Today I’m excited to talk about another milestone in PlayStation 2’s lifespan. For the first time ever, PlayStation 2 will be offered at a price point under $100 (that’s $99.99 MSRP, to be exact), starting April 1!

Why is this so significant? Well most importantly, this new price means that more people than ever will be able to join in on the fun that so many of you PlayStation 2 owners have been enjoying for years, which means new families will become part of the platform’s record-breaking install base. With this new price, we intend to introduce a new generation of consumers – some of whom weren’t even alive when the system was first introduced in 2000 – to the immense entertainment value offered by PlayStation 2.

In the gaming industry, the typical lifecycle for a console is around five years, but because we build each of our platforms for a large and diverse consumer base, we design our platforms differently. With the original PlayStation and now PlayStation 2, we’ve proven that consumers can rely on our platforms for their gaming and entertainment needs for at least a decade. This speaks to the technology and features that were packed into PlayStation 2 from the beginning, as well as to the ongoing support the platform enjoys from the publishing and retail communities and, well, all of you fans.

PlayStation 2’s unmatched gaming library will grow to nearly 1,900 titles from both our first-party studios and publishing partners this year, with a particular focus on the social and sports genres that are so popular with the emerging family demographic. This will include games such as MLB ’09, Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Guitar Hero Metallica and MotorStorm: Arctic Edge…not to mention the 250 titles that have achieved “Greatest Hits” status. With all of that content, PlayStation 2 is a great option for families looking for ways to share their entertainment experiences together; they can rock out to Rock Band, test their trivia knowledge with Buzz!, or simply use the PlayStation 2 as their DVD or CD player.

So to everyone who’s enjoyed PlayStation 2 over the years, thanks for your continued support. And to those who will now be joining the PlayStation family, welcome!

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Angdogg said:

March 31st, 4:05 am

This is a HUGE milestone for sony!

Now, people that can’t offord the “Next Gen” consoles will have a chance to join the videogame community.

Great job guys, nice post, and have a good week!

Flava18 said:

March 31st, 4:06 am

I think it’s pretty sweet that you can get a PS2 for under $100 now – but I’ve had one since it was launched anyway.

Also, is this the big announcement everyone was talking about?

HanSolo said:

March 31st, 4:11 am

you know, i would change a few things with the ps2, mainly give it a controller like the wii and a small hard drive and wi fi, a pack in game that uses the new controller, and relaunch it, it will go on to live for another 10 years, it would sell a lot and it would make profits for sony on day 1

of course it would also be competition for the ps3, but it is still a ps2 after all

MiltonZep said:

March 31st, 4:11 am

Meh…I’d like to hear more about the rumored Firmware 2.7.

mixedkidbx said:

March 31st, 4:15 am

already knew this. this better not be the “big” news Sony has been talking about…..

JordanBoi123 said:

March 31st, 4:17 am

this better not be the big announcment.because to be honest this aint big news ps2 is 10 years old.

hood427 said:

March 31st, 4:19 am

Is this the “global Announcement” that we have been waiting for. :(

JacktehKnife said:

March 31st, 4:19 am

Yah, plezzzz… give us something cool like 2.7 :(

norkee said:

March 31st, 4:20 am

Nice job Sony. Ps2 is solid. My fingers are still crossed for some exciting news regarding the ps3!

Julioakapaco1 said:

March 31st, 4:21 am

Come on sony tell us about filmware 2.70 already.

SolidusDave said:

March 31st, 4:21 am

well that’s great for people who missed the ps2-era completely but I kinda had hopes for something ps3-related :/

EmperorKorea said:

March 31st, 4:23 am

This better not be the big news for today. No one cares about the PS2.

jimmyhoffa82 said:

March 31st, 4:24 am

still have my launch ps2 that things just keeps on chugging, talk about value, man the hours i have put into that machine. congrats, i am amazed to see the ps2 still selling. keep up this type of support for the ps3 please :) and thank you for producing kick ass consoles and games

TheHater2 said:

March 31st, 4:24 am

I was expecting a Playstation 3 or Playstation Portable price cut, but not a Playstation 2 price cut.
I still have my PS2 since December 14, 2000 and it sill work like new :)

Monsignor said:

March 31st, 4:26 am

YES!!!! I’ve been waiting for this price to drop below $100 for over 8 years. Finally, I can now go out and buy it and see what all this fuss is about. Thanks Sony.

zyxses said:

March 31st, 4:27 am

Well I’m excited…?

How about you (SONY) keep your “valued” customers informed as to future firmware updates…when and what etc.

Some more feedback would be appreciated.

INTVGene said:

March 31st, 4:29 am


Sony, how clueless are you? THIS is your big annoncement? CUT THE PRICE OF THE PS3! Forget about the PS2.

TheHater2 said:

March 31st, 4:29 am

@#15 Monsignor
I detect a massive amount of sarcasm in your post.

Ketchup said:

March 31st, 4:31 am

Is this a global fact (also for Europe and Asia) or simply a NA one ?

rioneye said:

March 31st, 4:32 am

WOW. Does Sony realize that a minority of gamers actually care about the ps2? If this is that announcement Sony promised then they truely under delivered.

Myzery17 said:

March 31st, 4:33 am

Awesome. Now lets hope this was not that BIG announcement ive been waiting for… >_>

SirTrigalot said:

March 31st, 4:35 am

that is great news but just like everyone else, I truly, truly hope this wasn’t the ONLY part of this big announcement

ayrkain said:

March 31st, 4:37 am

Was really hoping for a PS3 price cut, but this is good too.

ghostpos said:

March 31st, 4:38 am

I am praying this isn’t the ‘big’ news. I understand sucking out the last of the ps2 but lets look towards the future a bit more Sony…we have the amazing tech available in the ps3 to lead. Ugh…we’ll see if anything else comes to fruition.

gtxboyracer said:

March 31st, 4:38 am

Disappointed in this news – if this is the big headlines for the 31st of March.. :-(

weaselEST said:

March 31st, 4:39 am

Global announcement on blog? You’ve got to be kidding me. And the aussies are still waiting for something huge. There’s gonna be one angry nation :D

vagreville said:

March 31st, 4:41 am

Please, please, please, don’t be the “global announcement” that was supposed to happen today! If this is it Sony, you are more out of touch with what needs to happen than I thought. I want the PS3 to succeed and cutting the price of the PS2 isn’t going to matter much to anyone.

weaselEST said:

March 31st, 4:42 am

EvilGost said:

March 31st, 4:45 am

This is the BIG announcement??? The Cut Price of the old old OOOOOLLDDD Playstation 2? Let me laugh, sony is near its pumps…

Lemm said:

March 31st, 4:45 am

In what reality does Sony live in that a PS2 price drop is considered more pressing than a PS3 price drop?

The PS3 is a $400 system and it is the future for Sony’s videogame division. Any little bit helps in getting that price down any way that they can so they can build up their userbase and start selling software.

The PS2 is a system that is dying and its glory days are in the past. This price drop will temporarily increase sales, but its immediate fate is certainly nearing and the people willing to buy the system at such a reduced price likely won’t be the ones buying much new software for the system.

Having a PS2 price drop without either a PS3 price drop or the inclusion of PS2 backwards compatability via software emulation on the PS3 makes absolutely no sense. Sony continues to make great games and hardware for their systems, but when it comes to business decisions I think they’re out to lunch. They could have kept the PS2 @ $130, and used that extra income on a more pressing concern like a PS3 price drop.

DieUnbeliever said:

March 31st, 4:46 am

Fantastic. Now I can go buy my third PS2. This way I would have a fat one, a slim one, and a completely and utterly useless one (kinda like the other two now), while my ps3 sets here and collects dust. Come one people, take out them 100 bucks (Oops, my bad… I meant $99.99).

tbisley said:

March 31st, 4:47 am

If this is the big announcement, I have to say you’ve just made a lot of people VERY mad!

DieUnbeliever said:

March 31st, 4:48 am

…more like Global Chaos.

JKC31 said:

March 31st, 4:52 am

So many great games on the PS2.

t_tokyo2010 said:

March 31st, 4:53 am

Good news!! Although I already have a ps2 inside my original 60gb.

MK24ever said:

March 31st, 4:55 am

This is a BIG announcement indeed… for Sony :P

r-nice said:

March 31st, 4:57 am

What? I already have a PS2 and I’m sure everyone else who reads this blog does too. Boo announcement.

Tadfei said:

March 31st, 4:58 am

PS2 can compete with Wii, they are basically the the level console.

sumpunk said:

March 31st, 4:59 am

how about you give us something “interesting” on the ps3?
maybe drop the price of the ps3? at least try to take on the competition!! you’re getting smashed and i’m embarrassed to own 1 these days

Jewdo said:

March 31st, 4:59 am

I’m not sure what the big deal is….weren’t PS2’s at $120 before this?

Kalle said:

March 31st, 4:59 am

Was this the “Big Annoucement” on March 31 ?
PLease answer !

Paranoimia said:

March 31st, 5:01 am

@31 – assuming this is the announcement they mentioned… why are people going to be mad?

Sony never said this would a “big” announcement, nor did they specify which platform it would be about. The simply said to Kotaku that they’d ‘have something for them’ on March 31st.

Kotaku were told of a forthcoming announcement, posted the story, and the media hype and speculation started; then everyone and his dog got their hopes up all by themselves.

All you people who were expecting details of 2.70, a PS3 price drop, or something else, have only yourselves to blame for reading way too much into a simple statement. If you’re going to be angry at anything, it should be your own stupidity.

Jribal10 said:

March 31st, 5:02 am

This is the big annoucement ?
Sony is joking ?
If the price of the Ps2 is cutting, give us the B.C on the Ps3 systems !

Onna76_NL said:

March 31st, 5:02 am

So this is suppose to be the big announcement? What a joke. Make it sound like the world’s biggest announcement ever and then you come with this, and not even world wide but US only.

Aggie_CEO said:

March 31st, 5:02 am

Stop complaining people. A PS3 Price drop would ruin Sony at this point. its Called Business. and if they Drop the PS3 they would be in a BIGGER hole than they are now. Either Wait for the PS3 drop, however long that may take, or shut your mouth.

as for “Big Announcement” this IS Big. the PS2 is now at Closeout price!!!

enewtabie said:

March 31st, 5:04 am

Some people really have no clue about the gaming market. The machine has sold over 120 million units worldwide and the 99 price point is the great tipping point to send even more money towards Sony. Think about it.

In this economy,when mom and pop look at buying a system,why not a $99 one with a great selection of games like Ratchet and Clank,Singstar and a lot of RPG classics . The PS3 isn’t dropping it’s price anytime soon and the firmware update isn’t this big savior that blogs and sites seem to think it is going to be. I have a feeling there’s going to be dissappointment over 2.70.

BigRon3400 said:

March 31st, 5:04 am

Darn. And I just bought one at Christmas for 130. Oh well. Still a great system with lots of great games. Well worth the money.

Korbei83 said:

March 31st, 5:05 am

@44 We don’t want a PS3 price drop specifically. (At least I dont, I wont be buying anymore.) We want the BIG announcement that Sony saw fit to tell Kotaku about for mass-hype.

We wan’t our god damned firmware update!

Zezzler said:

March 31st, 5:08 am

At least i can get one for DDR for cheap now :D
PS3 should be able to support DDR, or it at least have its own DDR

Michelasso said:

March 31st, 5:13 am

Sony must be joking! They spread a rumor about a big announcement just to tell us that the PS2 dropped its price? Hellooo! Sony! The X360 is selling better than the PS3. Again.

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