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Mar 31

Mar 31

PlayStation 2 Will Be Available for Under $100

John Koller's Avatar Posted by Vice President, PlayStation Brand Marketing, SIEA

Hi everyone, the last time you heard from me, I talked about the huge milestone that PlayStation 2 achieved – reaching 50 million units sold in North America. Today I’m excited to talk about another milestone in PlayStation 2’s lifespan. For the first time ever, PlayStation 2 will be offered at a price point under $100 (that’s $99.99 MSRP, to be exact), starting April 1!

Why is this so significant? Well most importantly, this new price means that more people than ever will be able to join in on the fun that so many of you PlayStation 2 owners have been enjoying for years, which means new families will become part of the platform’s record-breaking install base. With this new price, we intend to introduce a new generation of consumers – some of whom weren’t even alive when the system was first introduced in 2000 – to the immense entertainment value offered by PlayStation 2.

In the gaming industry, the typical lifecycle for a console is around five years, but because we build each of our platforms for a large and diverse consumer base, we design our platforms differently. With the original PlayStation and now PlayStation 2, we’ve proven that consumers can rely on our platforms for their gaming and entertainment needs for at least a decade. This speaks to the technology and features that were packed into PlayStation 2 from the beginning, as well as to the ongoing support the platform enjoys from the publishing and retail communities and, well, all of you fans.

PlayStation 2’s unmatched gaming library will grow to nearly 1,900 titles from both our first-party studios and publishing partners this year, with a particular focus on the social and sports genres that are so popular with the emerging family demographic. This will include games such as MLB ’09, Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Guitar Hero Metallica and MotorStorm: Arctic Edge…not to mention the 250 titles that have achieved “Greatest Hits” status. With all of that content, PlayStation 2 is a great option for families looking for ways to share their entertainment experiences together; they can rock out to Rock Band, test their trivia knowledge with Buzz!, or simply use the PlayStation 2 as their DVD or CD player.

So to everyone who’s enjoyed PlayStation 2 over the years, thanks for your continued support. And to those who will now be joining the PlayStation family, welcome!

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PsychoMacross said:

March 31st, 2:03 pm

I don’t believe that this announcement even needed a “we’re going to make a global announcement on such-and-such date”. That’s just bad marketing overall. Announcing it straight away would have been much less contentious issue than it currently is.

inspace2020 said:

March 31st, 2:04 pm

Sony’s Playstation PR and Marketing Dept. have to be some of the WORSE!!! …Hey Sony, I’m a Marketing Major with a Video game background and I’m looking for a job!! TRUST ME…you NEED me…you guys handle things soooo wrong!

This debacle was just a PR nightmare…

I still love you guys, but please GET IT TOGETHER!! All you had to do was drop a little line on the blog yesterday when you saw stuff getting out of hand…clarifying that it was PS3 news or something…

Stoddard56 said:

March 31st, 2:06 pm

How to sell 20 mill PS4’s. After you give the PS3 all the features it NEEDS start a loyalty program! For every sony purchase give loyalty points. Down loading a game from the ps store gets you x amount of points, a full game at a retal store gets you x points, a controller gets you x points, a system is worth x points. You get the idea. Allow gamers to use these points as a discount towards sony games , movies , store stuff, what ever, or let them bank the points towards a new PS4 when it comes out. You will give gamers a reason to buy tons of stuff from you and feel good about it. Do this and your sales will go through the roof!!!!!!!!!!!!! RESPONDE PLEASE!

Retribution-9 said:

March 31st, 2:07 pm

I have been a loyal Sony fan ever since PSX’s launch day, but this is getting rediculous. Do you guys actually read customer feedback? We don’t care about the PS2 enough to overshadow the PS3. Give us PS2 emulation. I swear the psp homebrew scene is making more progress than you guys ever have. LETS GO!!!

norm01 said:

March 31st, 2:08 pm

Newsflash: Sony does not exist as a global corporation to please fanboys desires. They are first and foremost a company that needs to make money. We, as the consumers don’t need to tell them how to do that, as they have analysts whose sole jobs is to do that in real world methods, ie; taking into account current, past sales of the PS3 as well as global currency trends, demographics and future potential uptake. Guys, a PS2 price-drop does not mean Sony is NOT supporting the PS3. In fact, it demonstratively shows that Sony is confident that the PS3 will win. Why do a price drop if people are buying the system? A price drop only happens when 1) the cost of making the consoles are low enough to pass the savings onto the consumer or 2) nobody is buying your system and you need to gain market share. Have some faith people, and relax. I’ve had my PS3 since launch at $600. I didn’t need to wait for a price drop to have my fun for the past 2.5 years. Why are you waiting for?

FoolKiller79 said:

March 31st, 2:09 pm

The goodies in the PS3 haven’t held their value. They have dropped and so over time Sony has lost a little less money on each PS3. Sony and independednt analysts predicted they would start to break even next month. They aren’t holding their value, but they haven’t hit a point where Sony can make a profit if they cut the price to the consumer now.

If you don’t get it after this I can’t help you. It is as simple as I can decsribe the economics of this.

I would like to add that I have no clue why people are getting so upset about this. It isn’t like you woke up his morning to find John Koller trying to sneak out of your mom’s bedroom.

I’m sorry it’s not the news you guys wanted. Here, have a tissue.

Anti-Dentite said:

March 31st, 2:23 pm

SCEA fire John Koller immediately. The marketing for the Playstation brand this generation has been the worst I’ve seen it. Little to no advertisements are anywhere to be seen. The commercials you DO see are pathetic. Advertising HOME on t-shirts when it wasn’t even out yet? Who’s great idea was that? Pathetic performance all around.

PsychoMacross said:

March 31st, 2:23 pm

I have a software emulation BC PS3, which I purchased for roughly $450. While I’m not too concerned with the price point of the PS3 at the moment, I am concerned with Sony’s marketing strategy.

Sony’s marketing strategy back in 2002-2004 have been brilliant. What the hell happened to that? It’s like there’s suddenly been a huge brain drain of talented marketing specialists and now we’re stuck with a company that has a very awkward marketing approach/direction.

Factor in the fact that we haven’t seen any new DDR for the PS3 or any of the really cool shooters for the PS3 (see Death Smiles for the 360, used to be known as Death Lolitas:

Yes, we have Everyday Shooter and Super Stardust, but it’s just not the same as having a hypnotic bullet-hell game to play with.

Anyway, I think the entirety of the marketing staff needs to factor in public opinion (to a certain degree) when making its marketing decisions.

bobloblaw06 said:

March 31st, 2:23 pm

i have a great idea, its over in the playstation network/3 updates section but i can’t remember the name so why don’t you guys have a guy look through all of them(its about future ps3 firmware updates)

meatwadsicle said:

March 31st, 2:30 pm


what awesome news D=<

resisfutal said:

March 31st, 2:34 pm

FoolKiller79// Maybe its just the disapointment. Maybe I just don’t understand why some people have to right about how unfortunate some of us are that we can’t or don’t pay what Sony wants for the PS3. When the PS3 first came out it was a bargain at that time, no doubt. I didn’t even have a HDTV at that time and i’m sure a lot of Playstation fans were right there with me. I was a true Playstation fan right up to the projected price of the PS3. I had a PS1 or 2 in every bedroom, the kids were set. Suddenly Sony releases the PS3 for three times the price of a ps2? Give me a break. I think the number of sales proves my point. Sony gambled and lost. It happens. So they lose money from day one, boo hoo. Poor planning on their part. So its one less Bentley in the garage this year for the CEO. I just can’t care if sony loses money on every system they sell. Maybe they shouldn’t have put it so far out of reach of the average playstation family, who by the way are telling Sony what they think about them right now.

ADR143 said:

March 31st, 2:35 pm

lol this is the big announcement……..

mysongska said:

March 31st, 2:46 pm

When I saw the header had playstation 2 in it and that it had over 400 comments i thought the only possible thing that could garner that response was if playstation 2 compatability was being reintrouduced into playstation 3. If that was the case it would have been the greatest news i have ever read on this blog. As it stands it may be the only reason i don’t buy a new ps3 if mine (god forbids) ever dies…

BornToBeMild said:

March 31st, 2:47 pm

I was really hoping it was a PSP price drop.

Oh well.

NeoRaidenX said:

March 31st, 2:48 pm

Everyone! Hop on the dissapointment bus. Bus operator: Sony.

It’s amazing how Sony NEVER fails to dissapoint. People ask for the simplest of things that are helpful, and Sony give us things like the “Information bar”.

We got monkeys working at SCEA HQ. Actually I take that back. Monkeys would do a better job.

BlindMango said:

March 31st, 2:50 pm

This MUST be a prepared April Fools joke guys, why would Sony WAIT to release this half-assed news on the 31st instead of three days ago when they said they GOING to release the announcement? If Sony IS joking, they pulled a good one!

bball230 said:

March 31st, 2:50 pm

thats great! just GREAT! YNOS LACIPYT

Anubisofyurdream said:

March 31st, 2:59 pm

Jack Tretton emphasized that “demand for PlayStation 2 remains strong throughout the world.” He went on to suggest that the price cut would serve to boost PS3 sales down the line because it will serve to “bring in new consumers” to the PlayStation brand…mmmmm i dont know why he says that… if the ps3 have bc in the ps3 right now that would be true… but when your system is the most expensive in this generation and no bc i dont think all the people will buy the system just for that reason alone!!! At least you can show something about the firmware 2.70…

Syndicate3 said:

March 31st, 3:03 pm

Wow John, you and your team really dont get it do you? You refuse to listen to what your loyal fans want. The same loyal fans thats been patient with your choices.

Now you annouce something “major” like a price price for the PS2? THe PS2 is already a success, why are you still focusing on something 10 years old when you have to fix the mistakes of the PS3? Are you serious?

And to think this is “good” because you are inviting newcomers to the Playstation family, in which supposely down the line they will purchase a PS3? Are you serious? WAKE the HELL UP. You are losing more of the PS2 fanbase, than gaining, to the Wii and Xbox because of the competition’s pricepoints. Wake up, you idiots. Stop making the efforts of the PS3 go to waste.

rioneye said:

March 31st, 3:09 pm

If Sony came out tomorrow morning with a post that said “APRIL FOOLS” followed by a real announcement, I would crack up. Don’t worry ,though, I’ve learned not to expect anything from Sony.

Oooo I just had a thought if Sony is afraid of losing money by cutting the price of the ps3, they could always stop investing in the Walkman which has failed to the Ipod. I’m sure that would solve everything.

katsuo7171 said:

March 31st, 3:11 pm

LOL the funny thing is I bet that Sony is just toying with us. They want everyone to hate the PS3 to their guts for the first 3 years and then come back the next year and regain out trust.

Roght? Right?

JuanDHexen said:

March 31st, 3:12 pm

wow, didn’t know there where so many ps3 haters

jipmg said:

March 31st, 3:15 pm

You guys should bundle the ps2 with the eye toy, and release some ads, sell it for $149.99 and you have yourself a wii killer.

StrongerThanYou said:

March 31st, 3:23 pm



ScribeTheTaru said:

March 31st, 3:27 pm

The system is 10 years old, give it away for free already nobody wants a PS2… Lower the PS3’s price and bring back Backwards Compatibility to the PS3.

RealBigGuns said:

March 31st, 3:28 pm

Sony, why would an audience that is made up predominantly of your INSTALL BASE care about a ps2 price drop? …Don’t abuse the hype machine, it’s effective when its services are warranted (read: LBP, KZ2, Home, etc.) but if you’re going to abuse it and rile people up for nothing, I suggest you go back and re-read The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

nb5292 said:

March 31st, 3:28 pm

Ok… the PS2 has been on the market for what now? nine years? Its OLD NEWS!! I’m glad its taking a graceful exit by dropping down to below a hundred dollars but please… This not a big announcement. I mean the entire PS3 world was in a state of confusion for the past couple days.. You guys are just being too stubborn to realize when its time to push the old news out of the way and start competing.. The PS3 is in third in this console war..(Out of three)I’m just hoping now with this price cut out of the way that you can finally concentrate on the task at hand.. (THE PS3!!)

aLex_aGuIRRe said:

March 31st, 3:33 pm

C’mon SONY give us what we all want, a firmware wich contains a backward compatibility for the PS2 games for example

Stoddard56 said:

March 31st, 3:48 pm

I read part of an interview with John Koller where he said ” The PS3 is a consumer driven system, and if the consumers make enough noise we will respond much like we have with our firmware updates.” I know I have to choose my words carefully, but Dude’s a LIAR! We beg, we plead, we complain, and threaten, but still you ignore us! I have been a loyal ps3 gamer for YEARS. I bought the ps1 the day it came out. I bought the ps2 the day it came out. I bought the ps3 the day it came out. I refuse to do that again in light of the complete disregard you have shown us the last 2.5 years. On a happy note my ps3 is a great blue ray player when I’m not gaming on the 360. You can continue to think you are above the opinions of your customer base and have fun filing for bankruptcy or you can pull it together and restore our shattered faith in what we thought was going to be THE next gen system!

Ramage said:

March 31st, 3:56 pm

I’m going to laugh when Destructoid does their Fanboy Friday column based on responses from this post alone

aLex_aGuIRRe said:

March 31st, 4:00 pm


GGCAN said:

March 31st, 4:14 pm

Not sure about all these people saying this is something not that great.

With the economy the way it is and many people in poorer countries than North America, I think Sony has made a good decision.

I believe the price of the PS3 is about as low as they can go to make a profit already and with all the add ons that you’d have to buy extra on any other console…the PS3 is still in my opinion a good bargain.

As for the PS2, think about it.

It’s only going to help Sony make more money so that maybe in the near future Sony can finally have a price cut for the PS3.

t0eKnEe103 said:

March 31st, 4:15 pm

Tight work, gonna try this tonight…

lebron_accel said:

March 31st, 4:18 pm

I dont need this piece of diamond!
i already have one inside my 80gb PS3!

katsuo7171 said:

March 31st, 4:22 pm

@433 Try What? Spending 100 bucks on an old PS2 that could go to a new game and 4 PSN titles for the PS3.

Thrill_Kill said:

March 31st, 4:26 pm

WOW, if this is the BIG NEWS then seriously SONY has NO CLUE what the PS3 owners want! I want to hear that we are getting games from CAVE!! I want to hear news about a PS3 price cut! I want to hear that the PS3 is getting PS2 B/C back in them, I want to hear we are getting God of War 3 by christmas…etc..etc..

What we DON’T CARE to hear about is the old ass PS2 getting a small price cut! That is by far THE dumbest thing you can tell us PS3 owners waiting for this BIG NEWS!!

-.- I am so disappointed in you SONY this generation. I cannot even begin to express my feelings on this gen of gaming. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER SONY OR YOU WILL LOSE MORE BUYERS! AND GET US MORE JAPANESE RPGS AND SHOOTERS!!!!!!!!!

Xionpunk said:

March 31st, 4:32 pm

I’m begging you Sony, please please please find a way to implement backwards compatibility. Releasing PS2 games through the PSN would be kick ass.

morris1129 said:

March 31st, 4:41 pm

Cut the price of the PS3 so Bill Gates can stop laughing….

DustyBlue said:

March 31st, 4:56 pm

Under $100…. By one cent lol. I think a PS3 price-drop would gain more appeal, but if the PS3 got any cheaper, Sony wouldn’t get any profit. Still, I think this is a step forward. But who STILL never got a PS2??

Default_cc said:

March 31st, 5:00 pm

Wow, sure are a lot of complete illogical children on this blog. Not sure why people are CRITICIZING Sony for CUTTING the price of the PS2. It’s insane.

IT IS BIG NEWS. Sony didn’t hype this up other than contacting various publications to help announce this milestone. It was the BLOGS that made all you blind fanboys expect something unreasonable.

People go on and on about how the price of the PS3 should drop because of the recession and hard economic times, etc, etc – but guess what folks, if people are struggling to make ends meet they sure as hell aren’t going to be spending even $300 on a video game system. It makes far more sense to drop the price of an already cheaper unit in these times… maybe mom can now go out and buy poor Junior a nice video game system for his birthday (assuming Junior isn’t some stuck up, pompous, spoiled, 15 year old brat).

Enigma777 said:

March 31st, 5:02 pm

*raises hand*

I never got a PS2… I got a shoddy GC! That’s what happens when you let a 12 year old pick out a birthday present for you (my lil bro). :(

But with my BC PS3 I’m catching up on all the missed games. Already finished FFXII and GOW 1-2 last fall and I just got Okami and Shadow of the Colossus. Next I gotta track down Ico and get the MGS Essential Collection…

Looks like I’ll be poor for quite a while. I should have picked bottlecap collecting as my hobby instead…

droscross said:

March 31st, 5:14 pm

good!!! now can sony lower the price for PSP .that it’s gonna be even better news.

Lanmanna said:

March 31st, 5:24 pm


Agreed about the GC. I had one and the only really great, exclusive games were Nintendo.

You should also get the Sly Cooper, Kingdom Hearts, Jak, and Ratchet games.

mafecto said:

March 31st, 5:55 pm

Can we at least get some PS2 games on the PSN for download? Don’t act like it’s not possible because your competition has some of their last-gen software available for download. Just saying…

mafecto said:

March 31st, 6:02 pm

this is the last time I’m posting for this story, I promise, but I can’t help but think that if this “big announcement” hadn’t been hyped up so much that people wouldn’t be so upset. If this would’ve come out of nowhere people woulda been like “wow, neat” and got on with their day. Your marketing team should be taking notes on this debaucle, although you would think they would know better by now.

Spadez69 said:

March 31st, 6:05 pm


themacstewie said:

March 31st, 6:05 pm

saw a store in Europe selling them for 79euro’s.
pretty good deal compared to the 299 i paid for it :D

themacstewie said:

March 31st, 6:08 pm

gaming prices are more important than PS3 price drops.
i think Sony should get stores to lower their prices in some way, some retailers ask 79Euro’s PER GAME!!! while sony’s target price is 49euro’s…

retailers are scamming customers, especially their prices are nuts.

Justingraziano said:

March 31st, 6:28 pm

You know, this is almost as big a dissappointment as when I found out the Sony Corporation was ageist. I cannot believe you consider this a “big announcement” and you’ve been saying “we’ve got something big for you on March 31st.” Something big would be a new firmware update or some new game franchises (sure would be nice to see a The Getaway game for PS3), not a stupid price drop on an obsolete console. But hey, while your at it, why dont you fix up the PS2 emulator on the original 80GB PS3? It doesnt even play Hitman games correctly, they all freeze and lag.

Lord_VII said:

March 31st, 6:37 pm

i seriously doubt that people who couldn’t afford a PS2 at $129.99 still cant afford it at $99.99

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