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Apr 01

Apr 01

Jak & Daxter Are BACK!

Lesley Mathieson's Avatar Posted by Design Guru

If there wasn’t enough excitement from GDC last week, here’s even more! We are happy to announce that Jak & Daxter are coming to the PSP and PS2!

Developed by High Impact Games, Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier takes the intrepid pair all the way to the edge of the world. There they must battle their way past air pirates and sinister creatures in their quest to find a cure for the world’s eco shortage. Keep an eye out for this title to be available later this year!

Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier Brink Castaway

Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier screenshotost Frontier screenshot Brink Volcano

Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier screenshot Brink Castaway 2

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GSeussP said:

April 1st, 2:21 pm

I agree, I don’t like short haired Jak either, makes him look too common and jerk-like

alaM0000 said:

April 1st, 2:25 pm

I hope it’s not for the PS2 or PSP i want to be for the PS3 cause IGN has it as Preview??!! =P

alaM0000 said:

April 1st, 2:26 pm

Btw the graphics of the game looks crappy to me??!! =P ehhh!!??

EvDeval said:

April 1st, 2:26 pm

This is very exciting, it may not be Naughty Dog but its one of the top 2 psp developers and if anyone could pull it off and make it awesome it’s High Impact Games. I’m looking forward to this.

alaM0000 said:

April 1st, 2:28 pm

Probably just for PS2 and PSP then i’ll just for another one of this PS3!!?? =P

ChainClutch said:

April 1st, 2:33 pm

so it is for real…. my goodness, im GREATLY disappointed. from what i see, i see naughty dog has pretty much given up on jak and handed it over to another developer. i was REALLY hoping that Lost Frontier was going to be the next Jak game for the PS3, why couldnt they make the game for all 3 platforms? PSP, PS2 and PS3?… sad it is..

jipmg said:

April 1st, 2:38 pm

dam if only you guys could say what Quarter of the year its coming out in!

Gunwing said:

April 1st, 2:39 pm

Suck it up PS3 gamers. You got a new Ratchet game in the works, just got Killzone2, and your getting Uncharted 2, as well as a new God of War 3 game. You got plenty to look at without stealing the PSP games that did well on the system, and the PS2 games that did well too.

JaKhris said:

April 1st, 2:39 pm

Okay, so this game is official…

I’m a bit disappointed. I expected Naughty Dog to do this on PS3. PSP is good, but I was really looking forward to a PS3 comeback of Jak and Daxter, they are such great games… I was especially hoping for the Lost Frontier to be on PS3, with the patent saying it’s online (more or less) and all.

I just hope you make the best of this, High Impact. Make the fans proud of your game, and if you can, we’ll be content. Best of luck. ;)



April 1st, 2:41 pm

i have never played a jakand daxter. i never played ratchet and clank either until tool of destruction and that was really good.
if you bring one out that looks as good as tools of destruction on ps3 i will get it.

ratchet and clanck is one of those games i have to buy now… DAMN YOU!!. first metal gear solid then siphon filter and now this!!! damn you sony and youre great games lol… btw when is the new syphon filter comming out for ps3?

XKILLER44 said:

April 1st, 2:42 pm

Sweet Ill buy it for PSP cant wait

Gunwing said:

April 1st, 2:47 pm

BTW: For those who claim there are not enough PS3 games in the works you also have:

MAG: Massive Action Game: MMO Shooter
Ratchet & clank Future: A Click in Time
Tales of Vasperia with Exclusive content/DLC JRPG
Ragdoll Kun Fu: Fists of Plastic: Fighting game
Fat Princesess

You got plenty to look forward too so please get over it.

Carbonox_Ratchet said:

April 1st, 2:47 pm

Not interested.

The core series has been out of action for quite a while, and all we get after such a long time is a PS2/PSP title? Ahaha.

I’m still calling April Fools on this. It’s too shoddy to be genuine.

Tikicobra said:

April 1st, 2:48 pm

I think Lesley’s constant use of smiley faces is suspicious.

Also, Jak looks dumb in those screenshots.

    Lesley Mathieson's Avatar

    Lesley Mathieson said:

    April 1st, 3:53 pm

    Smiley faces are tremendously suspicious. :)
    But this is nevertheless real.

StargamerX said:

April 1st, 2:50 pm

Half those games aren’t even real lol :)

Bencherstyle said:

April 1st, 2:52 pm

jesus , people who say ps3 owners have enough games,

this isnt about selection of games,

this is about the JAK WORLD and how ND is giving up on it just like Crash…..

whoever said that is no Jak fan.

supersaiyan500 said:

April 1st, 2:53 pm

Man, i watched this video on Youtube that this was a Triple- Project(PS3, PS2, PSP) I hope you make a PS3 version of it. Jak & Daxter will look SOOOO Kick@#$%

justin456789 said:

April 1st, 2:54 pm

I’ll get it for my PSP

Insomnia999 said:

April 1st, 2:58 pm

The serious guys might not like it, but you have a good market on the PS2 and PSP. I can’t blame you, lol.

I’m sure you’ll do a good job, as evident with your previous titles.

I will check it out.

Tikicobra said:

April 1st, 2:58 pm

I don’t think Naughty Dog is giving up on Jak, they’re just pulling an Insomniac, by which I mean letting High Impact develop a Jak game.

ADR143 said:

April 1st, 2:59 pm

nice! but plzz release one in PS3!!!!!!!

MistaTricksta said:

April 1st, 3:00 pm

are they pulling a ff crystal chronicles and making the same game on different platforms, or are the different.

while im very excited to get a new jak and daxter game, i wish it could have been on ps3. this is sort of a let down.

and if this is an april fools joke heads will roll.

Insomnia999 said:

April 1st, 3:00 pm

good market=100 or 200 million PS2’s sold(whatever it is)

Also cheaper production costs.

Win win for you guys.

PSJaxter said:

April 1st, 3:00 pm

High Impact Games, why are you using Ratchet and Clank graphics for Jak and Daxter? Can’t you use the graphics from the PSP game Daxter?

dreu81 said:

April 1st, 3:02 pm

if this is official all i have to say is, “ouch.”

Bencherstyle said:

April 1st, 3:05 pm

what does IGN have to say?

…. :(

Punk777E said:

April 1st, 3:06 pm

Well i for one believe this even though it is April Fools Day but i won’t be surprised if it is…

But the game looks good Jak looks funny is PSP format but i guess i’m fine with it hehe… My regards and hope to see this sometime this year…

Bencherstyle said:

April 1st, 3:13 pm

go look at IGN…. its reall…. i guess…


Lord_Aroyeum said:

April 1st, 3:28 pm

YEEESSSS!!!!! I cant wait!

Edd said:

April 1st, 3:28 pm

im hoping this is a freaking joke PS2!? this is the stupidest thing you guys have ever done imo i honestly cant believe this somebody say april fools please

Dark__Gamer said:

April 1st, 3:32 pm

If this is a prank. I am going to be so pissed off!!!!!!!!!

Squamden said:

April 1st, 3:33 pm

Chill everyone, it’s real. Check IGN.

starBlinky01 said:

April 1st, 3:35 pm

Jak3 is my favorite game ever. I was surprised to see this game not coming to PS3.. Also whats up with Jaks hair!?! He has a Crew cut for god sakes. Also please dont bring this to PS2, it will never be as good as Jak3 on PS2, so please PLEASE just don’t or it will be compared to Jak3 and will get [DELETED] reviews.

Please change his hair back and Sony stop bringing all your PSP games to PS2. Its ruining your handheld.

Lucreto said:

April 1st, 3:35 pm

The IGN first look is up.

Sadly it is not a PS3 or PSN game which I think was a mistake. I am still hoping there are mock screens and you are working with IGN for April fools joke.

I expect the people at High impact games are disappointed by the lackluster reponse from fans over the title.

Squamden said:

April 1st, 3:37 pm

Oh and just to follow up, I for one am very excited for this game, and I think this is great news. Sony clearly is making an attempt to greatly expand the PSP’s game library this year, and I appreciate knowing that it’s coming out on PS2 instead of finding that out a few months after the PSP version’s release. Yes, we all want to see the duo on PS3, but Naughty Dog is busy with Uncharted right now, and they’ve been doing a great job. Now Sucker Punch, when you’re done inFamous, bring back Sly!

Blkant said:

April 1st, 3:40 pm

Jak looks like an idiot on these screens and those weapons really break the consistency of the game. When ever great titles change hands like this they always end up getting ruined.

I loved the Jak series, one of my favorites. But the fact that sony has given up on the PS3 and put this on the PS2 and allowed the art design to completely leave how naughtydog made it is just unforgivable. I love to see new companies like this start, but not when they don’t catch up with the times (PS3) and not when they clearly knew little about the series they decided to take on.

This is simply unforgivable on sonys part. While I’m instantly taking a pass on this as to not ruin my experience with the jak series, I look forward to high impacts next game, so long as its on the PS3.

Can’t explain how enraged I truly am that the PS3 is already being put behind everyones backs….

keltie said:

April 1st, 3:42 pm

Lacri said:

April 1st, 3:47 pm

At first I was very dissapointed with the announcement. I was hoping a PS3 adventure for Jak & Daxter. But hey, now I think a new Jak & Daxter adventure is all the good new I need. I dont care if the game is for PSP or PS3 because I own both consoles, so just do an awesome game and Im buying it.

DaveyyDavee said:

April 1st, 3:55 pm

I wish it was for ps3 and psp not psp and ps2 if its an april fools joke im gonna be so pissed and it will be the worst day of my life unless the joke is that it includes ps3.

lebron_accel said:

April 1st, 4:04 pm

This is definetaly an april fools Joke
Naughty dog owns this series guys lol!XD

Midgetguy said:

April 1st, 4:05 pm

AWESOME!!!! I could always use some new awesome games on the PSP! I was kinda hoping that this would be a PS3 title though…

But still, I’m a huge fan of Jak and Daxter! So, this is GREAT news!

Lucreto said:

April 1st, 4:09 pm

Looks like my above comment was moderated so I will just say bring it to the PSN as well please.

VIP_MVP_18 said:

April 1st, 4:11 pm

Whoa. This news made me fall off my couch. But it’s kinda not as up to as I expected. I heard rumors of The Lost Frontier a year ago, on IGN where TLF was the working name. Guess here it is.

But what really puzzles me is….why does the art style of this title look very Ratchet on the PSP-like? It doesn’t visualized any of the Jaks on the PS2 days, looks more like Ratchet. And maybe the visuals could look better, but I understand a lot of polish still needs to be added.

I thought maybe this project was better suited for Ready At Dawn, developers of Daxter, since they followed Jak artstyle and had former Naughty Dog members. So you guys have been up to this since Secret Agent Clank. I wonder what Ready At Dawn is working on.

kingmeazly said:

April 1st, 4:11 pm

Will there ever be a ps3 jak and daxter? and is this an important part of the storyline??

Dark__Gamer said:

April 1st, 4:12 pm

It this a joke or not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

firemind15 said:

April 1st, 4:21 pm

………..why no PS3?

I don’t like PSP games. They hurt my thumb trying to use that damn slider all the time.

Don’t put this on the PS2 only just because it has a new price point.

SpeciesOne said:

April 1st, 4:39 pm

WHAT!? I want to cry right now. This is my fave franchise and this needs to go to the PS3 ASAP. Size Matters on PS2 wasn’t even playable, so it seems like this game is not going to be up to the Naughty Dog standards. SO LAME! I wish it wasn’t continuation of the story at least but rather like a side story so that I can ignore it.

VIP_MVP_18 said:

April 1st, 4:41 pm

I loved Jak on the PS2 and loved Daxter on the PSP. Why didn’t Ready at Dawn develop this? They had experience and a good job with Daxter.

Dont forget Daxter, although it is somewhat of a spin-off.


NetworkDoctor48 said:

April 1st, 4:46 pm

Didnt you knew scei is making a second one for both ps3 and psp system consoles

JCJAR said:

April 1st, 5:32 pm

I am not digging Jak’s new hairstyle. :X

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