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Apr 01

Apr 01

PS3 Firmware (v2.70) Update

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

Hi everyone, we’re adding some great new features with the next PS3 firmware update (v2.70) that will continue to enhance your connected experience on the PS3. The 2.70 update brings a new Text Chat feature that enables you to communicate online with your PlayStation Network friends. Now, you’ll be able to chat with up to 15 online friends using the Wireless Keypad, on-screen keyboard, or other compatible keyboard peripherals. Not only can you chat with your friends instantly, but you can also access Text Chat while playing PS3 games and even participate in up to three chat rooms at once.

In addition to Text Chat, we’ve added a few more enhancements:

Friends list on the XMB (XrossMediaBar)

  • Sort your friends via their online status
  • Attach larger files to the messages you send to your friends (file size will increase from 1MB to 3MB)

Video delivery service on PlayStation Store

  • Video files you’ve purchased from the PlayStation Store can be backed up to an external storage device and then restored to PS3’s internal hard drive for playback – so you can clear up space on your hard drive and then restore the video anytime in the future
  • Videos you’ve purchased for PSP (PlayStation Portable) system can now be transferred to PS3 for playback

For a quick preview of Text Chat and some of the other 2.70 features, check out this video:

The 2.70 update will be released soon, and as always, we look forward to reading your feedback.

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MegadethAndy said:

April 13th, 2:23 pm

I feel bad for the people that lose their systems to a mandatory update, i fear everytime i update my system that this could happen.
We should not have to pay to get them fixed from a dodgy update. Maybe there should be a checksum to make sure all code is correct.

Netwave said:

April 13th, 4:38 pm

Voice is where it’s at. My son’s xbox got the inevitable red ring so he’s been on the ps3 and is PISSED he can’t VOICE chat with his ps3 owning friends while playing seperate games. IF you ever get this taken care of then you have tapped into what makes xbox live successful. Nothing wrong with emulating success.

Rob_e_lee said:

April 13th, 7:06 pm

Just dl the latest sys update and now all my movie files say Unsupported Data :( Has anyone else had this happen?

PineConi said:

April 13th, 9:02 pm

3rd Party ps2/ps3 controller adapters DO NOT WORK ANYMORE with this update. I currently own a TAC model and this has not worked since the update….it actually freezes the whole system to the point it needs to be turned off at the back in order to restart. I have read many other blogs with the same complaints. Since Sony never came out with an adapter of their own, how else can we use our controllers???

breezer79 said:

April 13th, 9:47 pm

I am also getting the same unsupported data when i try to play any divx avi files, i am also connecting through linksys nas200 media server that where all of my files are stored. I have noticed that mpeg2 files do work
I have seen that playstation team has added divx on demond but how can that work if i can not even play the activation video from divx. kinda wierd and useless update then.

now is there a way that i can put the 2.6 update back on, i use the ps3 more for the media, then games… please let me know…

Ratchet426 said:

April 14th, 5:57 am

Two weeks, 1955 posts, and still not a single reply from Mr. Lempel. That’s just pathetic.

Not only did fw 2.70 dump a useless and unwanted/needed/requested -text- chat function onto unsuspecting PS3 owners, it is also quite clear that it has caused major problems for several people as well.

…And still not a single response or acknowledment from the Director of Playstation Network Operations.

Unacceptable, Mr. Lempel. Unacceptable.

Daedusian said:

April 14th, 8:36 am

still waiting for that reply. I haven’t left yet Sony..

thomasgeo said:

April 14th, 12:20 pm

It is the second time i wrote here… about the unsupported data that all of us get when we try to play divx and other files.
Sony claims that in 2.70 upgrade

# This system software update includes all features contained in previous versions.
# The new system software will preserve any settings previously made to the PLAYSTATION 3.
# Depending on the software title, you may not be able to play without first updating the PS3 system software.

SONY can we have an answer because the above it is not the truth. WE CAN NOT SEE THE DIVX AND OTHER FILES AFTER THE LATEST UPGRADE.

MarcAndrews said:

April 14th, 2:01 pm

i really like how things are moving forward for us, but the only thing the x box has on us is the in game voice chat… i wanna talk to my freinds even if were not in the same game. this is what needs to be adressed next PSN.

D-Bone4Life said:

April 14th, 4:51 pm


– Universal Game Invites and Join Session Button(XMB)
– Voice Mail and Private Voice Chat in-game
– Add OPTIONAL sound for notifications(sign on, new messages,etc.)
– symbols and numbers that show friends online and new messages on the XMB and beside message box
– Auto Sync Trophies
– More developed profiles + mentioned options on profiles(refer to image below)
– Report feature to report issues and stuff
– Faster loading in-game XMB and profiles
– When you receive a message you should be able to push the PS button for it to automatically pop up as long as the notification is still there
– More Avatars
– XMB for movies, browser and PS2

The Profile Concept: http:*//i41.tinypic.*com/11t8q3p.jpg

Read more : http:*//*com/playstation/board/message?board


robotmafia1234 said:

April 14th, 8:04 pm

i bought the ps3 thinking it was the better console but i was wrong you are no better than microsoft, ripping people off of their hard-earned money. ever since i upgraded to 2.70 firmware, it has been problems. wen i put in a game disk, my ps3 wont read it. i hate u guys so much y r u ripping ppl off sony, why? i thought u guys were suppose to be a good company

ERTF said:

April 14th, 8:57 pm

I don’t know why some systems have problems with updates and some don’t. I (as of yet) haven’t had any problems with the newest update. I can still watch my divx movies and everything. I wouldn’t take your problem as some plot to rip you off. You’ll find few things we buy these days are as good as we’d hope. Contact Sony and give them an opportunity to redeem themselves.

blue23kid said:

April 14th, 9:57 pm

finally but i still want to be able to listen to music wile i play my games

amillz2 said:

April 14th, 9:58 pm

playstation 3 needs party chat like xbox 360

relk-14 said:

April 14th, 10:44 pm

you guys are the best……..very nice!


April 14th, 11:50 pm

2.70 didnt help me abit, my problems started with 2.1 update.

It first started when some of my PS2 games would not load, I just thought maybe my disc were damaged or something. Then I believe it was version 2.3 that came out and thats when my PS3 stopped reading any kind of disc.

It wont read Blue Ray, CD, DVD, MP3, Divx, Mpeg2. none of them. The only thing I can use it for is to play games that I have downloaded from the PSN. I’ve been saving my money to get it sent off for repair.

I had been scheptical that this was a softwaer issue ever since the 2.3 update. It was just too weird for it to be working fine, then when 2.1 update had to be downloaded I got random issues with my PS2 games, and then when the 2.3 update completely disabled the disc player in the PS3 I kept thinking it was software issues.

Now that I have got on here and read all of these complaints that are similar to mine that just confirms it.

I am not going to pay to have mine fixed, Sony should be a stand up company and fix these issues for free, after all its not like we abused our systems or opened them up and damaged internal parts.

ILLM3NAC3_ said:

April 15th, 6:53 am

Could you guys please work something out with guncon 3 compatability for existing fps titles or upcoming fps titles? that would be an awesome!

AnakinSG1 said:

April 15th, 8:02 am

I’ve liked this update so far … It added QPEL (quarter pixel motion estimation) compatibility as long as I’ve seen and that wasn’t included in the deliverable items … very nice of you Sony to include this, so now I won’t need to reencode 70% of my video library, since I used to convert content using QPEL + Packet Bitstream in Xvid.

I’ve sorted out the subtitle thing because that wasn’t new to me … I just don’t like doing the mux part. Althoug the mux works many times, there are still some problems in that field … I have a unidentified problem regarding some subs (PS3 recognizes, but don’t show them at all) At PC and Divx standalone device, those subs appears correctly (this problem occurs with 25fps .srt subs muxed in 720×576 with .avi mostly)… I wish Sony get this problem fixed in the next firmware if possible, along with voice chat of course.

AnakinSG1 said:

April 15th, 11:06 am

I red many pages of people issues with this firmware … my PS3 is new, I bought it in march 21st … so, less than one month old. It came with 2.52, so I had to update to 2.60 and now to 2.70. For me, the video compatibility and DLNA functionality only improved, but I can’t watch .divx movies through DLNA as many have said (but for me this occured even with 2.60). If I plug-in a pendrive or cd with a .divx file, it recognizes and play it just fine, but not through DLNA. I managed to bypass this issue doing a simple procedure … just rename the file to a .avi extension and all will work, even files with subs embedded. Regarding the “improvement” it reffers to that said in my previous post … prior to this update I couldn’t play xvid encoded with QPEL coz’ when I tried that, it stated “media unsupported” and now, I can play that files without any issue. Ps.: I noted that .divx or .avi files larger than 2gb show as “Corrupted data” but seems to play OK.

volcomx said:

April 15th, 4:42 pm

I don’t know if anyone mentioned this in all the comments but can’t we have a voice chat only for those of us without cameras?

Sniprwolf said:

April 15th, 5:36 pm

I really like the video back-up feature. Thanks for listening to our cries.

Dosquatch said:

April 15th, 6:42 pm

Two weeks, nearly two thousand posts, many of them complaints about how fw2.70 is broken. No public response from Eric or Sony.

And it’s not that they don’t know. On Apr 9th, I managed to get this response from “Keith”:

“Upon further research on this issue, this is something that we are aware of and are in the process of fixing.”

Public acknowledgment would be nice. Some sort of estimate on how long that fix is expected to take would be better.

I am annoyed that I am living through this “inconvenience” for a “feature” I’ll never use.

Mamlik said:

April 15th, 6:50 pm

As of firmware rev 2.60 and 2.70 my 60GB PS3 cannot play Blu Ray movie discs. I can play my PS3 games though. When I put in the BD after a few seconds the screen goes black and the console does not repond to any commands, I have to manually turn off the device using the AC switch on the back.

I have been reading in a lot of forums that massive number of people have the same problem with these firmware revs. I am totally disapointed with Sony, they need to put their act together and release a new patch immediately.

chabala said:

April 15th, 8:36 pm

Oh NO!!! A bunch of my XviD movies won’t play anymore. Why do updates break things?

MARKLAR420 said:

April 15th, 9:32 pm

Has anyone had trouble with 2.70 on an 80gig ps3(MGS4 bundle)? I need the update to play online, but I don’t any ps3 problems

joemangune76 said:

April 15th, 11:14 pm

Add me to the count. My PS3 was running flawlessly before the 2.70 update. Now I’m getting a lot of freezes and disks errors. This ain’t right. When is sony planning on making a public announcement? and bring out a fix patch to fix the bugged 2.70 firmware.

elvis308075 said:

April 16th, 1:14 am

i have all the movie you wont tell me if you tell me if you wont two add you movies two you ps3 so i can help you

trogex said:

April 16th, 10:27 am

Yea I’m in the same boat – “unsupported data” when trying to stream movies from a media server. Wish I had more time to vent my true thoughts about the situation, but if the update doesn’t mention anything about media servers or file type compatibilities, then why should everything stop working. Music still works, but come on, don’t they test these things before release?

pwntastic said:

April 16th, 2:38 pm

Wooh!! I wish they would give us the option to buy HD content, too bad the SATA HDD would poo its self.

MARKLAR420 said:

April 16th, 9:53 pm

I haven’t played online in a month; I am now afraid to try the 2.70 update for fear that I will not be able to play at all. Has anyone had trouble with a 80gig CEHK01 (MGS4 bundle)? I would rather wait for a fix than not be able to play offline. If anyone has problems with this model, please let me know


April 17th, 5:28 am

This is dumb i think wheres the ingame chat where you can talk to freinds no matter what game your playing or leaving audio messages to people its annoying as it is whenyour playing a game and your getting a message and you have to answer back to. come on sony i love the ps3 but lets do a little better

tgf5 said:

April 17th, 8:31 am

2 years and no in game voice chat? Are you kidding me Sony? Stop putting in these crappy features and put in the stuff the customers and fans ask for. Maybe you should actually check the comments for once to see what most people want.

thshdw said:

April 17th, 10:23 am

Add me to the list of users with broken DLNA. I know it was the firmware! No config changes on my network, everything was working with firmware 2.60. After the install of 2.70 I immediately was not able to stream anything to the PS3. Please Sony Fix the streaming media issues with firmware 2.70.

ryback3 said:

April 17th, 4:36 pm

Since the 2.7 Update I cannot send messages to friends on my friend-list any more. I always get error 8002AB0B !

AfroStrategos said:

April 17th, 5:29 pm

The original setting for the XMB for the friends list which displayed the users alphabetically when offline is better. Showing people who have logged off based on minutes/hours/days doesn’t allow you to find your friends with ease. I prefer the original setting. Is it possible to gives this option to the PS3 owners to make this change? Make it an option in the sorting menu….

GTjosiah said:

April 17th, 7:02 pm

there should be a function that allows u to talk to ur friend list awhile ur in a game

Humtek said:

April 17th, 7:26 pm

Another one here with the “unsupported data” problem. A worthless feature that breaks the best feature of the PS3. I want my video streaming capabilities back.

Makotoi said:

April 17th, 7:42 pm

Sony! The word filter absurd! You need to make the word filter local only and you need to make it based on parental controls. I can’t even type “disconnect” it comes up as “dis*****ct” so now I’m looking up what all these words mean that are being filtered.

Thanks! My cursing vocabulary is expanding.


April 17th, 9:10 pm

I don’t really see a need to text chat while playing a game. What would be great is if I can voice chat with a buddy or several buddies while we all play different games like on xbox 360. I would also love to be able to play music off of my harddrive while gaming. These are some features that I think xbox 360 trumps ps3.

GRUMMP said:

April 17th, 10:33 pm

hi, i have a question , can you deleate the players meet list and also does that take up memorie space?

SldFghtrIke said:

April 17th, 10:58 pm

one thing i would like to see in a ps3 update is for the ps3 to be able to have more than one wifi setting and being able to recognize the hotspot and connect to it automatically

Kusanagi_Shiden said:

April 18th, 1:26 am

A lot of my complaints have already been voiced, so I’ll keep my post short and sweet.

The return Backwards compatibility and the addition of cross game voice chat.

KONAAS said:

April 18th, 2:35 am


Curaji said:

April 18th, 3:00 am

Yea this updated realllly sucked…can’t load my saved games/can’t save >.> happened as soon as I updated. Then sony tells me send it in for $150 and we’ll fix it…

KONAAS said:

April 18th, 3:54 am

i whant to be able to personaly choos my avetar

l0_t0 said:

April 18th, 4:08 am


l0_t0 said:

April 18th, 4:09 am


l0_t0 said:

April 18th, 4:10 am


l0_t0 said:

April 18th, 4:10 am


l0_t0 said:

April 18th, 4:12 am


Maybe a reply Sony? Oh no, don´t expect that…

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