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Apr 01

Apr 01

PS3 Firmware (v2.70) Update

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SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

Hi everyone, we’re adding some great new features with the next PS3 firmware update (v2.70) that will continue to enhance your connected experience on the PS3. The 2.70 update brings a new Text Chat feature that enables you to communicate online with your PlayStation Network friends. Now, you’ll be able to chat with up to 15 online friends using the Wireless Keypad, on-screen keyboard, or other compatible keyboard peripherals. Not only can you chat with your friends instantly, but you can also access Text Chat while playing PS3 games and even participate in up to three chat rooms at once.

In addition to Text Chat, we’ve added a few more enhancements:

Friends list on the XMB (XrossMediaBar)

  • Sort your friends via their online status
  • Attach larger files to the messages you send to your friends (file size will increase from 1MB to 3MB)

Video delivery service on PlayStation Store

  • Video files you’ve purchased from the PlayStation Store can be backed up to an external storage device and then restored to PS3’s internal hard drive for playback – so you can clear up space on your hard drive and then restore the video anytime in the future
  • Videos you’ve purchased for PSP (PlayStation Portable) system can now be transferred to PS3 for playback

For a quick preview of Text Chat and some of the other 2.70 features, check out this video:

The 2.70 update will be released soon, and as always, we look forward to reading your feedback.

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Makotoi said:

April 18th, 4:36 am

I’m embarrassed by all of the stupid posts I’m reading.

Makotoi said:

April 18th, 4:40 am

I just hope they don’t drown the legit posts out.

good requests I’ve seen:
– in-game voice chat
– more than one wifi setting
– fix word filter for text-chat
– have word filter run locally based on parental control settings.
– increase sentence length and truncate in the notification

Keep up the good work sony.

poo2000 said:

April 18th, 6:26 am

Yeah we are STILL waiting for in-game music y’know…….that would be nice…….

but still, its always going to be better than the 360. Nice one guys! JUST GET US IN-GAME MUSIC!!!!!!! O_O

poo2000 said:

April 18th, 6:29 am

Oh and also, A WHOLE bunch of new avatars would be good. I mean….the ones we have now…they are a joke. Maybe a custom avatar function…and incorporate some kind of feature to stop people using obscene images.

who agrees?

arkestra1976 said:

April 18th, 8:44 am

Well guys, I bought a PS3 recently as my xbox seems to be on it’s last legs and thought it better to buy what I thought would be the machine that’d out perform the xbox this year. Can’t tell you how dissappointed I am! Used to be a playstation fan through and through but the PS3 lacks several very simple but key features. You know what they are ’cause everyone’s talking about them.

The voice chat facility is useless at best and the big announcement that we’ll be able to use text chat seems a little embarrassing. All this stuff was available on the xbox from day one!

Also, there’s a distinct lack of top quality games titles. Although graphics seem a little clearer on the PS3 the poor online performance has lead me to the decision to get rid of the PS3 and just buy a new xbox!

Shocking Sony! Overpriced with limited functionality and no developer support. No wonder you’re having bad times financially. Microsoft have won boys! Gutted!

McFarlington said:

April 18th, 10:48 am

i really want voice chat in-game
i would actually pay for this feature!!!

Malaka-1 said:

April 18th, 11:49 am

I wish in the next update you could play your
music saved on the hard drive, while in game.
Using it instead of the game soundtrack.
I can do this with my Xbox360, why not with
PS3? It would make playing games much more fun, if you can have your own soundtracks.

And the text chat! Bad idea!
I play online mutiplayer games and people
tell each other what other players are doing,
like in Socom Confrontation.
Its like cheating.

True_Jones said:

April 18th, 12:16 pm


darkwolfx said:

April 18th, 1:28 pm

Friend list order was fine as it was. Now u have to pick between having all your friends in online order and those offline in a mixed order, or have them in abc order without online at the top…wtf. Why would you take a step back?! That is a DOWNGRADE!

psd1 said:

April 18th, 2:53 pm

[DELETED] Sony… ive always been a sony fan but it looks like they dont give a dam about the people i regret spending almost $700 on this system.. i should of bought an xbox dam…Sony you need to do something quick… make a update i know u can do it game music.. more avatar, ect…

General_28 said:

April 18th, 3:06 pm

Great news.

I dont know if this has been mentioned yet, but im quite sure this applies to everybody who’s playing street fighter on PS3.

Can we get the new madcatz arcade sticks to function with all the old ps2 games that are compatible on backwards compatible PS3s? I have the street fighter anniversary collection, as im sure many of us do, and i got the original 60gb model. I really want to be able to use my arcade stick on it, but its currently not an option. Just throwing that out there

NinjaDizzle said:

April 18th, 4:02 pm

Since downloading the 2.70 update my system only reads bluray discs for 10 minutes before freezing and causing me to have to hardboot. The update was downloaded without any problems (the system remained on, and it finished without errors). Since then I’ve received several error codes, 80010514, 8001050F, etc. My system worked perfectly fine using the 2.60 update, and I’ve never had any problems before. I’ve contacted Sony twice and they told me I did something wrong and need to pay them to repair it. I only play games online, watch DVDs, and occasionally play music. I don’t chat, I don’t add friends, I don’t mod. Tell me why its mandatory to update my system when I do not want/will not use the new features? I’ve defended my PS3 against all my friends 360s, but I can’t defend this. Sony, please issue some kind of stance on the issue. At least tell everyone there’s no way you’re going to fix the systems. I’m tired of waiting for answers. If this is some kind of ploy to increase revenues, Sony should seriously reconsider who they have managing their company. I would rather pay to play online than to pay to repair my system for a faulty update.

CrystaljDesign said:

April 18th, 7:48 pm

I have a Sumoto ps2 to ps3 controller adapter and with this new firmware it freezes the system when plugged in. I’ve seen this problem on other forums as well. Hoping the next firmware update will fix this asap! Thanks!

ovosodo said:

April 18th, 7:56 pm


I am a light gamer who uses the PS3 to stream videos from my computer. I was about to buy another one to put next to my other TV. I have one installed at my summer home just for the videos, and I know many people that use the PS3 just to stream videos to their TV. Then release 2.70 hits and I can’t watch anything anymore.

So for the past 10 days I have been looking for a better solution and I think I have found one. Buy an AppleTV and download Boxee on it. It does all the things that PS3 had an opportunity to do but, as usual, didn’t. It streams multi-format videos from your computer or server and it connects to the internet and streams video from many sites. Download it and test it out on your computer first.

Meanwhile these morons at Sony (so glad I sold the stock) took 3 steps backwards and f..ed up the system. And after 2000+ comments there’s not even a response. I am afraid they could even be so stupid that they did it by design, which would show how little they understand their market. So I am going to buy an AppleTV now instead of a new PS3, and I will likely sell one of my 2 PS3s on eBay. As far as Sony is concerned, there’s only one thing to say …. IDIOTS!

feet2651 said:

April 18th, 8:33 pm

It’s good but it was a pain in the neck to download

thshdw said:

April 18th, 9:09 pm

Firmware 2.70 broke DLNA for me and I’m now unable to stream media to my PS3. This is one of the features I used most.

I contacted support and have the conversation on my site http://www.thshdwknws.net apparently Sony is aware of the issue.

blackdragon3313 said:

April 19th, 12:50 am

HI I’m a new owner of the PS3 and I have a problem with Blue Ray dvds. I bought one last night and tried to play it, all goes well until i play the movie. The screen goes out, and it won’t play !? please help, this is exactly what happesn, way am i doing wrong ? I Hooked up the dvd player and tv via hdmi. When i switch to the hdmi input, the standby screen for the player is displayed perfectly, and i can toggle through all the options and settings for the dvd player for as long as i want. However, when i press play on the dvd, it will play for a few seconds and then the signal will cut off, then it will reappear and it looks like it aquires the signal again for a few more seconds and then turns off again. Then it stays off and the “power” and “opc” lights blink 3 times then stop repeatedly until i turn the tv back on.

tylbatman said:

April 19th, 1:31 am

ok now lets work on more music visuals it needs it badly.

jandptea said:

April 19th, 10:50 am

wish i’d read this before i did the 2.70 upgrade. feel like i invited an old friend into my house, and he stole my wallet. why is current upgrade still available if there are so many problems? unbelievable.

D-Bone4Life said:

April 19th, 12:40 pm

2018 still NO REPLY BY ERIC?

JuanDHexen said:

April 19th, 1:09 pm

people you will get all of your features in FW 3.00 so be patient.


April 19th, 4:53 pm

omg this new update has caused me alot of problems. every 5 min i keep getting looged out of psn with error codes. playstation says it was my internet connection then it was my modem then it was my router. well after roughly 600 dollars spent on getting away from broadband to cable then buying the d-link 4500 gaming router and by the way got a new modem with going to cable im still getting the same [DELETED] thing every 5 min i get booted and get an error code. never had a problem until this firm ware 2.70 came out im about to take some advice from my brother and get a xbox and pay the 50 a year for gaming cuz all my friends made the switch they say its better anyone have and info as to why this update has caused me so many issues please tell me.. oh and also i just recentley beat world at war on veteran difficulty but it has not givin me my trophy for it and the platinum one for having all the trophies has anyone else had this problem?????

ozfan1 said:

April 19th, 4:53 pm

i know the sony company wont probably get this comment but here are some other features that will go great with the
PS3 to make it better. 1- allow music access from the XMB to work with all games. 2-allow audio chat with anyone in the same or any other game you and anyother friend are in. 3- all games coming out now should have trophies UNLESS you guys are already doing that. 4-when viewing a friends profile to see trophies, try to pick up the loading speed if u can that will be great.5-allow to access the XMB to message friends when playing ps2 or one format disc. 6- add 80GB and 160GB PS3s the ability to play the PS1 and PS2 disc if its possible for ya. so yea sony u guys r doing good , just these few features will be great with the system.

edawg2008 said:

April 19th, 6:39 pm

Um, where can I download the latest firmware? I’ve looked all over this blog site and no link to the actual files!!! I prefer to update my PS3 with a mem-stick, because it is way faster than the wi-fi.


gardener_rick said:

April 19th, 6:47 pm

Just wanted to add myself to the list of PS3 owners upset that I can no longer play .AVI files. I reported the problem to support, since this worked great prior to applying 2.70 I figured they’d be eager to fix their mistake. Instead the response was as follows (basically it’s working as designed sorry for the “inconvenience”):

Hello Rick,

We apologize for any inconvenience you are having with your PLAYSTATION(R)3 computer entertainment system playing files.We can assist you with this.

Unfortunately if the files are not playing on your system they are unsupported files and are unable to be played on your system.

The following Knowledge Center article(s) may help resolve your problem:

Article Title: Software update 2.70 release notes
Article Link: http://playstation.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/playstation.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_faqid=516&p_created=1197592013

tbag101 said:

April 19th, 7:51 pm


steve2k7 said:

April 20th, 1:26 am

The PS3 desperately needs in game music which could be selected from the in game XMB menu. Why are you leaving this feature with developers of the game to include at a later date? Does Microsoft have a patent out for custom soundtracks? Is this why you can’t give us custom soundtracks direct from the PS3? Is this why you have given this feature to developers to include to get around the patent?
There are so many questions we would all love answered here regarding this matter? Please Sony can you speak out and clear this up once and for all? Thanks.
But if there is a way of giving us custom soundtracks direct from the XMB which we can choose ourselves in ANY game (like Xbox 360 users can do), then please can you look into giving us this feature, it is an awsome feature to have and to prove my point here are several threads about it’s importance from the Playstation forums…
1. http://boardsus.playstation.com/playstation/board/message?board.id=ps3updates&thread.id=65561

That’s just 2 out of a dozen or so threads about custom soundtracks on this forum alone!

krompotis said:

April 20th, 2:20 am

Hello to everyone in SONY, and congratulations for your excelent work there. I have a serious suggestion for a future update and i think all the home cinema owners will agree with me. The problem with the ps3 is the motion in movies, both in bd and dvd disks. I m sure you already know about this. It s too pitty that i have to buy another blue ray player, because i tried with a friend s player and i had no problems with motion in movies. It s sure the problem is in ps3 because i see it in my tv and in my full hd projector.
Please if you can reply to me about this and tell me what s it gonna be.
Thank you very much.

ThaddeusK said:

April 20th, 8:29 am

1. the PS3 already supports custom soundtracks in games, but its up to the game manufacturers to implement that into the system.

3. As of 2009 all games coming out are required to have trophies.

6. all PS3s can play PS1 games, even the new ones, since it uses software emulation for it. They removed the PS2 emulation chip to lower the cost of the system, stating that they’d rather have more people buying it at a lower price to play PS3 games than to play their old games
(I don’t like how that’s phrased, but I’m too lazy to change it :)

But I do agree that the 160gb at least should have Backwards Compatibility, since its $100 more and all you get is a bigger HD(Which you can upgrade an 80gb to a 500gb for the same price) and a game.


majorseveer said:

April 20th, 9:44 am


trogex said:

April 20th, 11:30 am

Thanks for posting that response gardener_rick. It’s absurd that they claim those files are unsupported when they worked prior to 2.70. I have a 4:1 ratio of streaming video to gaming, so if that is Sony’s attitude then I’m no longer waiting for a fix. I’m just going to backtrack to 2.60 and not game online until these slackers fix the issues.

How long it takes them to fix the issue will decide whether I remain a Sony customer or not. IF the unsupported streaming video is in fact by design as some have stated, then they’ve lost more than just a customer. How Sony can release an upgrade that eliminates essential functionality, functionality that convinced me to buy the PS3 in the first place, is simply beyond me.

HoodIII said:

April 20th, 1:34 pm

When are they going to add NTFS support for the PS3 since this is really needed if people want upgrade to a larger hdd and want to back up to an external hdd

Mohako said:

April 20th, 2:09 pm

Wow thank you so much Mr. Director. this is really awesome ! :) 5 stars man seriusly

this is gonna be really helpful :)

rifo said:

April 20th, 5:59 pm

this is [DELETED], I can’t log on to cod4 because it always says downloading game settings. Ps3 doesn’t work well at all with verizon fios because ever since my family got it , cod4 doesn’t work. What the [DELETED]!!!

orangejedi829 said:

April 20th, 7:33 pm

Firmware 2.7 broke my PS3 INSTANTLY. seriously. less than a minute after the update was finished, i put a game in and… it didn’t work! turns out the ps3 wouldn’t read ANY disc format, and the disc label always came out the same way it went in, so i’m guessing the drive won’t spin disks. Thank you, Sony. Whoever argues that this type of thing is just a coincidence is very wrong. Right before update= working drive. Right after update= very broken drive. some coincidence.

steve2k7 said:

April 21st, 12:29 am

@ 2029:
Yes I realise the PS3 supports custom soundtracks and that it’s currently up to manufactuers to include this feature in their games, but I would just like to know if it will ever be possible to play our own music in ANY game like you can on the Xbox 360. The main reason I’m asking is because I have all my music collection on my PS3 and would absolutely love to be able to play all my music in any of my games. The Xbox 360 has custom soundtracks as part of the console itself and nothing to do with the game developers patching it in.
I have read lots of speculation on the Net that Microsoft have a patent out for custom soundtracks and I have seen the patent on Google patents, however Sony are yet to confirm if this patent is the reason why they can’t give us custom soundtracks universally from the PS3 XMB. Nothing has ever been clarified there. For all we know this patent might not be the reason why the PS3 doesn’t have custom soundtracks direct from the console, there could be another problem. Either way, I’d love to know the real reason why we can’t have this feature like the (inferior) Xbox 360 has. I find it unfair that 360 gamers have a major feature like this and we the PS3 owners don’t.

SM9449 said:

April 21st, 1:15 am

Just updated to 2.7 a few days back and immediately the PS3 does not show Bluray game disk on the XMB.The fw2.7 installation went without a glitch. Now that means I cannot play any of my games and I have many. Bluray movies run fine so its not the laser issue. Is there any solution other than looking up into the sky with a “Why Me God?” face. Sony must fix this problem or there will be a class action suit against them.
Shahid Mahmood – Lahore.

vIe_64 said:

April 21st, 5:36 am

still no 1080p upscale support for ps3 games…:(

jion90-9 said:

April 21st, 12:55 pm

piss off sony… im a loyal customer original ps1,2,3. ps3 first day its out in ireland.1st ps3 broke(corrupted entirely on its own said to restore and just went in a loop “Fully restored”next restart “corrupted” again), almost exactly out of warranty.(suspicious..)took it back to retailer (smyths)very generously give me a FREE refurb PS3(although with no sd drives, only 2 usb slots and no backwards compatibility). Yay everything works fine.6 months later, this update comes out and SCUPPERS(meaning F**cked up) my ps3.Errors 80010514 & 800105F alternate stating “an error occured during the start operation” that is COD5, FIFA09 etc.Please other bloggers help as sony seem to be unable to provide me a ps3 system that is fit for purpose.(BTW i have the right under irish law to (a) a working replacement (b)a refund or (c) a credit note, under these circumstances.).

bfpdKEN said:

April 21st, 1:09 pm

hey guys, i recently updated everything i had from my wireless router and everything. i went wired to my ps3. opened up ports, enabled upnp. got my ps3 back to nat2. but since updating to 2.70 none of my friends show as online. my friend list has them all, but had the little red x to the left of each name. and all my buddies call me and tell me their online yet none of them work. is anybody else here having issues with their friends and friend list? thanks again guys, it’s nice to vent on here!

SM9449 said:

April 21st, 10:28 pm

SOLUTION TO GAME DISKS ON 2.7: If you are unable to see your bluray game disk then run one of the demo/games installed on your hard disk. Then from within the game press the PS button (transparent one) to show the XMB. Then you will be able to see the game disk. clicking on the disk you will be asked to exit your current demo/game, and voila your bluray game disk will launch.
Shahid Mahmood – Lahore.

zombie_56 said:

April 22nd, 9:23 am

nice update! could we get in game voice chat next month that would make a few xbox360 owners make the swith to ps3!

STICKMAN119 said:

April 22nd, 2:08 pm

You know what you guys should do??? u know the blueray movies that have a digital copy for the pc to watch on your ipod u should let it do the same for the PS3

ovosodo said:

April 22nd, 5:31 pm

I commented earlier and I see other people that are commenting on the same issue. If it is true that you have eliminated .AVI files playback by design, then you are really a bunch of incompetent morons. You are pissing off and pissing away a good chunk of people who are using the PS3 as a media player. Isn’t that what you wanted to be Mr. Sony? The media player of choice? Well you just f..ed it up! As I suggested earlier, the combination AppleTV + Boxee works very well. I urge everyone who uses PS3 as a movie file player to DITCH your PS3 and move to a different solution. Let’s show those suckers how many PS3s we can sell on eBay. So Sony will lose a bunch of old AND new customers (the ones that will buy a used PS3 instead of a new one.)

thshdw said:

April 22nd, 10:52 pm

It’s annoying that Sony has not said anything about the Media Server issues that 2.70 introduced.

At least make a public statement and let us know you are working on a fix.

Google: Firmware 2.70 Breaks Media Streaming

steve2k7 said:

April 23rd, 12:20 am

I really wish Sony would come out and confirm if the PS3 will ever get custom soundtracks for all games like the Xbox 360 has. Giving custom soundtracks to developers to include is not working because quite a lot of them are not adding custom soundtracks, only a select few. We need to be able to add a custom soundtrack whenever we want, not on the developers say so.

stefan2k1 said:

April 23rd, 6:09 am

I have updated to 2.70 and now my PS3 does not play any discs i put in, they are not recognized anymore, also the games from my harddisc dont run. When I start a game all I see is the playstation logo, the small sound and my Screen gets black and nothing happens. All I can do is switch the PS3 off by Power Switch at the back. Until Version 2.60 everything was fine with it, now it is broken and totally useless.

Sony: Please give me back my old Firmware 2.60 !

AnakinSG1 said:

April 23rd, 11:48 am

OK, don’t think .avi playback was removed by “designe” coz’ I don’t have this issue. I can still play all my .avi’s/divx just fine, as I did with 2.60.

Probably some went wrong during your update.

maxil said:

April 23rd, 9:16 pm

With the increasing amount of great quality usb headphones (not microphones or headsets) being released can we please get some audio-out support for USB headphones? If you can allow it for voice communication please just make it an option for general audio-out as well!

RoyalGard said:

April 23rd, 9:43 pm

Sweet :)

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