Ratchet & Clank Live Q&A with Insomniac Games

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With all the great Ratchet & Clank news of late — the reveal of Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, and the ridiculously cool weapons contest — we figured you’d all have tons of questions in need of answers. So as promised, today at 1 PM Pacific / 4 PM Eastern, a trio of Insomniacs will be here to field all your inquires in this week’s PlayStation.Blog live chat. Attending from Insomniac Games will be Creative Director Brian Allgeier, Project Manager Bryan Bernal, and Community Manager James Stevenson. See you soon!

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who participated, and we hope you enjoyed the time with Insomniac. Don’t forget, you can view the entire chat by simply clicking “Replay” below. See you next time!

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  • 1st, KOOOLLL!!!

  • Might be there. >.>

  • Oh, by the way, could we do one of these for the guys developeing Heavy Rain? That would be amazing. :D

  • Phantommizzi

    Im so excited! Let it be 1 already!!!

  • Damn Phantommizzi, you broke the helghast avatar party hehe. Jeff, we REALLY need new PSN avatars.

  • I’ll be there for sure! Couldn’t miss this. :)

  • Phantommizzi

    Sorry, Lacri . . . If I had seen the chain, I might have had changed. Just for fun.

  • Looking forward to it!

  • I’m gonna be here, I’ve got a couple questions to ask… :)

  • RogueCommando

    How do I send in my questions? Do i have to just stay on this page?

  • Could somebody fill me in quick as to how to send in a comment?

  • Sweet. Can’t wait.

  • Im here

  • I’m here but really only care about the store updating. Want to check out some stuff before work :(

  • ready

  • TheGuardianFID

    YAY, I’ve been looking forward to this, now I can ask Insomniac, who freaking rock by the way, some good questions and get no answers what so ever lol!!! Just kidding guys, I just like to give Chris and Jeff a hard time about not getting my questions through lol, but I understand it’s hard to keep track of the madness so it’s all good, just lock your doors at night, MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :P :D

  • Also, what better of a day to have this, than my birthday!

  • KT reporting

  • @17 Happy Birthday! :D

  • Please people don’t ask stupid question like if the game has trophies or not.

  • TheGuardianFID

    “Readies Keyboard and mouse, X-Bot steels them, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO”

    JK :P :D

  • Hope this chat is better than the last couple. I want to know if the game has online or not.

  • Almost go time!

  • Phantommizzi

    I second #20, lets clear this up know. The game has trophies! =]

  • i can post helpp!!!!

  • y arent our post posting?

  • I must have asked about multiplayer 2 dozen times by now.

  • Sereal_Killer

    hmm im waiting 0n the store update too.
    i busy downloading the fw update tho so no hurry

  • Will Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crank in Time have an online mode as did the previous games such as Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal and Ratchet: Deadlocked?

    Answer my question! It wont go through!

  • Chris can you ask them if we are gonna be able to play as other characters besides ratchet and clank ??? are there gonna be any sort of online play??? co op perhaps?? if they can described how different is been to work on A Crank in Time from Tools of Destruction ?? i

  • Everyobdy keep typing in “Will there be multiplayer?”. They have to answer eventually!

  • someone ask about online play!! :O

  • it sucks that our post arent showing. hell of a q&a when there isnt any q’s

  • is there multiplayer like deadlocked? if there is, i might pass on cod4:mw2 LOL

    guys, please ask this question for me..

  • Bryan Bernal, Insomniac: Great question sereal. We’ve always wanted to do a soundtrack for our games. Maybe there will be a possibility of this at some point if the demand is there.

    The demand is there, what do we need to do make a petition????

    HOW can we get the “demand” to insomniac????

  • Everybody just keep asking about multiplayer! They can’t ignore a comment if it’s been asked by everybody.

  • I’m asking it to griffin22! I must know Dx

  • RogueCommando

    how how does the thanks and the cool come in but not my question about the infamous mode “multiplyer”

  • Will Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crank in Time have an online mode as did the previous games such as Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal and Ratchet: Deadlocked?


  • As usual, none of the questions are going through. oh well.

    We should really ask questiosn over the comment section, and someone should pick from it. This thing never works.

  • I know. I ask if there’s multiplayerlike 50 times, but “thanks James” gets in. Come on.

  • this stinks I been waiting for this chat thing just to ask about online play! Dx

  • The guy moderating the questions seems like an idiot based on the ones he’s letting through.

  • inFaMoUs1:

    I copied and pasted that line like 15 times. They better answer.

  • “Hi I am from Venezuela. I am a big fan of Insomniac Games”

    that’s not even a question >.>

  • @44 I’ve been hitting “Ctrl & v” then send for the past 20 mins thanks for the support!

  • seems like no MP.. or they aren’t ready to reveal it yet.. either way, i’m still getting this game..

  • obviously they dont want to talk about online play , but at least the guy whos letting the questions go trough should let one about online play go so they can answer we cant talk about it yet

  • starBlinky01

    this is weird, it takes like 1-4 minutes just for a new question to be ‘approved’. Cmon! I asked like 5 really good questions already, its not like they are short of questions here.. the questions asked so far are not that great either.. I had some really good ones.

    I’ll sum some of them up
    -Is this version more of a platformer like QFB or more about the guns like in TOD
    -is the trailer-teaser in real time or CG?
    -etc etc.

  • If there’s not going to be online they can just tell us that. If they don’t want to tell us theycan just say “We don’t want to answer that” Ignoring all your fans like Insomniac’s doing right now, doesn’t exactly make them look good.

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