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Apr 06

Apr 06

Monster Hunter Coming to PSP

Colin Ferris's Avatar Posted by Product Marketing Manager, Capcom

It’s a rare treat to be able to tell people that I’m working on the best selling game in Japan last year. To those who are unaware, they immediately think of PS3 games like Metal Gear Solid 4. Nope, my game outsold that and every other console game on the market.

The game? Monster Hunter for the PSP.

The latest version (Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G) was the top selling game in Japan last year and no amount of giant robots can change that. With over 3 million copies sold to date in Japan, about one in four Japanese PSP owners have the game. To be able to work on bringing a game of that caliber to the US is both a pleasure and an honor. It’s also the best game you’ll ever play on the PSP.

Yup, I’m a little biased…but, it’s hard not to be.

The upcoming release of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is exciting to everyone involved in the title. For those who don’t know, Monster Hunter puts you on the hunt for a variety of majestic beasts that you have to defeat in order to become the ultimate hunter. With thousands of different types of weapons and armor, as well as over 500 hours of gameplay, this is the most engrossing action/RPG title for the PSP ever created.

What really makes the game shine, however, is the excellent multiplayer that makes use of the PSP’s built-in Ad-hoc multiplayer. Join with three of your friends to hunt monsters that you simply couldn’t defeat on your own. Playing the game with friends is truly the best way to play it, and with the PSP’s network abilities, everyone has their own screen to play on.

Though we’ve had an awesome group of core fans in the US, our goal is to let everyone experience the adventure with Monster Hunter this time around. To introduce you all to the world of Monster Hunter, we’ve put together this “newscast” with our intrepid reporter covering the imminent onslaught of monsters into the west and the phenomenon they caused in Japan. Ever go on a weekend getaway in order to learn new strategies and play new games with friends? Well, 5000 Japanese gamers did that very thing with Monster Hunter.

This initial video is just the tip of the Narugakuruga’s tail when it comes to what we have in store for you with Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. In upcoming weeks, we’ll have numerous videos to teach you about some of the weapons, monsters, and strategies you’ll need when Monster Hunter Freedom Unite ships. We’ve also planned a surprise for all PSP gamers in June to let as many of you experience the game as possible.

In the meantime, sharpen your swords, join your friends and equip yourself to hunt down some of the most majestic monsters you’ve ever seen. I’ll be hopping on the PlayStation boards from time to time to fill you guys in on the latest and try and answer all the questions you might have.

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SnakeStrife said:

April 8th, 12:04 am

I will be buying this game Day 1. However I would much prefer a PS3 game.

HerbertFortoon said:

April 8th, 1:50 am

Free Kazoo…
Hopes to make a movie deal…
Freaka, me. Freaka, you!

savvyGallen said:

April 8th, 8:20 am

The video I’m not very fond of, I see a lot Japanese players loving the game but its not the same in the west. I barely see a player that has the game in the UK. Even if they did, it would be a illegal copy with what? CWcheat thingy. MCM Expo especially, The forum had a big flame ball covering downloaded copies turning up for the gather.

Not only that, some items can’t be gained, for example, a ticket name is copyrighted so we can’t make the felyne dual swords because of a ticket NAME that they don’t want to change the name of.

:( Monster Hunter in the West don’t seem to be doing well. Shame.

I hope this is not the finalised cover. I see flaws in the cover. >_>

FortySwords said:

April 8th, 5:18 pm

We need Infrastructure Online Play!! Please!

KimikoDae said:

April 9th, 7:19 am

Nyah! I cant wait for this game!!! lol!! =D I love Monster Hunter <3

XxCBKSupaDANxX said:

April 9th, 11:15 am

Ive played both monsterhunter freedom games for the psp. Loved them both, except the fact i had to actually know people who played the game and lived around me. Which is really hard to do. But I would really hope Capcom will include the adhoc thing so more people will enjoy it as the Japanese do. Its only fair and we are paying hard cash to play by ourselves is retro style if you ask me. But honestly im gonna get the game cuz I love killn monsters and using their hides for food and weaponry! Haha!

Press_enter said:

April 10th, 10:50 am

Oh my life is now even more complete! Anyone who has issues with Monster Hunter not coming to PS3, I sympathize with you, but you don’t understand how much you are depriving yourselves by passing up on the PSP versions. Amazing. Simply spectacular. YAY!!!

zllehs said:

April 10th, 6:47 pm

this is in 2009????

kenjarrett said:

April 11th, 7:03 pm

Alright CAPCOM!! *cheers* Thank you soooo much for giving us a release month and a trailer. I seriously can not wait until the tutorial clips are made and a website is up. Also around June I hope you guys will let everyone play a demo of the game, like have a demo for the weapons and let us try them out and get use to the controls. Looking forward to June!

AJstudio said:

April 12th, 4:28 am

whuy not PS3

fgump2112 said:

April 14th, 7:33 pm


this is a good series. I just started MHF2 and it’s great. VERY Difficult, but great.

Love the depth.

They do need to bring Ad-Hoc party to the rest of the world, not just Japan. That would really get things rolling on this franchise outside of Japan.

Looking forward to this one!

Montzigner said:

April 16th, 5:13 am

:’) I’m so proud… my friend introduced me to MHF2 after I had said it was stupid so many times. When I finally got it, I fell in love. Now this… my friend also got P2G and was showing it to me yesterday. I want the little felyne fighters. This is gunna be fun! Make sure you stay on the PSP system.


April 20th, 10:24 pm

Woooo, I can’t wait for this game! I have a few thousand hours on MH from the PS2 beta through MHF2 and I’ll be buying at least 2 copies the day it’s released.

Josh7289 said:

April 30th, 8:18 pm

This really reminds me of that old Pokémon introductory tape, and others like it.

I’m curious if something like that will still work today with MH’s target audience (especially since the franchise isn’t new at all to NA and Europe, even though Capcom is treating it that way).

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