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Apr 07

Apr 07

WipEout HD Update Racing to PSN

Daimion Pinnock's Avatar Posted by Producer, SCEA

New WipEout HD features

Hi everybody! I’m excited to bring to you news of an awesome update for WipEout HD. And perhaps the best news is you don’t have to wait long for it. Tomorrow, April 8, 2009, the V1.30 free update for WipEout HD will be available for download. The update will introduce a selection of new multiplayer features to the legendary anti-gravity racer. Check out the full details below.

Online Ranking

With over 50 ranks to progress through, there will be a new edge to online racing in WipEout HD. Your finishing position, speed class and the rank of your opponents will determine how many ranking points you are awarded as you strive to go from a Wipeout Trainee to a Wipeout Legend!

WipEout HD online ranks

Podium Screen & Online Badges

  • A new podium screen will now display the top three finishers after each online race or tournament.
  • Regardless of whether you finish in the Top Three or not, every player has the chance of being awarded an ‘online badge’ in recognition of how they performed in the race.
  • There are 33 badges in total, examples of which are displayed here.

WipEout HD online badges

Connect easily with your friends

Game invites have now been introduced to WipEout HD to make it easy for you to invite your friends to join your game or for them to invite you! In addition, you will also be informed of any friends with an active online game and have the ability to join that game instantly!

Watch races in progress

If a race has started before you have had chance to join it, Spectator mode will allow you to watch that race. Within spectator mode, you can choose from four camera angles and select which ship to watch.

After the race has been completed, you will be taken back to the lobby with the other players so you can compete with them in the next race.

New WipEout HD features

Additional Options

Lastly, to provide more variety when setting up an online race, WipEout HD has added a few additional options:

  • HUD Weapon Hints on/off.
  • Opponents – Choose to create a Public, Friends-only or Invite-only game.
  • Barrel Rolls on/off
  • Pilot Assist Allowed on/off
  • Number of laps (max 20)

We hope you enjoy these new features. And it you haven’t played WipEout HD in a while, now is a good time! We’ll see you online.

UPDATE: It has come to our attention that some players have encountered freezing during game loading. We have recognized this issue, have fixed it and apologize for any inconvenience. We hope you enjoy the new features that come with this update.

New WipEout HD features New WipEout HD features

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Wip3ou7pure said:

April 7th, 11:25 am


Jezer29 said:

April 7th, 11:26 am

Nice update.. This should get me back on. need those trophies.

D34DL1N3R said:

April 7th, 11:32 am

Wonderful! Back to playing this again after an extended break.


Neil said:

April 7th, 11:36 am

1) The Wipeout HD Soundtrack needs to be available through the PS Store.

2) I love this game even though I don’t normally like racing games.

GGCAN said:

April 7th, 11:42 am

Thanks for the heads up Daimion.

A really good game has just become better.

Keep up the great work !

nickjd331 said:

April 7th, 11:46 am

Very impressive update. I hope this brings back people to the online. There is never many people there lately.

Kren420 said:

April 7th, 11:49 am

wow i need to buy this game looks sweet!

NoLaws said:

April 7th, 11:57 am


GJ guys

bravo9zero said:

April 7th, 11:58 am

This Is awesome, Good Job!
Wipeout HD Just got even better.

Thrasher20 said:

April 7th, 12:14 pm

I remember this game came out last year and said I was getting it first day but I never got it :( I played it though and I like it a lot. I need to pick this one up!

zeeZ said:

April 7th, 12:14 pm

I think I just came a little

gor1llap1mp said:

April 7th, 12:16 pm

Any word on new tracks, perhaps some never released in the STATES(hint: PURE PAL) tracks or modes?

FE_RR said:

April 7th, 12:17 pm

best PSN game ever, 19.99 a full game with 3 updates ’till date all for free, you have my money when you release tracks and vehicles packs!


April 7th, 12:22 pm

This is a great update! Keep me going back for more with the ranking system and in-game invites!

Are you guys planning on bringing any DLC content like tracks and new ships?

    Daimion Pinnock's Avatar

    Daimion Pinnock said:

    April 7th, 3:01 pm

    While this update does not include new tracks, you should look out for a future update regarding the Wipeout Franchise!

Enigma777 said:

April 7th, 12:26 pm

Awesome! I was just playing it last night and thinking that it would be nice if we get a new update! You guys seriously rock! Now there will hopefully be more players online.

MazzingerZ said:

April 7th, 12:27 pm

GREAT UPDATE! Thanks for keeping supporting this amazing game!

I didn’t see game invites coming! thank you for listening to the online community.

Grigori said:

April 7th, 12:27 pm

Sorry, but despite my passion to this game (Platinum trophy included), I won’t even bother to download it. Without real additional content (tracks, modes and new trophies!) this patch is nothing but waste of time. I hope theres something bigger behind it, otherwise most people will by very disappointed.

MazzingerZ said:

April 7th, 12:29 pm

Grigori, after getting that Platinum trophy(!!) I can understand you are a little tired of Wipeout HD…I would actually recommend for your the sake of you health not to play it anymore LOL

Gumbydunzeeto said:

April 7th, 12:35 pm

I’ll buy it when there’s a disc version.

Disc version please!

sNsKid said:

April 7th, 12:41 pm

Great update.

TakiFuGu said:

April 7th, 12:51 pm

Guess better late then never!

Kenshin71 said:

April 7th, 1:15 pm

You should have added new tracks. As it is it’s not realy much of an incentive to return to the game.

skynidas said:

April 7th, 1:18 pm

Awesome, any extra trophies to go with this update?


April 7th, 1:39 pm

make it easier lol. no don’t. but serious i can’t beat this game.

Midgetguy said:

April 7th, 1:39 pm

This is a GREAT game! VERY nice seeing a FREE update for it! This game is my favorite PSN racing title!

One small little request though:

Is it possible if we could see some new trophies related to the new ranking system? That would REALLY add a whole extra edge to the online for some gamers!

Anyways, thanks again, and I’m looking forward to the update!

VehicleDestroyr said:

April 7th, 1:48 pm

Awesome guys! One question are these new options (like number of laps) availible in single player?

Prem-aka-Prince said:

April 7th, 1:56 pm

That’s a pretty major update! (and very kind) I’d be all over it if my PS3 wasn’t broken…

evildude683 said:

April 7th, 2:30 pm

About god damn time Sony?
BTW where is the add-on for cuboid?

RevolutionBlues said:

April 7th, 2:46 pm

Sorry. This game is still far too hard to tempt me back. Gave up half way through.

If anyone has got the Platinum trophy for this game the developer should give them a valuable reward.

mafecto said:

April 7th, 3:44 pm

awesome! one of my favorite games.

you guys should make a new blu ray version with more teams and a career mode.

ProblemSolver said:

April 7th, 3:46 pm

ProblemSolver here.
Is the ZONE leaderboard as well as the glitch fixed for ANULPHA PASS? I’ve written a full bug-report multiple times, so please don’t tell me it hasn’t been addressed.

Are there any new color schemes for ZONE? If not, why?? It’s pretty boring if you race from zone 75 up until about zone 120 with one and the same color scheme. So at least do a new one at zone 100 and another one at zone 120. A chrome scheme, like you can see in the first tunnel on VINETA K, would be nice. Anyways, rework all the color scheme, not necessarily the style, but put some more scheme on the track! And also the coupling with the music must be stronger. Make options to have more pronounced effects, etc.. Thanks! If you need any help, just call the ProblemSolver.

Despite my rant, WipEout HD is really a pretty awesome game!

Kirkpad said:

April 7th, 3:54 pm

This is a cool update. It’s also good to know that there won’t just be another Wipeout title, but instead new tracks (possibly) for this version. In interviews the creators said they set out to make the “definitive WipEout”. While they have already done that, it would be nice to see some paid DLC to keep the franchise attention up.

Jose345o said:

April 7th, 4:13 pm

Yes! This is a great update!

Gumbydunzeeto said:

April 7th, 4:29 pm

Will you *PLEASE* put out a disc version for the people who want one?

Arcturian said:

April 7th, 4:57 pm

“Have you tried changing your button config, so that X is no longer used to accelerate?”

Yeah, I have it set to that, but it doesn’t seem to change much.

lanceurdehache said:

April 7th, 5:14 pm

Can t wait for this new patch, thanks for the new feature

chboing said:

April 7th, 5:32 pm

Great news !!!!
for all the people that dig the online ranking feature, you may love this fan site too :

you can log in and check your times, update them … many cool things…
have fun

mknightstalkerx said:

April 7th, 5:33 pm

Thank you for game invite. :)

TakiFuGu said:

April 7th, 6:03 pm

This game and the trophies are way too hard. I gave up a long time ago. Speaking from a experienced player point of view.

mafecto said:

April 7th, 6:17 pm

We need the soundtrack for this game released on PSN. I know it’s all licensed music, but I’m not hunting it all down on the net or buying it all individually DRM-style from itunes. Seriously, this soundtrack is one of the best I’ve heard.

NEwho, hopefully you’re alluding to new tracks available for download. I would hate for all this hinting to be for another PSP game.

This game has some of the slickest graphics I’ve seen yet this gen and is just damn fun. Wish Sony would promote it more and get more people online. The rankings and badges are a step in the right direction.

Have you guys considered a career/story mode with the teams more fleshed out? I think you could create an entire universe out of this game. No characters, just backstories on the teams integrated into the game. I know they already exist on the website. Just an idea.

BlackIceJoe said:

April 7th, 6:31 pm

Its nice to see SCE Studio Liverpool still working on Wipeout and not just bringing there game out and saying that is that.

I want to know though now that this update is coming out is there any Chance that SCE Studio Liverpool might make some new games of there old Psygnosis franchises. Like Colony Wars, a new Alundra, Destruction Derby or G-Police be it for either the PS3 or PSP?

Again it is great to see devs still caring about there games.

neorudemovement said:

April 7th, 10:06 pm

anyone who doesnt own this game should grab it, old fans and yet to be fans.

i(and many others) are so glad sony decided to bring this masterpiece to the PS3. amazing gameplay, graphics, sound and overall feel.

cant wait for some map packs!

JesseHaysFL said:

April 7th, 11:24 pm

so does this mean we should look out for a future update regarding the Wipeout Franchise?

nulenvoid said:

April 7th, 11:46 pm

How large is the update expected to be?

PSN Updates are still extremely slow (36 meg is taking 3 hrs now). Is this being worked on?

FAKOS said:

April 8th, 2:46 am

We need ingame/cross-game voice chat.

Zta said:

April 8th, 3:13 am

Thanks for the update! Very nice to see that you’re still investing time into this game!

One thing, though. Look at how LittleBigPlanet lets additional players choose a local account on the PlayStation3. WipEout would really benefit from a similar feature, where scores, unlocks, etc. would be stored.

Oh, and one more thing.. Regarding post #31.. Perhaps add an option that inverts the accelleration button, so that it’s virtually always pressed, and used for breaking instead? I remember SuperCars2 had this, and it made driving/killing easier =)

ElSuperNova said:

April 8th, 3:41 am

Condensed Win right here

Killer-_-Bob said:

April 8th, 4:54 am

Thanks for this nice free DLC.

One thing is missing for me, it’s the possibility to use weapons backwards, will this be back in game someday?
(see also triple_lei comment “oh and plz let us fire Quakes backwards again”)

CaruthK said:

April 8th, 5:27 am

I still think you guys lost the fun facter in this game now WipEout Pulse was fun. This one as much as I love WipEout its boring. Even the online plus where is voice chat in its online?

Zta said:

April 8th, 5:40 am

Firing quakes backwards? Wouldn’t that break the nice balance in the current weapon system? I really like it as it is; each weapon has its own advantage, and sometimes you just have to either wait for the right opportunity or absorb it =)

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