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Apr 08

Apr 08

New Limited Edition Rock Band Unplugged Entertainment Pack

Kristin Neirinckx's Avatar Posted by Marketing Manager, PSP

Now you don’t need a tour bus to rock out on the road! Rock Band Unplugged, which we announced at the Destination PlayStation conference, just got even better. Not only will Rock Band Unplugged be exclusive to the PSP in 2009, it will also be part of the new Rock Band PSP Entertainment Pack. The Limited Edition Rock Band Unplugged PSP Entertainment Pack will include the Piano Black PSP-3000 system, a 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo, and a PSN downloadable movie voucher for School of Rock – a huge entertainment value for Rock Band fans and fanboys alike.

So, how does Rock Band Unplugged work on the PSP, you ask? For a quick first look at the game, check out the trailer below.

Rock Band Unplugged creates a full band experience in the palm of your hand by combining key gameplay elements from both Rock Band and Rock Band 2, inclusive of familiar, as well as all-new songs. It introduces new and unique features specifically designed for the PSP, and will also leverage the system’s Wi-Fi capabilities through the first fully-featured in-game store for additional downloadable songs on the PSP. In short, your hands are the “peripherals” as you follow a challenging sequence of colors and lights, rotating between the lead/bass guitars, drums and vocals in an intense attempt to keep your respective instruments at the highest level possible. Simply tap on the D-pad and Face buttons to control each instrument, but keep in mind this is no easy feat!

In addition, Rock Band Unplugged will launch the following tracks exclusively on the PSP:

  • 3 Doors Down – “Kryptonite”
  • AFI – “Miss Murder”
  • Alice in Chains – “Would?”
  • Audioslave – “Gasoline”
  • Black Tide – “Show Me the Way”
  • Blink 182 – “What’s My Age Again”
  • Freezepop – “Less Talk More Rokk”
  • Jackson 5 – “ABC”
  • Tenacious D – “Rock Your Socks”

Rock Band Unplugged PSP

For more information on Rock Band Unplugged and the Rock Band PSP Entertainment Pack, be sure to take a look at MTV Games’ announcement on the title, which was made today.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — 2009 is going to be an impressive year for the PSP. For those of you who don’t own a PSP yet, now is the time. For those who currently own the PSP, we hope you enjoy!

Rock Band Unplugged PSP

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onimonkii said:

April 8th, 4:16 am

Hell yeah. I’m finally buying a PSP.

Watchmann said:

April 8th, 4:19 am

I take it this pack won’t be available in Canada? Or will you be subbing in a UMD instead given that the video store is not available here?

Zangetsu15 said:

April 8th, 4:40 am

Cool, keep it up.

linebeginstoblur said:

April 8th, 4:47 am

I’ve been looking for an excuse to upgrade from my first-generation PSP.

Thank you. lol

Coolwater said:

April 8th, 4:49 am

But how is it played? Is there a peripheral?

sintax said:

April 8th, 4:56 am


“In short, your hands are the peripherals…”

“Simply tap on the D-pad and Face buttons to control each instrument, but keep in mind this is no easy feat!”

Words are your friend.

Aggie_CEO said:

April 8th, 5:17 am

@5: did you even look at the video?? It uses the standard buttons on the PSP

I dunno how I feel about it but it looks good…

VincentVendetta said:

April 8th, 5:20 am

Really… The Jacksons Five?


CaruthK said:

April 8th, 5:23 am

Nice i’m getting this as soon as its out. Tap Tap is hot on the iPhone, now i get the same thing on PSP. Its a long time coming. Thank you there is a Sony God that still loves me LOL…

Zezzler said:

April 8th, 5:29 am

Reminds me of DJ Max gameplay 4 the psp. Looks really great, cant wait.

angelcoma said:

April 8th, 5:29 am


Dude, The Jackson Five are metal.

xXDark-AlgaXx said:

April 8th, 5:39 am

Great looking graphics :D.

Jackson 5.

Make your own band and characters.
Im glad i bought 2 PSP2000’s.

What else can you wish for :P :D

Anti-Steven said:

April 8th, 5:47 am

I’d like to see most PSP games come out on the PSN, and a UMDless PSP. Then I’d pick up a PSP.

NiavlysUS said:

April 8th, 5:59 am

I wish they’d made a Frequency or Amplitude (from PS2) version for the PSP, those 2 games were awsome! And possibly a lot easier than playing those 4 keys…

Any chance it has Multiplayer?
Powerups from Frequency and Amplitude were making it a very fun game in multiplayer too!

That was my 2 cents for today ;)

Korbei83 said:

April 8th, 6:03 am

looks awfully slow

tux_reston said:

April 8th, 6:11 am

Great! If I knew about this I would have waited to get one instead of getting the ratchet and clank bundle! Whatever… I like the chrome color better anyway.

Insyt said:

April 8th, 6:11 am

Jackson 5…I have to get this game…

AdamMadman said:

April 8th, 6:16 am

So how do you play this game?

Given that you couldn’t even articulate that, I’m going to wager the game will be less than poor.

Good job on this post that contains no useful information!

Gunwing said:

April 8th, 6:16 am

Why is it Rock Band fans seem to hate anything that dose not require you to blow $400.00 on the whole game just for the correct controllers? IMHO this is a much better way.

The PSP may have the ability to use addons like the DS/DSi but that dose not mean they have to use them.

IMHO this is a much cheaper way to go, and BTW: Kudos for the developers giveing us full 3D graphics!


April 8th, 6:21 am

I play A homebrew game named “Guitar Star”, it is a guitar hero clone for my PSP. it has 5 buttons for playing not four, I will master this game on it’s first day. I will post a video of the HB version later today. I know we’re not “supposed” to talk about that stuff here but I think it’s kinda funny that a 15 year old Kid beat you to the punch, it is very professional looking and the game play very smooth.

Insyt said:

April 8th, 6:21 am


come on dude, read the article…it says it, use of your hands and the psp dpad and buttons…

the ignorant people of our world…i’ll never understand it…

adolson said:

April 8th, 6:29 am

So I guess this bundle won’t come out in Canada, then? Or if it does, that School of Rock voucher is just in there to mock us?

adolson said:

April 8th, 6:30 am

Oh, someone already said this. Hours ago. I skimmed comments too quickly. Sorry.

Still, VIDEO STORE for CANADA plz.

tbutterbaugh said:

April 8th, 6:35 am

imo it sucks there is no peripheral for the game. the whole draw to the guitar hero and rock band type of games is the feeling you are playing an instrument. i agree that it shouldnt cost $100 to be able to do this on a portable system but i believe the DS version was no more than $50, which is not much different than what some of the games coming out for the system are anyways. at least can there be an update that would do something like retribution does where you can hook it to the PS3 and use your guitar controller you have already purchased to play it.

reality is that chances are unless the reviews on it are just horrible i will end up buying it because i love those games, which is what i am sure they are counting on, which is probably why they didnt put in the effort to create a peripheral for it and put in the etra time and effort. you cant tell me there isnt a person here who would have loved to see that even if they would be happy with no peripheral.


April 8th, 6:42 am

It looks good. It would be awesome if it was compatible with the PS3 versions DLC.

jazzyrider said:

April 8th, 6:42 am

Nice…I need to replace my broken PSP with a new one soon!

And a few questions:
– Will the existing limited edition packs such as the God of War be updated with a PSP3000? I want one but its still has a PSP2000.
– Will we see trophy support on the PSP? This is such a great feature on the PS3 – why not on the PSP?

Crueltea said:

April 8th, 6:47 am

I get it… it runs on a battery. Ha, that’s funny.

Korne said:

April 8th, 6:57 am

I’m a little disappointed in the Rockband title being added to this game. It is basically a semi-dumbed down version of Amplitude and Frequency. Here’s an idea, why not port Amplitude to the PSP… it would be way better. The only problem is that there are only two shoulder buttons, instead of 4.

Letters2Kay said:

April 8th, 7:04 am

I recently picked up RB2:SE on PS3 along with a ton of downloadable songs and it’s a lot of fun… but without the instruments, this just doesn’t do anything for me- and paying for more songs would simply be out of the question on the PSP.

Here I was hoping we would be plugging into the USB port… oh well.

…and when I think of ROCKING!, I think Jackson 5!!! Oh no, wait. The other thing… Sucking! That’s it…


April 8th, 7:10 am

So…Package deal for would be for Canada too right?

Therefore Video Store confirmed for Canada before launch (ie. E3 one week before this bundle is launched).

No fix the back up issues (ie tie it to my PSN and we are GOLD!)


April 8th, 7:17 am

Looks great but too bad I sold my PSP….

I hope that when the PSP2 comes out you will have a version for it too!

On a side note can we get some more weezer and jimmy eat world DLC for ROCK BAND 2???

AdamMadman said:

April 8th, 7:39 am


I read the post, but “use the d-pad and face buttons to switch between instruments” does not articulate in any way how this game is played.

You are the ignorant one, child.

    Kristin Neirinckx's Avatar

    Kristin Neirinckx said:

    April 8th, 1:54 pm

    I will try to do a better job. Essentially, you have to play all four instruments at the same time. Each color is associated with a button on either the D-Pad or the Face buttons. Once you hit a phrase on one instrument, you use the shoulder buttons to scroll over to the next instrument. The demo will be available at all of our interactive displays at retail if you would like to try it out. I hope that helps.

madmatt95 said:

April 8th, 7:41 am

If it frequency/amplitude mixed in with rock band I’m sold.

freeluv said:

April 8th, 7:42 am

please tell me this track pack will be available for rock band 2! i’ve been waiting for 3 doors down since the first guitar hero. come on!!

omnilaw said:

April 8th, 7:44 am

PURCHASED!!!!! Sweet!!!

Midgetguy said:

April 8th, 7:45 am

This is a beautiful new game!

Probably the first Rock Band game I’ll really get into! (I’m a huge frequency and Amplitude fan!)

I’m gonna need a bigger memory stick! lol

Prattz said:

April 8th, 7:51 am

I always said I wanted Guitar Hero on PSP… Now it’s Rock Band! I prefer Rock Band, so I’ll be getting this.

PS. I didn’t really want Guitar Hero, I wanted Ukelele Hero! With a USB Ukelele! YEA! XD

zombie9 said:

April 8th, 7:52 am

Hey is there any chance we can use the built in mic of PSP 3000 for a mic in game? (with headphones on you won’t be able to hear yourself) But will be able to bug people around you. LOL Maybe I will actully get to use it once? And if not why can’t we? PS2 has a mic?

ManaKnight said:

April 8th, 8:03 am

I’m so buying this. I love RB a lot and own a PSP. This reminds me of Amplitude, which has me excited. :D

saintaqua said:

April 8th, 8:10 am

I’m not trying to complain…this looks great, but I’ll only get it if it has:

A. A way to use at least some of the DL tracks I’ve already purchased from RB 2, I’ve got too much invested already. :)

B. I want to actually be able to sing…playing vocals on pad is not appealing to me, though the rhythm aspect sounds interesting, the PSP supports a headset, please put it to use in this game, this is very important to me since I don’t care much for the other instruments.

hife said:

April 8th, 8:19 am

I would almost buy a PSP for this just because you guys put “Would?” on it. Well done.

Ftwrthtx said:

April 8th, 8:19 am


Thanks for the info.

jipmg said:

April 8th, 8:34 am

4GB memory stick, a voucher for a psn game, and the game for a likely price of $199?

    Kristin Neirinckx's Avatar

    Kristin Neirinckx said:

    April 8th, 1:56 pm

    Correct…I apologize for leaving that off. The price is $199.99msrp

Kowak said:

April 8th, 8:44 am

@ 2, 22 and 30

The Canadian bundle will not come with the School of Rock voucher.

Jon_Mclane said:

April 8th, 8:45 am

aw man, I was really pumped for this game hoping it would be like amplitude or frequency but judging from that trailer it looks more like ddr with buttons

smokey_vols said:

April 8th, 8:48 am

If only PSP games had trophies i’d buy more of them.

ItsNymo said:

April 8th, 8:53 am

Looks awesome! Cannot wait to play Frequency/Amplitude, er, Rock Band Unplugged! ;) Gotta love Harmonix’s stuff!

man, 2009 is shaping up to be a GREAT year for the PSP!

Kren420 said:

April 8th, 8:56 am

very awesome i think this week just sold me on a PSP

StalkingSilence said:

April 8th, 8:58 am

9 songs, really? Am I missing something?
Interesting with <, ^, triangle, and circle.

    Kristin Neirinckx's Avatar

    Kristin Neirinckx said:

    April 8th, 1:58 pm

    The game includes 41 songs total. We only called out the 9 exclusive tracks but there are many more to play!

jipmg said:

April 8th, 8:59 am

You know whats keeping me from getting a PSP, the stupid PSP 2/4000 rumors.. that keep appearing all over the net.

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