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Apr 08

Apr 08

Valkyria Chronicles DLC marching to PSN soon

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by Sr. Social Media Manager


A number of you have been asking about this on our weekend posts, and today SEGA has the answer. Beginning with tomorrow’s April 16th’s PlayStation Store update, gamers will be able to return to Gallia to fight some new EWII battles.

Here are details on the Valkyria Chronicles DLC, direct from SEGA:

  • Hard EX Mode – fight your way once again through the entire Imperial army, where the enemies are more lethal and your main tank Edelweiss is unavailable. You’ll have to be more strategic in order to overcome your opponents.
  • Edy’s Mission “Enter the Edy Detachment” – six members have been separated from Squad 7 and on their journey to reunite with their squad, they stumble upon a tiny village under attack by the Imperial Army. Play as Edy and command your outnumbered team to defend the small village from annihilation.
  • Selvaria’s Mission “Behind Her Blue Flame”– Taking place right after the outbreak of Gallian battle lines, you play as Johann, a young and meek engineer assigned to Selvaria’s troop. See the action as it unfolds behind enemy lines and see the war play out through the eyes of the enemy.

Selvaria and Crew 2

We don’t do reviews or really inject opinions into the news we carry on PlayStation.Blog, but if you haven’t tried Valkyria Chronicles, you really owe it to yourself to try out this beautiful, PS3-exclusive, strategy JRPG. There’s a demo available right now on the PlayStation Store.

Also, we’ve got a few more PSB-exclusive screens for you to look at here.

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Onna76_NL said:

April 8th, 1:24 pm

Off topic: ROTFL:

Source Joystiq PlayStation

Perhaps “Tales of Rage” is a more suitable title for Tales of Vesperia on PS3, as fan reaction to the enhanced port hasn’t gone over well. Fans of the series in Japan are livid at the announcement, seeing as many of these gamers bought systems just to play the formerly 360-exclusive game. In one case, a fan was so angry he snapped his game disc in half (… subconsciously telling himself he has a reason to pick it up again) and burned the PS3 announcement article.

While we feel sorry for such angered gamers, we do believe they should have known better. After all, the game was previously teased to appear on PS3 by Namco Bandai itself. Just couldn’t wait, huh? No wonder they say patience is a virtue.


Sorry had to mention it.. so funny. Let it be a lesson, help the Japanese support RPG’s on the PS3, so buy Valkyria Chronicles, so no Japanese RPG fan have to buy a 360 again, okay?

deded said:

April 8th, 1:31 pm

Great news, great game. Trophies would be even better, late as it is… ?

AdamMadman said:

April 8th, 1:31 pm

Trophies are a necessity. Why do you think Xbox 360 software used to sell almost 2:1 or better against Ps3 games? Achievements. If a developer can’t even add what is at this point a manditory bare essential, then theres no reason to support said developer.

Games are expensive, and trophy-less games are going to get overlooked for games with trophies. It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out, but apparently some game devs think it does. You want a reason why VC is selling like [DELETED]? Trophies are your reason.

Lifewish said:

April 8th, 1:34 pm

$4.99 for each DLC pack…

yea my excitement for the DLC just died.

VofEscaflowne said:

April 8th, 1:42 pm


Or maybe, as someone linked to an article earlier that explained this very well, is that the game released amongst a rush of high profile games that sell on name alone during the holiday season. It happens to every game that releases during that time period… a game will be ignored because of this and only word of mouth can spread it later on about how great a game is, hopefully. But the Xbox 360 also has a larger fanbase which explains why games sell more on that console. Yes, I’m sure that having trophies for a game is a selling point but come on, I’d like to think that this would be the case for the uninformed masses. But we’re online here right now discussing how great a game is and yet people still overlook this game purely on the fact that it does not have trophies. Not supporting a developer because of a “mandatory” essential at this point is ridiculous. It was never essential at the time of release and games sold just fine before that. People had fun with games, enjoyed them for what they are instead of increasing a pointless number to give them stupid bragging rights that gives them absolutely nothing. But I guess that’s how some people work and they totally miss the point.

TheGuardianFID said:

April 8th, 1:49 pm

I bought the game on Monday, and will be buying the DLC, I also saw the new anime, which I loved, Sony and Sega you have a hit on your hands, keep it up guys!!! :D

pinkoboe said:

April 8th, 2:03 pm

One of the best games ever, let alone on the PS3. Looking forward to the DLC.

Invader_GIR_X said:

April 8th, 2:04 pm

Dear Jeff Rubenstein,

Thank you very much for informing the community of this wonderful news of new content for what seemed like a great game lost in the cracks of the holiday season. However, as the community seems to be clamoring for trophy support, I was wondering, would the Social Media Manager be the right person to make request this request to?

Thank you for your time.

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    April 9th, 9:26 am

    I\’ve passed this request on to SEGA (not just today, but when the requests were first made last November).

    It\’s my understanding that this is unlikely to happen, as the game was first released in Japan well over a year ago, before the Trophy System was in place.

    Personally I understand the request, as I\’m a Trophy Ho of the highest degree, but trust me – once you get into the game, you won\’t care that you\’re not getting \’rewarded.\’ Trophies can be the silver lining on a sub-par game, but Valkyria doesn\’t need the help.

TwinDad said:

April 8th, 2:07 pm


No. Trophies has nothing to do with low sales for this title. JRPG have never been huge sellers outside of Titles that have “Final Fantasy” in them. Add to it the “low” install base of the PS3, then a very title heavy november. It sold low because of to many other “AAA” titles released at the same time.

If you won’t buy it for lack of trohpy support fine. Your missing out on GOTY/GOTC material here, it’s a beautiful piece of art. But it’s your right.

cswegger said:

April 8th, 2:13 pm

What about a Europe version? Precise dates if possible, since the DLC is unfortunately region locked.

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    April 9th, 9:27 am

    It\’s coming to Europe on the 16th as well.

Sigmakan said:

April 8th, 2:14 pm

The game has in-game badges/trophies. Isn’t that basically the same thing for you trophy-fanatics?

Just buy the game if you are on the fence. You won’t regret it. Was easily by favorite game last year and I LOVED a ton of the games (MGS4, GTA4, LBP)

rysamson said:

April 8th, 2:18 pm

@ManaKnight, @VofEscaflowne,

Took the words right out of my mouth. Been a gamer since the early 80s, and despite the curren-gen’s trend, Achievements and Trophies to me will never be a “mandatory essential.” You’re right: people had fun with games, enjoying them for their content. Games were not made for the purpose of bragging to each other, “oh look at my high Gamerscore/Trophy level.”

To everyone else: right now, GameStop is having their Game Days sale, and you can pick up VC for $30. That’s HALF OFF for a NEW GAME. If you’re on the fence about this, saving 30 bucks is A LOT BETTER than buying it at full-price later on if/when a Trophy patch comes out.

In any case, what ManaKnight said rings true: the fact that you ‘gamers’ think that by not buying this game will force Sega to make a trophy patch is absurd and idiotic. Did you guys even consider thinking that by NOT purchasing the game, Sega will be led to believe that there’s no support for such games on the PS3 and, in the future, look to another competitor’s console?

cswegger said:

April 8th, 2:18 pm

Also, does the DLC offer dual language option?

rysamson said:

April 8th, 2:19 pm

and @AdamMadman,

your post is untrue. XBox has the bigger install base because it was out a year before PS3. By that reason alone, Xbox games alone are selling more than PS3 (ie Gears 2 versus Resistance 2). And Valkyria Chronicles came out during the Holiday Season, and, like what VofEscaflowne said, other, much bigger games were released as well, and had bigger sales because of Name recognition.

**Offtopic: To whoever said sega “won’t” put out a trophy patch for this game, I’d love to read it. Otherwise, hearsay is just hearsay.

butterflybangs said:

April 8th, 2:35 pm

Valkyria Chronicles is an awesome game and everyone should pick it up. Play for fun, not for trophies that contribute to an e-peen that no one cares about.

I can’t say I’m very interested in this DL. I don’t have the time nor the desire to replay the game on different difficulties. Even if I did, I still have several levels of difficulty I could play through without having to pay for it.

The extra “story” episodes seem interesting, but I’d really rather have more stories featuring the main cast of the game. Selvaria rocks and all but I want some more Gunther/Alicia action. :D

Depending on the price, I may skip the DL. I’m guessing this DL pack will run for $20. :\

TailsTheCat said:

April 8th, 2:38 pm

Nice. Great game.

ZGMF-X19-20A said:

April 8th, 2:43 pm

Definitely a day one purchase when it comes out next week. I love this game, it is one of the best titles in my library.

Midgetguy said:

April 8th, 2:44 pm

Nice… I haven’t picked up this game yet… Though I’ve heard so many great things about this game, I played the demo and the strategic elements in the battle system weren’t really my cup of tea… BUT I’ll probably buy this game once the price goes down a bit…

Either way, this is GREAT news, and thanks for your support!

Milereb said:

April 8th, 2:44 pm

Trophies to me are an extra. I love trying to finish a game 100% and these are just extras to complete in my opinion.

This game is amazing, not only is the battle system enjoyable, the graphics are an unique piece of art too.

clupula668 said:

April 8th, 2:49 pm

I love trophies, but, you know what? Valkyria Chronicles is worth it without them. Seriously. It was the best game of 2008. You are seriously missing out if you didn’t get it.

John-Shooter said:

April 8th, 2:53 pm

i’d buy way more games that are already released if they had trophies.. not lookin forward to buyin any games any time soon even if they have trophies till like november unless somethin comes out of no where over the summer..

i kno alot of companies denied it for most games but i’d like to see a patch for:

Assasins Creed 1
Resistance 1
R6V1 and 2
Ratchet FTOD and QFB
NFS Pro Street

– I dont see why most games dont even have trophy patches by accident cuz they have an in-game award/achievement system like uncharted –

and atleast 15 psn games should get support for them as well

seriously sony and all the dev’s if you want to get us to play more of your games dont be so quick to deny trophy support for atleast half of your library

now some may think im some sort of trophy whore but hey i have like 35+ games w/o them too so just sayin .. they could get more sales out of games that are already released if they just did a simple trophy patch for them

icechai said:

April 8th, 2:55 pm

waiting for trophies still before i get into this game. it just gives that extra incentive to do more in a game and is the sole reason why i beat elite difficulty on KZ2 and crushing on Uncharted (normal is fine for me otherwise), and thanks to those trophies, i found out how much fun the harder modes were.

LokeSTL said:

April 8th, 3:13 pm


You are missing the point. I for one am not “holding out” for trophies. I have not bought the game because I am not very interested in it. The ONLY interest I have in the game is that it is, at the moment, the closest thing to what I am waiting for. I could say the same for Disgaea 3. That reason is rapidly losing weight with the game that is releasing on May 19th.

Trophies are not THE reason to buy this game, but they are A reason. Same goes for the $30 sale. This game wasn’t appealing enough for some people to buy at $60, but they’ll take the leap at $30.

It suprises me that so many “RPG fans” don’t understand the fascination with trophies. It’s like an RPG itself. The trophies are like experience points. A set amount of TP (lol!) is required to get to the next level.

Either way, who cares. Either they patch it, or they don’t. In another month, it won’t matter. The “core JRPG croud” will be getting a game closer to what they want, and with trophies to boot.

Anzo42 said:

April 8th, 3:18 pm

Lol at all the people who aren’t buying this masterpiece because of the lack of trophies. How superficial! I’d like a trophy patch as much as the next guy but c’mon.

looleeka said:

April 8th, 3:30 pm

Hello, is the date also valid for Germany/Europe? :)

Jedah_PR said:

April 8th, 3:39 pm

I love this game, and I hate how great games like this go under-appreciated, yet overly hyped games, or games that bring nothing new to the table are all the rave now a days.

No wonder game developers/publishers are hesitant in coming out with new/original IP and game play ideas.

mckg123456789 said:

April 8th, 3:47 pm

I LOVE THIS GAME lol first day buy for me prob all 3 if not the verry least 2 of them idk about the ex hard i think that will be a little 2 hard lol. and this game DOES NOT NEED TROPHIES it has a sht loud already and THE BEST JRPG for next gen so grow up and pick up this game if u want a game that will blow u away with what its got. THANKS SEGA!! :D

x3x1x said:

April 8th, 3:57 pm

LOL @ everyone who says they won’t play this AMAZING game because it doesn’t have trophies. They’re the ones missing out.

RurouniSaiya-jin said:

April 8th, 4:11 pm

I really need to put a memo on my forehead to get this game. Though the DLC will have to wait until PSN Cards come to Canada.

angelcoma said:

April 8th, 4:37 pm

I find it funny that most of the complains are people that want trophies. I wouldn’t mind them, but I already have the game, so whatever. Good to know that all you guys care about is trophies, not quality.

IF you really want to complain, complain to Sega. They have a Valkyria Chronicles twitter account.

Trucidation said:

April 8th, 4:39 pm

This game was way too easy, although fun. Alicica was the best way to A rank maps in 3 moves with def/power up commands.

DLC sounds neat along with Hard EX. No Edelweiss access isn’t going to change much.

Will be interested in the anime!

FreQaZoiD said:

April 8th, 4:56 pm

I got this game for Christmas and I highly recommend it! Thanks for expanding this experience with DLC. Any word on trophies?

michaelmcp said:

April 8th, 4:57 pm

The DLC news is fantastic! It sounds like a great update to one of the PS3’s best strategy games. Too bad it DOESN’T have TROPHIES therefore I WILL NOT buy it.

ruibing said:

April 8th, 5:16 pm

I just picked up the game, this is perfect timing. Thank you Sega.

Kei-Ender said:

April 8th, 5:22 pm



i’ve been waiting for the DLC for quite some time and cant wait to try out Selvaria Mission. I want to know more about her

rysamson said:

April 8th, 5:25 pm


I see and respect where you’re coming from. If I’ve offended you with my rant, then I apologize because the rant wasn’t aimed at people like you who share your view of this matter. If I’ve missed ‘the point’ then I’d like you, or anyone else, to make clear what the point is because my rant was aimed at those people who’ve made it a point to use the “no trophies = no buy” mantra as the sole purpose for lack of support for great games.

As for myself, I purchased the MGS/PS3 Bundle but have held out on finishing MGS4 because I hope that Konami will eventually patch in trophies. As hard as that task is, I still support Konami because they’ve made a great game. Same thing goes for VC. When I found out GameStop was selling it half off, I went and bought it because 1., it’s a great game, and 2., cuz it’s a great deal. Despite it not having trophies, I support them cuz it’s a great game, and hope that they too will eventually patch trophies in.

I’m an RPG fan at heart and respect your take on Trophy Leveling (I LOLed at the TP reference), but as a whole, great games should be supported, Trophies or not. And that’s the point that I’m trying to make.

ddydydy said:

April 8th, 5:37 pm

Woot! Sweet DLC right here!

Now if only Valkeria Chronicles was on a console I actually owned…

ddydydy said:

April 8th, 5:39 pm

People really gettin’ hung up on this whole trophy thing? You don’t get anything for them! There’s no point in doing any of them, and it’s not the game is any better with them than without them.

jadjohnny said:

April 8th, 6:01 pm

Oh, man… I’m so looking forward for my trophies treatment on VC… Come on Sega ^^

John-Shooter said:

April 8th, 6:09 pm

@138 actually it does dude it ups the replay value of a game that you already beat that just got them like im tryin to decide which game to start playin on my shelf or start playin again but without the trophies its like whats the real point

i just dont see how they plan to compete with xbl’s achievements(not that im a fanboy i dont even own a 360 i own a ps3, pc and wii) when they have achievements for games that ps3 doesnt have trophies for

like even Final Fantasy XI Online has achievments and they dont even want to bring that game to ps3 but still its kinda messed up that 98% of the games that are gonna even get them are only new releases except for maybe like 2 more games that were confirmed

Tomb Raider: Underworld and i think Disgaea 3

it would be so much cooler and make them some profit on old games if they were to take the time to do quick trophy patches for most of thier games

ddydydy said:

April 8th, 6:24 pm

To each their own, I suppose. For me, if I don’t get anything for doing it, it’s not worth doing. Plus, on the rare occasions that I actually beat games, I’m perfectly willing to shelf it, and if I’m gonna play it again, it’ll be to give it another proper runthrough, not just doing a bunch of boring or frustrating stuff just so I can have an excuse to keep on playing it.

I guess I just don’t have the mindset of a person who needs an excuse to keep on playing a good game, so I can’t fully appreciate the appeal of doing a bunch of boring crap that only gets you a pat on the back in the end.

jdizzle84 said:

April 8th, 6:28 pm


Novaoblivion said:

April 8th, 6:40 pm

Cool, I actually just picked this game up tonight!

Gumbydunzeeto said:

April 8th, 7:17 pm

This is stuff that should have been included on the disc.

What is the point of Blu-Ray if you’re not going to use it to its full potential?

Shame on you Sony and Sega, shame on you.


ExcelKnight said:

April 8th, 7:38 pm

That’s a joke, right? The DLC came out half a year (I think more, actually) after the game was released in Japan and coincided with the manga’s release.


April 8th, 7:52 pm

Just bought this game. The Demo was great. Hopefully they put more DLC out later down the road.

DonnyRay said:

April 8th, 8:38 pm

please sega please, add aa trophy patch to tihs great game. it seems like a waste not to.

Gumbydunzeeto said:

April 8th, 8:45 pm

@145 – No, it’s not a joke.

I love the game, but hate the feeling I bought something incomplete.

AlphaBravoCandy said:

April 8th, 9:09 pm

Please bring back Heavenly Sword!!!!!

and put Everybody’s Golf up on the PSN!

Jackal888 said:

April 8th, 10:34 pm

Its sad that all these comments about trophies. They can’t play games without bragging rights.I love VC and no trophies are needed. I will buy the DLC and I feel sad for RPG fans who missed this beautiful game.

Worst demo ever by the way. Why not have a scenario where it shows all the roles in a battle and the amazing cutscenes.

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