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Apr 08

Apr 08

Valkyria Chronicles DLC marching to PSN soon

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A number of you have been asking about this on our weekend posts, and today SEGA has the answer. Beginning with tomorrow’s April 16th’s PlayStation Store update, gamers will be able to return to Gallia to fight some new EWII battles.

Here are details on the Valkyria Chronicles DLC, direct from SEGA:

  • Hard EX Mode – fight your way once again through the entire Imperial army, where the enemies are more lethal and your main tank Edelweiss is unavailable. You’ll have to be more strategic in order to overcome your opponents.
  • Edy’s Mission “Enter the Edy Detachment” – six members have been separated from Squad 7 and on their journey to reunite with their squad, they stumble upon a tiny village under attack by the Imperial Army. Play as Edy and command your outnumbered team to defend the small village from annihilation.
  • Selvaria’s Mission “Behind Her Blue Flame”– Taking place right after the outbreak of Gallian battle lines, you play as Johann, a young and meek engineer assigned to Selvaria’s troop. See the action as it unfolds behind enemy lines and see the war play out through the eyes of the enemy.

Selvaria and Crew 2

We don’t do reviews or really inject opinions into the news we carry on PlayStation.Blog, but if you haven’t tried Valkyria Chronicles, you really owe it to yourself to try out this beautiful, PS3-exclusive, strategy JRPG. There’s a demo available right now on the PlayStation Store.

Also, we’ve got a few more PSB-exclusive screens for you to look at here.

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MiltonZep said:

April 9th, 12:12 am

SEGA: Thanks you for the Genesis Collection and Valkria Chronicles.


WackyWeedCreed said:

April 9th, 2:15 am

One of my favorite RPGs and Strategy games of all time.

Onna76_NL said:

April 9th, 2:21 am

I see the Valkyria Support Squad team is taking fully notice of the mission… defend Valkyria Chronicles from Trophy hunter warriors that want to abandon this game from buying, unless it’ll have trophy support :-)

Good job folks, and carry on!!! *lol*

Zimon said:

April 9th, 2:39 am

I already have this game but I still think it would be great if they added trophies. Not because of bragging rights but because I want my trophy-collection to represent which games I like. And right now I have like 7 shooters but only 2 rpgs on there but I’m an rpg-fan. :(

Warlord_92 said:

April 9th, 5:51 am

If Sega is smart, they release trophies…

Misantropus said:

April 9th, 6:51 am

This is by far the best PS3 game noone played. There are dozens of threads like this with hundreds of gamers asking trophy support to buy the game (not my case). Can’t believe SEGA don’t realize the sales potencial this game could have.

nummerfjorten said:

April 9th, 7:10 am

One of the best games ever. So glad it’s getting DLC. It annoys me even more that my blu-ray lense is broken and will take a couple of weeks to get back to me so i can play the VC DLC.

Great job though.

senocular said:

April 9th, 8:05 am

Concerning Trophies:

For one, I too would buy this game if it had trophy support… or was multiplayer.

There’s little doubt that the two large gaming “genres” (if you want to call them that) right now are casual gaming and social gaming. Casual gaming gave rise to the success of the Wii. Its simple, easy to pick up and play, and appeals to a large audience. Social gaming is what made the XBox 360 so popular with their XBox Live service – one that blows the PSN out of the water.

senocular said:

April 9th, 8:05 am


People like interacting with other people. This usually translates to multiplayer gaming (hence the success of first-person shooters since they lend themselves to exactly this kind of gameplay). For single player games, that social interaction is gone. The best way to make up for that void is the leaderboard concept. Trophies extend that idea into personal accomplishments that are even more attractive since it is not only a reflection of ones skill, but it also limits the conflict of competition. Competition is still there to a degree (feeding those that enjoy it), but it is not a constant fight for #1.

Trophies are good. They’re required in new PS3 games now, and if developers are updating old games with DLC, trophy support should be added. If this blog post is any indication, it can most definitely have an impact on sales.

BigBoss712 said:

April 9th, 8:38 am

Finally I love VC!! can’t wait, now all it needs is trophies. =P

afrosheen said:

April 9th, 9:00 am

Trophies would be nice but seriously, everyone with a PS3 should own this game by now. Sure, level 7 is hard, but you can all beat it. Story is great, visuals are fresh and original, and the game actually makes you think.

Again, everyone should own this game (if you can find it at retail). I’ll be getting this DLC next week unless the price is too high.

AGQ0105 said:

April 9th, 9:14 am

I hate when people get mad because other people do not want to buy a game due to lack of trophies.

Maybe that person is not really a fan of that type of game, but they’re kind of interested and the only thing holding them back is trophies.

If you look at trophies in that way… then you see that they help game sales not hurt them.

I think we all have to get used to this… you cannot tell people how to spend their money… and some people need trophies to justify their purchase.

I have the game….I couldn’t care less I also understand that I see other people’s perspective as well.

afrosheen said:

April 9th, 9:15 am

@Onna76_NL: “I see the Valkyria Support Squad team is taking fully notice of the mission… defend Valkyria Chronicles from Trophy hunter warriors that want to abandon this game from buying”

Yep, Jann told us to “mount a ssssuper fierccce attack honey”, so we’re doing just that.

LonelyHunter86 said:

April 9th, 9:32 am

what the hell SEGA, wee need trophys more than DLC

Onna76_NL said:

April 9th, 9:42 am

Jeff said: Personally I understand the request, as I’m a Trophy Ho of the highest degree, but trust me – once you get into the game, you won’t care that you’re not getting ‘rewarded.’ Trophies can be the silver lining on a sub-par game, but Valkyria doesn’t need the help.”

A trophy ho huh? Hmmmm… right *lol*. And you’re getting rewarded, only “in-game” with special rewards.

Onna76_NL said:

April 9th, 9:47 am

@Afrosheen, RTOFLL, good on ya haha. Appreciate the support.

@AGQ0105 I agree trophies bring a different form of experience when it comes to gameplay, to get everything out of a game as much as possible or to be super skilled at it. But honestly, I don’t see it why trophies all of the sudden are so much of life importance while until 1,5 years ago, there even weren’t any! You can’t do a thing with those rewards, yet, except of the bragging part.

savvyGallen said:

April 9th, 11:26 am

I looks interesting, the artwork looks good. I wonder what the gameplay is like though.

I don’t have a PS3, :\

tashpool said:

April 9th, 11:44 am


Just another nudge to any Sega people going through the comments, a trophy patch with the DLC would be a nice added bonus.

Surfaced said:

April 9th, 1:26 pm

I loved the demo, I really love everything about this game, the art style and gameplay too, but too be honest I just can’t warrant picking it up without trophy support….

Hsanrb said:

April 9th, 4:00 pm

I won’t buy the DLC because I haven’t finished the game. IF trophies are implemented before I do so then I will not be buying the DLC. I won’t finish this game until I beat Phantasy Star II, thats a trophy I want and I’ll do my hardest to do it unaided by guides or maps.

Gamers need to grow up and realize theres more to gaming then some stupid number with a stupid leveling system that grants you no rewards. You can claim to have 1,000 trophies… but I’d much rather take serious achievements to heart that go unrewarded. The Sega collection I’m playing Phantasy Star II on has stupid trophies, and I play the games on it that actually mean something to me and skip the others. Between all of the Phantasy Stars, Shining Forces, and Mean Bean Machine, I could throw the other roughly 30 games out and the collection is worth $60 to me.

I think Sony either needs to let people like me turn off the trophy system (Please Sony?) and gamers need to get off developers who don’t want to include them. They have a hard enough time making great products like Valkyria Chronicles

renatop7 said:

April 9th, 4:02 pm

As a developer myself, I can say for sure it’s much easier to come up with trophy support for a game than to create some add-on with extra missions and story like they did.

Creating and implementing trophies for PS3 probably is pretty easy (at least it should be). They don’t have to change anything in the game itself to put trophies on it. Maybe some statistic tracking for some specifics trophies, and that’s that. Nothing out of this world.

So, to me, the only reason Sega is not implementing trophies for Valkyria Chronicles is because they think an add-on would be more profitable. There’s no other reason that I can think of.

By the way, I have Valkyria Chronicles, I think is a GREAT game, but I cannot think differently than other folks here, it SHOULD have trophy support. And I’m not buying additional content if they don’t put trophies on it, sorry.

So Sega, please listen to us. To the good of both of us.

evaunit6 said:

April 9th, 4:43 pm

To all those STILL holding out for trophy support on VC, which will likely never exist, do yourself a huge favor by asking the following question while taking a good long look in a mirror: Will my life be different in any conceivably meaningful way if they were to add trophy support to Valkryia Chronicles?

In case you’re not sure, the answer is no. Amazingly, this will also apply to every other game that does or will ever exist on the PS3…

Drackir said:

April 9th, 7:21 pm

Oh man I can’t wait for this! It’s too bad that this game is so hard to find. At least they’re still bringing DLC. It would be neat to have some kind-of multiplayer support somehow. :)

alx242 said:

April 10th, 5:31 am

I gotta get this game, wouldn’t have mind some trophies for it (of course) :P

Predestination0 said:

April 10th, 12:03 pm

I love Sega & hope they succeed with this game (in general) & the downloadable content they’re about to offer.

Batang-X said:

April 10th, 9:30 pm

Please Sega and Sony, your fans have spoken! give us trophies!

somethingatt said:

April 10th, 10:56 pm

Just when I was giving Microsoft some credit for the Achievement system (which turned to Trophy system for PS), turns out they “wrecked” pure gaming.

Just buy this beautiful, amazing, super involving game!
Show developers that PS3 gamers DO play games!

If you don’t support AMAZING PS3 exclusives like this, no wonder PS loses almost every exclusive to 360 (well there is also the endless pockets of M$ I guess but let’s not make the decision too easy for developers…).


Broly420 said:

April 11th, 7:48 pm

I liked the demo and a few friends of mine who have the game say it is awesome. After seeing the many good reviews and hearing the recommendations from my friends I really want to pick this game up but I am reluctant to do so without trophie support. Come on yall, lets get some trophies, I gurantee I will buy it then.

polemical said:

April 13th, 9:27 am

About trophy support… there was an interview done by WorthPlaying with the producer Ryutaro Nonaka, and the question was raised about PS3 Trophy support. Quoted from that interview:

“WP: Are there any plans to support PS3 trophies in the US version of Valkyria Chronicles?

RN: The game does not currently support trophies, but I’m open to the idea of it if there is time and resources to do so.”

so let’s see. time… i’d hope so, since that article was posted on November 5th! resources.. well we’re reading about DLC!!

imho they’ve had plenty of both… SEGA, u best up those trophies ;)

…and if u didn’t already, go get this game, with or without them!!!

KurisuKappsu said:

April 17th, 11:20 pm

Ok i can’t download the software update for this game i have my ports set right but the download keep stopping at like 20% if anyone can help me plz that would be great.

Spiegel_Brecher said:

April 26th, 1:29 am

just a small question here. I have a region 2 english version of valkyria chronicles. would this work for my copy or do these add-ons work only for region 1 copy?

MiltonZep said:

May 3rd, 4:27 pm

@181 No they will only work for English region 1 because DLC is region locked.

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