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Apr 09

Apr 09

What’s up with Killzone 2 DLC?

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by Sr. Social Media Manager

By now, you Killzone 2 multiplayer fans should be leveled up close to General. You should know how deadly the shotgun can be when Capture & Hold-ing at Radec Academy, and where to set up your sentry bots in Salamun Market. So what’s next for Killzone 2 multiplayer? Put a pot of coffee on and find out tonight.

Killzone 2 Multiplayer

Hermen Hulst, Managing Director from Guerrilla Games will be joining Spike’s GameTrailers TV at 12:30 am this evening (late Thursday/early Friday) to reveal details about the first DLC for Killzone 2.

I’ll see you in the Warzone until 12:29…

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Zhi13 said:

April 9th, 5:08 pm

Cool! I’ll be watching for sure!
Just got General a while ago wooo Sniping is awesome!

Tezasaurus said:

April 9th, 5:12 pm

I wish you guys wouldn’t hype an announcement like this. I would’ve preferred it to be a surprise in my RSS tomorrow morning than sitting up in anticipation all night :P

Looking forward to it, regardless. Crossing my fingers for new ranks and maps. Expanding the weapons would be nice, too.

JuanDHexen said:

April 9th, 5:23 pm

Love the news thanks GG and Sony.

P.S. watch out for NyPrince he’s a socom fag.

ThanatosDMC said:

April 9th, 6:03 pm

I hope it’s Mech implementation…

ddydydy said:

April 9th, 6:25 pm

Yes, co-op! I don’t really care about the multiplayer, but co-op would seal the deal!

Chaos_Bladez said:

April 9th, 6:33 pm

Please oh please let it be co-op!

mikey155286 said:

April 9th, 6:49 pm

i cant wait im watching that show tonight…hope they add huge maps 4 vehicles…right..cmon that’ll be realy great news or like cooperative dlc

iCSpEEdRaCeR said:

April 9th, 7:21 pm

awesome – hope it’s more maps and some co-op…

PatriotEyez27 said:

April 9th, 7:24 pm

By now, you Killzone 2 multiplayer fans should be leveled up close to General
More Ranks?
You should know how deadly the shotgun can be when Capture & Hold-ing at Radec Academy
More Weapons?More Modes?More Maps?

Maybe,maybe,2 more hours -_-

Raptor2099 said:

April 9th, 7:37 pm

Everyone is hoping and praying for some form of Co-Op so it will definitely NOT be any form of Co-Op LoL !!! *sigh* :))

astrocrack said:

April 9th, 7:43 pm

KZ2 has been keeping me entertained so far. No matter what the DLC turns out to be, it will be more than welcome.

Good job Guerrilla Games!

Fatal_Bullet said:

April 9th, 8:07 pm

-Home Rewards
-Map Packs
-Weapon packs

Yeah I’m asking for too much

Midgetguy said:

April 9th, 8:10 pm

I’m excited to hear what’s going to be in the update! REALLY hoping for some sort of co-op… and hoping that the update itself is free…

lol Hopefully we’ll hear a bit more here on the blog when the update’s content is announced…

demonsgalore said:

April 9th, 8:29 pm

im waiting…

Kren420 said:

April 9th, 8:46 pm

almost time…….

AGQ0105 said:

April 9th, 9:16 pm

Is Killzone 2 dying?… I was playing tonight and when I searched for a game… only about 10 rooms came up… is this common? I hope the game is not losing heat already… that would suck.


April 9th, 9:20 pm

It’s Friday and almost 2pm over here. Why do you guys have to be so far behind? How much longer to go. I don’t know which timezone to follow! ARGH

lambofield said:

April 9th, 9:29 pm

Less than 10 min till the show comes on WOOTZ!!!

Sheppy2 said:

April 9th, 9:32 pm

It’s now 5.30 in the morning in the UK and I’m just hoping that it goes up soon

astrocrack said:

April 9th, 9:37 pm

GMT+0 represent!

lambofield said:

April 9th, 9:39 pm

maps confirmed “mind the gap”

XgargunoX said:

April 9th, 9:39 pm

fat princess


April 9th, 9:45 pm

Where is it? Where can I watch it online?


April 9th, 9:48 pm

how luck was that…i just happened to be watching spiketv and on and was able to catch the interview right after i read that it was coming on at 12

Axecution said:

April 9th, 9:49 pm

Anyone in the comments wanna say what it was? I was too lazy to go upstairs and turn on GameTrailers. :/

JAc_THe_RIppER said:

April 9th, 9:49 pm

ya, i need a dlc, i got bored of the game

Kren420 said:

April 9th, 9:49 pm

just finshed watching two map packs coming out the train one looks sweet


April 9th, 9:50 pm

There wasn’t a link on the website to see the show!

Kren420 said:

April 9th, 9:50 pm

any ideas on the “Retro” one? mine is probably just maps from Killzone 1

kosluftar said:

April 9th, 9:51 pm

cool, new maps.
hopefully no more than 99 cents.


April 9th, 9:55 pm

Did he mention if they are free or not?

Zangetsu15 said:

April 9th, 9:57 pm

I really like the “Steel or was it Titanium?” You know one with two trains. :) it is awesome that you have watch not only bullets but the environment itself.

j_rADD said:

April 9th, 10:28 pm

Why would they release it so soon? They haven’t even finished fixing the original game yet! This is just gonna cause more problems…

EmperorKorea said:

April 9th, 11:18 pm

well that was disappointing. just two maps ripped straight from the campaign? pretty lame. it’ll be even more lame if they charge for it.

JoE5005 said:

April 9th, 11:33 pm

I personally think the map pack sounds great. The train one jumping car to car sounds pretty interesting.

JoE5005 said:

April 9th, 11:33 pm

By the way I think he said late April for the release. So not too far off at all.

Eclipze_ said:

April 9th, 11:49 pm

I like the map pack. One thing I liked about the interview though is that the guy from GG said that this map pack is rolling out and (the important part) new features are coming.
Can’t wait to find how how they’ll improve the game, because its pretty great right now in my opinion.. Nothing needs to be “fixed” but I think things should be added.

X_OwNeR_X said:

April 10th, 12:32 am

Were can i watch it?

marcindpol said:

April 10th, 12:38 am

i like K2 so much but i will not give more than 5eu for only two maps!

Spectreman78 said:

April 10th, 1:11 am

* New ranks! It´s the more vicious system and you feel a little down when rich General.

robsainz said:

April 10th, 1:37 am

I think there’s gonna be some kind of rebalance. In an interview i had with Kyle Shubel he said there was gonna be constant rebalancing and such.

Maybe there will be also some new online modes, maybe weapons or classes. Don’t think there’ll be only maps.

bigdaddyjane said:

April 10th, 6:10 am

Me and my sniper will rule the battlefield.

muzzar69 said:

April 10th, 8:06 am

hey jeff.
do you know what the 8002AD23 error with the psn network is for?
ive had this error and been loged out of my psn account 15 times today in not even an hour.
i rang customer support and they told me its due to my router blocking the ports, wich i told them is impossiable because i added the ports.
so now there telling me i have to change my router wich ive done twice already and that has not fixed the problem any ideas?

Onslaught500 said:

April 10th, 8:24 am

hhmmmm…wont pay more than 2.99 for these. espcailly since theyre ripped straight from the game itself. pretty lame. looking forword to more dlc in the future though

ddydydy said:

April 10th, 9:05 am

Anybody else having problems with the video? Like, it starts half-way through, can’t be fast-forwarded or rewound, and it keeps on showing the same ad over and over again?

mafecto said:

April 10th, 9:11 am


Everytime I get that code I unplug my router and plug it back in and it works after that. I get it like once every day or two. I don’t know anything about networking so I have no idea how to fix it.

mckg123456789 said:

April 10th, 12:53 pm


Dehshizknight said:

April 10th, 1:28 pm

I caught this last night. The new maps from the story mode into the multiplayer look pretty sweet!

After the Killzone thing was over, I just stopped watching. Reggie was kinda insulting (this coming from someone who doesn’t own a Wii) and nothing else seemed worthwhile.

FPlus said:

April 10th, 2:20 pm

That’s it? The Train and ISA Command center ship ? 2 maps and a unlisted playlist ?

Every Single TRUE Killzone (2) fan was hoping for the Retro map to be the first map pack.

But Retro Map Pack is gonna come out at the end of the year.

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