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Apr 14

Apr 14

Download Killzone 2 Steel and Titanium April 30th

Alex Armour's Avatar Posted by Senior Manager, Public Relations

You may have seen the official announcement of the first DLC map pack for Killzone 2 on Spike TV and currently on, but we wanted to reiterate some of the key details of what will be available as well as let you know the official date it will be on the PSN for download: April 30th. The price for this map pack is still TBA.

The first DLC pack, called “Steel and Titanium”, will contain two brand new multiplayer maps with new gameplay elements and strategic twists, sure to test even the most skilled players.

Wasteland Bullet Vekta Cruiser

The first map in the pack is Wasteland Bullet, and the action will take place on the bullet train that and transports goods and troops between Pyrrhus and the Wasteland. The game is a frenzied firefight to wrestle control of the train from the enemy and into the hands of your faction. With the train moving at full speed, players will need to remain aware of the immediate environment as well as enemies – hitting an overhead obstacle at this speed will mean instant death.

The second map, Vekta Cruiser, will find ISA troops boarding a vast ship with the goal to repel a force of assaulting Helghast troops while also protecting the cruiser itself from heavy Helghan fire. The action takes place entirely indoors in a frantic and claustrophobic battle where attackers lurk around every corner.

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Iced4life said:

April 14th, 12:49 pm

I hope the price is not over 5.99$, but whatever i will probrably still buy it.

Link01 said:

April 14th, 12:49 pm

$5.99 is the highest sweet spot you guys will hit. I believe the R1 map packs set that standard * wink wink *… I still want to hear if any new ranks, trophies, or modes are coming with this pack :).


Chaos_Bladez said:

April 14th, 12:50 pm

I want to play KZ2 online but Resistance 2 online has got me now. Maybe when I’m done with it.
It looks fantastic though.

superjunior76 said:

April 14th, 12:52 pm

I’m SO looking forward to this!
Killzone 2 online is a masterpiece. It’s thought through into smallest detail. Loving it.

Febreze said:

April 14th, 12:52 pm

I agree with the posters above… $2.99 seems to be the consensus…. However I probably won’t be purchasing the maps at all (unless they’re free) due to the lack of a party system to begin with.

If this was more along the lines of R2, which included new Free modes and difficulties, then I could see myself paying for the maps. But if nothing is going to change about the lack of co-op, party system, and other requests, then why should I pay you to focus maps?

NarcMonkey said:

April 14th, 1:03 pm

Killzone 2, what’s that? XD

Seriously though, I gotta play online a bit more, but MGO owns my soul, and it may be a little while longer before I can afford to buy it back…

PatriotEyez27 said:

April 14th, 1:12 pm

Whatever the price is,I’m buying it,those maps look awesome !

Thanks Sony and Guerilla Games!You the best!

The_X_Factor_9 said:

April 14th, 1:24 pm

Hey Guerilla Games, I hope you’re listening…Add a 4 player online co-op patch and I’ll gladly give you guys $9.99.

SabbathRider said:

April 14th, 1:24 pm

Free? I don’t expect it to be free, its just not viable. You see; its not as simple as just rehashing Single Player Maps. Having you play through a campaign is a lot easier than having the strain of servers, having to add balanced spawn points etc

Can I also just point out that the Wasteland Bullet map is actually not simply lifted out of the Single Player. There is only one train in the Single Player, the other leaves well before you get on your train. So; they had to add a second train, jumping mechanics and envirnomental damage effects. They also have to open up new areas that were not avaliable in the Single Player, such as the top of the train, as you see in the trailer. It takes both time and resources to put thse maps together.

On the ‘other console’ each map pack costs £5, $8 dollars or so, free maps are rare.

To expect dlc to be free is wrong, the Resistance 2 maps cost money and they were maps from the Single Player as well.

SabbathRider said:

April 14th, 1:25 pm

Ultimately, while we all struggle to choose where to spend our money; companies have to make money themselves to pay there employees for example.

You may say they make enough money from sales but you forget that games such as Left 4 Dead by Valve sell more than Killzone 2 due to their presence on the PC as well as a console, so they can afford to offer them free.

This being said, I wouldn’t want the price to be anything above the norm for other map packs, but I still expect to pay for it.

x3x1x said:

April 14th, 1:49 pm

What better way to show thanks to the fans that made their game a success than by releasing this first map pack for free? I believe it would be a great gesture on the part of Sony and GG to do so and also further show their commitment to providing the highest quality games and support of any platform.

digitalpowershot said:

April 14th, 2:02 pm

More of this stuff for Killzone2 !

JPMCH said:

April 14th, 2:14 pm

Sony learn something about Criterion Games, they gave us some DLC for free, why don’t you do the same?

SabbathRider said:

April 14th, 2:19 pm

Criterion released their game on three platforms, they had the sales to be able to offer free DLC. Also if you notice, a lot of their content which you now have to pay for, is rather overpriced.

BigPoppaB said:

April 14th, 2:26 pm

I really want this DLC… but I dont play KZ2 nearly enough to warrant paying more than $3 for this. I hope its really cheap or free.

Id pay for the retro maps because they are at least new… these are just lifted from single player.

ross_k said:

April 14th, 2:31 pm

@ Jeff

one thing they should add to Killzone 2 online is more weapons (Bolt Gun and Electricity Gun) and more ranks because I got to general in 11+ hours and have no other reason to want to play it just now, where as in COD 4 and Resistance 2 i’ve played for hours and am nowhere near to completing them

mckg123456789 said:

April 14th, 2:36 pm

those maps look cool lol ill be getting this 1 for sure, but i hope they consider a better friend party list to join up to ur friends and not have to go back and forward on that not so nice friend list, other thatn that the game is AMAZING KEEP UP THE SUPPORT GG, KZ2 FTW!! :D

XxBigP123xX said:

April 14th, 2:37 pm

Stop suggesting prices. It should be free, it is using assets from the single player campaign and it would just be nice for them to give away the first map pack for free :D

ADR143 said:

April 14th, 2:44 pm

i think it will be atleast 2.99 since kz2 graphics is pretty good

Netweb said:

April 14th, 2:54 pm


zabbyh said:

April 14th, 2:56 pm

OMG….so you guys are gonna charge for it.

i hate it when people charge for maps….there will always be people eho wont buy it, and it will segment the game community…which = death of online = death of game eventually.


zabbyh said:

April 14th, 2:58 pm

And those maps are just copy pasted from the game….and just tweaked…thats lame…you cant charge for that

Thrasher20 said:

April 14th, 3:00 pm

@ Kazeternal

Hahahaha that would be crazy

tolkienfanatic said:

April 14th, 3:00 pm

I have to be honest, the price is going to decide whether I buy Steel & Titanium or not. I’m not itching for new KZ2 maps so badly that I would pay over $5, probably even less.

Berae said:

April 14th, 3:19 pm

Nice! im getting this for sure, hopefully there will be more things in the next update like new abilities and modes maybe

Phuse said:

April 14th, 3:29 pm

I had never intended on ever purchasing an add on from the net as I was under the impression it was blatent extortion & if enough people boycotted the ‘add ons at a cost’ then PS would make them free.
However with Killzone it seems I am have been completley vrainwashed. I wont even think twice about buying these extra maps as KZ2 is the best online multiplayer ever FOR SO SO SO MANY REASONS I CANT EVEN BEGIN& this update can only prolong that. UNMISSABLE

VivaGardner said:

April 14th, 3:38 pm

The Cruiser map doesn’t look very impressive… Especially if it cost money.

As a day one buyer with about 100 hours of playtime, most of which came in the first 3 weeks… I can’t see myself paying for these maps. They should have been included in the original release…. 8 maps is pretty light.

Sekoku said:

April 14th, 3:47 pm

DLC should be free. As should be all PS3 DLC.

It would give an edge over XBL in terms of DLC.

I haven’t bought KZ2. But if all the DLC released for free (or had a set-date-to-be-free a la Halo 3’s DLC maps) I’d go out right now and buy it (esp. after hearing it fixed the wonky aiming speed).

As it stands, not justfying $60 to drop right now. Maybe when it’s $40.

JPMCH said:

April 14th, 4:12 pm

@114 Yeah you’re right, it’s a bit overpriced, but I think it could be great that this DLC would be for free.

DeadAces said:

April 14th, 4:21 pm

Looks good.

jqtaxpayer said:

April 14th, 4:21 pm

As much as I love Killzone 2, if the pack’s limited to two maps, there’s no way I’m paying more than $5 for it.

daffycare said:

April 14th, 4:54 pm

so loving this game well done Guerilla! cant wait for this dlc

abrasion said:

April 14th, 5:18 pm

I was hoping they would follow the Valve and burnout models of continually releasing free content but ensuring less copies are sold second hand and more people snap up the game.

10 million copies sold with 0$ DLC is better than 3 million copies sold and 3 million DLC packs.

I have no hesitation in selling this game if the DLC is to be paid for, period.

Ikki_Fenix said:

April 14th, 5:24 pm

I looked and though why not make it free and realized PSN is free so I can afford more content

daxter831 said:

April 14th, 5:34 pm

awesome i cnt wait! i think 4.99 wud be da limit for this. i hope so anywy

joostin said:

April 14th, 5:37 pm

Ummm Pretty sure it has been confirmed as FREE! So way better than $4.99! Luv KZ2


April 14th, 5:52 pm

cant wait 4 this one..hopefully the patch also give are friend a join game added to the m.p!! plz
sony also i would like to see on the xmb cross chat for all my friends.. thx!!!

Skull-Hed-Face said:

April 14th, 5:59 pm

i just said its the best LOOKING game, but i figured that with them spending 4 years making it that the online wouldnt be complete trash, the party system is junk and the online is lack luster, would some one please tell me why people think its so good, why would i want to keep a game thats a pain in butt just to join a game with a friend, if you have a game with rank restrictions no one can join, and if you dont you get lv 20s and all that bs. btw at least in cod4 u didnt have to play for a week straight just to get a gun(or class) so you could actually kill some people

SabbathRider said:

April 14th, 6:00 pm

@ 136 No it has not been confirmed as free. A dutch site misinterpreted the pricing and posted an article saying it would be free. It will not be free, but a price has not been announced yet.

SabbathRider said:

April 14th, 6:02 pm

@ 138 That may well be your opinion, but many people love it. That doesn’t make them right, but it doesn’t make them wrong. Everyone has different tastes. I personally loved the game and I dedicated days to CoD4, I personally believe Killzone 2 eclipses CoD4, but that is just down to my personal tastes.

phinnv8 said:

April 14th, 6:17 pm

Unless these are gonna be huge maps I won’t be buying it because I already think most of the maps are WAY too small for 32 players right now

MRKRAZY187 said:

April 14th, 6:33 pm

i cant waite.

Nithorias said:

April 14th, 6:39 pm

Wow, just 2 maps thats it, nothing else?
No new guns or a better party system?
What about Co-Op, it doesn’t have to be the whole campaign, I will be really satisfy with just a co-op mode like R2.

Ah well, guess we have to wait till the next DLC, I hope this one is under 5$ or I wont buy it lol.

Raacky said:

April 14th, 6:58 pm

Dudes, the [DELETED] isn’t free…are any map packs? lol it’d be sweet since they went over expectations with sales =0, but who cares dlc=$$ 9 times out of 10, buuut they should patch co op, that’d be really nice…not enough online games have split screen co-op, we want next gen capabilities sooner or later… but these maps seem sweet, i dont even own this game!! hah can’t wait until i do though

RandomAli said:

April 14th, 7:53 pm

So the DLC will be free because SONY and GG are awesome and this is their way to rise above the competition and show us some love?
G R E A T!!!!!!!!!!!

GibbShift said:

April 14th, 8:30 pm

Please don’t charge for the map pack, you’ll split up the online community. It just isn’t worth it. GG can make their money from DLC episodes that can be played offline in the form of extra missions.

alaM0000 said:

April 14th, 8:43 pm

Sweeet!!! :P

RoyBrown said:

April 14th, 9:18 pm


Only $30AU

Can’t wait to get [DELETED] for two maps that are included in the SP campaign.

nice work Capcom.



Vocor_Kane said:

April 14th, 10:45 pm

I understand if they charge for it. They put extra time and effort, which takes resources, so they need compensation. I can tell you right now that I will NOT pay anymore than $5 for two maps…

acmilanboy said:

April 14th, 11:10 pm

One question, is the DLC region locked?

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