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Apr 17

Apr 17

Pata-post Friday Presents: Rumors are True! Patapon 2 is Going Digital!

Chris Hinojosa-Miranda's Avatar Posted by Producer

TGIPBD Patapeeps! (or Thank Goodness It’s Patapost Blog Day!)

We’ve got some great news and then we’ve got some other great news. So let’s skip the formalities and jump right in.

First off, I wanted to invite you all to the epic launch party we’ll be having for Patapon 2. Location: your house.

Now you might be asking yourself: how the jebus are we planning to host an epic pata-party at *your* house? Quite simple actually, we’re going to harness the mighty power of a little thing I like to call “the internets” and give you all a chance to download Patapon 2 directly to your PSP.

Now the mighty power of the drum is but a point-and-click away.

Yes, the rumors are true (way to ruin a surprise, ars technica!): Patapon 2 offers fans a new way to get their Pata-on with a digital-only release for your PSP.

For the Patapeeps who want and need a box on their shelves:
No worries, on May 5th, (Cinco de Pata-yo) Patapon 2 voucher cards will ship out to retail stores in the normal PSP packaging along with a printed manual. The voucher will have a code which you can redeem on the PlayStation Network so you can get drumming.

PSP Patapon 2 retail package

For those of you who don’t want to change out of your jammies to go shopping:
On Thursday May 7th, Patapon 2 will go up on the PlayStation Network for your download pleasure.

What about us, the faithful pre-order-ees?
Well, you guys will get what’s coming to ya… via mail, or whatever form of shipping you requested from the online shop you pre-ordered from. If you have any questions, please contact the retailer you pre-ordered from.

Of course there are hundreds of questions you must have about Patapon 2 as a digital only version, how to download, how to install, other Patapon 2 features, etc… and the answers will come to you via this blog, on the same pata-time, in the same pata-channel so stay tuned.

Did someone say epic party? Yes, I did, which leads right into the second great news: Patapon 2 Multiplayer!

So this is how it works….

Chris…sorry dude, you’ve run out of Blogspace…come back next week…like Wednesday-ish. – Jeff

Oh man…looks like I we got Pata-pushed today…

So I guess more details (and maybe a new trailer?) on this great feature on Patapost Wednesday!

See you then!

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blindrocket said:

April 17th, 7:58 pm

I demand a PS3 version!

:) Pata-please.

Ecks said:

April 17th, 8:00 pm

I had this pre-ordered, when I heard it was digital only, I cancelled. Why bother pre-ordering a digital product? And I wanted the UMD version. Now I won’t be getting Patapon 2 unless they eventually release it on UMD. Importing the European version won’t work, as I can’t use my Patapon 1 save.

If they had announced this in advance, rather than 2-3 weeks before retail release, it’d be different, this is more an unpleasant suprise.

I hope they do the “right thing” and release it on UMD as well. I guess I can wait and see.

darthlego said:

April 17th, 8:10 pm

I have no problem with DD. In fact, after reading this I went and pre-ordered this.

What I do have a problem with is the fact that some other people might have pre-ordered already thinking that they would get a UMD. Sony should have announced this before they started selling it.

Runevalkyrie said:

April 17th, 8:18 pm

At least on my end, SCEA has lost a sale on this game until there is a UMD release of the game. I’m disappointed since I would have been more likely to get this as a download if it was announced prior to this turn of events. It’s left me confused as to why the test is with a sequel to an established game and would have made more sense testing such waters with the prequel.

Gumbydunzeeto said:

April 17th, 8:20 pm

Face it Sony, you blew it.

This is going to be a PR disaster unless you bring the UMD version into it.

Make it right.

darthlego said:

April 17th, 8:25 pm

For all of you complaining about not being able to download stuff because you don’t want to spend money on Wi-Fi, you could just get a USB cable and the Media Manager. For anyone else too cheap for that, you could always go to a public place that has free Wi-Fi. I live in a very small town, and I can easily name at least two places with free Wi-Fi that are close to my house. I am pretty sure most McDonald’s have Wi-Fi now.

And to all the people who don’t want to get a new memory stick; you have already spent $200 on your PSP plus about $30 on each of the games you have. $25 is not a lot of money for a 4 GB. On amazon.com you can get a new 4 GB for $18 and an 8 GB for less then $40.

depward said:

April 17th, 8:30 pm

I’m sorry Sony – damned if you do, damned if you don’t. You have a legion of fans asking for digital media while you have another legion asking for the physical copy.

Tough situation to be in, for sure.

darthlego said:

April 17th, 8:32 pm

How many downloads are there for each purchase? I want to know because I want to back it up on my computer in case something happens to my memory stick.

lakaiHIGH said:

April 17th, 8:33 pm

i support digital all the way! i hope this works out for Patapon 2 i really loved the first one and would love to see more entries into the series and perhaps a change of pace onto the psp’s big brother… the PS3.

thanks chris,

coolasj19 said:

April 17th, 8:51 pm

im still ” buying ” this game. but lemme list a couple things.
1. pre order people will get screwed. they have paid down for cantent when they didnt know they were getting a piece of paper instead of a disc.
2. im gonna say a good 25% of the PSP population has been isolated. th adopters over 2 years are out of the loop and alot of people dont have internet. which is double edged because those people will never know its download only until they walk out the store open it and see a piece of paper. if you want to end at least a little of this TELL the people quite a few gamestops have internet in them.
3. download only = torrent mania. i can see the # now.
” one of sonys major PSP titles recorded at 500’000 illgal downloads. im exaggrating. you get the point.
4. you should have released it on Download and Disc. this experiment has a great possibilty of blowing up in your face. it also has a remote % chance of going well.

Gumbydunzeeto said:

April 17th, 8:55 pm

@106 – The easy answer is to provide both.

Vengeful-Chaos said:

April 17th, 8:59 pm

When it comes to video games that should be on a UMD/DVD/Blu-Ray I want a physical copy and if I can’t have that I wont buy it.

If the rumors are true about the PSP2 I for one wont buy it, to me that would be a huge slap in the face from Sony and you might as well write to me and say “Sorry for all your PSP support since 2006 but UMD’s are even more worthless since we’re all digital now, F U and good buy”

As much as I loved Patapon I wont import Patapon 2 the OCD in me wont let me have a copy with different tags on the box art and a printed version just wont be the same. I know this is bad of me but I hope it doesn’t sell well and you learn your lesson we want PHYSICAL copies.

/end rant.

Ecks said:

April 17th, 9:06 pm

Here’s a thought for all the “digital distribution is great!” people:

I’d rather have something physical that I *OWN* and can do what I want with (loan, sell, give away, keep) for my money, than pay money for something that is digital only, is tied to me, and you are stuck with their rules on how you can use it, and for how long.

Friends lend games to one another. People trade-in games when they’re done/bored with them. If you get in a crunch for money, you can sell some games. Digital only, you can’t get any of your “investment” back. It is always nice to have that option with things you own.


April 17th, 9:07 pm


1. There is a big yellow banner across the front of the package stating that there is no UMD disc and a MS is required.

2. Internet penetration rates for US: 73% of the TOTAL population…take out the percentage of the US population under age 9 = 7.5%(since you can assume they are using mom/dad’s internet) and over age 50 = 12%(since they are not the PSP target market)and you have 90% of the target market between ages 9 and 50 in the US with internet access.

3. Download only means tied to a specific PSN id…same as current PSN downloads…= LESS TORRENTING. Also means no resale market so $$$ to developer instead of Gamestop

4. They have to start somewhere. Might as well start with a game that is ‘pick up and go’ like Patapon and that is under 400MB

cronqvist said:

April 17th, 9:23 pm

What’s the point in gaving a retail version that only contains a voucher? As an official hater of the recent digital download trend/thingie, it saddens me to know there’s no real point in buying the case for Patapon 2. ( ;_; )

Champ78 said:

April 17th, 9:37 pm

Wherefor are’t thou PS1 games?

Squamden said:

April 17th, 9:59 pm

Going digital is the right move, and I hope all of Sony’s titles will be released digitally in the future. However, If Patapon 2 fails to meet sales expectations, it probably will be due to the PSP’s use of a memory stick rather than a hard drive, as many people simply do not have the space.

SuperTiso said:

April 17th, 10:06 pm

This “one time only” download release being just a test is totally not a feint for the true reason this was done in the first place. You know, the whole PSP2 being a UMD less machine. Totally no connection whatsoever. Either way this is a bad move on the US part for Sony.

The typical PSP owner isn’t going to understand the concept of wireless wi-fi hot spots just to download a game they bought in the store that came on a card. Why couldn’t you just do the smart thing, like the UK apparently does, and just release the game on UMD and on the PSN at the same time?

SuperTiso said:

April 17th, 10:08 pm

As another user pointed out, what would be the point of a retail download voucher to begin with? It serves no purpose and all it does serve is Sony wasting extra money on the case production. No wonder it’s $20 at retail and $15 on PSN, according to rumors. If they already have the ability to access the internet on the PSP, what would be the point of having a retail code then?

The_X_Factor_9 said:

April 17th, 10:14 pm

UMD’s were a horrible idea back then and remain a horrible idea now. Going digital is a great idea.
The next PSP would be well served to have digital games and a built in 16-32 GB hard drive, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a touch screen.

Vengeful-Chaos said:

April 17th, 10:21 pm


The PSP isn’t an ipod touch/iphone.

D-Squad3 said:

April 17th, 10:23 pm

So people without internet are pretty much screwed? Sux to be them. XD

Gumbydunzeeto said:

April 17th, 10:30 pm

@119 – *ANY* form of physical disc is better than digital.

saveur said:

April 17th, 10:34 pm

I was really looking forward to this, the demo got me so excited, but there is no way I would ever support this decision. What makes me mad is that with the late US release (compared to the rest of the world), fans have been waiting months for this to finally come out here, and then find out weeks before it is released that we aren’t getting a physical copy, but rather a box with a card in it.

This being one of the very few good PSP releases lately, I find myself incredibly disappointed, and have canceled my pre-order.

EvoAnubis said:

April 17th, 10:44 pm

Exactly what I wanted to hear, Chris.

And to the people complaining about the lack of a UMD release….hmm. Let’s just say there’s a reason for that, and you might want to be paying attention at E3.

EvoAnubis said:

April 17th, 10:45 pm

“As another user pointed out, what would be the point of a retail download voucher to begin with? It serves no purpose and all it does serve is Sony wasting extra money on the case production. No wonder it’s $20 at retail and $15 on PSN, according to rumors. If they already have the ability to access the internet on the PSP, what would be the point of having a retail code then?”

The point is to not cut retailers out of the loop. it’s a little silly, but MS did the same thing with the Lost and Damned DLC for GTA4. Retailer relationships are important, and sometimes you have to throw them a bone.

Threykat said:

April 17th, 11:15 pm

@ 120
One of the main sticking points on why the PSP is failing, in the face of the DS and now the iPhone, the that it is stuck in the middle. DS is underpowered, but has the dual screens the PSP does not. The iPhone is not technically a game machine, but with it’s motion sensing and touch screen, can achieve things the PSP can not. So, if the PSP wants to compete in the future of the handheld market, it better have all those things 119 brought up, or it fails before it starts.

RedX6 said:

April 17th, 11:35 pm

Wow, realy they finaly tell us. I realy don’t like it, I like the UMD disc, it keeps me from having to buy memory card after memory card, I have a physical game not a digital file, and the other big thing if you keep doing this you will start to put companies out of busniess because now they will not be coming in to shop. I guess if you want to be the only busniess you are on the right track. Still love the game, and still am going to get the game, got to love it. Thanks for the game, shame shame for the digital download.

ExcelKnight said:

April 17th, 11:50 pm

@EvoAnubis: With the PSP doing badly enough as it is, the next PSP iteration not have a UMD drive won’t save it from the three hardware generations that still do and, to last account, have two ready for piracy.

Every single PSN-PSP game has been pirated and this new decision definitely won’t stop others from being so easily hacked. If they make them DD-PSP-only, they might as well announce a completely separate, control-upgraded PSP2 and get it over with.

Atmotas said:

April 17th, 11:53 pm

Why didn’t you tell us before there was a pre-order?
I pre-ordered this game because I wanted to support the game and to make sure I got it when it came out. I though I was going to be getting a physical copy. Now I have to cancel my order or pay $5 more because I pre-ordered in a store and I get a case with printed manual. You made a mistake in telling us it is digital only now instead of before pre-orders where taken. Were you trying to keep it a secrete in till it was released but ars technica spread the rumor?
What about people without wireless internet?

I think what you did is a mistake and I hope you take appropriate action in resolving this. I am fine with digital only games, I think digital only is a good idea for some games, but telling your consumers it is digital only 2 and a half weeks before it is supposed to be released, is a bad marketing move. Think of all the pre-orders that are and going to be canceled, it is going to hurt your relationship with stores. You should have announced it was digital only when you announced the game was going to be sold. I would have still bought it.

krlowz said:

April 18th, 12:21 am

behold the start of digital releases and the clues given to us for the ps2p

Frostquake said:

April 18th, 12:55 am

First off, you never said at the beginning that this was going to be a “test” as a download only game! I pre-bought for my Nephew who lives in another state, and he only has a PSP and no internet access.

Then you are handing out toxic plastic land-fill to people who bought it in the store. All that will happen to those empty plastic cases is that they will go to the garbage dump!

On Top of that, you are charging $19.99 in the stores and $14.99 for those who download. I know Sony Hates Stores and really Hates stores the have Used Games for sell, so your trying to hurt Retail, but really all you are doing is hurting your consumer.

Sony, you really should have been honest right at the beginning of the announcement of P2, and let everyone one know that this was Download only.

I personally have no problem with downloading directly for myself, and I know this is the future, but you have to tell ppl up front that this is the way you are going.

I also would like Sony to assure me that in 20 years I can download my game again if it gets corrupted on my Memory Stick. I really doubt you will do that. I still have Hard Copies of PS1 Games.

Frostquake said:

April 18th, 12:55 am

Part 2
Not Cool Sony…Not Cool at all…You should have seen how excited my 10 year old nephew was when I told him I bought him the game, and then you should have saw how upset he was when I told him, that I was sorry that Sony had basically lied and led me to believe it was on UMD, but was now download only. He then asked his Dad for internet, but where they live right now in the rural area, it just hasn’t gotten there yet.

Oh well So Long Pata2…it would have been fun, but I guess Sony Hates Retail so much that it is willing to let its customers get caught in the cross-fire and go down too!

akadewboy said:

April 18th, 1:19 am

I hope Sony gets sued for bait and switch tactics. First they bait people into pre-ordering the game so they can get the demo, then they reveal that it wont be a real game. EVERYONE that pre-ordered the game was expecting to get something real.

Ti_dus said:

April 18th, 1:23 am

I’m so glad I’m European. I would never buy any game wthout UMD on PSP. This idea is just sick. Guys, import European version to show them that you don’t wanna pay the same price for non-umd version!!!

Ti_dus said:

April 18th, 1:25 am

Good, SCEE doesn’t have that “smart” ideas.

tommycyk said:

April 18th, 1:34 am

How come anyone so stupid to come out of an idea to sell an EMPTY BOX in the 1st place?

How come anyone upstairs so stupid to approve of the idea of selling EMPTY BOX and not expecting a backslash?

MakaiOokami said:

April 18th, 2:23 am

I have a few comments…

1. This is bad for those without internet access altogether. They aren’t even going to get a UMD when they go into the store uninformed because they DO NOT HAVE THE INTERNET.

2. As far as wifi that’s a moot point as LONG as they can get the PSN store functioning on their PC. I have been unable to get that to work yet.

3. I personally love the idea. I know people are complaining that “THEY SHOULD HAVE A UMD FOR THIS TEST”

They don’t understand that in order for it to be an efficient test you have to be able to see exactly how well the market would react to such things but having a UMD copy would damage the viability.

Also Digital Distrobution can REALLY help protect from companies like Gamestop and Block Buster and gamefly from damaging profits so I’m fine with digital.

I got my 4GB memory card for like 20 dollars on sale. You can get 2GB for cheap, I mean literally like 15-20 dollars and that can hold like 5 copies of Patapon 2 plus other stuff easy.

Hidalgator is an idiot though… I don’t know hwere he is getting the 30$ from THE GAME IS ONLY 20 DOLLARS YOU IGNORANT FOOL!

Smokey said:

April 18th, 3:13 am

The first game was great! But stop paying people to rehash old ideas! Come up with a new great game, I know that might be a stretch but I’m sick of Hollywood, TV and video games “sequelizing” a good idea and turning it into overcooked crapola.

Disc or digital…I’ll wait for another great original.

ExcelKnight said:

April 18th, 5:09 am

Perhaps you didn’t check to see if said person is Canadian or not. Patapon 2 is $30 over here at retail.

Protecting yourself from Gamestop is a really moot point. Once games go completely digital they’ll be that much easier to pirate as well, unfortunately. Once again: Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t.


April 18th, 5:43 am


An uncle should find a way…

You can get 1GB Mem Sticks (this game is 400MB) for $5 (Heck you can get 512MB ones for $3) so treat your nephew to one or have your nephew mail his current stick to you (he has mail doesn’t he?)

If the DD is $5 less you still can send ‘physical media’ to your nephew for the price of buying the code in store. Imagine…he gets a game on a memory stick…just like a certain other handheld system out there.


makingmusic said:

April 18th, 6:15 am

I won’t be wasting half my memory card on this game. I love Patapon, but I’ll be holding off on Patapon 2 until they (hopefully) one day announce a UMD version for NA.

Plus, I’m a collector, and I just don’t like DD (for fear of losing my games if my hardware goes), and if I can get a game in a physical format, I will. If not, I’m far less likely to actually purchase said game.

Dark_Vincent said:

April 18th, 6:30 am

Finally Sony is moving on to Digital Download. I can’t believe some people are arguing in favor of UMD? Sorry but if you use the PSP outside your mother’s basement you would realize it’s completely impractical to carry a portable device and several discs in your pocket.

I can tell you that MANY people who use custom fw and pirate games would actually stop it if the entire PSP game library was available for download at the PSN.

Gumbydunzeeto said:

April 18th, 6:42 am


That is completely and utterly wrong.

It’s got nothing to do with custom firmware.
The game is already out on torrent sites, people can download it if they want.

Sony wants to kill the used game market.

This is wrong on every level.

It is morally wrong to release games as DLC only.

darklegaia1 said:

April 18th, 6:51 am

I want this on UMD NOW

Dark_Vincent said:

April 18th, 6:57 am

@143: Morally wrong? Wtf?

Yes people can download it, but not everyone is ok with downloading the game for free. Some custom fw users would like to support the company but refuse to due to the inconvenience of carrying around UMD discs.

Portable device needs to overcome the hurdles of physical media. It’s natural. Who uses a “Disc-Man” (those walk-mans with CD) instead of an iPod or similar MP3 player device nowadays? And you think everyone resorts to pirate MP3? iTunes says otherwise.

Go for it Sony, you are doing it right.

And those who live in a hut without access to internet, just go to a Lanhouse or ask a friend/family/college computer/whatever. Internet is as much of an issue as driving down to a game store and picking the game up.

sephiroth2006 said:

April 18th, 7:25 am

Why so people complaining about digital game, look the Apple Iphone/Ipod, their strategy to provide an apps store have been copied by other. The have great success with this strategy. Way to go Sony.

kvadair said:

April 18th, 7:39 am

I posted last week about why download only means no sale for me, but should anyone from Sony care there are three problems you need to solve before your customers will embrace purely digital distribution over buying a DS:

1)Create a way that purchasers can backup and restore their media that does not rely on Sony servers. If we are BUYING the game we should have the assurance that we will be able to play it indefinitely, and will not be dependent on your continued support the way we did with mini-disc and the connect music store. You have a terrible record here, and many of us have been burned in the past. Otherwise the game is a rental, price it as such.

2)The benefit to the consumer in DD is that they can have every game on one device at the same time. That is not true when trying to cram 1.8gb games onto a 4gb memory stick. Think a 250gb+ hard drive if you want to go DD exclusively. As mentioned in #1 we are leery of removing anything from our system if we need you to get it back.

3)DD games cost you nothing to distribute, and we expect those savings to be passed on, not pocketed. Consumers are giving up a lot, and expect something in return. As stated in #1 if it is a rental we expect it cheaper still.

inveigle said:

April 18th, 7:54 am

Looks great, will be picking this up, I think!

PoisenOak said:

April 18th, 8:27 am

yeah might not get this…call me old fashion but I like physical copy.

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