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Apr 17

Apr 17

PlayStation Network Video Content Update

Grace Chen's Avatar Posted by Sr. Director, PlayStation Store

Hi Everyone – Here are this week’s updates for the Video Store, with a bonus clip for Rockville. From Executive Producer Josh Schwartz and Alexandra Patsavas (of Gossip Girl and The O.C. fame), Rockville CA is a contemporary, music-themed romantic comedy set in a fictional rock club in Los Angeles.

About the band The Kooks:

Since forming the band in 2005, this Brighton, U.K. foursome has made its way to #1 on the British charts by gloriously borrowing sounds from some of Brit-pop’s biggest legends. Little wonder they once called themselves “musical whores.” The Kooks sophomore LP, Konk, mixes loose-limbed punk riffs, sunny vocal harmonies and singer Luke Pritchard’s impossible-to-miss Sussex accent.

This week we’ve added the following new HD movies:

HD Movies

  • Finding Neverland
  • Bled
  • Crocodile Dundee
  • Unleashed (Unrated)
  • Vertigo
  • Weird Science
  • White Noise
  • Miami Vice

And these HD TV shows:

HD TV Shows

  • Dollhouse | Season 1
  • South Park: Uncensored | Season 13
  • The Unusuals | Season 1
  • Friday Night Lights | Season 3
  • Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire | Season 1
  • Rules of Engagement | Season 3
  • Breaking Bad | Season 2
  • Heroes | Season 3
  • 24 | Season 7
  • How I Met Your Mother | Season 4
  • Rescue Me | Season 5

And the following feature films:


  • A League of Their Own
  • Dirty
  • Another 48 Hours
  • Bled
  • The Spirit
  • Death Factory: Blood Letting
  • Babes in Toyland
  • Now You See Him, Now You Don’t
  • Miami Vice
  • Crocodile Dundee
  • The Great Outdoors
  • Unleashed (Unrated)
  • Vertigo
  • Village of the Damned
  • Weird Science
  • White Noise

And new video content from the following television series:


  • Dollhouse | Season 1
  • South Park: Uncensored | Season 13
  • TNA: iMPACT! | Season 1
  • The Unusuals | Season 1
  • Friday Night Lights | Season 3
  • MADtv | Season 14
  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles | Season 2
  • Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire | Season 1
  • True Jackson, VP | Season 1
  • iCarly | Season 2
  • Rules of Engagement | Season 3
  • Finding Neverland
  • Tough Love | Season 1
  • Breaking Bad | Season 2
  • Chuck | Season 2
  • GT Bonus Round | Season 3
  • Heroes | Season 3
  • 24 | Season 7
  • How I Met Your Mother | Season 4
  • The Hills | Season 5
  • Fringe | Season 1
  • Deadliest Warrior | Season 1
  • MTV’s Nitro Circus | Season 1
  • Ghost Hunters | Season 5
  • Rescue Me | Season 5
  • The Cougar | Season 1
  • Rockville, CA | Season 1

And finally, here are our top downloads for the week:

Top Movies

    1. Yes Man
    2. Zack and Miri Make a Porno
    3. The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)
    4. Sex Drive
    5. Punisher: War Zone
    6. Twilight
    7. Transporter 3
    8. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
    9. Miracle At St. Anna
    10. Extreme Movie

Top HD Movies

    1. Yes Man
    2. Zack and Miri Make a Porno
    3. Twilight
    4. Punisher: War Zone
    5. Sex Drive
    6. Transporter 3
    7. Casino Royale (2006)
    8. Miracle At St. Anna
    9. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
    10. Quarantine

Top TV Episodes

    1. Parks & Recreation | Season 1 “Parks and Recreation Pilot”
    2. South Park: Uncensored | Season 13 “Fishsticks”
    3. Deadliest Warrior | Season 1 “Trailer”
    4. Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire | Season 1 “Extended Trailer”
    5. MTV’s Nitro Circus | Season 1 “Launch Special”
    6. South Park: Uncensored | Season 13 “Eat, Pray, Queef”
    7. Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire | Season 1 “Wench Trouble/Golden Powers”
    8. Caprica | Season 1 “Caprica Trailer”
    9. Kings | Season 1 “Kings – Exclusive Season Preview”
    10. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles | Season 2 “Born to Run”

Top HD TV Episodes

    1. Parks & Recreation | Season 1 “Parks and Recreation Pilot”
    2. South Park: Uncensored | Season 13 “Fishsticks”
    3. Kings | Season 1 “Kings – Exclusive Season Preview”
    4. South Park: Uncensored | Season 13 “Eat, Pray, Queef”
    5. Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire | Season 1 “Wench Trouble/Golden Powers”
    6. South Park: Uncensored | Season 13 “The Ring”
    7. The Office | Season 5 “The Michael Scott Paper Company”
    8. South Park: Uncensored | Season 13 “The Coon”
    9. 24 | Season 7 Day 7: “12:00AM – 1:00AM”
    10. The Office | Season 5 “Dream Team

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Destiny89 said:

April 17th, 8:11 am

Would you guys please bring this service to Canada?? i mean a lot of people will buy those movies, dont you guys want that?
there r so many movies that i would like to buy :(

DjLess said:

April 17th, 8:16 am

Looks like a good update. I’m from Canada though & I can’t wait till the video store expands to our country.

GamerMoney said:

April 17th, 8:16 am



April 17th, 8:24 am


I think you need to chill. There is a proper way to voice your request. You bought your PS3 with the knowledge that there was no video store for Canada.

enewtabie said:

April 17th, 8:28 am

Acting immature really gets your point across. Sell your PS3 and move on.

KingSmashy said:

April 17th, 8:31 am

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:


How you can make a system that plays Bluray movies and then dole out sub par quality DLC films is beyond me.

I would love to use this service. but until your films are up to the 21st century criteria…my credit card number will remain off the radar.

P.S. Someone get the Canadians a hanky…

KazeEternal said:

April 17th, 8:32 am

Battlestar Galatica Razor 1080p PLEASE!!!!

KazeEternal said:

April 17th, 8:40 am

@7 ya the surround sound issue has been something that plagues digital distro for some time. For every audio track you can tack on another 40 megs of data to the file minimum (for a 2 hour movie on average) with AC3.

Unfortunately sony’s firmware is 9 kinds of screwed up when it comes to codecs, with the weakest codec (DIVX) getting the best support of the lot.

MP4 is support, but no subtitles yet we are allowed multiple audio streams in AAC. AAC isn’t transcoded in real time for DTS and DD sound systems that don’t support AAC so the audio gets down sampled into stereo.

Only means that seems to work is taking an MPG file cramming AC3 into it and then using AVC, however you lose subtitles.

Sony needs to get it’s software engineers sitting around a table and really looking at providing quality for its supported formats. Right now the firmware seems slaped together by a bunch of college students in their spare time.

I’d like to see sony finish their DRM’ed and non DRM’ed versions of MP4 and start placing AAC 7.1 and subtitles into the files. Then use the Cell for something useful and allow real time transcoding of the audio for 5.1, 6.1, and 7.1 for the respective sound systems.

Prismfan said:

April 17th, 8:42 am

I’m also in Canada and while I’m not angry about it, it would be nice if they could include the Video Store. I think it’s because of copyright issues, etc. It would be nice to have some news about a tentative opening in Canada though!

btz said:

April 17th, 8:50 am

Nice Sony… Apple just launched its video store in germany and you guys have not even said a single word about when you PLAN to launch your video service. Why does everything take so long Sony? You are getting beat up by Apple again.

Its not that hard…
2. Fair Prices
3. Profit!

KanesInferno said:

April 17th, 8:50 am

Great update, keep them coming. Any possiblities of the following shows?

George Lopez
Road Runner
Sylvester and Tweety
Speedy Gonzales
Other Looney Toon shows
More Daffy duck episodes

Appreciate all the hard work!

CheckMark said:

April 17th, 8:51 am

Grace, it looks like you accidentally copied some of the movie releases into the TV show section.

bravo9zero said:

April 17th, 8:54 am

When Is the video store coming to the UK?
We want It too, you know?

Would someone from Sony comment on this please.

Gunwing said:

April 17th, 9:00 am

Any word on the Video Store Comeing to the PSP system!? You all said something about it after the the PSP Store luanched but now we have been waiting for a while and no word at all.

Enforcer_X said:

April 17th, 9:06 am

No Surround Sound
No 1080p

packy17 said:

April 17th, 9:08 am

@ everyone whining about the video store not being in their country…

I agree with you, especially Canada. However, you have to understand, that Sony is most likely only licensed to distribute these films in the US. The fact that you’re in North America has nothing to do with it. There are different systems in both countries and different ways of doing things. I’m tired of looking here every week and seeing this post have a rating in the 2’s because people don’t understand how licenses and agreements work. I’m sure they’ve heard your voice, and are looking into bringing it to Canada. It takes time.

@ 15:

It would be great to see that happen… But there are two fundamental issues with this. One, memory limitations. Sure, there are cheap memory sticks now, but I just recently filled up my 60GB PS3 with movies and DLC before I even realized it. Two, PSP 2 rumors. If you believe them, it will no longer sport a UMD drive, and everything will be downloaded from the store. I’d bet that’s when something like this would happen, if the PSP 2 is real.

ProwlingFox said:

April 17th, 9:11 am

bllaaaahhhh let’s all blow our heads off at sony when they’ve been working hard to make their entertainment platform the best of all of them. shut up and be patient

KILLZONE79 said:

April 17th, 9:21 am

Bring George Lopez

daffycare said:

April 17th, 9:22 am

im in the uk and being very patient i think the video store will come to other regions at some time so while i am waiting i will play my games i still by most of my movies on blu-ray anyway but i want to be able to rent movies by download

KillerBread said:

April 17th, 9:29 am

hurry up sony the EU want this so much how come MS can do this but you cant?

jazzyrider said:

April 17th, 9:30 am

I’m not seeing the video in my Chrome browser but FF and IE show it. Can you guys fix this for Chrome? thanks!

KazeEternal said:

April 17th, 9:37 am

Our problem isn’t with sony working hard, our problem is with sony working hard on something that is broken and leaving it that way.

Sony is on the cusp of something great, but in traditional sony fashion is simply unwilling to push the bolder the rest of the way up the hill.

As I said already if they’d just complete the media format and really sit down and plan these things then maybe they wouldn’t have such complaints. However it seems Sony’s dev team suffers from a worse case of ADD than myself which is quite sad, as I can at least force myself to remain focused to complete my objective.

Kren420 said:

April 17th, 9:44 am

There is no way your Canadian. It is a bit of a let down that we can’t utilize the Video Store services, but us true Canucks will be patient forever, and never resort to bad grammer and vulgarities.

E-ROLE said:

April 17th, 9:47 am

wallhugger said:

April 17th, 9:56 am

@24 nor bad spelling, right? :p

Anyway… when are psn cards coming out globally?… nintendo and microsoft already got theirs selling in almost every country on the globe… even the ones without electricty >.>

AdamMadman said:

April 17th, 9:59 am

@everyone complaining about Canadians..

…this is why the entire world hates the US. Just saying.


April 17th, 10:01 am


Last time SONY commented on PSP Vid Store it was targeting Fall of 09.

jazzyrider said:

April 17th, 10:02 am

spoke too soon – video is working now! thanks !

JoE5005 said:

April 17th, 10:05 am

No 5.1 support is a big turnoff, and every movie that is released should have a Rent option available. You have no idea how many times I’ve gotten on the service and wanted to rent a movie, found out that new movie was only for purchase, and switched over to Xbox or my Cable Company to rent it.

But still, the service is great, but that just what I want to see in the near future. Keep up the good work Sony!

r-nice said:

April 17th, 10:29 am

Why is it that some new movies are made available for purchase only; some in SD!

I would like to rent The Spirit in HD.

r-nice said:

April 17th, 10:34 am

For all those commenting about the Video Store coming to EU, that’s an issue to take up with SCEE.

packy17 said:

April 17th, 10:55 am

@ 27…

sounds like a perfect time slot, considering the rumors currently have the PSP 2 hitting shelves before holiday ’09, and E3 is right around the corner in June. With many devs coming out and saying that they ARE working on the PSP 2, a fall release wouldn’t be out of the question, with the video store coming with it.

gtabmx said:

April 17th, 11:02 am

Sony: Hey Everyone! It’s Friday so enjoy more video content!
USA: OMG BQQ! Thank you for adding my favorite television shows and movies, Sony!
Rest of World: Hi Sony, we would like to watch our shows and movies via the Video Store, too.
Sony: No problem, everyone! We enjoy satisfying our customers.
Rest of World: We’re customers too right? Right?

loadstone007 said:

April 17th, 11:09 am

It’s really weird that americans tend to prefer Wii or Xbox 360, but still Sony puts more effort in them. Europe is a PS fanatic, yet Sony keeps ignoring them.

Talk about irony.

packy17 said:

April 17th, 11:10 am



Contact SCEE or whomever represents your region for complaints. THIS IS THE US BLOG.

jipmg said:

April 17th, 11:21 am

Guys please bring “CODE GEASS” to the playstation store, I would love to download episodes in high quality.

Its one of the best anime ever “CODE GEASS”.

Quixote said:

April 17th, 11:24 am

I am very curious why there is so little feedback from Sony on the PS Store blogposts, Games and Video.

It seems like there are many valid questions/comments that appear every week, and I have not seen much if any feedback from Sony. Other blogposts seem to get some attention when questions/comments are made.

Can Anyone from Sony comment?

Grognard66 said:

April 17th, 11:31 am

Seems like there are fewer movies released with each passing week. It would make sense for Sony to leverage their immense back catalog of movies and release these on a steady basis on PSN – particularly those that are now hard to find in stores.

Quamina said:

April 17th, 11:36 am

An update or any information regarding the video store in canada would help

Fusion_ID said:

April 17th, 12:06 pm

Umm. Maybe if you guys want this stuff so bad, you should move from Canada? it does suck up there.

Having said that, this actually has nothing to do with Sony so people need to calm the hell down. there is so many different laws that go into releasing a movie in another country that its not funny. So sometimes, its just not worth it. Sorry cry and moan all you want but unless you wanna push for simple copy right laws, you need to calm the hell down or move to a real country =O

Quixote said:

April 17th, 12:26 pm


you are why i am emberassed to be an American…..

jayyy91 said:

April 17th, 12:40 pm

Canada please.

ForgetfuI said:

April 17th, 12:55 pm

Just a reminder, as a Canadian, this is like watching your brother open presents for christmas, every week, and every week we get nothing :(

@Quixote – You are why I don’t stereotype Americans! The rest of the world knows you’re not all bad. Chin up!

jncasanova said:

April 17th, 12:57 pm

Did you checked out the music video? I think it’s Jeff Rubenstein the one with the flowered guitar (and using a wig).

Does the guys on The Kooks used Rock Band or Guitar Hero to train their music skills?

Destiny89 said:

April 17th, 12:59 pm

Canada please

l_AM said:

April 17th, 1:07 pm

Canada is the last for every thing witch doesnt make sense since Vancouver bc is holding the 2010 Olympics.
ATTENTION CANADA get vuze watch movies on your ps3

SnakeCellXx said:

April 17th, 1:39 pm

This is a great addition but I really want Quantum of Solace for rental! I never got to see this movie and I’d much rather rent/buy it from the PlayStation Store than anyone else..

Thrasher20 said:

April 17th, 1:44 pm

Hi Grace Chen, can I add you to my PSN?

btz said:

April 17th, 2:57 pm

Take it easy you americans… we europeans can soon complain on the official EU blog. But until then I will complain here BECAUSE ITS THE ONLY OFFICIAL PS BLOG RIGHT NOW. Its not that hard to understand.

And yeah its quite sad to see sony once again let a market slip through their fingers.


April 17th, 5:39 pm

Hello Grace,

For 5 1/2 months I have been asking you to comment, if only to at least acknowledge the issue, regarding tying video content to PSN ids.

I can not spend this kind of money on content only to have it disappear if I have to send my PS3 in for repair. Or perhaps I want to sell my PS3 and buy a new one…I should like to be able to keep my content. Or perhaps I’d like to buy another PS3 from you and have the ability to watch my content on any PS3 I own.

So…for the approx 24th week in a row…I ask that you or one of your staff please comment on whether this is a concern under review or if we as YOUR consumers should understand that our content will never be protected through a link to our PSN.

Thanks again and looking forward to hearing from you or your staff on this issue this week.


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